HILLARY COMMERCIAL at 28 seconds into Fox segment.


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Photo on 6-25-16 at 1.32 AM

He’d kidnap an Angel?

(Recent photo of Russ (above) literally portraying an evil delinquent from NJ. No that is not Judas, or Jonscum, it is Russ in the picture.  Wise up to the miracle power of God, trinity heretics.  The baby pic priceless libs.)




B O A R D M A N:





You may copy pics from this site. -Russ





OCTOBER 24, 2016


Scroll down for Poll results, Trump ahead.



Despite any polls, I would vote, continue to get Patriots up.  The survival of USA is depending on stopping Hillary.

Don’t get fooled by any bad polls.  We need Rubio in Florida.

It appears that a Johnson endorsement of Trump would make it on edge of  Hillary being eliminated mathematically.  Where there is not enough votes left for her to win, right up to 50% or more for Trump.

Johnson has to be very naive to Perot II again.  If that happened there isn’t gonna be an America for his party to walk around delusional in anymore.  Keep running for what purpose, to get Hillary elected?  Perot II, not fairy tale elections, Perot II.  That is called reality not a clam bake.

The guilt as a Hillary voter for having supported corrupt media, baby murder, security negligence, racketeering all these years under Obama pig.  Yeah you feel it libs, you are as criminal as many people behind bars.  Hillary is the worst federal criminal from office or running for one.  The Ivy League is so dumb they equate crimes like this as less offensive than Trump defending free elections?  Hello Stalin, libonazis, crime addiction is your version of freedom. I don’t know why Police or Soldiers should ever defend that?  Your freedom to run a racket?  Steal from the workers to fund the lazy?

Vote, don’t trust Hillary or polls, media, you see how they are 365.  Swing states, the more exposure of the real Hillary, the better.  If they kill babies what do they care about you Patriot?

Yes we do have the voters, by the millions to stop Hillary.

I will keep praying GOP.  Arrogant Hillary has no right to trash everyone else’s freedom.  Kids, Patriots, murdering babies as an incompetent female, she hates you don’t question it.  How many lies she told, and about national security, budget that can’t work in reality.











What I was getting at with the running game.  If Buffalo had played McCoy and he got half the yards he did last week, by saying he would play some.  Then they had a shot, because Gillislee gets you another with Tyrod maybe 70 yards running.

Gillislee is a solid back, but iso, I would give him Felton or Bush as support.  Balance things out so it is not one guy taking the pounding.  Bush I haven’t seen that much of.

Some of the pass pressure on Buffalo, bootleg might work better than sit in the pocket.  It depends on the situation.

Look ahead, a Buffalo win, leaves them one game behind New England, about half way through  season.  Better with penalties, that is looking up.  Defense main concern is covering New England in two big receivers, Bennett, and Gronk.  I would consider using the #2 LB’s as part of this during the game, let Hughes and Alexander pass rush, maybe Shaq too.

If Bills establish a run game against New England, it can be their advantage again.




Barack Obama

USAG Holder

USAG Lynch

Valerie Jarrett

Michelle Obama

All sat quiet and let Hillary have her crime spree.  You Patriot are the target from racist aggression in charge.  Joe Biden is white Uncle Tom.

Hillary Clinton could not pass a juvenile criminal system test as a Client.  She does not belong in charge of military, National Guard, Police, other peoples finances, nuclear weapons, innocent babies who are being crucified by you fiend liberal.

One of the jobs I interviewed at, was max secure.  Clients are murderers, but not all.  They said, some Clients are ones who goof up lower facilities and get moved to the end of the line.

100% I see white trash Hillary like that.  She is a vicious snake of a person.  If aborted babies could shoot back at her?  Or  all the people she ripped off at a government job had to be repaid?

Elect someone more corrupt in US gov’t? There isn’t anyone that bad as her.  Media tries to corrupt things like Hillary, honorable mention.

200 Generals and Admirals for Trump are trying to warn you, stop Hillary or she will destroy your country.  Cops backed Trump, ICE, NRA do.

Basic finances libs, Hillary’s plan is a flop.  No budget then everything else fails including jobs, benefits, security, and national defense.  It effects every ethnic group.



OCTOBER 23, 2016



Campaign Manager for Carson now helping Trump.


Even the historically left leaning Real Clear Politics polling average shows that this race is still up for grabs in the key swing states:

North Carolina
Clinton up by 2%
Trump up by 2%
Clinton up by 3%
Clinton up by 6%
Clinton up by 4%
Trump up by 5%
Clinton up by 5%
Trump up by 8%
Trump up by 5%
Georgia Trump up by 6%



Take a look at this link for this Buffalo Bills standout DE/LB, foundation.  So far this year, he is up to at least 9 sacks, and makes plays on special teams regularly.

These are the kind of staff Albany and Hillside needed.  Sorry didn’t mean to breathe their criminal names around Lorenzo.




TD- QB Tyrod to WR Goodwin

long ball, first play from scrimmage.




Bus crash southern Cali.







The story here, as I said before the game, other running backs unknown to replace McCoy. McCoy questionable pre game, Buffalo tried to use him, only 11 yards before he was sidelined.  And other RB’s were not enough.

Buffalo scoring on the last drive.  One more possession might have been it.

Penalties not the end all, 6 for 45 yards, good thing it was not more.  A clean fight gave Buffalo the lead at the half with only two(?).

Bills Defense gave up over 200 yards rushing which is not standard Rex Ryan defenses.  Alexander and K. Williams with some nice plays in the backfield for Buffalo.

A key play Miami scored on where the Buffalo safety took out the corner late in the game, that decided the contest.  As safety you have to either play the ball and go for an interception, or play the man and don’t miss tackling.  If you do neither it was bad, and you take out your own guy instead?  Play it conservative if  you have to, runover the receiver.

Injuries are a factor now for The Bills; Watkins, Woods, and Goodwin’s helmet hit the ground hard today with him leaving.  Get healthy the main fix for Buffalo.  Tyrod also took a hard hit, slow getting up late in the game, I had to question how well he felt?  Safety Aaron Williams injured for Buffalo Bills on a crack block.

Running backs- Felton, Bush, 2 carries for 1 yard combined, J. Williams 0 carries.  Gillislee with a nice explosive 20 yard run for Buffalo, but only 5 carries.  Time of possession down for Buffalo, a tired defense?

At least this was not nuclear border defense USA.


Overall, Buffalo has enough depth to keep going.  Receivers with Powell, Tate, Hunter.  TE’s look good, and RB’s still able.

What The Bills might look to do against New England next week in Buffalo.  A balanced running game, where if you use Gillislee, then Bush also, but maybe in the pass pattern to spread defenses out, and let Tyrod run.  Another aspect is ball control where Felton is in blocking and running, use O’Leary blocking  with him, or two TE’s.  That is if Buffalo can move the ball and eat clock.  Defense will have to show up against Brady, and anticipate hurried throws.  Where Buffalo corners might take away the outside, and turn plays to the middle of the field where there is help.

Still thankful for Buffalo Football.  Thanks Bills for another weekend in America.  Get well McCoy, Williams, Goodwin, Woods.


Good game Miami, Suh and Mario a factor on defense, running game was there.






Hey Kids the libs don’t care about you, doo-dah, doo-dah they say.




For this game Buffalo has activated DE Shaq Lawson who is a rookie out of Clemson.  He was injured up to this point for Buffalo this year, at a listed 267 lbs roster weight.

Buffalo already had two DE (defensive ends) in Hughes and Alexander, this season who were tied at #2 in AFC for sacks.  The Bills site indicates, that Shaq may rush from the inside on some downs, not the usual outside DE position.

Buffalo now has some options, between these three and dominant inside defensive line of K. Williams, Big Stuff, and others.  When you can approach guys like Cornelius Bennett as pass rushers being on your roster, this becomes serious pressure on offenses.

 I like what this gives Buffalo going into New England next week.  If you don’t force Brady to throw, it will come back to haunt you.

For Buffalo Miami, not sure what they will do on offense this week for RB- McCoy and playing time.  If he does rest some, how many carries Reggie Bush could take it or what Jonathan Williams contributes, unknown?

Main focus today is a clean fight from Buffalo.  They focus well, it should be a win.




Oops, slipped was negligent on Benghazi duties.  Outsmarted by Putin and her own negligence, silly S.O.S. Clinton.

Lied on 30K Emails, damn, hate when that happens by itself  Hillary says.

The 20% of USA uranium sold to Russia, it grew legs and walked itself over to them, as a clandestine operation.  Better keep it quiet or people will know.

Lied in debates about a gold standard, and open borders.  Abe Lincoln was not involved Hillary, no not even close. Tried the ditch and run because Trump was on to me she says.  Trump at Gettysburg reminder to liberal dumb dumb.

Debate reveals intelligence info because Hillary is testing you America.

What else will America let her get away with she is trying to find out?????

Before she capsizes the budget once and for all, along with nuclear border security.  Big mistake there Hillary?  Not at all you klepto, stolen furniture from White House, $ 6 Billion missing at State Dept.  You lie to millions on TV, and nobody ever catches you as a regular media delinquent.

Do you think it is an accident?  Harvard Obama can’t seem to do better than double national debt?  The Dirty Muslim traitor not concerned with a USA, except to damage it.

Get real though, libs elect a Muslim after 9-11, two gulf wars, Afghanistan.  What could possibly go wrong with that political experts in the left?  Don’t let your animosity problem back anything non Christian and blind you from common sense DNC.  Dumb, you people are politically retarded versions of Nazi children who never grew to put on your own swastikas, didn’t get beyond your hate for righteous people. So stupid you put Hitlers in charge when they are disguised as Black persons, and Females.  How could the Nazis ever get so much support in Germany?  What do you mean?  You vote for crime, murder, slander, racketeering, ethnic cleansing all the time you hate Christians and Jews so much.

Don’t ever let them take your guns Patriots.

Nuclear bandit Hillary, baby stabbing addict, furniture thief, pathological liar in  the news, is your pick.  You would not vote for her as a brand new Cop.  Or even as a Teacher in a school.  Here wacko handle our nukes.

She wouldn’t sell uranium again would she?  Or lie about Conservatives.

It is OK libs will be the first batch of slaves to be dispatched to Stalin’s dig sites where they are executed by terrorists or Hillary’s foreign henchpersons.

Open border lie in debate, Hillary lied again(?), woopsy.  Not again, hate when that happens by itself.

Caveman not figure out lib pathology.  Baby in abortion die from natural causes.  International terrorist Hillary align with UN terror plot from decades ago.  Caveman carry extra heavy war club to protect border from nuclear sunshine, no worry now.  Harvard dummy think Harvard smarter than Caveman.  But Caveman have 1776 tattoo on arm, and not let Hillary weasel get away.



OCTOBER 22, 2016



I don’t have any prayer list for you tonight.  The obvious that continued election victory.

For as many college credits as an MD has.  I don’t see where Hillary has a plan to rescue to America.  She is the least trustworthy person I can think of in present Admins, combined with her ridiculous plan to get elected on LIES, and then crash the economy and border security simultaneous.

A story from when I grew up.  There was a fire nearby in the neighborhood, at a fuel company at night.  They sold propane and had big underground tanks.  I was in 2nd-3rd grade when it happened.  A car is driving down the street, trying to wake neighbors, horn honking, ‘hey get up the fuel company is on fire!’.  The building was a ball of flames, tops off propane tanks rocketed across the night sky.  Oh you mean the fireworks?  Yes those.

Hillary will get America nuked.  You already saw her plans to have open borders, FORTUNATELY Trump called her out on it.  And she then changed her story ( fangs were showing too much).  You need to get everyone up to vote Patriot.

Swing states, I doubt anyone in Penn wants to get nuked.  Don’t ever trust that snake Hillary Clinton.  Most employers would not hire her after Benghazi, Perjury to Congress, lies to FBI, can we see your resume Hillary?  You don’t really want America to know what you do at jobs and with law enforcement, but there she is running against Trump.

This person does not belong on the streets, in any public office.  The White House?  Yeah only if you lost your marbles and though hiring terrorists to lead America was constructive.

You see how wicked you are Ivy League?  Which communist master should you work for?

By swing states I would venture the guess CBN can push hard enough to beat Kaine’s following in Virginia.  GOP can take Florida and Ohio, by polls and Religious Right vote.  Make it your personal responsibility to vote and tell Hillary she sucks after Benghazi and all the millions, of dollars that went into bringing her to justice so she could lie and destroy America.  If you don’t stop devil Hillary, I hope God kills you for everyone’s sake, just like in a bible.

Other states, NC, NV, Colorado, why not?  If I was in this 11th hour and did not help?  If Rubio thought he could help border states and didn’t, or Bush camps didn’t get Florida up?

I will refuse to vote until New York corruption is exposed in media.  It is a USA event because criminal libs will do this in other states, like they are in MD with Hillside.

Keep praying we have to win and we have the voters.





You have to expect with someone like Donald that the economy will improve.  A person corrupt as Hillarynutso and why anything would work in the end?

To vote as a factory worker, and know that he is watching your back trying to keep industry going, whole plants should go vote.  Trump’s economy is better, which helps healthcare, retirement.

NRA everybody up, if you can vote.  Christian Hunters I met with at dinners, get everyone you can, in state /out of state for Trump.

If you are a Mandated Child Abuse Reporter in America, stop Hillary.  Obama, Lynch, and Cuomo have taken over five years to let Hillside felons get away with crimes in NY.  They won’t do this to your state also?  Psst spread the word libs DOJ likes crime?  Healthcare; Physical and Occupational Therapists, ATC’s, Nursing, Docs, you were smart enough to get in your professions, our budget is going over the falls as a USA, and Hillary does not have a real answer to it.  Trump said business is leaving America, she will make it worse and less tax revenue is what results.

Hillary approved of Obama open terrorist border.  I would not trust her with Bill Clinton’s finances, or yours.




The DNC lies about closing the border will start to show.

Crime and terrorism will increase.

She will escape prosecution by being elected until Secret Service puts her in a citizens arrest.  Or millions of prayers are answered and she has a stroke.

Taxes will chase corporations from America, jobs and tax revenue decrease.

Lousy healthcare gets worse and more expensive under Benghazistan DC.

Constitutional freedoms will decrease along with lies on 2nd amendment.

Slaughter of millions of baby boys and girls in abortion, the ah,ha,ha,ha, nyah, ha,ha, ha psychotic b_tch trip of Hillary, will be complete, top of the world baby.

Someone get her meds, the five bottles of psychoactives, downers.

If Hillary played with people made of Legos or dolls, they would end up  in chains or ripped to shreds.  The true psychotic nature of her mentally ill state being so obvious as what, is she a pathological liar in news, and debates?

There is not a more perfect person to handle border and nukes, the national debt spiraling out of control.  If Indians still ruled over America they would be shooting arrows at her for treason.

Generally Air Force One Pilots have better mental states than nuclear Hillary.  Football Coaches do, first year Cops, speeding Taxi drivers, some inmates, homeless people, runaway slaves, drug addicts.

Trump you gotta take the wheel, she has a demon or something.





16 days to election.

This is for the future of America.




Latest poll results from Sousa show swing states within margin of error.  From 6-98% radiation sickness chances at the border from libs.

Even Penn is still close as a race.



Biden wants to fight Trump over comments?  Says he wished he was back in High School.

Role reversal specialist VP.  Biden likes to support nuclear Iran, and baby killing, the lethal threat to America of border being left open.

And you are so worried about Trump who has apologized for any comments he made?  The guy who would protect America?  Hillary gets babies murdered Joe.

Come on guy you are not tough Joe and you never were.  In High School I would take on the tight end, fulback, pulling lineman, and make the play on the ball carrier in one play.

One time a group of a martial arts fighters tried to jump people I knew, and when their hot shot made a jumping side kick, I flexed my chest into it and knocked him on his butt before I put him in a vertical suplex.

Joe you are what I call wimp aggression in the system.  You would get yourself hurt after school.

Another time it was a tackle hitting me late after a play and I hit him with a cross, and knocked him off his feet, he had a helmet on.

Why don’t you stop the aggression against America Joe, you accomplice to terrorism?

Picking on babies you devil?



OCTOBER 21, 2016






If you examine here crimes and continued life of sucker punching America.  It is someone who insists on being the celebrity sadist of America.  Nobody puts a gun to her head and says here you have to make all these appearances, and Clinton oriented events.

Any fool can see, not to trust her.  She keeps making deliberate criminal acts from negligence at Benghazi, Email violations, lies in the news, a life of crime.  In ’95 I remember her fingerprints from Whitewater were on docs she has no memory of.

Sometimes she has to run things right to even stay in the business.  Bottom line, her werewolf side comes out in the end.  The deal is not worth it unless she can attack freedom, and use other people as footstools.

It is true, so desperate to show her superiority that murdering babies is necessary to inflate the ego.  It shows me alot, she can’t stop punking on newborns.  Not even a competent adult.

Her thrill in life is to give the big F you to America and Christian society.  Observe the facts, her crime reciprocates.

If she rolled up her sleeve and had a nazi symbol there, it fits with her behaviors.

Nope none of us cavemen figured out stabbing Cabbage Patch Dolls was lethal to them in doll life.  But kill a live American Baby perpetrator Hillary.  Big smile goon, Hillary have murder victim, just like murder she wrote.

Mrs. Clinton is demented stalker of freedom.  I would not trust her to run a High School without corruption.









Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world






Every day on the campaign trail, Donald Trump and I have been speaking with hardworking Americans just like you.
And you know what we’ve heard?

The American people are fed up. Families have been struggling under the Obama economy and suffering under skyrocketing costs brought on by failed liberal policies like Obamacare.

It’s time for new, Republican leadership.

As I’m sure you’re aware, we are only 3 weeks out from Election Day.

This election will determine America’s future for generations to come, and it’s critically important that we elect our Republican ticket to the White House and defend our Republican Senate majority.

Right now, we have several close senate races in battleground states. Control of the U.S. Senate could come down to one or two seats. We need to work together to make sure the Senate stays in Republican hands.

Can Donald Trump and I count on you?

Thank you and God bless,

Mike Pence



Scan 614




As Hillary neglected border security, rape, rape, rape, and WMD.

Her joke about Trump thinking Statue Of Liberty was a 4 or 5.

Yeah well, if Lady Liberty starred in Texas Chain Saw Massacre cutting heads off babies in the nursery, Hillary would call her a 10.

What we have done for the healthcare of babies as the B_tches of America.  Butch agenda all the way to the funeral, burial of live babies.

You’re a serial killer nutso, go check into the psych ward, Hillary.

God shed his grace on thee, and crowned they good with murderhood, from sea to shinning sea!


Healthcare stupid is not an execution of innocent healthy babies.




In 2014 elections made the best lead we have had in both houses at DC.  Because people are sick of Obama turning their American freedom into slavery.

What has changed so much in two years, that Hillary kleptomaniac Clinton is now the better answer to help America than Trump?  She is a criminal escalation of Obama not a solution.

The military knows it, so do people who are in the finance and health majors.



I would stay after it.  Hillary only has a nuclear sucker punch for America, her plans don’t work despite her testimony of experts who say it would.  The national debt is running over America as is, free tuition and chasing revenue from USA, gets you a collapse so bad we don’t recover.

It remains, Bush camps could help Florida.

Rubio could help swing states.

Ben Carson in Chicago might raise Black vote, on the simple message nothing is better under Hillary.  She will trash budget and national defense, then you have nothing.

Trump could try Detroit with a plan to revive the booming auto industry, and increase US revenue on hydrogen fuel.  Arnold tried to get hydrogen going from Cali to Vancouver.

American factory work ethic was the backbone of WW II being won.

Same at Penn I would visit Philly and Pitt.  Get the message out Hillary is a con game.

Yeah I think we can still win.  Hillary is delusional she will help America.  She will continue to rape border slaves by policy, let over 400,000 illegals in the country a year, including WMD.

She lies so bad in debates it is a pathology, and this is after Benghazi, 30K Emails.  It is propaganda from the terrorist left.

They have jammed our courts with evil justices. Constitution is not law, perjury is the law.  Babies are insects to her that can be murdered and given no identity.

Promise Keepers can impact this vote.  Millions of people from their churches.  For example the church I was in might send 8 men to a rally, when there are 100 people in it, or 200 on Holidays.  Bigger churches send less people to rallies for PK. We would use NFL stadiums, or Syracuse Football stadium.  These are active people who yeah will get up and vote.

NRA has to vote, Cops, Military families, Medical Profession-if you want better healthcare.

 If Hillary was the Exxon Valdez Pilot, she is headed for the rocks again with your future.

Win GOP!



Your bible says Israel prostituted themselves to idols.



If Albany and Hillside are human interest issues.  Millions of people betrayed by Cuomo, Dennis Richardson.

# of Mandated Abuse Reporters NY/MD + Kids in involved states + their out of state family and friends as voters in elections.

And solve Hillside/Cuomo as lib child abuse epidemic for five years by Hillary’s party.

= Millions of voters incited by DNC across USA for crimes against Children.

You are not so peaceful baby killer libs.  Homicidal maniac Hillary thinks abortion is medicine.




The political commentaries, are like court.  Hillary has an agenda to annihilate the  country by border, and budget.

No we don’t trust you Hillary to handle security intelligence.  If you want to go lie to millions of Americans about Emails, FBI, Congress , or to any other usual subordinates, you probably do the job like usual crimes wacko.

But Hillary winned the debate based on her lies and replies to actual questions, which her answers were avoidance to.   Her strategies are failures, sabotage as usual.

She laughs at Catholics and Christians, so the basic is giving you the middle finger behind your back.  But she winned the debate, she did better in court than Trump, (if you will) at the debate.

No, Hillary didn’t win, Teacher is in the room, she flunked terrible.  Sit and scribble all you want Hillary, those are not answers to test questions.  Trying to change the subject, and blame Trump because you stole uranium, furniture Mrs. first lady wench, you are a criminal, where is the $6 billion missing at State Dept?

You murder babies serial killer by the millions in policy.  A woman’s right to healthcare now open other eye lady, yes your knife in their baby throats, see homicide, murder, Hillary likes to kill babies.

Scan 615Scan 614



OCTOBER 20, 2016


The Hillary Mission:  To tell as many lies as possible about good people.  To make herself look stupid (retaliation against Bill).



If your church gets nuked because of Hillary.

That is what you get for being a Christian.

All the boys and girls who thought freedom in America was a real event.

Hillary is stealing it, by telling lies about Mr. Trump.  And letting terrorists in the country.

She is a bad devil, don’t trust her anyone.




On The Five caught Hillary today.  Yeah her budget hustle, but for all the debate words on Russia.  Hillary trying to hound Trump about Russian espionage.  The drama Hillary, didn’t cover that Rosenberg substance you sold to them.  20% of ours so USA can’t defend itself, uranium.  Treason is the legal charge, that is a federal crime counsel.  I know you are laughing Obama because you are a criminal Muslim.  Evil stalker that you are, scum.

Thanks Eric, America needed this revelation to the millions.

Hey we gotta win here; Florida, NC, Ohio, NV, Virginia CBN.  We can’t have another four years of Obama.  Well Hillary is worse, her free tuition and higher taxes chasing business and money out of America, according to her will not raise debt one penny.

Hells Bells Hillary you must get a real arousal out of the lies.  Do you think anyone actually believes you above a 6th grade education?

Libs you will get yourselves nuked by ISIS at Mexico, before you get your heads out of your ass costumes.  Wake up 9-11 geniuses, these people hate you and are not playing around.  Hillary is so disturbed she rambles about plans that are all lies, and would not work in the most basic economics or military classes, court rooms.  If you learned you can’t trust her, she is a federal criminal, US Marshals should bring her in.

Look at it this way if you are a lib commie, you are not gonna be in charge under that gov’t, we will make you the slaves.  Conservatives will run the show.  To Hillary people who are successful are to be punished in America, if you earned your prosperity, she thinks this warrants Robin Hood.  (She’s a brat, shhhhh, dems haven’t figured it out yet and still proclaim her name like she is a fair person.  In your face lib liars.)






Liberal calamity thinking patterns.  They don’t perceive enough about Hillary uranium, skull piercing abortions.  Article title so concerned with Trump’s acceptance of a rigged election.

George Washington would accept a rigged election?  How about you liberal lawyers?

The election is life and death.  Border terrorism and rape slaves.  Live babies, perfectly good under warranty, being executed by abortion.  Just like you could have been Bill Clinton.

Life and death, it is all a big game Hillary.  What psychoactive med they put you on under diagnosis of criminal manifestations in DSM.  People like you don’t run our military.  Pathological liars, perjury in Congress.  You are not above the law your royal highness.

Anyways, here is why Ivy League continues to produce communist minds.  You wouldn’t think they understand a 1776 New England history.  Remember Watters had trouble there from Fox.









This shows the studio where I recorded-Pyramid, at the red marker.  Coltivare across the street where henchperson Chelsea was.  Police Station across the creek northeast, crik if you are from the country.

Related, north on Cayuga Street, at 3 blocks between Seneca and Buffalo streets, Dewitt Mall, the old high school having Ithaca Guitar Works.  Go there it is good, acoustics in supply, some electrics that are more vintage/Hendrix type.  Mr. DeWitt Surveyor General of our Continental Army in The American Revolution, and NY State fifty years. In the DeWitt Park are war monuments, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at times.  A stone is there for Ithaca’s founders, Woodworth and McDowell, Revolutionary Soldiers.

Across Cayuga Street to the southwest of the park, is the old Unitarian Church, having Presidents Bush ancestry. Also on edge of the park at Buffalo Street-Boardman House, formerly of Judge Douglass Boardman/Dean Cornell Law School, and became property of IC Music School eventually.

The Oregon Mission Stone also sits in the park.  Marcus Whitman and the statue in The US Capitol Building related.

This history minute was brought to you by Boardman Christian Rock.




As health and safety threats to Teens in their care.  Cuomo and accomplices as the same is true for the whole state?

NYS Police how do you like that?  When I visited FBI building as a Teen on a trip to DC, they talk about busting criminals in America like Cuomo and Hillside.  Handcuffs, fingerprints, you know what I am talking about, play that bad boys whatcha gonna do music.




Was at Coltivare in Ithaca months ago.  This is within throwing distance of the studio mic where I recorded Unborn Nation.

With small enough a baby from an abortion I could have hurled the Kid all the way to Chelsea.

If you throw for the other sideline, Kid lands at Police Station steps.  That would be a heave though, with a football I could do it.

Clinton Street, Police Station these two go together.  Maybe Let It Ring, we use a live audio sound from a baby being stabbed and Chelsea can cut the kid like a turkey at Thanksgiving?

They say it is midnight in Chelsea.

Clintons are baby stabbers, be on the lookout.




Complaining about that is not how Democracy works with her dirty election and DNC criminal tactics being confronted.


Too bad baby, criminal dems have corrupted America long enough.  On every front from illegals to political targeting, executing babies.





Donald Trump emailed.

Newt Gingrich emailed.

Karl Rove emailed.

Mitch McConnell emailed.

Speaker Paul Ryan emailed.

John Cornyn emailed.

Chairman Roger Wicker emailed.

The most important Republican leaders in politics have all been emailing.


Is this a unified Right?


I  am not voting and not recruiting donors until Albany and Hillside come up on GOP, Law Enforcement, or Media radar publicly.

All these worthless Kids in NY, MD, left to a corrupt Admin.  So you call NY Office Of Child And Family Services to report child abuse, they pick up the phone to keep it from ringing too much and drop it right back on the carriage.  There did my job handled child abuse complaints?

Cuomo and NYAG are federal RICO criminals for master Obama.  Hillary probably draws a heart around that in her satanic diary.

She is the “cloak and dagger” candidate.  That was the actual first title for Bon Jovi’s “Because We Can” album cover.

All those worthless Kids in New York Mandated Reporter Russ?  Coworkers who under a hostile work environment due to lib crime.  You are not so peaceful are you dems?

Once again Hillary, translation- oink, oink, oink, get it?




Trump hands down with an excellent debate.  What is not constructive at this point is for Conservative media to become Nazi bootlickers.  The Germans were so impressive in their angelic baby murdering garb, style points for criminal experience in DC.

Vote Hillary and you will get an international nuclear terrorist, genocidal fool who kills babies as a predatory female.  You know the definition of homicide lawyer Clinton.  She is a discredit to her profession and the American people.

Trump is supposed to sit quiet for her false witness and let her destroy his rep for millions of voters?  Why?

Not accepting an election outcome by Trump.  So what she is political suicide for America.  9-11 all over again at Mexico, ISIS there, WMD.

You actually think Hillary will protect America by her continued Obama sabotage?  If God kills her, who cares.




I watched the entire debate (#4), that has been everything since GOP debates started.

Trump was very strong up front in this debate. Showing the 2nd Amendment to be in trauma under Hillary. And his support of 20 Pro Life Justices he chose. You would have to agree Moses would be with Trump tonight.

Trump is now endorsed by ICE. (Today’s paper Heroin bust at Elmira, NY. Judge Jeanine’s town, if you are interested.)

The deportation of millions under Obama is an item I don’t see much of in news, Trump discussed, among the following subjects:

The obvious, trade would be a disaster under Hillary.

Trump wants to stop radical Islamic terror. Mrs. Clinton can’t identify the problem it appears.  Dear nine hundred and eleven liberal victims…

I thought you could see the hurt in Hillary when Trump pointed out that Putin outsmarted her every time in policy.

The endorsement of 200 Generals and Admirals, liberal media America for Trump. Are you listening? Benghazi didn’t teach you anything about Houston?

At the point where Trump said look Hillary is a PROVEN LIAR. That connected to the opening of Hillary speaking, where laughter accompanied her claims, simultaneously from the TV crowd.

Expect tax hikes under Hillary, jobs decreasing, upstate NY the depleted job market that it is to worsen.

It appears $6 Billion is missing from the State Dept under Hillary. Anyone know a klepto there with new furniture?

Hillary is spending to have people start fights at Trump rallies. She is so concerned about your family, and wants to invite everyone Republican and Dem, to be with her. Is that a fact?  Jail, is where you go Hillary, you are out of control.

Trump shelved the Clinton conspiracies as lies from the sleazy DNC campaign. How Hillary stays out of jails on hundreds of lies in Obama’s corrupt DOJ? But one Four Star General goes to jail on one lie? That is you Voter, you will go to jail like that but Hillary will sail to the bank account of her dreams to trash 1776.

Trump foundation gives out 100% of monies taken in. For Hillary it is only 90% at Clinton foundation, which is alot of money when you keep 10% on millions.

The USA is breathing with Trump’s rescue, but is being strangled to death by Hillary’s lies.

Trump addressed the great migration. Syrians, who are terrorist in America. No concern to Obama or Hillary. You Voter however are the victim.

Loud and clear Donald discussed the tremendous economic machine America can be. Trump revealed Hillary as a nasty Woman, that the horrible things said about her were true, and that she takes money from the people she wants to control.

Chris Wallace a great improvement over the previous debate as Moderator

And now a short summary on the DNC Tonya Harding: Hillary Clinton.

I find it an incredible fantasy that Hillary claims Trump will inflict $20 Trillion in damages to the USA economy by his economic plans? But that she will provide all this free tuition to Americans, and not raise the debt one penny. Garbage. You flunked the course Hillary, F, not you go to Pennsylvania Ave again, we already know you steal furniture there.

In her I see the kid with a piggy bank down to the last coin, shaking it for her friends saying I am going to buy everyone Thanksgiving at McDonalds with this from here to DC.

Rehash of Satan’s agenda in Hillary; kill babies, lie to America on gun rights, she is so for border security but ahem backs Obama border negligence. She thinks we should get rid of any violent person, then put yourself in jail baby stabber Hillary. Big surprise Hillary complains about immigrants being found out as rapists and murderers, with Mothers of victims in the audience.  Damn. Trump said something wrong according to the DNC witch I guess? Border States of America movie Hillary, ever watch that on line?

Redeeming qualities of Hillary’s campaign from this debate:

National debt will probably overtake America before the lib crowd figures out the lie about free tuition, and this is before all the babies are killed by DNC in abortion. Terrorism which she avoided in the discussion at the border especially, as a function of her pathology. Hard to say, if you count nuclear border terrorism as an actual crime and not lib medicine, then this may be the first catastrophe of Hillary’s apocalypse on America. Redemption Hillary now you have the genocide you worship. Deaths of thousands and millions of babies, Patriots, happy sadist Hillary.  If you were born yesterday then you trust her.

In the end, what I see. Hillary has about the temperament of a rich snot. Lots of money, trample the people, murder babies, lies are so bad I have no clue how she gets through debates without fraud and libel lawsuits. So everybody else is supposed to keep funding her attacks on the country? The Hillary Utopia is what? Life is this retaliation on the crowd of humanoids who work every day and pay the taxes? Nellie Oleson Hillary, find another character after that uranium deal.  Benghazi is starting to show.

She had too much to say about Russia, never mentioned the uranium.

I agree with Trump, Russia makes a good ally against terrorism.

This was a desperate liar tonight from DNC who tried to pull the wool on America. Harvard you know it is true with Hillary. She quotes commie Bernie to insult Trump. Go live under Stalin you liberal idiots you’ll learn.

My Patriot Constitutional leading, to accept a righteous agenda. Any election outcome is accepted? For the sake of the country Chris Wallace? No, 1776 was a good thing. To hell with the devil.

Thanks God for this opportunity to defend America.




OCTOBER 19, 2016



I’ll have to get back to you again on specifics later.

Thanks Mr. Trump for defending America, Innocent Babies, solid principles.

What do you want me to say? Hillary is the richest version of white trash circus in the media?

If abortion is not murder, then how about I fight the abortion Doc in the ring? He can bring his abortion shears, and I will use bare knuckles.  Again, I don’t want to be responsible in such instance that Doc’s neck is broken.  It was self defense.  That is your healthcare Hillary, murdering babies.




Lost track, maybe 150+ to 200 Emails today.

That is usual near elections.

You see the inbox and  names like Rubio, Gowdy, Bolton, Trump, Zinke, Sheriff Joe…

It makes me sick Hillary could ever destroy their country and freedom.

She isn’t the one defending us on the frontlines, but sells nuclear to Russia.

This is a terrible hour for America.

At the same time we are on edge of a three house sweep in DC.





Russ —

The final Presidential Debate is tonight. You have a chance to join Donald J. Trump in changing history. The Drive-By Media, which is an extension of the Clinton Campaign, will try to spin the Debate as a loss for Mr. Trump no matter how decisively he wins. Log onto to watch the Debate.

Russ, at 8:30 PM Eastern there will be pre-Debate analysis and statements from the Campaign on Mr. Trump’s Facebook page that directly leads into the Debate. Be sure to watch these events live tonight starting at 8:30 PM Eastern.

After the Debate, members of the Trump Family will join the Campaign for an hour or so of post-Debate coverage. All residents of New York are invited to learn the truth on how the Debate went, with countless fellow Supporters, by going to Mr. Trump’s page on Facebook.

Make America Great Again,

Trump-Pence 2016




Either we win this election or we lose our country.

I want you to know that we will end this election by fighting as hard as we can.

Thank you and God bless you,

Donald J. Trump



Pre debate for Voters.

If we catch a donkey stealing furniture, falsifying records, in perjury, hustling uranium for a Muslim prez.

Do we put the donkey in jail?



La-dee-dah, Australian Bee Gees playing, sunshine, life in the park.  When terrorists were shooting anti aircraft rounds at Benghazi and four Americans were put in the ground because of Hillary.  It is like pay no attention to the thugs across the street from the park?

Based on Hillary as unsafe, and Trump as the builder President.  That should do it. All her digs at Trump are overshadowed by her failures in the same categories which are worse.

Day one security guard in training.  Asked the question can you leave 2000 miles of border open to nuclear terrorists?  No, you can’t, you get 9-11 and Pearl Harbor.

Maybe if Blues Brothers were playing Vegas you would hear that.  What did they tell you?  That they were on a mission from God?

Kids, Teens, College Students who fell in the communism abyss.  I have never seen America this unsafe, and I am still young enough to play in The NFL physically.  Growing up since Reagan, nothing compares to the border terrorism.

Whatever happens tonight don’t ever let Hillary sweet talk you.  ISIS hates you, they cut peoples heads off.  She supported Obama’s border open to rape and every evil under the sun.  She can’t be trusted and her crimes follow her in public office.

Her word is not worth spit.  She will hand you over to be killed daily by her policies.  So concerned, it is all a sunny day in the park, Benghazi is lurking.




American media has the privilege of making a cutthroat devil like Hillary into their ladies fashion approval.  She is so, style points, and look at the pretty colors in the snake’s scales as it strangles its prey to death.

The type of policy maker Hillary has been.

Actual policy is that Hillary backs executing live babies as boys and girls, not even puppies or kittens.  I know you libs got confused and thought when an abortion happens, is they stab a toaster was all.

If Hillary gave a damn about the Titanic she wouldn’t be placing bombs on the hull of it.

Her border policy which includes slaves, rape, nukes, WMD, ISIS, and lib media covering up all the dangers because?

Well you like a person that gets four roaches killed in Benghazi, lies to FBI, steals furniture from White House and State Dept.  Can she steal from Shephard Smith’s housing or his studio?  Come on Shep, didn’t need that furniture anymore, sleep on the floor already.

Hillary you belong in jail, yesterday.

You are not a leader but an international nuclear terrorist.  Uh yeah dumb dumb you sold uranium to Russia, yeah, get it? Huh, huh, huh, do you get it now?

She is goddamned nuts and belongs in prison under mental health diagnosis.

For Trump to debate a crazy person.  Scumbag Kaine as trustworthy as Putin.

Media, you are some troubled weasels.  Hillary style points, why don’t you go grade Manson murders and felon inmates victims for how they suffered under crimes for only style of course, because you really like liberty and justice, like Stalin and Hitler.

If you are a Vet, you have to vote to stop Hillary.  If Hillary’s crime threatens safety at your college or university, vote, get your frat, team, social group.  Your factory is threatened by Hillary snot crime, then vote.  Put her in prison under special counsel.

Hillary I don’t like you.  You are venom to good American people.





That was a pic from Stand In The Gap.  Taken with back to White House, a dangerous posture these days.

That crowd out there on the mall.  There isn’t ten million voters to be had from their Churches?  Ask Ben Carson how many Christians can elect a-





If you take an America that goes through 911, or now it is worse because of Hillary’s uranium sales, leave border open, ISIS sighted at Mexico line.  Damages go in the trillions,  her spending too much.  What happens is business can’t afford to keep hiring, or retain people they have.  Jobs are down and taxes collected are too then.  The number of people working keeps decreasing, and she is going to run more taxes off of them, the slaves?

The gay vote, I am not going to reinforce what these people are.  Scriptures say they are corrupt, have twisted minds from resisting God principles, and they know it.  Look at  a person who has pica from too little iron, they try to eat things like dirt or paint.  A gay mind is preceded by evil behavior in a bible.  It is supposed to be embarrassing, the Klingers of society as a punishment.  If it was genetic, true homos would never reproduce, and the gene would extinct.

I am never going to back what they do and help them go to hell.  The Church needs to get up and vote.  Every congregation with Promise Keepers, your whole Church should be at the polls.  It is millions  of people, maybe over ten million.

Budget, that is assuming, we don’t have to fight any Kim Jong Uns.  War on terror over put head down hole like Ostrich at Pearl Harbor.


If you were asking, where I would use nukes.  Iraq had a reactor site that was bombed.  Things go underground, and it starts to become too difficult to reach.  Maybe you can solve it with MOAB, or bunker buster bombs, maybe you can’t.  A situation like that I would use nukes if needed.  We did it at Japan to save lives.  Same with Putin, if he thought under no circumstances we would use nukes, and started rolling 200,000 troops towards crimea. NATO, yeah I would vaporize his army at some point.  Otherwise they take over in the domino effect.  One country at a time.



Outside of her literal war on America with border x WMD.

Is to collapse the budget.  Like Trump said she is all talk.

Whatever she has to say, her idea of a budget does not work, period.

People thought Obama had plans and he doubled national debt.  At the rate it grows Hillary will double it again in less time, programs will fail.  She chases jobs out of America, GNP does not go up but taxes will, trade deficit  worsens.

We need someone smarter in office.  11th hour and finances are a disaster.

Maybe she has plans to steal furniture from Mexico and sell that to pay off debt?

You have to be dumb in any community to think her plans will help you.  She makes all these promises and there is no reason it would ever work.  If you took a course on finances, Hillary is trying to tear down America.  It is like a hog with rabies running loose.  I never used to understand the danger of hogs, some may weigh 300 lbs.

Border terrorist, financial collapse.  Maybe national debt doubles again in two years under her or three?

Why is she even in politics?




She threatened the welfare and safety of The USA.  No way, no how Hillary, prison doors slamming shut are like music with you in jail.

International terrorism via the Clinton camp.

In a related story treatments for radiation sickness to Children and third degree burns over 90% of a human?

Suspect people who stab babies and tell you this is medicine, ain’t all there.

Uranium was found in the San Diego border tunnel?  KGB used Canada in the Cold War for illegal entry to The USA.

Anyways watch the glass ceiling, if you are not a Female in DNC supporting Hillary/Obama border rape, sex traffic.  Then you are not letting women have their fair share of rape as victims.  Right?



OCTOBER 18, 2016



I watched the set up for debates at Vegas, speculation on what are issues.

One word summary:  take your pick- border, terror, ‘Pearl Harbor Job’ as a phrase.

Hillary does not have enough gossip in her agenda to stop ISIS or nuclear war.

I learned that one of my Great Uncles was at Pearl Harbor, he survived the attack, Airplane Mechanic, Chief Petty Officer (?), USS Enterprise.  Knocked off his bunk in the attack.  One of his brothers served under Ike.

Hillary, one adult to another, you goddamned idiot!  Trying to leave 2000 miles of border open to ISIS, nukes, slave trade and sex traffic.  I understand you stole furniture from the White House and State Dept?  You are serviced by bisexual relations?  While Cuomo and NYAG rape NY child abuse reporting like two faggots in the same bundle of sticks.

There is just no way you can run our Government.


Every nasty thing you can say about Trump, inhale it like pot smoke and blow it out your ass costume.  It won’t do a thing to defend us from uranium you sold genius  Hillary.  You are a lethal threat to the safety of The Untied States Hillary. You will not be happy until you get people killed.

It is a criminal disaster to back the Clinton agenda.  If you can’t defend America then you can’t do jack for us as corruption in chief.




If you noticed the NFL this weekend.  Which QB is licking their fingers before handling the football?  Baseball you couldn’t do that, because it effects the physics of the pitch.

Football, if you look at Hep B being in salvia that you can die from a liver infection on.  QB licks fingers, throws pass to receiver.  Receiver handles own mouthpiece and gets biohazard off ball in mouth?

I have heard some teams use a wet and dry towel for the QB to use instead.

Then again with all the spit in baseball, if you slide into that making a play.




If you go back and watch the interview on Fox from yesterday about poll numbers.

The answer the poll takers made?  Did not answer the question? Asking if they bias who they survey, so for example if you survey 60% dems no wonder Hillary appears ahead.

Answer comes back they know how many women, young people, demographics they survey.  But they never said it was a 50-50 split of Republican to Dems  surveyed or 4.5:4.5: 1 ratio of GOP: DNC: Independents questioned?

And then it closed with they accurately predict elections as an organization?  So in other words Hillary already won, but they never put their cards on the table and they didn’t say the poll three weeks out is the one they correlate to election victories?  Or is it the one the day before?

When it was a 2% race weeks ago, I would not bet on ISIS, nukes at the border, sex traffic, jobs and elections stolen by DNC politics to satisfy the average American.  If Hillary can’t throw the soap opera at Trump she will get caught in these war crimes.  I am sure Houston and Dallas, Fort Lauderdale are voting to get nuked.

Makes sense now, taking naughty selfies of  burning in nuclear flames again libs?  I see the addiction, can’t get enough of the bong resin.




Here with me Conservatives.

It might be a 4% race going into this much needed debate.  Election fraud a concern, polls could be now also.  How we stop that?

You have to look at it like Law Enforcement issues confronting Hillary.  The DNC crime wave, your delight media sorry losers that you are.  They will try to destroy freedom on the left.  So disturbed the party of Stalin is attractive to them.  Be honest libs, you suck.  ISIS, and Kim Jong, Putin will kick your tail if you don’t wake up soon.  And you will never recover from it.

  Trump has a superior agenda to defend America.  Hillary could not be in much lousier shape as a criminal.

Get whole churches up to vote.

In Jesus’ Name





Player Of The game for 49’ers matchup:  McCoy.  On Defense, the whole unit, three games in a row now only letting off less than 12 points per game avg.  That is how a team makes Super Bowl.

Buffalo has everything to do with Red, White, & Blue,  1000% an election issue for me.  Because the war on our border threatens the whole country.  Zzzzzzzzz Hillary sold uranium to terrorists.  Zzzzzzzz libs elected a Muslim who can lie and murder by his religion.  Zzzzzzzz reckless media libs think it is safe to back these stalkers. Zzzzzz ISIS at border and in America.  If dumb had a mascot, media libs would take the cake.  Zzzzzz sex traffic at border, when you can murder babies as abortion and rape as DNC politics, then you can do anything.

Miami Dolphins this week, no I wouldn’t look past them.  They have on defensive line DT- Suh who was the highest paid player on defense in NFL.  Joined  by Mario Williams from Buffalo 290 lbs DE.  The two of them, we will see what Buffalo does with it.

I can’t complain, Bills Coaches are making strides here.  See what they do next is where I am.

Haven’t heard more on Watkins’ foot injury in awhile.





Now what about that Hillside crime scene?  Is it still running dirty for you Cuomo and NYAG, according to plan, hu,hu,hu,hu.


OCTOBER 17, 2016



I’m with you on this.



DEBATE #4 of 4

Coming up soon here, Thank God.  Chris Wallace as Moderator instead of the weasel works like last time.

I saw polls, but understand the nature of elections.

A snowball’s chance in hell is what I give any American’s approval of the catastrophic, maniacal border war.

Hillary will get you killed, your whole community as well.  She is attempting irreparable damage in security.





Dumb dumb lib not know better, vote for baby murder and failed budget, less jobs, degraded healthcare.

Of course the butch tactics of Hillary and her strap on finger she points at Donald.  It is like Sodom and Gomorrah the godless witch cackles in Wednesday night at debates.  Whatever she promises to fix, you can’t trust her more than Putin.

Look at NY, Cuomo and NYAG with their gay agenda attacked child abuse reporting, there you go homos, unsafe.  Hillary’s people offer to destroy FBI records.  If you think Hillside is not a national issue.  Let libs get away with it in NY, and watch it spread to other states, oooop, pull voting lever and repeat cycle.

Hillary we both know you are freaking nuts.  Kaine I would’t trust you to sell used cars, player.  You are the atypical grease ball lawyer type.  You would defend Hillary for ISIS traffic approval.

Snowball’s chance you would watch a state get nuked, or humanoids raped at the border libs.  Stabbing babies to death on Oprah as abortion, you really support this?  Really?  Of course you don’t.

GOP that can campaign, Rubio could help NV.  Trump and Bush camps could help Florida.

I would get in Philly and Pitt GOP.

CBN solve Virginia voting revival.  Run the libs campaign out of bounds.

I would be one mad voter in NC after sabotage.

On your feet Patriots you need to get up and vote for Freedom.




I haven’t seen very much of her speaking.  What I did see, she is way better than Hillary.

If media asked her, that Mr. Trump is running against a known federal criminal, it is like a drug lord in other countries.  And that Hillary oversees border rape, WMD  traffic,  by her position in DNC giving Obama approval.

How does Melania feel about that, and how can authorities let Hillary loose on the streets?



From the White House to the Church house, from the school house to the court house.

Do your own time, do your own time.


When you agree as policy to stab babies, let ISIS in your country, proliferate nukes to terrorists, rape people with sex traffic.

There is probably nobody in GOP as unfit as Hillary to be President.

Point the finger at Trump?  Hillary should be tried a war criminal.  Dead serious Congress, she sold uranium to the enemy.

Obama you can flap your gums as much as you want to cover for her, you should be prosecuted too.  You are a smart mouth punk not a President.




The net exchange that needs to happen for America in the prosecution of Hillary.  Is Trump has to refuse to play soap opera for her, and not get into long answers on lib allegations that are unfounded.

Then expose Hillary’s war on America.  Everything I mentioned at the border, is raw hatred for The American People.  She is doing everything she can to destroy freedom.  Literal, WMD, womanizing sex slaves, your free elections you take for granted, employment.

She has to be stopped.  If God kills her, good riddance devil, you belong in prison, not The White House.

Whole border communities and states threatened by her maneuvers.  If a robber was holding up a bank and got shot people would not think anything of it.  Hillary tries to Pearl Harbor border states, isn’t it sweet that she could be the first Female psychopath to be in charge at The White House?  Just like Obama was a disaster as first Black President.

Felony federal criminal Hillary.  Let’s get to the border issues, which includes DNC corruption in many offices and states.

Why do libs think crime is legal?  IQ testing available for lawyers who don’t know the law.







Hey you stab babies to death in abortion but keep voting for the serial killer Hillary.

She got people killed at Benghazi by negligence, intentionally ignores border security, sells away uranium which was for the defense of America.  Because she is stalking freedom, like Obama lets her.

It is like the Female Jihad on babies.   Abortion, how fair now, stab the babies for us Hillary, yes Females will not be glorified in perfect queenhood until all babies have been subverted to the thug way of Roe v. Wade.

Uh, hu, hu, yeah that’s it America, it is like Females are actually getting away with murder in abortion.  Laugh that one off Hillary.


Got a survey with if there was one part of debates which stood out with Trump.  Catastrophic Hillary has been a security nightmare for millions of people.  This is not a game, she supports the stalking of America at the border; slave trade, nuclear holocaust. Obama if I wanted your opinion on it I would have asked Kim Jong for the shared strategy you have with him.

When Trump put her in her place.  She tried to sell out America’s defense, she can never be stalker in chief.  ISIS, Iran, Russia, North Korea will capitalize on Hillary saboteur.

She is a lethal threat to America 24/7 and does not belong on the street even.





Former NY JET killed in car crash.



OCTOBER 16, 2016






When 2016 Voters photocopy a Gary Johnson campaign sign. You would expect the copy to come out of the machine reading:

A. Ross Perot II

B. Your Zodiac was wrong.

C. Hillary nukes Texas.

D. Learning curve is better without bong resin genius.

E. Refused stupid, vote Trump if you want to win.

F. Kim Jong will accept your surrender.


Thought you might want to see this…



49’ers        16

The Bills had a day here like others this season, and are now at 4-2.  Miami is next week, and then there will be a collision of a game in Buffalo the following contest, against New England.

Today McCoy, 140 yards, 3 TD’s, almost 300 yards rushing now in two weeks from him.  Tyrod still doing well, 17/26 179 YDS passing, 68 rushing, 2 TD’s.  The comment made about Buffalo passing, by announcers, was not so good.  It is a different type of offense than always throwing.  Tyrod is a huge part of production and points.  I hear the questions about is he a franchise player and shake it off.  Maybe only Cam Newton and Russell Wilson compare to him.  I wouldn’t trade Tyrod even for Brady, Pro Bowl QB Tyrod.  Actually none of them, Buffalo should keep this leader.

Gillislee who you know I like at running back also, 6 carries 60 yards, 1 TD.  An explosive runner like last year.  Receivers good to see Woods making catches 5 for 44 YDS, and 1 TD.  TE Clay leading today with 52 YDS, also new addition WR Hunter with a TD.

Defense, Buffalo held SF to just over 100 yards rushing.  Pass pressure could have been better early in the game, but still a good overall effort.

Penalties, the two costly ones were a Tyrod run called back on Woods, and a McCoy run where Incognito got called.  Main point here, get rid of the Penalties if you want to beat The Patriots.  Brady, Gronk brothers, Bennett  on NE offense, this will not be easy.  Just covering their tight ends is going to take safeties to their size limit or linebackers to the edge of skill level.  Buffalo might rotate fresh legs in on that with #2 LB’s.

This was the game today with Kaepernick.  Fortunately no major problems from this.  My biggest concern is with Black Panthers or Muslim, the violence in doctrine and past history.  You don’t know in what capacity he supports those groups.  I agree Black Lives Matter, but wait for due process on crimes against Black Community.  We can put bad cops in jail where they belong.

My birthday being Star Spangled Banner origin day 9-14,  I can accept his kneel down as responsible.  We need to address murder from Police, that is your first amendment right.  I feel about the same on abortion, executing innocent babies, it needs to be outlawed.

It was an inspiration to see McCoy deal another game like this, the offense rolls, eats up game clock.    Tyrod talking with Kaepernick after the game.

Buffalo winning the next two games, starts an approach on playoffs.  With a solid shot at AFC East champs in the making.

God Bless Bills, thanks for another great weekend.


Cornell Marching Band  from Ithaca, NY played halftime today for Buffalo Bills.  I might know a little on this band.  Super Bowl Bill Steve Tasker gave the Football scoreboard at Cornell, his son Luke was a receiver for The Big Red.  It has video and red numbers, nice.

Cornell lost to Sacred Heart yesterday, two fourth down conversions, 3 interceptions in the second half by Cornell. It went down to the last play, Cornell threw the bomb, intercepted.





  1.  American freedom is too high a principle mentally for media libs to comprehend. A.  True  B. False.
  2. Media libs should be sued because authorities never hold them accountable for lies.  A.  True  B. False.
  3. Media libs are so stupid they will get America nuked with disrupters like Obama and Hillary before they figure out Patriot freedom was better than radiation in their water.  A.  True  B.  False.
  4. You have the courage to vote in November? A.  Yes  B.  No.
  5. Hillary oversees the execution of lib baby boys and girls as a moron politician in abortion?  A.  True  B.  Head out of ass costume- A was the correct answer.
  6. A milita for the defense of the United States is a legal right of Patriots for defense of  borders and domestic crime?  A.  True  B.  False  C.  NRA renewal and voting imminent.
  7. Hillary belongs in jail for multiple indictments?  A.  True  B.  Clink  C.  Dictator Clinton is also liable for crimes.
  8. Patriots at Valley Forge would have given up and not voted to let Hillary steal their freedom?  A.  God save the queen.  B.  Hang ’em (Redcoats) high.
  9. Hillary is a pathology problem, a career criminal, who is viciously attacking our American Constitution?  A.  True  B.  False for media liars who get paid to reciprocate crime.
  10. You have what it takes to stop Hillary on election day?  Or you are a sorry punk that will let her take over?__________________.

Independents who think Santa Claus is coming to town and Johnson will win in Nov.  Blame yourself when Perot II happens.

ISIS, Kim Jong, Putin, not allowed to vote but must wait one foot across Mexico border with their nukes during Patriot voting.



She sold 20% of US uranium to Russia.  This is not a federal crime?  Rosenbergs were executed while  Hillary, has an uh, hu ,hu ,hu ,hu attitude problem for McCain.  A criminal relationship with terrorists, selling out America.  Even if she died, it does not repair what she did.

Don’t let queen nutso Hillary Clinton ruin America.  She is a federal criminal loose in society.

What will you steal next Hillary crime addict?  Let me translate for you, oink, oink, oink,  oink oink oink.



Conservatives you realize the victory that 2014 was.  The number of seats that are in US House as right wing, we took Senate also.

People have not been stomped on enough by libs?  From most serious national security, to corruption that warrants an arrest of so many libs.

Yeah we could win Nov.  Unless you are refusing your duty to help do that.  If Trump asked voters to get up in light of Hillary nuclear notions.



OCTOBER 15, 2016




Excerpt Email below, true to form I can’t post direct fundraising Email and links until New York is addressed by GOP.  Governor Cuomo has strangled child abuse reporting, runs a corrupt OCFS, and lets lib buddies run a crime show at Hillside.

But, Arnold is on your side Patriots.



Arnold Schwarzenegger (

Thinking about Washington

Today marks the 33rd year that I have been a US citizen. I remember that day like it was yesterday – it was the proudest day of my life.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our country lately.

In 1968, I moved to America with nothing but my gym bag. I came here because it was the greatest country in the world, the only place I could make my big dreams a reality.

When I heard the Republican platform, it was a breath of fresh air compared to my socialist upbringing. Free enterprise, getting the government off your back, lowering taxes and strengthening the military – I knew this was the recipe for greatness, and I’ve been a Republican ever since.

We are still the greatest country in the world, but we have to keep fighting every single day to keep it that way.

That is why we must elect strong Republican leadership to Congress this fall. Working together, Republicans can win this year, but they need your help.

…to keep our strong Republican majority in the U.S. Senate.

I care about our country’s future. I know you do too. And that is why we must work together to make a difference before it’s too late.

There are less than 60 days until Election Day. Can I count on you?

Time is running out. Republicans have an unbelievable opportunity this year. We cannot squander it. Hope I can count on you to ‪step up and stand with our Republican team.


Arnold Schwarzenegger




Can make the biggest surge here in polls.  This last debate in 4 days, OCT 19.  For every innocent baby that was stabbed, Conservative robbed by endless lib scandals.

Our whole way of life is threatened by lib crime.

All those dangers at the border from  slavery to nuclear war.  Hillary does not perceive the threat, she backs Obama on his policy.  How stupid can you be?

So now it gets confronted, she can switch plans.  Problem is her credibility is worthless.  I wouldn’t trust her to be Mayor.

The debate is such a mismatch, Leader v. Felon on basic freedoms and responsibilities of a Government.

If I was Trump I would let Hillary have it like she stuck a knife in your tag team partner’s back.  Catastrophic plans, pathological liar, put her in the loony bin.

She is unfit to be on the street Obama.  Personally I would trust Trump with nukes to defend America.  You think he would let criminals take over?




So far no prediction here.  God did not tell me Hillary would win.  What was a 2% race days ago.

People have not changed that much in  a few weeks, Trump hasn’t.

One thing is for certain, Hillary is a FELON who is completely unsafe to have in charge.  She should never have the idea she belongs on the same stage with Trump.  Her peer group is made of inmates and terrorists.

The best I can do for you is that GOP can win based on the once in four years couch potato ritual of getting up to vote, and then downing a gluttonous high calorie pizza meal after the vote, before going back into captivity, I meant hibernation, captivity is for communists.

One voting session versus ISIS, 911, diligent Pastors, and lazy voters.

I give it a chance on swing states, if you go NC, Virginia, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Florida.  Penn would be a KO with Florida.  Michigan another way to win this.

Keep praying Patriots.  Get people to vote, far and wide.

Trump can bury Hillary in debates.  She is worse at everything, and her border; terrorists, slavemasters, rapists, drug dealers, election thieves, job market crashers, she is a national disaster, category 5.  Did I say nukes, her healthcare will fail with our budget.

Catastrophic Hillary, everything she does compares to a terrorist attack on America, not leadership.

Did you ever have radiation sickness Patriot?

God Bless



OCTOBER 14, 2016



Border watch person that she is, endangering America’s safety to the Nth degree.




Border Rape

Illegals stealing elections

Illegals flooding job market.

None of those items is the function of a responsible government.  I don’t mean to sound impolite or upset.

What the hell are you doing FEDERAL CRIMINAL HILLARY?  You do this on purpose to entertain your witch mind.

Everyone else’s safety was not handed over to you nutso by God so here you can make sex slaves of people you are a predatory criminal towards, or get America nuked.  Destroy Patriot jobs, ruin elections you thief.  Just say no, remember this is your brain on Stalin, Harvard?  Brain on drugs, you arrogant devil Hillary.

You belong in a cage, not The White House.  Saboteur Obama is your role model.

America will never recover from another four years of this?  That is possible, this is not another election, or a most important one.  It could be the last one.

Unless of course Revolution II breaks out, libs go to jail and Constitutional order is restored.  What was the clause about a militia, and citizens arrest?



The Fractured Elbow

I can tell one about sexual assault.  I used to work at a job, and a Female coworker used to ram into me from behind with her frontside, not her arms.  I would stand at a counter, and she would do this, you think well bad agility skills there she can’t walk well.  It was someone who was well built if you will.  And then it happens again, and she is grinning like I am Santa Claus or something (Ho,Ho,Ho).  Just for the record normally that does not happen.  I wasn’t gonna file charges or anything on that.  Right in the elbow.  That is what I am telling you libs, just say no, stop Hillary’s drug border traffic, or you see how crazy people get, and voting as dems for sex slaves from Mexico?  I avoided any trips to the Training Room after that potential MOI (mechanism of injury).  Maybe an elbow is not a sexual area, but her body part was.



If there were not complaints about sexual assault before this last week.  Why does it all of a sudden make it true because Dems tried to throw us off Hillary’s nuclear trail?  When you are as rich as Trump, Women don’t try to gold dig all the time?


Commentaries that Trump is bragging about sexual assault?  I have not seen that evidence yet.  What he says is permissive behavior, does not make a crime in legal books.

So for example, battery is unwanted touching.  If the person being touched does not complain then no crime.  Then how is it a crime?  In NY for there to be assault charges the victim has to be injured.  No injury, no crime.

Sexual assault, how Trump ended up with words in his mouth that he is bragging about it?  How a jury could determine that Trump had or didn’t have consent based on his words?  He didn’t explain to you a complete setting, alleged crime scene, relationships, what behaviors or consent precedes the situation he commented on.  Or if it was even a real event, or he was just  supposing  what the situation is like as a social event for rich people, and what he would like to do.

Kind of like a martial arts fighter that tells you they head butt as a strategy, but  has not been in the actual fight yet, to even use that.




Other than the obvious Hillary is a failure and a communist.

  1.  The arrogance of DOJ trying to criminalize Sheriff Joe.  An 80 year old man left to defend the border because  Obama lets ISIS across it.  We need to WIN, WIN, WIN and prosecute dirty DOJ, Hillary, Lynch, Holder, Lerner.
  2. Right Wing Unity:  You can’t be Romney, or Paul Ryan, apathy from Bush Family, and expect to win.  The way delusional Independents keep running.  The making of Hillary is right here.
  3. GET THE VOTE OUT.  RELIGIOUS RIGHT, BLACK VOTE, GUN OWNERS.  This really is a red alert type of situation, if we don’t stop Hillary people will be shooting terrorists like turkeys in your streets.  911 could never happen again, except now they have Obama, Hillary nuclear materials.  You would have to be mentally retarded or a commie to let this keep going. -RB





The Buffalo Bills Running Back wants to bring Police Officers to the game with SF 49ers.  As an appreciation of Cops.

True story, I was hoping that him and Tyrod would do something for Buffalo’s Kids, because they are so popular, like an anti drug message.

 Buffalo is a tough area.  When I was at UB, the murder rate exceeded NYC’s?  One of our offensive linemen and my teammate for Bulls Football lived on my dorm floor, Rosey, his dad was a Buffalo Cop.  I looked at the job too before I transferred to UMES.  I thought if you want to see me run a 4.4 it’ll be when I am a Cop if I do that.

It is good to see this from The Buffalo Bills.  McCoy has been playing well, one of the long runs he had last week, he had another gear in the run.  Making yardage, breaking away, and then accelerated, ridiculous.

They are playing like a team that makes a Super Bowl.  If they come out and make a clean fight of the game, stop with the penalties, don’t drop passes.  Buffalo is a force on offense and defense this year.  Schedule looks like if they take the next two after that with Miami, and Patriots.  No predictions, but the potential is there for AFC East and conference champs.

Go Go Buffalo.




Patriots:  Penn, Michigan,  Ohio, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, FLORIDA.

Ben Carson told you, Christians vote, then we win.

Pastors, your county needs the voters up.




* Cuomo has trampled New York.  What is child abuse to a lib?  Especially if you work in media?  Do nothing in NY against him is what God told you?




#1 God gave you a personal duty Conservatives.  My vote won’t count is not in a bible, but negligence is.

This is so easy on Hillary.  She is beat in every single category against Trump of policies.  Take your pick- past, present, future.

The best she can do is try to muckrake and it still comes back worse on her.

For example:


She supports terrorism, ISIS, Rape traffic lib Females.  Hillary may have a strap on finger that is always pointing at Trump, but she is guilty.  Nuclear material?  Hey missiles fly across at Mexico why not NUCLEAR dirty ones from Iran?  They wouldn’t do that of course, because Joe Biden told you they don’t have the means to do this.

Baby Murder:

I know you like the executions of innocent babies, libs.  No excuse, that is called crime, cruelty to animals in some circles, genocide, discrimination, Hillary bastard behavior.  Getting away with murder.


Hillary is not going to out perform Trump on keeping existing jobs in America.  He has a better handle on banking, international trade, and creating growth.  Unemployment is way up under Obama when you count actual unemployed people and not make new categories of unemployed so long they don’t count anymore as a person, or stopped looking for work.

Nuclear Safety and Terrorism:

Hillary already showed you not to trust her anymore selling uranium to Russia.  Trump will flatten ISIS.  Or Hillary will let them across the border at you smart mouth libs.  911 times do you understand she is unsafe to no end?  And terrorists will attack you like they have escalated inside America during Obama’s oh so safe presidency.

Hillary is a pathological liar:

She lies to FBI, in media, debates.  Crooked Hillary is Catastrophic Hillary.  She will not be happy until she gets people killed, face facts, look at her policies.

Say whatever you want about Trump.

Any issue, Hillary is worse.  Her allegations about him are only that, and her crimes in same categories are devastation.  She approves of Obama’s border rape traffic.  Nuclear border traffic is fine with terrorist Hillary.

If your most polite Pastor told you she was The Antichrist?  Don’t trust her she is willing to get you killed.  


She has no credibility.  Whatever she says is only a scam.  Her plans don’t work on paper.  She will promise you the moon and stars.  She can’t even cover basic politics or national defense, budget.


She belongs in jail by US Law in federal categories, not The White House.  Libs grow up here, Hillary is the devil



OCTOBER 13, 2016



If those were words Trump spoke about Females.

How was that misconstrued as  battery, assault or any other crime?



In the wake of locker room talk.  Which at this point is only that as far as the world knows, and was some figurative mock type of conversation, detached from being an actual act.

Why it is constructive for Independent party supporters to assign their personal interpretations to the situation???  If you are not a material witness, then how can you say Trump actually did anything?  You can’t player, so not so fast jealous Independents.

Miss the big picture here.  Hillary is a nuclear war criminal, liar to FBI, perjury to Congress, promotes RAPE AND SLAVERY ON THE MEXICAN BORDER.  So let’s frame Trump with Independent fantasies of what is evidence?  And then pretend Trump backers are like Hillary.  Independents are the Hillaries if you are saying you have evidence to convict Trump.

Then again how can you be so deceived as Johnson and his Perot II run?  It is like Kasich getting in Rubio’s way and someone who could win Florida and with Minority vote.  It served what purpose to give Hillary the Sunshine State or America?

How many times I have had to defeat this with low level bosses?  I catch Coworker A not covering job duties, and when they get caught, I have to go to HR or dredge up reports of to  NY OCFS, to show that they were reported for abuse.  Because they come up with a false Independent story to try and remove the witness.  It is pretty easy when the boss is the married guy who is sleeping with single staff, here lie to him, if the accuser is female, he will accept the story.  No connection to reality and material witness status, but a story in a skirt to him is still a skirt.

Don’t let that scare you, it is nothing I could not solve with my fists, citizens arrest, court, 2nd amendment rights.  It is more of a nagging liberal aggression problem.

Hillary will get you killed, your country attacked, she will stalk freedom.  So arrogant she lies about Trump in front of millions.  What do you think she will actually do with your budget, 2nd amendment rights, freedom, border, nuclear materials?

I trust her like Putin.  If God killed her, from the bottom of my bible, I can say it would be a good thing.

Independents who are like Hillary, slandering Trump, and manufacturing evidence is not going to save America from Perot II or Hillary sedition.

I back Trump to this point as a Christian.  Nobody showed me he is guilty or Hillary is better.  An also ran is not going to stop her.

However I am not voting yet per NY and GOP neglect on Albany crimewave out to Hillside. Five years federal crime, a worthless Congress that is not helping.




OCTOBER 12, 2016









(Benghazi and go)




Despite the hoopla and sightings of Bigfoot in the news.  Rest assured he was in the weightroom the whole time, training, and was not out for such media events.



You arrogant snot!  Conservatives have had a bad couple of weeks, feel sorry for us?  Weep for yourself crook.  The little babies who are boys and girls that you ensure are executed by abortion, the uranium you sold to Russia/Iran, a border you neglect with STD infected rapists selling people into slavery.

There may be snakes Mrs. Clinton that would look down on your moral standard. You know I figured it out.  You are like one of these killer clowns, making unsafe situations, and un,hu,hu,hu those Conservatives, uh yeah anyways.  I mean really big mouth, look at your criminal record for lies to FBI, how you look out for colleagues at Benghazi.  Uh yeah, that was some hu,hu, hu, hu good politics, the Joker laughs.

Why don’t we abort you Hillary?  Or let radiation sickness take over your redneck county?  Better yet, they need sex slaves on the border,  Bill could trade you in for a younger model while you are a captive.

Oh I know those Conservatives were trying to stop all those things.  But some libs have to learn the 911 hard way to figure out libs arm terrorists with nukes.  That is your own cooking Hillary, got a problem with that?  You freaking psychopath in your own reality.

Did you ever think that in a Presidential debate, the statement that one Candidate would be in jail if the other one won, would happen?  And the inmate a former first lady?

College students, don’t let your school get nuked by Hillary border security retardation.  She is that wicked, and you are that irresponsible?  Arrogant Conservatives who think you can win without Trump, you are electing Hillary- Paul Ryan, McCain, Bush leaders.

Execute the babies, Hillary is a blood thirsty criminal.  Abortion the safe murder.  Not even crooked Hillary says enough anymore.  It is too safe to have crime, dems worship it.  Maybe terrorist Hillary is a better reality.  Uh yeah, hu,hu,hu.

When you start hanging out with Weiners, it is like rats jumping from a ship?

Trump will protect America, create jobs, solve finances.  And collapse the lib crimewave.  Don’t pout at me libs because you are cowards and criminals.

US Patriots were brave enough to fight England.  We have to stop your crime libs one way or another.  Voting is the first attempt.




Joe is requesting funds.  Soros Nazi is now against Sheriff Joe because why, he did his job.




Did this matter to you, that I exposed Hillside, OCFS, Cuomo, and NYAG?

The safety of NY Teens and in MD, my coworkers, where Hillside employs thousands of Mandated Child Abuse Reporters.

I thought it mattered.  I’d report abuse again, whether required by law or not.

Don’t ever get the idea libs I won’t sue you.  I will acquire damages payouts and consider it God’s discipline on you as a Christian.

So these Kids and Staff matter or no we go the lib way and slander child abuse reporters?  You can see from my cases how evil these people are.

So do nothing still GOP?


 The only person who compared to that was a church devil named Marcie who tried to flirt up a storm with me to play social queen, and would not admit she kept doing this.  Her friends were females apparently trying to collect male followings.  She ended up falsifying a complaint to make it look like I was hitting on her, because she struck out and got nowhere with me.  I told her she had to correct what she did, trying to make me her footstool.  She refused, what I never did anything?  Ego trip, she wasn’t that much of a Christian or that attractive.  None of her friends were either.  I think God called me out to see what she was doing in this like Abraham being tested, because when you are done, the church devil is exposed, and so removed from a congregation.  Anyways I don’t tolerate the digs she made, like Hillside.

The agency will fix what they did or be sued for over $200 million.




Elections, Conservatives you better pull it together or there may not be any USA to play politics over after Nov.

Trump apologized for comments, my bible says don’t stand against him then.

So what are you doing?  This will be Trump or all hell breaks loose at the border?

Virginia, Michigan where Trump was rising, Ohio, NC, FLORIDA JEB.

In Jesus’ Name



Email on the close race in Florida for Senate, Rubio needs supporters.  Reid is trying to take over Senate races.  Evil dirtbag that he is.











OCTOBER 11, 2016






(Benghazi all over again?)




That is an old relic if you will.  When I had a paper route as a kid, customers used to give me tips at Christmas, small gifts like this one was.  That jar had M&M’s in it when I got it.  The newspaper company had contests to see who could go around and gain the most new customers.  Things I used win?  A tent was a big prize I got once, movie tickets, toys, mugs.

I had good neighborhoods on my routes, it ended up being three routes together as one.  Coach Jim Butterfield, one of the winningest Coaches in NCAA Football history (I.C.Bombers), with his name appearing next to Bear Bryant in winning percent in the rankings, was one of my customers.  Coach Butterfield’s brother was in charge of scouting for The NY Yankees.

You liberals have this philosophy  about executing live innocent babies in America and calling it medicine.  You are terrorists, not in some figurative sense.  Not the courage to let innocent babies live their lives.    You need to switch sides, and stop voting for murder.  Because you know I am right.

Don’t complain about ISIS, Assad, Kim Jong.  You are worse, American Patriot Babies in the trash can?  What the hell are they doing in there Hillary?  An answer that shouldn’t get you time at Sing Sing for conspiracy?

Liberty, non negotiable, Christians, get up and vote like it mattered.  If I was The Bush Family I would settle differences with Trump and back him for Florida.  That probably means the election, with lazy CBN letting people like Kaine even make Senator in Virginia.  No harm sloth sin, the Christian offering.

If I was Trump, if anyone can revive industry, he’d be it.  Like Donald said, the hate Hillary holds in her heart.  She should drop out and apologize for trying to run a terrorist agenda between border, uranium sales, abortion of live Patriot criminals.

The Ithaca College Bombers have been national champs under Coach Butterfield.  We will be the nuclear version of Benghazi victims with Hillary in charge.  Bombers, US forces, strong, able, defending liberty.  Not lies, scandals, perjury, hiding servers, executing children, helping terrorists and then blaming, oh gosh uh,hu,hu,hu,hu Conservatives for it.

This is the fight for Liberty.

Get It Done Conservatives











Lost his marbles?  Won’t campaign with Trump.

Remember the crucifixion, the crowd is given an option to release an innocent Christ or Barabbas who is a criminal.

They have to kill Jesus of course.  That crowd, election day, and you think switching representation this late in the game with lesser known Candidates is going to win November?

You give the crowd too much credit to switch this late.  Even so, switch why?  Trump did something so bad he is worse than Hillary border sex traffic  and rape?  Is he trying to pull off a Perot II like from the Independents apathy interference again?  Clinton White House Paul Ryan, big smile, terrorists love it.

Don’t be intimidated by Female oppression, they murder innocent babies.  And tell you to your face all about inequality.  Get it Hillary? Your gender promotes the biggest murder in America, genocide by the millions.  You reformer, silly me Hillary, didn’t know it was cold blooded murder, first degree homicide?  Isn’t that right you disturbed psychotic baby killing goon?  It takes a village to murder a baby Hillary, isn’t that what you were testifying to in it takes a village to raise a child?



Independents IQ

How many Independents does it take to get Hillary elected?

All of them if they vote for Johnson.  About as dumb as Teenagers waiting for Easter Rabbit to deliver them a party election victory.

A two race where they back Trump maybe defeats Hillary.  Four way race does less for Trump.

Perot II was the narrative.  Are they up to it?  Lightning speed three frames per second, the replay Judges watch it in November, day after elections and do they have it?  History repeats itself? Clinton White House, almost fooled us Independents, actually showing voting IQ, close but no cigar.

You actually think you will win Johnson?  How about endorse Trump and save America?

Pot smokers can’t usually function at this high a level, but you might get it if your party tries.

After all it is only Hillary nuclear traitor.  Remember Benghazi?  That was a terrorist attack not like an Amsterdam, or Jamaican.  National security, why they drug test in some professions, can’t leave delusional drug addicts in charge of things like Pearl Harbor.

Look at it this way on elections-

Candidiate most in their own reality:

A.  Hillary kleptomania, and lies to FBI.

B.  Independents wishful thinking.

C.  Lib media that will Pearl Harbor America backing lib crime and ignoring defenses.  Keep blaming Conservative responders lib media, this is your brain on drugs.




That went by on Trump having to prosecute Satan, or the DNC rep as you know it.

I saw some commentaries of the debate.

It was like Church, when they read a passage, bad guys lose, righteous wins.  There is no way Hillary won any part of the debate.  This is so far removed from a responsible standard to let her meddle in national security after lies to FBI, Banghazi, border sex traffic OK with the Clintons, nuclear garage sale, Pearl Harbor dumb dumb not do anything wrong

Based on content alone, Trump kept the flag up.  It was actually pretty entertaining to watch him dismantle Hillary’s libel fits, and criminal escalation of an already illegal track record and agenda.

She backs Obama’s illegal alien border policy.  Key word illegal, not amnesia or bong resin short term memory.  They are criminals who support each other.  I look at Trump and what he has to go through with this law enforcement nightmare of Hillary.  Prosecutors all over America are saying _amn right.

If she spoke like that about Church  Ushers, and lied in debates at PTA meetings, court, perjury in Congress is no object to her.  Do you see what I am saying?  If that was your Coach or neighbor and Hillary is slandering them?

Yes the horns are showing Hillary, your adorable criminal maniac problems have enthralled us all.  Can we prosecute Obama too when they have special counsel go for you Hillary?  He has tried to fall on Sheriff Joe as national security sabotage.

If Jesus was the witness to elections, he would not agree with me?  We keep playing nice nice with Caesar Hillary.



OCTOBER 10, 2016



Coincidence the day after Hillary flopped again in debates.  TV service is out in upstate NY.  Am I saying that was dem timing to cover for klepto Hillary?  Thought you might want to know if you are Fox News or Murdoch.

Someday it will be national security is out, budget is gone, sex trafficking even more on the border pervert Hillary.

With only 9 days to next debate, Oct 19.

The real issues at that point are catastrophic failure by Hillary.  She will destroy border defense, nuclear safety, budget, healthcare.  And so the dem animosity will be complete.  They hate a Christian founded society.  She even said it that all should be welcome here.  If your religion says you can murder, you are welcome to leave and not come back.

Dumb dumb dem think it safe to have Jihadi religion in America.

Trump can make this very simple in debates, Hillary is unsafe, not trustworthy, there is no reason her plans would work.  So shoot holes in bottom of boat Hillary, is going to get us what as a country?  No I have all these great plans, laugh laugh, to uh mock Donald Trump about as intelligent laugh laugh as mocking responders as Cops and Medics, Military, laugh laugh.  Can you believe the party of cheeba cheeba defending the border with pot leaves and lighters, that will stop ISIS, yup, DNC buddy has your back, laugh laugh.

Thanks Trump for running against her.




Patriots I will tell you one on voting.

A saying we had at (Ansel) Adams unit where I was shift leader, yes a Hillside location.

And as it pertains to voting in 2016.

To be early is to be on time, to be on time is to be late, and to be late is to be forgotten!

This was a team of Christian Staff, tough guys at heart, who ran the top floor on campus, maybe out of 17-18 units or floors depending on when it was.

The worst Teens in America, highest performance level from them as Clients.    Grades were up as I review report cards, we won volunteer community service hours two years in a row for campus ( Towers Of Hours).  Physical restraints were down to 3-4 in 18 months.  We had the group nobody wanted to work which includes some of us staff at Adams, with sex offender Clients.  I taught Anger Replacement group.  This was an example for America of how to get it done.  Thank US Army 10th Mountain Staff, who we were fortunate to have, and our whole team.

You know your duty to Vote in 2016 Conservatives, Hillary is a knife in all our backs.

Be early on election day.

God Bless




You don’t lie to FBI and take a position on the PTA.

Her peers make license plates?

You thought Watergate was bad?

If she is elected they won’t be able to prosecute her?




I will begin with the good message Mr. Trump brought to America. How welcome it was to hear his voice, and use of fortifying principles. This is a man who loves America.

Hillary by proverbs, and the statement that a lying tongue hates those it hurts… once again showed us her morally bankrupt presence in debates. Lies continued, she laughs off criminal behavior. The so called fact checker, is a scam artist at work.

Trump began with a strong opening. He addressed the carnage of ISIS, which was caused by Obama/Clinton backed policies. The crowd applauded at the point of Clinton laughter against a rape victim, being exposed.

Hillary in opening went on about her undying affection to help America and represent all Americans. As she backs border rape, security negligence over 1000 times worse than Benghazi at Mexico (it escalated), and spreads nukes to Russia, Iran. Still she insists that she talks tough against Russia, but you can see through her intentions, she attacks America by policy.

Hillary claims that Trump “never” apologizes to anybody. It was just this week I was watching news and Hillary is wrong on that. Her seething animosity that when they go low you go high.? Is that what you mean by stabbing innocent babies in abortion devil Hillary? Or letting terrorists over our border?

Hillary would have failed juvenile justice system standards to this point in the debate as a Client. She would have been assigned loss of privileges for lies against staff, if it persisted she would be lowered from a normal level criminal to one who needs constant within eyesight supervision at some point. Nukes from Mexico being more important than usual dirty lawyer perjury before Congress, and court room crime, why minimize her sedition?

I understand some people in debates like to make this a chummy time. America has reached the boiling point, as a saboteur has tried to run for President in Hillary; seditionist, jealous traitor, snake.  While the average hard working American is robbed of freedom. When Mr. Trump said he would assign/hire special prosecution against her if elected, over her crimes, thousands of Emails that were deleted, about one for every 10 illegal aliens she would let in the country dear border states. Where Sheriff Joe has been asked to do Obama’s job to defend Mexico.  That is when America’s; Law Enforcement, Taxpayers, NRA, Christians, Pastors, Vets, knew we had the needed dose of justice in America. The bullying from liars in DNC, media, against American freedom got met here.

Trump again having to nail down the point that Hillary was lying yes “again” to America in the debate, about her deletion of Email after subpoena.  Exponents will be easier at some point to track this.  Because it never seems to make Obama’s calculus.

It dawned on me somewhere in the debate that her title as a former First Lady…the level of correction that Hillary needs, to be kept from kleptomaniac behaviors, time after time. I don’t identify any respectable aura about her, with the trampling she is trying to do on America with deadly force. You are not innocent libs, you back a baby killer, nuclear delinquent like the Rosenbergs who were executed, and a border thief. Who is protecting sex traffic 365 days a year. Hillary is so concerned with respect for Women?  Really?

The crowd booed to Hillary’s comment that everything Donald had just said was false around mid (?) debate.

Excellent to see Trump expose the 1:3 arrangement, of media bias that was helping Hillary from moderators. She would run over time in answers, Trump was cut off very prudent by a female chauvinist host.

Other issues included healthcare, where Trump showed the failure of the Canadian system. And a vetting process for Muslims was needed in America.

Hillary took  another lethal issue of this Islamophobia and tried to label it a demagoguery of Trump’s?   You could see the disgust in Trump over this. Donald you are not alone. She is a klepto trying to trivialize your responsible handling of an assassin religion. Hillary if you keep going with behaviors like that, at some point Clinicians won’t let you go on home visits as a Client, just so you know.

You arrogant snake Mrs. Clinton with all due formality and false pretense. Mr. Trump lives in his own reality? If you couldn’t lie Hillary, you would have nothing to say at debates, except that you are a criminal, your plans are trash that will injure national defense, and from terrorists with nukes, no thanks to you and Obamaswine. Alternate reality is that you lie to millions of people on a regular basis, and nobody is fooled. But you think this is an acceptable adult behavior? I understand the guilt in you is exceptional, Benghazi, Baby Patriot murder, and you are living a lie if you want a bon jovi lyric. But you can’t let go of the euphoria, uhhhh, President to be a goddamned assassin against babies. Hillary you suck, let go of the crime nutso.  You are killing innocent babies with Roe v. Wade.

Another lie where they were discussing the gold standard. And Hillary tried to reference this to Honest Abe, do you copy Bill O’Reilly? How was this for spin? Trump had to correct yet another lie. Are you understanding this dems with an IQ? When a person this corrupt handles security and finances you end up with dictators, not freedom.  911, not 4th of July.

She continues that Donald only takes care of himself financially. While he redirects that Hillary’s supporters use same loopholes. To me as a Christian, it is legal Trump so what if you use that?  Again Donald has paid off his own profits- millions in campaign dues for you Patriot.  Did Hillary he points out?

Mrs. Clinton telling us that she wants to invest in families. By swamping America’s border states with crime and illegals? No Hillary, total cr_p, and you know it.  Your concern is for our communities is a venom at Mexico.  Remember security negligence at Benghazi?  Yeah like that.

Trump pointing out Hillary’s hate in her heart, and Amen. You could see again the animosity that money goes to the top in America. Hey if you earn it? What are you a slave to bums that never work?  What Cain was to Abel is in play here?

I find the host anchor arguing a dem point in the debate. Disguised maybe as devil’s advocate, but it seemed like offsides as Trump had to hold down the fort against a three way attack.  She defended the failed lib tactics that Trump was exposing in national security.

Asked the question of being a devoted President. Trump I would support. Hillary’s answer is not worth examination. She lies to your face America weekly. You would trust her as Police Chief or to handle your finances? Really? 911 times?

Trump was ready for this, reminding Hillary she would be in jail if he was elected. And that he was shocked (ahem) to hear about her disapproval of him.

Closing, what each Candidate could say positive on the other. Hillary chose Trump’s Children, which may have been a threat to handle this item? To Hillary, her endurance which was taken with the assumed grain of salt, in her satanic role.

Jesus would back one of these Candidates, Satan the other, by polarized divide, no middle ground, no close calls.  It was very secure in forthright leadership, or murder, lies, and troublemaking.  How chummy Hillary, we really appreciate the manure.

Net summary it will be Trump or terrorism in America after November elections.

Hillary you are one of the most rotten snots I have ever seen after 18 years of experience with criminal youth, gang members, rapists. Libs who do not approve of hearing that truth, you are welcome, thank me later, you needed to hear it and get this woman out of public office before she destroys your country and Children’s future. She is a criminal assault on freedom, pathological in lies. Running from your failed marriage, and crimes at Benghazi, is not going to be solved by destroying freedom for everyone else.  I understand you can’t admit to the scam you are running.

Bill Clinton you have hurt Hillary terribly by your infidelity. Going from significant other to dagger in her heart. This lunacy cannot lead America.

Trump you better take the wheel for everyone’s sake.

Christians keep praying for the libs, as much as I hate their murder and crimes, they persist, ghouls that they are.  Scary clowns are any different than abortion proponents?

Therapy, clown like targets at the range.

God Bless




OCTOBER 9, 2016



I watched the debate, it will take some time to comment on the exchange.  And help even the score for a biased moderation.

Basic summary of the event.  It was like High School Principal Trump has to debate the after school detention juvenile delinquent Hillary.

In a game of deadly decisions to elect a felon who lies to FBI and America’s millions or not.

If moderators use of purple clothing was an attempt to emulate Christ, a very noble gesture, but you fell way short of professional by discriminatory behavior towards Trump, and it was a mockery.  I am not impressed with the snotty attitudes.  How does it feel to be corrected by a mature adult, because you can’t do your jobs right in media?





Buffalo with another win today.  For the first time this season they have a winning record at 3-2.

The most impressive parts of this win were McCoy running for 150 yards, and was averaging 10 yards a carry up to the last drive where the clock killing plays set in.  Stopped on two long runs, just short of TD’s, take nothing away from LeSean, that was player of the game.  The other player of the game, Robey-Coleman at Corner, two interceptions, one for a TD.  Having fun as a former USC Trojan at the familiar LA Coliseum.

Buffalo still with penalties, not what you want to take into a New England game in a few weeks.  Brady was back with his Patriots and doing well.

Other playmakers for Buffalo, TD’s from RB Gillislee, WR Goodwin, WR Hunter ( new acquisition to cover Watkins’ injury).  Tyrod 28 yards rushing, 124 yards passing 2 TD’s.

Defense: Alexander on the pass rush for Buffalo with three sacks plus special teams play, DT Washington, and DT Worthy also with QB stops.  So be fair, Alexander is not player of the game also?

The Rams played some tough football on defense, and the gains of Austin running and receiving.  They kept Buffalo honest here.

Upcoming game is with S.F. 49ers in Buffalo. The media focus with Kaepernick.


The situation with QB Kaepernick I appreciate.  Because to ignore oppression in America, when you have a first amendment right to expression.  Some people didn’t really listen to what he said, that when injustices were handled he would stand for national anthem playings is what I got.  Some look at Veterans and say what are you doing?  Defending freedom was the concise answer, as a QB.

Thanks for another great game Bills.





Incompetent- What is better in America from her plans?

Pathological criminal who keeps continuing in a cycle of abuse, planning and performing crimes that is.  Felony leadership for America’s Children.

Credibility zero- she belongs in jail.

If the job was pick the person most likely to destroy America, then vote Hillary for Benghazistan border patrol.

She makes a good terrorist.




If you summarize Hillary as a; budget, border, healthcare, nuclear, nightmare.

How she could possibly help America by destroying every basic a government was to handle?

It leaves no budget for anything else.  Her credibility is the biggest hole in all of it.  As President I will promise to, blah,blah, leave the border open and get lots of Americans killed.

Whatever she says you can’t trust it.  After Benghazi she still backs Obama border crime, sex trafficking Hillary, dems seem to like this.

After John Kerry Iran nuclear she still backs it.  That was Obama’s #1 worst terrorist country in debates with Romney.

Her plans are garbage, and it will get people killed.  How can you be that dumb after eight years in the White House?

Millions of Babies will be slaughtered by abortion.  Cockroaches to you, but slaughtered anyways.

She is a lethal threat to America’s safety.


Potential remains we can crush the election if we take, Virginia, Minnesota, Ohio, NC, Indiana, Georgia, Michigan.  It ends up over 270 without Florida, PA or NY.





Fox’s site has a prediction link to click on.   The gift of prophecy is in a bible, and in the past I have posted my leadings on elections.

For example, in ’04 my conviction is Bush would win seconding Pat Robertson’s forecast.  That 100% came from the intensity of the Holy Spirit on Newfield, NY.  I didn’t follow Pat’s prophecy, it came straight from God.

Trump, what will happen?

At this time, the election is in the hands of GOP, if everyone does their job to vote.  Is The Lord supposed to do this for you?  That is how it hangs in the balance.  Between freedom being defended, and terrorism taking over,


If you remember Jesus overturning tables, a Savior would not flip over this?  Dear Couch Potato, Babies dying of stabbings called abortion.  Could you get up for one day in four years to vote?

Like a bible said, the measure you use back to you.  Leave Babies to be killed, God gets even.




From 4th grade is what I remember, staying up election night to watch returns.

If you want something great to happen in 2016.  It will not come from Hillary.

Scan 543

Scan 544

Tracing paper I knew from an earlier project where I made a map for school of NY state, in 2-3rd grade.  I had the same Teacher for both years.  You don’t want to see what Andrew Cuomo did with the state since, and child abuse reporting (it’s a felony).

Reagan, I had the bumper sticker on my door as a kid.  Like the one for Trump is at the top of this site.

4th of July does not happen because of people like Hillary.



OCTOBER 8, 2016



-Musclehead pic from yesteryear.

Occupation:  Supervising/Counseling incarcerated Teens.

A criminal like Hillary is going to stop unless you vote her out Patriots in 2016?

America was built by hard work, get it done and do your part to vote Trump in.





Hillary has this idea she is going to turn terrorism loose on America at the border, and in nuclear proliferation to evil empires.

Look at all her victims she harms.  Innocent Kids left to her b_tch trip security job. She will crash finances, leave us with less jobs.  If you thought corruption was bad in NY, IRS, lies to FBI.  Understand she is a literal maniac.  None of her plans would work, the way I score it.

This is not a subtle difference of opinion.  America is in a crisis beyond any level of normal policies.  Hillary will only twist the knife in Patriots backs.  There is no way she is that born yesterday dumb.  She hates Freedom, Christianity, Patriots, Kids, Babies.  It is that Satanic hellion/gay agenda scheme.  Casts her spells and rides off into the sunset, against the red, white, and blue.  Hello my pretty you can hear her thinking, attacking Lady Liberty, (Wizard Of Oz quote, you got it man).

 Trump could unify the right, and make a three house sweep of DC, rescue everything.  There will be so many Conservatives in DC that we run the show.  Legislation gets passed at will then.  Take the stuffing out of Supreme Court crime, abortion murder rights, you arrogant liberals.  Hillary I don’t have the foggiest idea that you intend to help The USA, sabotage you seething witch is what you had planned all along.

Some of you won’t admit abortion is homicide until you see a baby die by strangulation, and say- you know that had the same effect as a Doc stabbing Babies!

We need to call it a murder politically correct delinquents.

30 days Pastors!

Get your Churches up, all of you.  Samaritans are voting to rescue the Babies this time.  I don’t care what college you went to, get up and vote to stop murder.  Libs can stop the murder of innocent Kids and like it.

Ben Carson told you if the right gets up to vote, elections will not be close.

Third debate of four is tomorrow.

I am still working for a Trump win.  Hillary is a terrorist operative by her policies, face facts pot smokers.  If you die from terrorism there won’t be any party.

Latest polls, with Trump down 2% by Fox’s count.  Less by some other polls.


If we take Virginia, then another smaller swing state(s) can have us reaching 270 without Florida.  I would take Florida anyways, and have all that Bush momentum helping GOP, not dragging down Trump.

Independents study Perot in slow motion.  You are in the way not backing Trump. The end result, studied at a lightning speed 3 frames per second.  Perot II, you did it, Hillary destroyed your Children’s America, you made conditions worse by running like Kasich did against Trump.  Smoking pot and helping Hillary, the Independent dunce cap team at work.

I charge you Pastors, Jesus gave you a duty in scriptures; Watchman, Samaritan.

Get up and win.

God Bless




Once you add in DA’s that did not do their jobs.

The count of staff involved goes up to 54-55.

If you want USAG Lynch, 56, US Attys western NY, 57+.

It comes down to what you can prove as lib crime in the cases.

There may have been more NYS Police and Sheriff staff involved in the dirty staff count, but who got caught?




I saw the requests from party members to try and get Trump to drop out.

We are too close to elections to do that and make Pence the leader.  Unknown by many, or in understanding of him.  I would stay Trump if you want to win.

It might seem like a compromise in the last week what happened.  Trump however is not the one who backs anything bad said about Women.  Libs tried to spring it to win the election, hang on to Bill “Escort Service” Clinton, and Anthony Weiner.  So this never was about morals, DNC wanted to elect the baby murderer Hillary, you dear angel.

This is right where the argument needed to go.  Because the disparity between Trump and Clinton, leader and criminal.  Save America versus the execute freedom plans of irrational Hillary.  She is going to rescue Obamacare, pay the budget, raise taxes, not ruin the job market worse by chasing businesses out of the country?  No she will probably fail in every category of leadership.


If Independents endorse Trump he does better than a four way race.  Because it is not only they didn’t vote for Nyahahaha DNC witch.  It also adds a vote for Trump.

God, you can’t send us conspirators from DNC and expect America to have freedom.  The never Trump people are going to get never America if they try hard enough.



OCTOBER 7, 2016



On the latest where comments he apologized for pertaining to Females.

If libs are so concerned about it, then stop supporting Bill Clinton and A. Weiner time DNC politicians.

If this was WW II and it was close the border or turn America’s public over to terrorism.

Hillary will get you killed by her policies, one if by border, two if by nukes.  Wake up America, Trump might not be the most righteous guy in the past, but bible kings were worse than him in David and Solomon.

Hillary does not care if she destroys finances, security, the future of America.  For her to do that to Kids everywhere, steal their freedom.  She is a lethality problem.

In the system when a Client is going to do harm to themself, a lethality assessment is done on the individual.  There is no reason in a sane person’s mind why Hillary’s policies would work.  She will take an on the ropes America and make it a mangled mess.  Terrorism, jobs down, economy out of control and growing at an exponential rate.  She is willing to get people hurt aimlessly.

Trump will protect the country, that is a sober look.


The aborted babies, people could stuff them down garbage disposals alive and libs would call it medicine.



Not a complete pre game look here.  However Mr. Big Stuff has been reactivated by Buffalo at defensive line.  Dareus is a previous Pro Bowl player.  This now joins the NFL’s  leading tackler in Zach Brown at linebacker for Buffalo.  The Bills also have two defensive ends/outside linebackers in Alexander and Hughes who are tied at 2nd in sacks for the AFC.  The Bills coming into season were ranked #5 at their cornerbacks position.  This is a powerful defensive storm building in the AFC East.

On Offense McCoy is in the top 10 rushing for NFL.  QB Tyrod is ranked #34 in rushing out of 32 teams.

They are a Super Bowl caliber team.

Buffalo is facing the LA Rams this week, and Aaron Donald defensive tackle for LA, who is the top rated player in the NFL.




One sneaky angle of the Hillside case that is like a bible on Satan’s so called deep secrets.

Policy was inform Campus Director of going up chain of command at termination. Also I was given an HR contact at that point by HR at Rochester, along with the understanding that Amy from HR would get me a new Omnibuds if he was not doing his job.

Since Hillside gave me the contact info for the HR Rep at Rochester that is their behavior, not mine.  Omnibuds then took this situation and tried to railroad it into, well I should have contacted Integration Dept to obtain the leader of COPE Committee for an appeal.

You can’t have the appeal unless Omnibuds finds you worthy.  Which he in as a liberal, racist, and manipulative manner denied.

There is nothing that says because HR Dept gives you contact info, that no you had to go through Integration Dept instead.  His false expectation to do this to try and rule out an employee from utilizing HR.  Why do we have an HR if you can’t talk with them?

 I like to Email because you have evidence by it.

Feeling better taxpayers about your standard of Childcare?

It effects all 50 states as an issue.  Libs did this in NY and to MD via Hillside leadership.  So expose it, get other states ready for the garbage from libs.

God Bless America, my home sweet…aw shut up Russ.




On Hillside, when your agency Atty or outside hired Lawyers are active in court, taking pay from the budget.  And you don’t observe this as board and agency governors, negligence?

Well in court how did we do, Hillside falsified records President Richardson?  Or he did his job boards?


You had no responsibility to know what went on in court?  Then why are you board and governors?  Banquets to attend I understand become an addiction, but the job entails more than wine tasting, backing Obama, and abusing Children.




If you are looking at the below posting on maybe 40 persons being fired from private and government agencies, in the cases Boardman v. Hillside.

How do you arrive at that count?  In rough figures, not exact.

Hillside Board: 20 people includes President Richardson.

Hillside Governors: 10 people

OCFS:  2 persons.

Sheriff and Asst: 2

Rochester Law Enforcement: 1

NYS Police:  At least 1 person.

Cuomo/NYAG/Labor Bureau leader:  3

Hillside:  Campus Director, Program Director and Asst, Floor Manager and Asst: 5

Hillside HR:  Director, Omnibuds, HR Rep assigned at retaliation, HR Rep to campus: 4

Hillside Counsel from Nixon Peabody perjury team, in house, Judge:  4

Obstruction of justice and records falsification.  RICO law says if you let this happen under your command, so as Governor or Sheriff, Judge, 20 years in jail?  You don’t have to be the operative.

52 persons is the potential number of people who had a responsibility to report crime.  Not counting the criminal clique of Baptists who incited this; Poormans, Harrises, Steele, Storrs, Delooze, on shift.

Go through all this prosecution and then leave the perpetrators in the facility?  On taxpayers money?

Nothing gets fixed unless somebody speaks up and addresses the crime.  You don’t have to take it personal.  Another Mandated Reporter does their job and reports this crime, keeps going up chain of command to Feds?  What happens is crime gets stopped.

Hate Russ he is trying to stop babies from being stabbed in abortion, or is stopping child abuse.  That shows your rabies and clinical derangement libs.

NYAG you could not stop any of this crime for five years.  You need to resign as a perpetrator.  Cuomo, are you smirking at us Conservatives?  Not doing the job funny guy?

Mr. Boardman don’t you see that this crimewave is a danger to New York State’s Children, third biggest state in the electoral college?

You don’t say?




So far with no action in media or by GOP to expose Cuomo out to Hillside crime scene.

Which means I will not vote in Nov, for the absence of Government; of, for, by the people.  Unless that changes I am not helping with a personal vote.

Closest responses I have gotten, were Rochester Mayor, state reps for inside NY, but none ever took any action and said here is what we did.  Tom Reed’s Email gave the reply they got my complaint, but still nothing further.  FBI would have to cover up Emails like Hillary does, to not act on my complaints there were so many.

Look to arrests of 301 healthcare staff, 46 mobsters, Cuomo cronies in NY.  FBI is active and stopping crime.  Hillside cases include Sheriff staff, DA’s, NYS Police who never replied or acted.  It could be as big as 46 mobsters with NYAG office, and labor bureau being indicted on federal RICO charges.  If we get half that number of criminals I would believe it.  More than 40 would take some kind of integrity from FBI if there are that many?

If you want to pray, NY needs a new Governor, we are the #1 WORST state for corruption.  The ferry (fairy) behavior of donkey kleptos.





OCTOBER 6, 2016



Not to be a bother.  I’ll put this up if you want in.

#1.  Elections:  How half a country can think that someone as felonious as Hillary, could ever be trusted for President?

Warped minds in DNC, not a joke.




Sometimes I look at Bon Jovi’s version of salvation like a fighter plane, one wing shot off, spiraling towards earth.  Vote for the baby murderers, right God?

Get the border wall up.  These people mean you harm in ISIS, N.Korea, Russia, Syria.

If you are the one to fast and pray, I would try here.  We have to win there is no other way.  Saints this is on you.  Prayer Warriors, righteous, dig in.

Kids I would pray, Hillary is an evil lady who can’t be in charge.  She likes to see babies get killed or she wouldn’t support it.




Would have immunity granted to libs double parked.  Refuse to answer Emails on security concerns.  Lie to FBI during the ensuing racketeering investigation over libs stalking freedom, and being granted rights to do so from Obama types.  She would allow illegals to park against laws.

All a big game to her royal highness.

In the event that half of the feeling guilty country tried to vote for her for any higher office.  You take on promoting scandals like IRS, a felon becoming Comey’s boss, terrorist border beheadings, nukes to murderers in Iran.

Mental retardation may be an effect of heavy drug use in the lib party.  Decisions to arm murderers, elect known sociopathic liars. Just say no libs, Hillary Clinton is a scandal waiting to finish off your freedom.  The budget and defense can’t sustain a  saboteur like her.  Her empty promise to fix Obamacare which can’t be afforded.

 How could Germany ever have supported Hitler?

Well, how can you back Hillary, she will do all this and stalk live American babies. Who would live if delivered at the time they are aborted.

The only people as wicked as Hillary in a bible, all died under wrath.

Thank God I am not like her.  Hallefreakinlujah.

Patriot you need to vote Trump, rescue America for the Kids.  Hillary will steal it from them, you nasty grinch.





Dozens of casualties from the hurricane.





During debates with GOP wearing blue ties and dems in red so far.

The danger is that people will see good solid policies and decisions from the party in blue, and hideous excuses for leadership coming from the red side, and confuse which party is the disaster.

How much worse could you do for semantics than to have Kaine represent GOP colors?  If instructions were to come up with as many wrong answers as possible, be a rudeness problem comparable to road rage in debates, and squander America’s safety.

Hillary is making us safer by backing Obama border crime and John Kerry Iranian nuclear insanity?

Hillary, sedition is a crime, I understand you feel guilty and are stuck in a campaign you don’t believe in.  Four dead insignificants at Benghazi, look what you did.  If you were the babysitter and that happened to someone’s babies or aborted kids?  Even the dogs, if you were taking care of them, and they died?  It does not warrant  a promotion.  Your friends and peers are criminal DNC losers that promote crime against America for a living.  I see it is getting to you.  You want to be a leader, then dump DNC.  You know I am right Hillary, abortion is homicide if there ever was, stab the baby, vital signs cease, ISIS on the border, what every American school kid needs from a sociopathic administrator like you, terrorism.

It takes a villain to be a worse criminal than Obama, and you are the one candidate who could do this, short of Kim Jong running for President.  How the hell do you do that?  Eat your Kentucky Fried Chicken in America, and say, yup, leave border open to terrorists?  Sell uranium to Russia?  Boeing and American jobs as well.

I can’t see where a person sabotaging America and your policies are different?




Embarrassing libs, OK I understand he is in your party making you look bad DNC.

This time with insignificant comments about Trump on his campaign over the pronunciation of a word.

The party of baby murder, terrorist border negligence, propaganda media in a Patriot country.

Harry, avid Teenagers have a better political party than you.  The jealous children of society had to make a club to act like brats, and they called it DNC.  Arrogant asses if you will, even as a mascot.

Baby murder guy, that a problem for you?  How about ISIS in your state?  The incompetence you have as a person Harry.  Crime a white elephant on your side of the isle?





Trump & Pence.

God’s wisdom and quickened spirit go with them.

This can be a best DC of all our lifetimes under a three house sweep.

There is no other answer.

Libs why don’t you go rethink your baby murder of abortion, and let our responders on the scene in DC political offices.

Baby murder, you must be goddamn kidding.

In Jesus’ Name





I would watch this for the right wing counsel.  You have to excuse me but if Juan Williams is on script to play the ultra liberal/irresponsible hand, in these discussions…then now I get it.  I give him more credit than for some things he says.



OCTOBER 5, 2016



Hurricane Matthew’s riders on the storm.

In Jesus’ Name





You snake, we don’t have any other politicians with your level of crimes.

The real you is a federal inmate.

Lied to FBI, no you can’t be principal of Kennedy High School, commander in chief?

What if there is four dead Janitors because you won’t do your job again at the school?




Tea Party is still promoting a run at PA, asking members to get voters up in this state.

Trump will probably win most of upstate NY also.  If NYC was convinced of the abuse in NY State under Cuomo/Obama/Hillary campaign directly related to OCFS; which effects all Kids, Parents, Mandated Abuse Reporters from every profession involved.

If it were me I would visit Buffalo, dump Cuomo’s Albany crime scene.  Trump takes NYC then he wins the state.

The election is going the direction of if GOP wins Virginia, we can almost reach 270 without Florida.  Maybe one more swing state and it is beyond DNC crimewave to win.

Watch and see if voter fraud is an issue.  Hacking of election computers?

We outright could not win NY, I don’t believe that.  Enough effort, and exposure of the raw apocalypse Hillary’s plans are on America.

YOU ONLY KILL BABIES DNC, no crime there.



OCTOBER 4, 2016



This was the first I saw of Mike Pence speaking in any capacity.  Trump did not pick only an average or good running mate here,  we found excellence in the Indiana Governor.  For such a wicked hour as this, against The Patriots from dems.

Good or church people would use the word appalled at Senator Kaine’s behavior during debates.  In him I found the el cheapo lawyer type that you would expect to find defending illegal alien murderers.  Wicked bastard, brat, pathological liar also some synonyms for Kaine.  Kaine should be prosecuted for tonight’s debate, slander towards Trump.

When two candidates disagree that extreme, on several statements about Donald Trump, in front of millions of viewers.  Then somebody is lying and is in a crime.  It was an attack on Trump’s professional career, and American freedom as a citizen.

Kaine discussed his own Christian faith in the debate.  This is the type of person who is to be thrown out of their church by I Corinthians chapters 5 &6.  The most murderous of his themes were support for abortion, (baby murder for you libs that needed  a translator).  This is one wicked traitor in Senator Kaine.  But a fitting partner to Hillary, who else would you expect her to choose?

Muscle head lingo does not lend to appalled as a comment.  So I will reserve Judas or Cain for a description on Kaine.

The intelligence level and righteous message from Mr. Pence on; border, finances, terrorism, pro baby lifesaving politics, performance as Governor.  It is a disgrace that he had to debate such an evil character as Kaine.  Who of course came from Darth Vader with plans to rob, steal, destroy American freedom.  Kaine could not even debate without making criminal statements.

Trump picked superior backup here America.  The last thing DNC wants is for replay officials to dredge up Kaine’s lies from the debate.  The Lord rebuke you Mr. Kaine.


Greaseball politician a leftover description on Kaine.




After some news today.

1. Hillary is scolding our border bulwark Candidate, for comments about PTSD patients.

What a mockery as she tries to dangle America before terrorism.

I worked on a paper about PTSD at UB.  I ended up reading a dissertation from a student, who was writing that more ‘Nam vets died by police shootout, vehicle accident, or drug overdose/suicide(?), than in Vietnam, PTSD related.  The numbers I don’t know are true.

Trump to say people with this are not strong.  If you can’t walk in Physical Therapy as a patient because you are too weak, is the Physical Therapist supposed to say you are strong?

2.  Hillary on Obamacare.  Which was Obama’s underhanded attack on budget, small business, and existing good coverage from previous insurance, the sneering jealous Muslim who sabotaged America.

Hillary is going to fix this, even though the Government can’t afford it?  She says so, and it is degrading businesses as her husband says.  Empty campaign promise is all it is from Hillary.  Before you could stay on parents insurance until age 25, now a whopping age 26 with Obamacare.  Not worth it for the attack on freedom Obamacare is.

Trump had the better plan, go back to the old system.  People liked it way better, it will effect the budget more positive and we can find a cheaper low cost coverage for the uninsured.  The incentive to work is ____________? When everyone gets coverage from Obama?

3.  Global Warming.  Is a fact by physics, greenhouse effect, man, machine, all produce heat.  To me this is not the crisis people make it.  Thermodynamics is chapter 1 of chemistry.  Solar snow making equipment in the Arctic could make more snow than we need, off of energy that is already in play as sunlight.  In other words you don’t need to burn fossil fuel to power water pumps, and cool the  oceans (crisis averted).  Global warming so what, make more snow.

4.  DEBATES, stay on point is my take.  Clinton crimes and policies are both disasters.  You can’t have undefended borders x 911 cover ups, + media bias from libs = PEARL HARBOR all over again, this time with nukes?

The worthless issue of abortion to Tree Huggers.  Where a chainsaw separates tree from life is bad.  But baby from life?




— — — — — Forwarded message — — — — —
From: Donald J. Trump
Subject: Special invite to the next Debate
To: Brad Parscale

Brad, I saw that Russ gave me their opinion on the Debate Prep Survey. Please send them an invite to the next debate so they can watch me take on Crooked Hillary in person.




The philosophy that with Iraq, leaving dictators in power.

Or Japan was rebuilt peacefully after WW II because of our great diplomacy, and considerate tactics.

I would say the devastation of nuclear weapons at Hiroshima and Nagasaki was worse than what we did to Germany, and the only thing that kept Japan from further war, was fear of more nukes.  One day executing GI’s next day all better, we love you USA?  Hand them the nukes and see what they would have done back?

Iraq is a violent population, it functions like a bad prison.  We can walk away, and   it will fix itself?

Assad, we could have some fun destroying his terrorist regime, or let him kill 200,000 people.  Why not shoot some missiles, drop bombs, turn his army upside down?

  Negligence is better that always works?  Quarter million people in the grave, at least it didn’t destabilize.




The link below is for a hydrogen fuel cell truck.  These are what America needs to manufacture out of Detroit.  We can make the fuel in all 50 states, they get 2x fuel economy over gasoline, and burn 30% cooler, no pollution.

Compressed hydrogen gas by the kilogram equals a gallon of gasoline in energy.

Uncle Sam sells the fuel and we drive out of debt.



Detail On Iraq

After WW II America left bases in Germany.

The original plan with Iraq was to leave bases after Gulf War II.

Keep scaling things back and no it does not work to keep the peace.

It does not mean we should leave dictators in power, but a coalition is needed.

Libs would blame 43, but libs are the people in other countries who won’t help stop terrorism.

Who gave nuclear to Iraq, France did?  Israel saved the day on a bombing run.

Bible is to not show partiality, punish crime is what that means.  If you don’t hold to God’s principles, then you miss many bible lessons.

God helps those who help others is paraphrase of scriptures.



Mr. Pence our Constitutional freedoms are threatened after all those wars.

Good to have you out there, this day in history.




In Jesus’ Name





OCTOBER 3, 2016



If you saw the recent play by libs, pretending to be adults that prosecuted GW for war crimes.

 The way I remember this lib devils in the audience; is that there was a transition of power when 43 left office, Iraqi forces took control of their own country.  Therefore Obamasnake could not take credit for restoring the country.  Then your corrupt electorate removed US forces, declared the war on terror over, and the situation fell apart.

So you come up with a play to blame 43, exactly!  Whose fault was this?  We can sit here and pretend it is GW’s fault, that bad Conservative, we can’t blame Obama, because then Hillary will lose 2016, and no more baby murder, or predatory behavior against the right wing.

GW, how could we let you do this?  Hold down terrorist regimes, and uh, yeah, um, and, your fault, see that logic, just because, your fault, no explanation.

Libs you are some pathetic devils.  A line in the sand called crime separates us from you.

Our duty to UN was to respond in Iraq.  That is a duty, not an opinion.  Justice is to remove Saddams and Hitlers.  The worst instability you could create is to leave someone like that in power.  Well if you attack an unstable area, you can stay in charge because you picked the right victim group.  We left Saddam the first time, and it was negligence so go back and have to fix it again?  We have enough bombs to shake up people like that; Kim Jong, Putin, Iran.  Leave the serial killer in charge it is much safer said Iraq War I to Iraq War II?  Hitler died that worked better.

Thank God we had a Christian President with the courage to hammer Iraq.  The same with 41, make it safe.  All the negativity from libs, sour grapes man.  Corruption as usual, why God would save you?




Would George Washington send you Paul Revere to get up and vote?



This is fresh to have Pence in a debate.  It should be easier to stay on the issues with the Governor from Indiana in there.  Trump has a tendency to create a media storm.

How can a sane adult leave the border open?  Etc…  DNC can’t defend this issue, or trust Hillary at her word to fix things.

That is how you tear down a country not even preserve one, much less build it up.

I am glad this is in VA.  Voters there need to be Patriots for an hour on election day and save the country.  We should win this state, given a mediocre voting ethic.




If you saw the article today on Fox about gangs.

My Hillside cases, and the situation that criminal libs as Admin in NY corrupted.  From coworker and delinquent baptist out to Obama.

Gang members that we worked with where I was.  Bloods, Crips, Al Qaeda, the best team of staff I ever worked with at Adams.  Men who were 218-270 lbs, US ARMY Sgt’s.  Maybe at most I was around Clay Matthews Sr. size until my arms went 19″.

We had to lookout for trouble on shift regularly. You don’t turn your back.  No gang hand signals were allowed, look for the one pants leg tucked in a sock as a symbol from gang members.  Colors also you have to watch where bead bracelets may mean by color, sexually inappropriate things.

That’s what Cuomo lets run dirty on your tax dollars.  I see it as placement becomes like summer camp, and when the going gets rough in community, have another crime to repeat cycle of abuse to get sent back to Hillside.

Libs as the worst adult detriment I have seen.  As Clinicians they try to let Clients make this like home as much as possible, discipline a four letter word.

One of the most dangerous Clients we had used to assault staff.  They kept him in an isolation room, and you got hazard pay to work that.  He was not part of regular programs with other Clients and had been moved from another campus.  He was adult sized.  I would turn my back on him, keep watch, and hope if he was going to try and assault someone, to try me.  I don’t see gang members crossing a UB Bulls Football defense would stay on their feet very long.  It would keep my coworkers safer to do this.  Come and get it?  You got it.

 I wonder when the day comes we are going to hunt terrorists down like the plague.

Child abuse is related, because when you let floors run out of control at Hillside, people get incited, and it turns to escalation.  It is not safe.

Last contact with FBI I offered any assistance to them to help prosecute criminal staff.  My pleasure to bring in Mustard St. devils in Rochester.

If you are concerned about crime, stop Hillside Admin.  They are making NY the most corrupt state, into a career.  It is hard to respect people like that, Patriots go work at a job and desk cowards try to rig it impossible where you need a union to do your job.  I thought we already had a union in 1776?  It is like the equipment manager ties your shoelaces together on you as an athlete, while you are wearing your cleats.

Cuomo is Organized Crime, don’t ever be fooled by his mobster ways.  Isn’t that right Andrew?




With advice for Catholics to vote their conscience in the Nov election.

Fair advice given it was a summer day, and the barbecue was going, the general advisory was to fill your plate by 4 PM when things start to run out.

This election is so close, #1 if you don’t vote you are negligent and hand defeat to aborted babies, border communities that are swimming in illegals crime, destroy the national finances with Hillary in charge.

 A Man’s Understanding of a situation in Proverbs, which Christ preached is that you actually have a grip on this and know what you are doing.  OK, Jesus tells people about Herod in his time, to go tell that Fox.  Jesus knows the character of this sneaky devil and is anticipating more crime from Herod.

Elections go to the dogs in America based of the apathy from Christian voters.  ‘If the wind blows and I feel so moved, then I will vote to fulfill my civic duty as a party member’.   Instead of babies are dying, Jesus preached responder duties as a Samaritan, and duhhhh, common sense is upper level doctorate level course you could not figure out to take and pass  as a Christian.  Because like scriptures forecast the end, churches also fall asleep.  Caveman not know bible like VCR programming booklet.

It is like the coworker who falsifies your file, and then shows up in church, amen brother.  Somebody not doing their job?  Scriptures said watchman on wall, Samaritan, but Christians don’t vote or respond to this crisis that can end America.

The Pope is right, nobody with an ounce of brains could vote for a criminal maniac like Hillary, or someone with even the conscience of a bad guy in a movie would have to find GOP salvation instead.













OCTOBER 2, 2016



Whatever political commentaries said that Trump should not hold Hillary accountable.

A bible would have Trump confront the atrocity of Hillary running,  given her crimes.  Don’t ever let her pull the wool on America.  Her level of candidate is a convicted felon.  She makes all the other dem criminal politicians look good.

There is no way you can hold her to Trump like they belong on the same side of prison bars.  None.

The only thing she can do is try to distort Trump to cover her Benghazi coffins, and Rosenberg nuclear plans.  There are people in jails today who have not done what Hillary did.

How long did we wait? America held under the boot of Obamasatan, stabbed in the back by Hillary.  Ernst wanted to debate Hillary, Palin didn’t?

You want to see a massacre on the border and terrorism worse than ever, vote Hillary Clinton.


The Ever Peaceful



(Maple Popcorn, courtesy of an upstate NY Apple Festival this weekend.)





Buffalo got the engine going today against AFC powerhouse New England Patriots.

Hands down you have to give The Bills credit on defense for a shutout.  The first in New England since 1993.  Pass pressure is up from Buffalo, chaos in the backfield.  Buffalo rushers Jerry Hughes and Alexander with pursuit this game, including special teams.  Solid effort from both LB’s named Brown on Buffalo, and the secondary.  Hope CB White is ok.

Offense, this was a different approach with direct snaps to RB McCoy during the game.  Bills continue to pile up yards rushing, QB Tyrod and RB Gillislee helping the effort with good averages running.  Even a pass to FB Felton.  Passing, for Tyrod 27/39- 246 Yds, 1 TD.

In four games these two teams will meet again.  Next time NE with QB Brady, and Buffalo should regain Mr. Big Stuff on defense-Dareus, DE- Shaq Lawson, OT- Henderson(?).

Buffalo time of possession around 1.5 X Patriots today.

Use of a four man rush or more kept Patriots off balance.  QB Brady makes quick decisions, so next time it should be more difficult.

Penalties, discipline it out for the sake of the team.  Wood and Incognito combined for at least 45 yards of 60 (?) in mistakes.  Cordy Glenn another offensive  line penalty.  One player does this, the whole offense suffers.  Focus on winning, you can’t do it by mistakes.

Thanks Coach Ryan, New York enjoys Bills Football.  This week I gave thumbs up to a motorist with a big Bills logo that covered the hood of their vehicle.  Thumbs up came back to me also.

Patriots did pick up FB ‘Gronk’ who is brother of their famous TE Gronkowski.  They are no joke on the same team.  The FB brother was with Buffalo early this year.

Big picture, Buffalo is a team that can go the distance this season, now at 2-2.  Bills WR Sammy Watkins out with a foot injury-IR, a setback.  Otherwise they are gaining momentum, I see it as ahead of last year.



OCTOBER 1, 2016






Passed away, listing was in today’s newspaper.

Eric was a QB of high school teams I was on.  9th, 10th grade, we were on the same offense unit.  We used to run the option, I was wingback or flanker/slot they call it now.  Those were fun days when I would get to carry the ball through the middle, on a scissors play.

His Dad was known as the Cornell Sports Doc.  If you need attention for a sports injury in community, Dr. Zelko.  I worked with Eric’s Dad among a rotation of Orthopedic Surgeons at football games, when I was in school for AT.  My assignment was moved to Bombers Football with no certified AT to officially supervise me, but I still went back as volunteer to help the high school.  They didn’t have good coverage.

Eric I had not talked to since high school.




The main focus of America is elections, soon.

If you are the same reckless Patriot as previous elections we lost.  No need to vote, or help the effort…

Isn’t that the definition of insanity, repeat same behavior expect different results?

By border negligence and national debt accruing at an exponential rate, DNC has made an effort to destroy the country, period.

Courage Patriot, get involved with this election before God tales away the ability to be a free slave, from DNC oppression.  They think Conservatives are their lifelong crime victims.

If it was Revelation which church is the lazy one?  The election day revivalists?

Hillary as a high school principal would be a crime concern.

Don’t blame anyone else Patriot if you refuse to vote and we lose.  Look how Obama, Lynch, Cuomo treated Kids in NY.  Hillside child abuse center, taking your tax dollars.  If that doesn’t make you mad enough to get involved?

No duty whatsoever, Jesus preached all those words, and advised you to sit on your hands for elections?  Babies dying from murder, my vote won’t count, it won’t matter.

Sloth, negligence, are bible principles?

You better get up and vote Conservatives.  Put Hillary in her place.




Somehow in the adept style of government we have, where community troublemakers occupy one half of the political parties.

Danger, border open, terrorism, nukes, drug traffic, PERVERT OBAMA ALLOWS SEX TRAFFIC.

What happens when these problems exist is not they go over, and crooked, snake mouth Hillary lies to cover it up and, all better libs.  That fixes everything because the town klepto lies to you about America.  Little Misdirection distracts you from here enormous criminal addictions.

Obama you scum, you sex traffic, speaks real well for Black America, DNC, national security.  That is why when you speak I am not satisfied with your lies, you belong in a prison for war criminals.  Probably why you were trying to close Gitmo.

Think about it Dems, go back to the same party, the usual group of liars, criminal tactics that you can’t resist.  And things are not always going to be the same, or working in America.

Hillary really cares about no one.  She is a security nightmare.  She risks the well being of an entire nations, you know what Osama would do with uranium?  Better yet give it to Obama’s #1 sponsor of terror, Iran, WMD today as a dirty nuke. You genius John Kerry, as bad as Benghazi.

If 8 years ago you were told security problem close Mexico border.  And a committee could not get that done.  This is DC at work for you.  Hillary is so demented she does not even recognize the danger.  Tries to “minimize” in system lingo the problem.

Now look at this, if a Frat house had a security man, they would not close the southern gate with terrorists, ISIS, people with rocket launchers approaching? Protecting the neighborhood Frat outdoes DC!

Hillary your politics are a disease to America.  Get a life you witch, we can’t leave you in charge.

Nyahahahaha broom riders anonymous Hillary, think about it.




To be studied later in Looney Bin 101:  Includes IRS, DOJ, USAG’s corruption, and CBN’s sow the wind voting program.

Xenophobia to Hillary is defending the border from ISIS.  You want her in charge of mall security?  Crackers will available in the foyer following course introduction.

God flippin’ dammit Hillary you will not be happy until you have 911 all over again, and destroy the country with dirty nukes.

You wouldn’t even pass a juvenile justice system program for an incarcerated Teen, the Judge would renew your sentence.

You think I am joking?




Couldn’t hear you there Trump at the debates.  It is like when you get the news and the border reports come back as Nazis coming across at Mexico, no scratch that they said Easter Bunnies, do you copy? Bunnies, not Nazis.


SEPTEMBER 30, 2016


Hey Libs:  How many garbage bags full of dead babies does it take to convince your stupid party, that abortion is murder?

Don’t lie, 400-500 might be close with that bong resin backing up your cognitions.  Not like 50 million babies, is what it takes to figure out who dunnit?

Dumb, evil, and no number of lies against Conservatives is going to change abortion is an execution of an innocent person.

Hillary it takes a village to execute a baby.



When they left office was the story on Pennsylvania Ave.  This is so who can pay to repair it?

Goofed Benghazi, nuclear material, border defense.

911 libs could not figure this out in 15 years.

You murder babies, and then it comes out your mouths libs.  You think because you get one crime, you will be able to keep abusing society, lie your heads off about Conservatives.  Murder punk is not a license for anything.




This is of The 2016 Committee that you will see is fundraising for Trump.  No I didn’t make that up.  And poll results have Donald ahead of Hillary in recent days.

The debate didn’t change since then.

Hillary is a disaster for any public office by her criminal addictions.










My take on Cuomo is that he is political poison.  The cases this week revealed on Cuomo’s cronies being charged.  That ended with no further comments, where NYAG and Cuomo are liable under federal RICO law.

Below copies of letters that went to authorities on Hillside.  Delivery confirmation and reply letters indicate NYAG receiving the complaints.  There was never any further attempt by NYAG to prosecute the crimes against buddy ol’ pal libs at Hillside.  Accomplice to racketeering, coercion, conspiracy.

Email on this site shows to Governor Cuomo from Plaintiff, that crime is not being handled in Hillside cases, click on the Boardman v. Hillside The Evidence link on the left screen menu of boarder or this site.  First two pasted docs reveal NYAG and Cuomo being dealt in on the cases.

They are caught NYAG, Governor Cuomo had duties to act and sat there giving GOP mandated child abuse reporters the figurative finger.  Taxpayers, that is what they did for you, and Kids.



August 12, 2015



NYS Labor Bureau:

FBI Director Comey:


US Attorneys:

Labor Bureau/Asst NYAG:

I have received your NY Labor Bureau reply on not prosecuting Hillside of Rochester. As you understand I never requested for NYAG to intervene in my civil suits… Unless you are refusing as NYAG did months ago to file for an arrest even though evidence was plentiful, and his letter is in evidence.

NYAG let this go for four years, very similar to Moreland liberal crime commission.

I expect you to do your job as US Attorneys and FBI are watching your reply letters to me. Criminal staff have been left working at Hillside due to law enforcement negligence. It is self evident my cases are filed for employer retaliation, that is a criminal act by Hillside that you can prosecute under NY Law and is public knowledge as your job.

Very Truly Yours

(Taxpayer)Russ Boardman


JUNE 22, 2015


The Labor Bureau

Office of the Attorney General

120 Broadway/26th floor

New York, NY 10271

Labor Bureau: Enclosed please find original submission letter to NYAG, and his reply letter referring my two civil cases against Hillside of Rochester to The Labor Bureau.

To properly prosecute these cases for fraud, records falsification, maybe up to racketeering by extortion also, you will need several staff names.

Basic case outline:

Employer: Hillside of Rochester, placement for Teens,


Date case began: July 2011 with retaliation by Hillside for Plaintiff reporting child abuse, as a NYS Mandated Child Abuse reporting job. Plaintiff was given a false write up at Admin building 6-30-11, at an OCFS arranged meeting.

Evidence: Is very strong for Plaintiff having began at 176 pages in settled record for the first case # 47434/2013, for NYS Appeals 4th Dept.

Case #2: Is # 48984 also for County, due to perjury in case # 47434/2013, defense lied to say Plaintiff did not work in healthcare as a Sociotherapist which the job name changed to YCP ( Youth Care Pro) but was the same duties as listed on the Hillside site even now under employment openings. Other court lies, Plaintiff did not have benefits within statute time, Blue Cross letter is in evidence for both cases to counter this defense lie, where benefits is wage in NY and draws a date to have filed the case from for statute. Defense fooled the Judge on two reference cases Bargstedt v. Cornell, and Queensborough Community College v. State Humans Rights Board, both cases rely on an appeal period where the Plaintiff was not an employee. My case is irrelevant to those two because Hillside appeals were to be a paid event for staff cleared of wrongful termination, as a right in the policy manual. NY definition of employee is a person hired for wage. Hillside Omnibuds would not honor policy, he yelled at Plaintiff when policy was quoted.

Case # 3: Under Atty Bob Mullin for Plaintiffs was Class Action, Hillside settles that case and pays out this month, for unpaid wages , I am also in this group of staff.


-Russ Boardman





You saw my pics from the fort trip.

Founders actually appreciated The USA.




SEPTEMBER 29, 2016



(Excerpt from Trump Campaign Email, poll results listed by Trump then Hillary as %’s. )

Dear Russ,

Check out these stunning results from post-debate polling in the key states of Ohio and Michigan…









That’s not all. Look at the results of online polling by the following publications and networks, both liberal and conservative…





















CBS New York






Mental health being the question.  A person who lies to authorities is not fit to be commander in chief.  Admin with the most slander wins as a job duty?

Even if you don’t want to face facts and give Hillary a mental diagnosis, here control nukes instead cackling mad.  It still remains, she lies in front of millions of people.  So this is an exceptional brat who has to punish free Patriots for their 1776 Government?  It is OK if Hillary commits crimes because libs are snots and their support group is so big, so they can do whatever they want?  Actually sadism is a DNC principle that is why abortion never stops.

Whatever you say it is not right for her to be in charge of anything outside a prison cell, for perjury.  Or for Obama to promote her as even marginally acceptable.  She is so far below the legal performance level.

That must be embarrassing to be Obama and get exposed like that.  First Black President had to be a crook, when it could have been someone righteous and Black instead.

Not impressed libs you live predatory lives.



With evil commentaries for Melania.

Taking pointers from people who have Sex on TV.  Who in GOP signed up for this course anyways?

She won that title Ms. Universe, because I wasn’t voting.





NJ train crash.




A reminder to us all about Hillary being a safety problem and her Benghazi, border, nukes delinquency.  It is so safe to elect her terrorists laugh, and DNC.




So all the reporting you have seen on Cuomo, OCFS, Hillside.

It was just me and my cases, or scum lord Obama is letting Cuomo attack freedom?

Fortunate for you Patriot, that I was on top of the crime scene from the git go.  They didn’t get away, it was like security cameras were rolling the whole time.  Damages continue to escalate, hey the meter is running brat libs.  You want the crime then you pay, and with your reputations.

How is that for do unto others?  Discipline, and you get to pay the victims of your crime, that is what you need in the end.


Sheriff Joe is asking for more donations, if you can help him?



SEPTEMBER 28, 2016



Not understanding the principle of trickle down economics.  Is scolding Trump for trying to create growth from business.

Basic idea is if I was the millionaire type, and Trump got the right tax break through.  Then I buy Russell Athletic and create more jobs by improving the company, and again by decreased corporate taxes.

Hillary will drive companies out of America as they continue leaving.  Which does not help Uncle Sam or the muscular American Factory Worker.

Bernie a man was distributing communist newspapers on campus at UB, when I was a student there.  He tried to give me one, and I got maybe two steps before it fell to the ground.  You know what you can do with your communism?  Go live under Putin guy and see how great the return to Stalin days are.

Patriots get up and vote.

If you are dumb enough to Perot II again and destroy America voting for Gary Johnson, well I guess that proves a point for the Libertarian party who will be exiled by Dems, or attacked by ISIS.  You showed us alright Mr. Johnson!

While realistic adults invested in GOP to stop the lib crime wave.





If you click on the link lower in today’s posting.

You will see as prosecution is bringing down Cuomo’s idiots for crime.  That NY is ranked No. 1 as a corrupt state.

Libs backing child abuse at OCFS, Hillside.  That is a core value to dirtbags.

Conservative media acting with cat like reflexes, turning in the crime before the next ice age.

Would you like to help NY Teens yet Fox News?  Consider it extra credit.

My best help in US Congress on this came from __________________?  (I will get back to you on that sometime before the Boardman box set comes out in a  greatest hits  arrangement.  By the year 2040 whereabouts.)





Now campaigning with Bernie, trying to promise a college education to anyone under a $125,000 household annual income.

#1.  Her plans don’t solve the present crisis, with a national debt accruing so fast, that it will overtake the American economy as is.

#2.  The increased spending, while she ignores ISIS, murders babies in abortion, makes deals to arm terrorists, and call Assad a reformer.

God I think you better kill her yourself before this all comes to be.

Meanwhile Virginia pew potatoes sit idle and let libs get close in elections, all the way to Kaine, and Hillary/Kaine.  You better get up and vote Virginia.  If CBN does not tell you that, you lost last time.  Get it?




On Hillary not being a joke.

Set aside political differences, and realize that incarcerated Teens in America, on far lesser crimes have been diagnosed with mental disorders.

I read the three ring binders on our Clients.  Time to catch up on criminal record, Axis I, Axis II findings of DSM or bible of psychology for diagnosis.

Crimes normally are gang related or S.O. , assaultive, theft, etc…

Hillary went way beyond this with perjury and lies to FBI, over national security.

The 1,2,3 I showed you about Benghazi, border, nukes.  Trust her to do what?

From my experience I would give it a 100% chance that if Hillary was evaled after prosecution for her crimes, they find her under mentally ill as summary.  The evidence is there, she lied to millions and continues to.  You don’t know better than to stab babies?  That is at least a cruelty to animals charge.

So she is fit to be corruption in chief, that may be.  Sedition artist Obama is the last person I would use as judge to qualify Hillary.  He is like a crazy Iraqi army member under Saddam.  No need to protect the border from ISIS, Jihadi.  Leave Sheriff Joe who needs an Army to do this?

I would like to hear more about Trump’s border wall if he can expand on it any?  Ground radar we need, like Brits had against Germany.






Former Israeli President, Prime Minister.

Shimon Peres

Israel was the good guys of the bible.  I know some people have an indescribable dislike for Israel.  Like The Bush Family who helped America, and people speak bad about them, based on nothing.




Not long ago I did get new Nikes after the last pair, years of faithful service, were losing their soles.

Downshifter 6 model, these are the best running shoes I have tried yet.  The squish factor in them, with my old gel inserts (arch supports) even.  It is a very good shoe, underneath the heel is recessed like a doughnut pad used in Athletic Training.  The doughnut you use for an injured area, and put it around a bruise for example, so it is hard to hit the same area again, maybe if a baseball hits your arm, and you were trying to protect it, then you use that.

Around $50, save your joints, get good running shoes.  I don’t jog but use Nikes for everything else sometimes.  Runners knees traditionally, cartilage gets degraded bad.




On the question of how do I think Hillary is doing health wise?  More related to body than her mental condition, which is a clinical issue.

To me, I see a sedated Hillary at the debate, whether low energy or medicated.  She blinks over and over again at Trump while he speaks.  About like she was upright in a hospital bed with tubes under her nose, all she can do is blink.  I am not saying that means it is chronic or effects her immoral value system at all.  But she was doing OK?  I wouldn’t tell you that.



I am going to level with you here.  If Hillary goes into a vicious cackling fit, keels over, and comes up dead.  And they find upon examination that she was a cousin to the Joker in Batman movies.  There you go, maybe a brain tumor or senile dysfunction.

How do you neglect national security, only make sure the most dangerous terrorist countries in Russia and Iran have new uranium,  lie to millions of people about Mr. Trump, and then ‘ um yeah, did you, huh, huh,huh see that debate last night? ‘  Yes I did Hillary, and you were a miserable disaster of so called leadership in an hour of extreme crisis.  This is not a joke, it is not legal, you are an enthralled sedition problem for America.

I challenge you experts that Hillary is criminally insane.  She should be in jail for perjury Congress?

It sounds like I am joking, but she is freaking nuts.  No more uranium for Hillary, no more national security, secret Email, border sabotage.  Sounds safe to me 2000 miles of undefended turf with missiles flying across it.  We don’t even measure up to Brit intelligence at the English Channel, watching Nazis planes scramble, where The U.S. Mighty 8th mashed German cities.

Hillary is crackers by me, lies never end, all a  big joke.  Finally it will be Conservatives fault with an abuser like Hillary who blames her victims.





SEPTEMBER 27, 2016



Another aspect of finances Trump mentioned last night.  Was money trapped outside America, because investors don’t want the red tape of DC interfering with their profits.

Detroit to me is a huge gain, if they produce hydrogen fuel cell cars with mandatory crash ratings posted.  Uncle Sam sells the fuel, USA starts reversing major debt.

On Hillary 1,2,3 is the simple summary of her credibility being shot.  1.  Benghazi is 2.  Multiplied hundreds of times at border negligence, &.  3.  That thousands of times by nuclear proliferation to terrorists.

She had the audacity to paint herself as stopping Iran nukes in debates.  She supported John Kerry at Iran.

Would you give Hitler nukes?




Maybe 150 Emails today after the debate.  That is usual to get alot of info from political organizations.

No backup so far on Hillside, so no fund raising from boarder.

Hillside Counsel was left with the advisory I will not settle unless Dennis Richardson steps down as a staff caught in class III misconduct, illegal behavior, records falsification.  No staff could continue to work at Hillside without reporting him to authorities.  Dozens of Emails went to Dennis on the crime at HR, he persisted by using Nixon Peabody to lie in court, deny any wrongdoing.  He is liable by policy and federal RICO law.

Not an election issue, let Cuomo trample NY Kids safety, child abuse reporting at OCFS, yes it effects Maryland too.

Conservatives nationwide don’t want to know this and stop lib crime against children?

If you are media or have any questions Email Russ at

Law Enforcement, yes I can drive the meat truck for any arrests you are making on Hillside Admin.  You need to start crushing crime  in Albany.




I see some articles on in the debate- Hillary was prepared and Trump was only himself.

During yet another episode of Conservatives solving problems like the figurative bright ideas and light bulbs used in cartoons.  Which is co-starring the libs of America, who notoriously break the light bulbs and call it progress by being disrupters and leaving the country in the dark.  It is like having a klepto working with you in surgery, libs steal the instruments, surgeon has to go ghetto at helping the patient.  Watch The Five, the lib troublemaker will eventually try  to interfere with progress.

With Hillary speaking, I was looking at it like high school when we were in congress in action.  We had a lecture hall to host this, and argue mock political points as students.  That if Hillary could not get right answers arguing with Trump, she would not even pass the class.  Surprised when a Teacher won’t accept, ‘well my idea America is to overspend, overtax, leave the border undefended and  ISIS will have merciful beheadings, instead of the usual mean stalking of freedom.’  What do you people have Jihadaphobia just because Koran says all Muslims may murder whenever they want?  Pearl Harbor libs will figure it out some morgue.

I know you libs think you are so intelligent.  That is why your answers to societal problems are wired bass ackwards.

Hillary was prepared?  She laughed off her solutions as they were going down the drain.  Presented no real, safe answers, but only a continuation of the destruction Obama started.  No finances, no border defense, arm Iran with nukes.  Could you do any worse if you tried?

God was here first, and libs who murder babies, lying is addressed in the ten commandments, stealing is.  We will lead America by being beta desk wolves, armed to the teeth with misinformation.  She lied about Trump.  Now that takes preparation, what would your 15 year old get for that?

Hillary you get  “U” unprepared for class at debates, America needs to see real answers.  Trump, with an average performance, should never be considered in the same realm as Hillary.  She is a criminal.  It is like Cops and Robbers in debates.  Maybe we should have an “L” rating on media for liberal due to the libel and criminal nature.  Contributing to the delinquency of minors role, that libs take on.



SEPTEMBER 26, 2016




Some background, I watched the whole debate 9-26-16- Hofstra. Last election I saw all four debates, and this time GOP upper tier debates.

Tonight the campus lunatic was loose at Hofstra, and Trump had to debate her as the DNC rep. If this had been store security, they would tell each other here comes klepto at the sight of Hillary.

I am not going to sugar coat this, I can’t stand her. Point by point she is presenting failed policies and plans, TELLING LIES even tonight in front of millions on very basic things about Trump. If it was court it would be perjury again for Hillary.

You can’t trust her, watch your back America.


Trump showing sound reasoning on keeping jobs in The U.S. If you don’t do that you collect less taxes, and Uncle Sam has fewer monies for all this spending libs do. Hillary complains trickle down economics don’t work. What does not work is when taxpayers give money to corrupt lib politicians and they run a dirty IRS, DOJ, incompetent border security and Pennsylvania Ave. To turn around and lie to us again at debates. Lib economics have doubled the national debt in Obama’s time over the previous 230 years.

Hillary still likes NAFTA which Trump calls the worst trade deal America has had. The idea of a trade deficit by taxes, that foreign countries do not incur, is over Hillary’s head.

Hillary’s idea to tax the rich is a popular election year scheme, because there are more poor people who may vote. The actual plan, as Trump says, does not work like many political promises.

Trump tells you foreign aid to the middle east, would have re-built America’s infrastructure twice. He shows America paying the majority of NATO finances. And saying allies are not tough enough on terror.

Hillary plays the race card for Charlotte. As I saw the man who was killed there by Police, his wife saying he had no gun to The Police, and then trying to scold her husband that don’t you do it, don’t you do it. If he had no gun what is she saying to him? So blame Police?

Trump takes on the endorsement of fraternal order of Police, hundreds of Generals and Admirals, ICE. When he said he will take their word and not Hillary’s, he put Hillary back in perspective. The snake from Eden that was missing, Hofstra is where it turned up for DNC representation, I knew it Jesus, who else could argue with Trump so much?

Hillary claims crime is down. My Email today said violent crime is up in 2015 from FBI stats.

NRA endorsed Trump, you better vote members, Mr. Heston would want that.

Stop and frisk cut murder in NY 2200 to 500 if I heard right. Hillary says it does not work.

Hillary lied on Trump supporting the Iraq war. Go back and watch debates with Jeb, Trump definitely was not for it.

Hillary thinks that her Iran dealings were good. Arm terrorists, 911 times Hillary, you are one of the most morally retarded politicians in DC at formulating defenses for people in America.  Dumb, get it?

When Trump exposed ISIS forming in the vacuum of Obama/Hillary policies, she tried to bully the moderator into moving Trump to the next question.

If you had a tally at the end. How many lies did she tell and on purpose, or defamatory statements from that so called lawyer who sold uranium to Russia, lied to FBI?

Trump she will try to steal your political wallet if you are not careful. You might want to nail it down with rivets for next debate.

Hillary I will not cover this up for you. You are a con artist, a thief and a liar. If the project was undermine American finances and so defense, to obliterate the country, that is the project you are working on.  So jolly at it too.   You should have saved your millions and fed starving kids, let Trump rescue the country. A vicious devil is what you are, cosmetic smile to cover up the venom you are trying to inflict the country with. Jail for perjury is overdue. The biggest systemic racism in DOJ is libs attacking Conservatives, a race of political criminals attacking Patriots. Your plans are an excessive pile of cr_p Hillary, a colossal waste of time. You intend harm for America. Broke, no defenses, lies in media and government offices. Maybe that will get you rank in terrorist organizations?

The babies Hillary will execute were under the carpet at debates.  If it takes a village to execute a baby, starting with the village idiot as president is a good way to it.

Christians you are getting up to vote, put this one in the history books for America.





One word summary on the Admin is deranged.  Tell it another way?  Lie in court to protect child abuse.

Etc is the liberal policy where OCFS, Cuomo, USAG keep the crime going.

Safe is not what it is.

What do you think libs say at DNC to each other?  That Hillside situation, how long can we keep the crime going?  Who will run in 2020 when Cuomo is in prison?

Deranged is the standard for OCFS, your Children NY and MD.  Judge are you finding mentally ill staff at Hillside Admin?

See how much you care about Teens libs, and are better people than GOP?

Why you should not be a staff when you function like a lunatic?  Psych ward understands, crime victims do.  It is like eating rice in China, you can’t have a diet without it, almost.  Libs insist on crime, addicts.

NY, MD Parents you are welcome I did what I could.  Backup is your job, Mr. Comey needs to start collapsing the crime scene.

God Bless



Debates closing in here.  Heck yeah, we waited how long for this?  And they picked criminal Hillary to represent?  Step up Hillary to the plate, because you simply ain’t got it.


Cover had a pic of Albany Legislature and a Constitutional Convention:




Email has continued against Hillside crime scene.  R- Tom Reed’s Email has acknowledged receipt of complaints on OCFS, Albany also.



When Hillside is held accountable and the corporate shield is no longer an illusion for federal criminals to hide behind.

You watch Court TV or some show with mug shots of felons.  When you see Dennis and Staino, HR Dept staff, Cuomo, behind bars.  It seems, cough, that we are having a serious crime problem up there in NY.  Your neighbor chimes in, ” Honey have you seen the news, these mobsters of Cuomo’s have corrupted child care.”

And we let people like this run Albany how long DNC?

Mob childcare, Hillary and you together, gay smile for the camera, flash.  Caption of that poster reads, “dumb as a stuffed donkey!”



SEPTEMBER 17, 2016



That was more of the drawing I worked on years ago.  Keeping it square on the scanner was, yeah anyways.






That is a sample of a drawing I worked on years ago, didn’t finish it.  The principle of detail, is why libs don’t see babies being murdered in abortion, or terrorists on the border, a criminal addict in Hillary.  Everybody else is doing it dopey libs, crime, why are you any different than thug rap artists?  It is also how trinity ended up as a church teaching, once you start ignoring directions, you can make anything you want as rules.  So reinvent the wheel, don’t murder, bear false witness…

Which libs are going to fight WW II for us again after Hillary trashed border security bad enough?


Scan 637


AUG 19, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 3.12.00 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.11.03 PM


Some pics of Fort Ticonderoga 2016.  Help yourself if you want any of these shots below.

You may have to enlarge some to see them clear.

This was a key fort in The American Revolution.  La Chute River connects Lake Champlain to Lake George which the fort overlooks, and access to the Atlantic or Hudson River is possible from this water highway.  Battles to the south with Fort William Henry ( Last Of The Mohicans) between British and French are the history, after Huron captured the Fort Ti site from Mohawks.

American forces take the fort under Ethan Allen from a British army.  Washington has the cannons moved to Boston from Fort Ti (conderoga).  Nearby fighting at Saratoga was a huge Patriot victory when Brit Burgoyne failed to divide Colonials, and was defeated.

How Governor Cuomo’s racket continues at five years over Hillside in proximity to this history?


Fort tour was excellent, I do recommend going to see it if you are in the area.



Cannon inside the fort walls.


Why doesn’t Mexico border have walls like this?



Mount Defiance in the background.


Trump we need something like this south of Texas, 2000 miles of it.


Got some archery in on the trip.


A fellow archer at a clout shoot.  The target is a tarp out in a field, aim for the sky.  Fun?


Taking a break out on a kayak.  Feet up, dark colored aqua socks I liked, never tried those before for boating.  It was hard work in some two foot waves, over two miles distance.  The training effect in the back was nice for cardio.


Sunset pics along the way.



For those in NYC, this was Hudson River in the far north amidst a Heavenly glow, looking south.

Vote Patriots don’t LET the libs win November, it is ours to lose.  I would trust Hillary Clinton to protect America like a gremlin.  You have to get in the fight to vote, your whole church.

God Bless




That was a pic I took in a sanctuary.  Piano which I didn’t try out, sits at the bottom of the photo, not really seen here.  You can view water through the windows just behind it.

More of a quality envroniment.











Scan 541Scan 542




There are staff at Hillside who are supposed to stop crime!

Hillside Family of Agencies Board of Governors
Roger B. Friedlander – Chair
Robert J. Stiles – Vice Chair
Jose J. Coronas – Secretary
Diana Nole – Treasurer
Angela B. Pichichero – Past Chair
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Deborah J. Daum
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
William H. Goodrich
Kevin N. Hill
Alan Illig
Barbara G. McManus
Duncan T. Moore, PhD
Richard Notargiacomo, MBA
Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD
Efrain Rivera
Leonard J. Shute
Robert Tait

Hillside Children’s Center Board of Directors
Philip D. Fishbach – Chair
Sarah B. Adams – Vice Chair
T. C. Lewis – Vice Chair
Monica L. Monte – Secretary
Todd M. Liebert – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Nancy L. Castro, PhD
David L. Cleary
Craig F. Curran
Denise T. Dragoone
Carolyn T. Friedlander
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
James C. Haefner
Joanne C. Larson, PhD
Candice A. Lucas
Gary Muaro
Marie W. mcNabb
James C. Moore
Doren P. Norfleet
Virginia Biesiada O’Neill
Jan M. Parisi
Todd A. Trehan

Hillside Children’s Foundation Board of Trustees
James K. Merkley – Chair
Daniel J. Diefendorf – Vice Chair
Daniel Mason – Secretary
Brian C. Callahan – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Rovert W. August
Rober M. Baker
Timothy J. Bancroft
Gregory H. Carver
Douglas R. Hilfiker
Louise H. Klinke
Barbara G. McManus
Shawn P. O’Donnell
Jason P. Torres
Gregory Woodard

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Board of Directors
Gerald Q. Pierce – Chair
Howard R. Jacobson – Vice Chair
Daniel R. Wegman – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – CEO
Sarah Amering
Anne M. Kress, PhD
Milt Sender
John M. Summers

Snell Farm Children’s Center Board of Directors
Deborah J. Daum – Chair
Christine M. Valkenburgh, Esq. – Vice Chair
Harvey E. Tremper – Secretary
Jo A. Slovak – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
David L. DuBois, Jr.
Philip Jones
Gary L. Short
Levi H. Weaver

The Agencies you can express problems to on Hillside crimes:




United Way of Greater Syracuse