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DECEMBER 7, 2016



Is it true that Japan’s Navy was built on US scrap metal?

As historic as this day is, 9-11, and threats of Obama border violence are surreal.

Good thing we have The American Moses- Hillary to lead us into oblivion and eternal damnation.

Madonna says evil things, but that is what makes her Madonna.

This generation is worse than Pearl Harbor’s at figuring out the danger libs are.  It is like texters that think their cars drive themselves.

 Retaliation became Doolittle’s Raiders, against Japan.  B-25 Mitchells which also flew from Sampson Air Base in history.  Boardman PO Box is only 5 miles away?  Also where Sullivan marched on the indian village, same guy who built a bridge at Valley Forge.

We won Pennsylvania with Trump, next time we need New York too.

Thanks Vets from Pearl Harbor.


6th grade project I did a report on Hawaii, including the sunken USS Arizona.  Albin was the great uncle who was on USS Enterprise during this attack.  Another relative worked at Okinawa.


DECEMBER 6, 2016



Papers reveal that Tom Reed is Vice Chair on Trump’s transition team.

Tom Reed began sending me campaign mailings when I lived down at the Army depot, near the time Hillside corruption began externally, in 2011.

To date I have not seen any qualified position, on his office confronting the federal crime of Cuomo, and Hillside in NY/MD.

As my rep in DC for NY, Reed can make this interesting over Hillside and Cuomo harassment.  The number of staff FBI can bring down in this RICO event, including Hazard County Sheriff and court officials, out to USAG Lynch.  Do you want Obama also?  I know, too deserved to happen.

It can be a big list, once Cuomo’s office, OCFS, Labor Bureau, NYAG are behind bars.  How many?  It takes awhile for the exact count.  It depends if you want all the Hillside board and governors.

If you told a Cop, go stop crime, report, make arrests, and they end up having to convince a Judge this was correct?  About what happened in my cases, Mandated Reporter, health care staff, filed on time.  Judge no understand English language in court room.

The only reason there is law in New York is because Trump won, Andrew Cuomo. I waited over five years for your arrogant criminal Admin to bring down Hillside, Seneca County greaseballs, OCFS, and what did your pro gay NYAG do?  Not a thing, bigots.

Organized crime is the liberal way and bon jovi demise.  Follow that and you end up like Pres Dennis Richardson, liable to federal lawsuits.  Talk about an oaf of a spiritual leader, ‘if you don’t love me lie to me’.  Oaf, that is when you know you are weak.

What Tom Reed does with this? Any more Email to him does not seem to serve any purpose without questions on the crime.  Any opinions I had of the case in the court room, I researched myself as basic definitions, and was also advised of by Attorney,  that I qualified as filed on time. I have them beat bad, and I know it.

New York, #1 corrupt state, supports child abuse, it is a disaster of a regime in Albany.  I remember a politician being shot there by a gang.  Go figure.

Look what Kids were left with in NY.  Imagine that, abused kid left with no backup, because GOP and media thought?

Abused:  Injured, harmed, bruised, cut, raped?  Somewhere in that list?

OCFS was given a duty.

NY Christians have got to be boiling over at Cuomo.  Arrogant snot of an organized crime leader.



As the snow is falling upstate, NY.





News today, Trump with a good move to stop Boeing from taking US dollars.  This was a Hillary project, selling Boeing to Russia.

The main concept of politics and news today, is libs don’t get it.  Madonna as an example of the confusion.

Think here, 9-11, then vote for Obama?  Leaves border open to ISIS, rapists.  You could be leaving a DNC meeting with the mascot costume on and realize, hey these sex traffickers on the border, are ass rapists.  Don’t tell me Madonna you would want to be in that situation, or any American should be threatened like Obama does.  OK leave ISIS at the border instead? Motor mouth Hillary with all the wrong policies, it is ok to let the Obama crime keep going?

That is where libs don’t get it.  Muslim Obama wrecked the national finances, let millions of illegal criminals in the country, had Hillary sell Uranium and Boeing.  And you still don’t get it. Trump elected was like somebody died?

Any more of the dem sabotage, how many American car, plane, TV or DVD companies are left?  Ass rapists don’t care about your freedom libs.

Obama is a morally bankrupt soul.  He attacked America worse than 9-11.  Worst part is how defiant half a country is with that much evil.

Libs hold the most values common to Nazis.  Because Jill had a stein, does not mean she should be in charge of Jacks country.

God give you brains libs before you end up murdering babies.



DECEMBER 5, 2016


No major news today.

It was good to see Ben Carson for HUD.

Does Greta have a place in Trump’s Admin?


Buffalo Bills

I would not count them out yet.  What they have in common with Super Bowl Bills, is they play an exciting style of football.

The next four weeks could be an acceleration lane to playoffs.  They only need to keep winning, both Miami and Denver are in tough situations as competition.

If they make it through that, this will be a team on a winning streak heading into post season.

What The Bills do well on offense, can win them games.  If they can expand short run with TE’s, FB, it adds a dimension.  Bills are a team that can explode on you, and leave defenses behind.  Don’t count them out yet.

Go Bills!



DECEMBER 4, 2016




The Bills with a 24-9 lead, end up losing this one.  The story was, Buffalo was outplayed, or they made enough mistakes to lose?

Mistakes, not the 73 yards in penalties, which is not great.  But that combined with dropped easy passes, Tyrod throwing the ball away under pressure instead of trying to convert to 1st down.

Bills Defense looked tired and out of position at times,  Raiders made TD’s of it.

Raiders win, but not because Buffalo played how they are capable of.  McCoy 130 yards rushing, not enough with the slide in the second half.

With Broncos winning, Buffalo is two games back in the wild card race.  The saving grace if Buffalo comes back to make playoffs, is that Broncos have Patriots, Raiders, and Chiefs ahead who are all better than Denver.

What Buffalo needed in this game, was to have Tyrod running when there are no open receivers.  #1 QB at rushing in The NFL, Buffalo 3 and out- 3 times in a row for offensive drives, gave Oakland momentum in the second half.  Another part of this, is pocket passing is easier to rush a QB like Tyrod on, than rollout plays.  He looked tired was my honest take.

Defense, pursuit could be better, question if the #2 LB’s rotated in would have added to Bills stops.  Also on some of the D -line stunts, and Raiders outside run/pass.  Buffalo has to contain the play, and not let offenses get outside of C gap uncovered.  Too much open real estate outside the tackle box.

Buffalo’s style of play in scoring drives and first half was different than when the motor stalled.

I had to question if Buffalo put Shaq Lawson at Inside LB ( 267 lbs?) and rushed the outside with Hughes and Alexander, then we have fortification for a tired defense.  Speed on the outside contain pass rush.

Buffalo is still alive for playoffs, but not by much.

Nice game from Raiders LB- Mack, he was a UB Bull in college.

A bad day here is better than Obama’s border crime.

Hang in Buffalo, if you play to not let McCoy down.  He can’t do everything for you.  The first half looked like if it was Super Bowl and Rex had Tyrod, McCoy as starters, that would be enough to win?  If everyone did their jobs, yeah it would work.



Pro choice is too non violent for bloodthirsty libs.








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There are staff at Hillside who are supposed to stop crime!

Hillside Family of Agencies Board of Governors
Roger B. Friedlander – Chair
Robert J. Stiles – Vice Chair
Jose J. Coronas – Secretary
Diana Nole – Treasurer
Angela B. Pichichero – Past Chair
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Deborah J. Daum
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
William H. Goodrich
Kevin N. Hill
Alan Illig
Barbara G. McManus
Duncan T. Moore, PhD
Richard Notargiacomo, MBA
Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD
Efrain Rivera
Leonard J. Shute
Robert Tait

Hillside Children’s Center Board of Directors
Philip D. Fishbach – Chair
Sarah B. Adams – Vice Chair
T. C. Lewis – Vice Chair
Monica L. Monte – Secretary
Todd M. Liebert – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Nancy L. Castro, PhD
David L. Cleary
Craig F. Curran
Denise T. Dragoone
Carolyn T. Friedlander
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
James C. Haefner
Joanne C. Larson, PhD
Candice A. Lucas
Gary Muaro
Marie W. mcNabb
James C. Moore
Doren P. Norfleet
Virginia Biesiada O’Neill
Jan M. Parisi
Todd A. Trehan

Hillside Children’s Foundation Board of Trustees
James K. Merkley – Chair
Daniel J. Diefendorf – Vice Chair
Daniel Mason – Secretary
Brian C. Callahan – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Rovert W. August
Rober M. Baker
Timothy J. Bancroft
Gregory H. Carver
Douglas R. Hilfiker
Louise H. Klinke
Barbara G. McManus
Shawn P. O’Donnell
Jason P. Torres
Gregory Woodard

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Board of Directors
Gerald Q. Pierce – Chair
Howard R. Jacobson – Vice Chair
Daniel R. Wegman – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – CEO
Sarah Amering
Anne M. Kress, PhD
Milt Sender
John M. Summers

Snell Farm Children’s Center Board of Directors
Deborah J. Daum – Chair
Christine M. Valkenburgh, Esq. – Vice Chair
Harvey E. Tremper – Secretary
Jo A. Slovak – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
David L. DuBois, Jr.
Philip Jones
Gary L. Short
Levi H. Weaver

The Agencies you can express problems to on Hillside crimes:




United Way of Greater Syracuse