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Scan 614Thanks Doc, the condition is improving after this last procedure, my Patient Bill Of Rights was not read to me, before the stabbing you idiot!

 -Disgruntled Baby.








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                                   Virginia and Illinois could be Red states too.







MAY 30, 2016



I did find that the Sullivan’s bridge I discovered in Newt Gingrich’s Valley Forge book.  Is named for the same person responsible for Sullivan’s trail  up into NY, where Sampson Air Force Base and now Park are.  This is across the highway from where I lived at Seneca Army.  Sullivan chased the Indians at the Sampson site.   Living there at Seneca county I read local paper articles on the history of this.  Being a rough 10 miles from the Memorial Day origin, Waterloo.  That is also part of the Erie canal system.

Sampson a base that used B-25 Mitchells, most famous in Doolittle’s Raiders, and trained around 300,000 men during Korea.  Which was a heroic effort after Pearl Harbor to stop Japan.  The attack found out too far from Japan, went on anyways and crews had to crash land at China.  Instead of returning to the their ships.

General scenery in that part of NY.  Routes “5 and 20” people call it connect Auburn-Harriet Tubman home area, to Seneca Falls- National Womens Rights Museum, Waterloo- Memorial Day Museum, and continuing west to Geneva if you are a UB student riding to Buffalo.

Growing up as a kid you could see memorials for soldiers from inside church windows at Ithaca.  Not a heritage Obama is going to take.  The danger to turn your back on predatory foreign powers at the border, or leave democracy and freedom  destroying democrats in charge.

You foolish libs elected a Muslim after 9-11.  Whadya mean we can’t act a fool and  still have liberty?  It is an intelligence concern.  Smoothed over by bong resin and reckless peers.

Memorial Day, it was very heavy to take in the history of it last night, TV broadcast from DC on the literal impact war has had.


It was at Geneva, I met a man in a store with a Vet hat who told me his story of fighting in WW II, and losing a friend in it.  I didn’t walk away before God handed me a song title, this Vet fought Hitler’s 88th.  I remember it easy because the man had the same name as my Scoutmaster in Boy Scouts ( we used to stay at Camp Barton in old Army tents on platforms with bunks), a different person though.  I did not ask God for anything, wasn’t even thinking write a song.     -RB

MAY 29, 2016


As Memorial Day approaches, and where cases began. Summer 2011, the day campus has Colorguard parade for Memorial Day, an OCFS Rep travels to Hillside to meet with my supervisors because I reported them.

I did not attend the meeting, which was not planned. Congestion, a persistent cough that would not stop, the Christian thing to do was not get supervisors sick.

A few days later I do go through a meeting with Hillside supervisors and no OCFS Rep present. Here is where I am told by Julie from HR and Mike Staino that they will look into my slandered file for me. My file left out in the unit office, for anyone to read, I found at the end of one shift and turned it into the On Grounds staff, they are like our MP’s. In it a false account and more retal, I had turned in supervisors in 2008 for negligence. They incited a Client when I was not even on shift and tried to blame me for the incident.  The first I heard of the dirty file was here around spring 2011 being addressed by my own initiative.

Julie and Staino don’t help get the file, weeks go by looking for it. We meet again on 6-30-11after OCFS had been reached more times because I am finding staff not supervising assigned areas. They give me a fake write up at the June meeting, I complain to HR about them, and termination 7-6-11 follows.

My Apt at this time, was in the family housing on the military base closest to the origin of Memorial Day at Waterloo, NY. The base also known for storage of Manhattan Project materials, the white deer nearby said to be under a radiation sickness by naysayers.

This was the meaning of Memorial Day? To let leftist scandals, a Dem Sheriff, DA’s in two counties, a Judge that may be senile, all stop freedom for the sake of? You must be better people than I am libs? That is what you are saying. I will save you the inference of what our Soldiers actually died for.

Governor Cuomo I want your resignation sir, you have disgraced the standard and duty of the office of Governor. If there is a God in Heaven, Federal charges are coming.

Understand Christians, Joseph in Egypt in the Bible, that in his conclusion he says this was for the saving of many lives. That he would end up #2 in command. Despite the exile from his place with his brothers. When God tells you ahead of time,  “stay on top of this” (case). Before a plan such as the President Dennis Richardson schemes overturn while still at Hillside, and you know your duty to stop the crime in NY. I can see that God said here pick this one, this Russell character, he has all the evidence on Hillside, see if you can beat the speed trap Donkey. In other words rope-a-dope.

A wise staff at Hillside told me keep copies of everything before these cases happened, and Amen.





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It’s like Obama doesn’t even try to hide his HATRED for Americans anymore…

Not after passing a bill that would SLASH veteran benefits by a staggering $6 billion…

And give that money to illegal aliens who are having a tough time “fitting in” with American society.

If you’re as disgusted as I am, you need to watch this short video immediately.

In it, the son of a decorated Vietnam War veteran goes BALLISTIC…

Exposing Obama’s treacherous actions…

And even more importantly, sharing what veterans across the country can do to STOP this injustice now.

In my opinion this video should be mandatory viewing for anyone who has served in the military…

Especially because inside, this same patriot shares a treasure chest of vital intel for veterans…

Including a secret set of tricks for filing claims that get approved months, or even YEARS quicker…

A $168 billion fund that any veteran can access right now, but that hardly anyone knows about…

How to add THOUSANDS of dollars to your monthly compensation – even if you’re already rated 100% disabled…

Plus, how to immediately get the free healthcare you deserve, by cutting through the ridiculous “backlogs” of the VA Health system.

And honestly – that’s not even 5% of what you’ll discover during his presentation…

So I HIGHLY recommend you click here to watch the full report for free NOW!

It only takes a few minutes…

But it could be the difference between you, or a loved one, living the comfortable life you EARNED as a former service member…

Or continuing to be BETRAYED by the same government you risked your life to protect.



Listen,  wells for dying villages, food for starving pion Kids.

GOP I need you to give money to LIFE for this specific purpose.

Prosecute Hillside and get them out of everyone’s way.  Because they obstruct business/free trade, life saving charities, pro life where I am stopping libs from executing their Kids.

Give to LIFE, they need this refueling.




Reports being $25,000 out 3 days ago.

Deadline for May 31, 2016.



Execute your own kids in abortion, and no problem here Bernie psychopath.  You must be Goddamned nuts.



MAY 28, 2016


I read today that Trump wants Rubio to run for office still in Senate.  Rubio is not looking to change his position on retirement however.

Somewhere between FLORIDA, Black, Hispanic, Female, is a person we need.

On the other hand while Governor Cuomo tries to impact another state outside of NY with no state spending, because he does not like their policy.

Do you see NY OCFS?:

GOP Adults, from outside New York and say that it is organized crime that Republicans are fostering?  By not exposing this Hillsidegate.

Jesus told you to use your talents didn’t he?

Flatter yourself as a Patriot if you do not crush this crime, lib pulls voting lever to repeat cycle.

Crime does not pay is the lesson.  Verstehen?



More P R A Y E R

#1. Iraq:

God’s hand is on it, but who knows? Scriptures reveal the intercessor acts by righteous.





Trinity Detail

From an earlier message, about what a bible actually says on there being specifically only one God in this universe.

Hate the messenger, whatever was shown to you was by scriptures.  And the majority of critics don’t have their own understanding of reading the bible and taking notes, cross examining what King James has in text.  It is more the follow Pope/Billy Graham routine, and since they never showed you the evidence like Darwin, follow them.  Got it!

I point it out because the pathetic case for trinity is not by my words.  You can’t establish trinity in God’s words, or Jesus’, not by any prophet.

I am not going to lie to you and say I could ever prove trinity in a bible.  Me is never defined as more than one person in one part as the first commandment.

It is like a parent, you have permission to make these translations as me means three, Popes?  Like Hillary really had permission to divulge Government info on a private account?

That is as fair as I can resolve the bible.  I didn’t write it and I am not going to write in meanings that are not provided.



Biggest Concern

This week has been for the masses in the wake up election upheaval.  It has been chaos, unpredictable, unrighteous voting for secular values along the way.  I will rebuild America as a candidate based on the road rage psych against opponents.  My bible never taught me that approach.

As bigger crowds assemble to approve of politics or no, what I am getting at is the wrath factor of history.  God against the delinquent, period.  The messages go before millions of Americans; ok to be gay, vote secular, who has to prove being trinity to follow it just do it, abortion is healthcare said the Nazi.

The wrath is God’s, reckless man is the political expert.

God told you this was OK Conservative, to vote for libertarian if it splits right vote and Bernie makes a communist White House?

Or we can ignore scouting reports and use anybody with Trump as VP?  Because what can swing states get an Obama anyways?

Haste leads to ruin by proverbs.  It is by understanding an Earth was built in that same book.



As Promise Keepers items have went by as of late.

The dead beat Dad problem, part of that is Dad does not take care of Mom.  It is OK Kid if she is abused or neglected?  It is the reverse angle that a good Husband takes care of the Kids.  I don’t like the titles, because they become jobs you can leave.

A relationship yes is one way to say it.

It began as your Man or Woman didn’t it?  Not as slave or possession, it was your love that brought you to this person right?  This is your love, player of heavy metal ballads?

When it was friends things were equal, not a head of a marriage or relationship.

Prenups I like it for the sake of, if you were playing baseball, here take the Catchers equipment and batting helmet, because something might happen while out on the diamond.  If you were looking out for the other players you would say that  so others don’t get injured.  Don’t boast about tomorrow is proverbs, and enough Christians have shown me you can’t trust them in Church, to stop a lib klepto Governor, or his NYAG acting so sweet towards crime that it is its own dept in Albany, like cupcake factory.  I think it is wiser to watch someone’s back.




#1.  Putin

What is he doing, defensive missile shield for Europe bad?

Hitler talked about the manipulative aliens.  Ever see his Nazi stealth plane?






MAY 27, 2016


On this site, where Motley Crue Dr. Feelgood appears on a T Shirt.  Anti drug message, that was all I was saying.  Not meaning the whole album is a Christian standard.  Christ preaches whoever is not against you is for you.




$4632 short at 3 pm.



I added this to the regimen.  Binds ( breaks down) plaque in the brain, protects mitochondria, and promotes cell differentiation, antioxidant.

Back when I worked at a Hospital kitchen job, we used to cater in community.  Besides provide meals on wheels.  One time it was a Nigerian wedding we handled.  A dish of Curry sits on the table after set up, and the boss takes out a $100 bill and says anyone who will eat a whole spoonful of this.  Not recommending you try that remedy.

I am one for hot foods, but Buffalo suicide wings were the limit.  Three wings and split a pitcher of water, that was dinner, take the pizza back to the dorm at UB.  It was so hot maybe it was a type of medicinal.

The health effect here, I think it is worth it on Turmeric.

A repeat- too many blood thinners in smokers was found to cause hemorrhaging.  Vit E, Omega, and Ginko (a brain supplement) together.  Those were separate from Citrus Bioflavonoid, which makes blood platelets slick, so it prevents clots.  Hesperidin however which is one of 6 bioflavonoids, is anti aromatase or anti estrogen.




Being one of my UB classes, Adolescent another.

Is this normal for Hillside Admin to walk into businesses in New York State and begin committing crimes against the employer, staff, people of NY?

This is safe Mr. Comey?

All you lazy GOP who tried to sit quiet and let Cuomo have his crime spree.

Who replaces Cuomo and Schenidertwinky?  That is not a relevant question for NY?  Help yourself corrupt protecting NY’s Kids.  You have to be some of the most cursed of God incompetent people I have ever seen in the party of Reagan to be traitors like that.

Jesus saying what he has locked no one can open.  It leaves some Conservatives on the figurative shelter in place, because their employers will not expose from media the Hillsidegate.

So you want these lib staff in your community?  Dennis Richardson, safe to have loose, after overseeing years of federal crime and RICO.  Our dumb lawyer didn’t know better to not lie on court, and then claim there is no perjury for this?  I see, and Sociotherapist/Youth Care Pro (Counselor) Russ must have been an Autoshop staff, yeah that was it Judge, not a healthcare provider.  And you didn’t understand this Admin, so your competence level in this profession is below retarded ape?

One of the things I bought when I was working at Hillside, was desks.  The Patriot one as I call it, has a cherry top, it is over 5 feet wide.  The rest of it is white, so it would fit with a US flag, Declaration and Constitution.  And the academic may continue, where I am tired of low life bosses, so as I said more Education.  Not a problem for me, all for it.  I started with one of those green library lamps on it.

The spirit of America is calling you Prosecutors.  As Paul said fight the good fight.  You have an enormous scandal before you in New York.  Don’t let us down anymore.



Word For The Day:


If you are wanted by the FBI for how you Administrate, you might be a hoodlum.



MAY 26, 2016


As GOP has had blazing Donkey speed to stop Governor Cuomo on down through Hillside Admin and corrupt law enforcement at the locale.

Some of the questions I have had for Conservatives:

Judge Jeanine:  No reports from your program despite Emails, was this case sufficient entertainment?

Bill O’Reilly:  How do you know of this case and not consider yourself equivalent of a dirty Catholic Priest?  Crime and say the blessing go together?  It works if you are like Powers, and sit still on Fox, hide under your hair, don’t raise your voice and use mild words, if you don’t rock the boat, nobody will notice you sneaking the sacrilege past the public.  Hillary doesn’t care, she is brazen as anything, pathological liar.  There is no excuse is what I am getting at.  You are endangering the welfare of children in the media because you don’t stop Cuomo in his Donkey tracks, purge OCFS, and Prosecute crime like you actually have red blood.

I guess what it says is the Protestant covered everything while Catholic did nothing.  So who do you say was the righteous Jesus?

Billy, time to rock the boat, don’t slip but you need to get up and rock this mug like a hurricane.  Boofreakingyah Cuomo- what in hades are you doing to New York State?  It took an agency Athletic Trainer and Counselor to stop all your henchstalkers.

NYAG:  Are you having a homosexual tantrum in Albany refusing your job duty for the sake of a gay agenda against GOP?

Trump:  You have been Emailed on it.  Do you think it is time to let the libs have it in New York from your campaign?

Tea Party Leadership:  Could you be any lazier to help libs by not acting here?

Ted Cruz:  Damn.  If your Father was the child abuse reporter here, Damn.

Pat Robertson:  ACLJ would not help even when I qualified, they are a hoax.  Hillside specifically complained in court about being exposed here on this site, that is corrupt.

Carly:  You know of this case by Email.  The Corporate guru(?)  So I need backup to  stop the comedy hour from Albany?

Comey:  I assume the breadth of the case has consumed your staff doing a fair job, and there is going to be an incredible exchange when these criminals are brought to justice.  Big changes, at all levels, all I did was my duty FBI, would you have me had played any other hand?

Fox Program Directors:  Forgot something there?  Couple- 20 million people under Cuomo and all of NY’s Kids are, no public need to end his laughing gas episode equivalent in Albany?

Rush, Glenn Beck, Hannity:  No news is good news?  If you need any samples from Unborn Nation for TV, Radio, go ahead, use it all or whatever.  I signed away release to media years ago.  If you want to get an Email verification first, Email me at

Any other GOP, or media if you want in on the story or questions, same, Email me.

I will not vote for GOP in November without representation from media or GOP Politicians.

Congress: Zero is what I have heard back so far from you.  Is that how we stop crime in five years?

Points Of Light:  My last communication was in English, if this is not acceptable please indicate in reply as to the desired method of protecting NY Kids.

The long list of agencies at the bottom of this page.  I thought you were doing jobs. Huh?  That was just a prop?

One person has replied, Rochester Mayor, saying it was being looked into.  Which is nothing concrete, like NYAG reply letter.  There has never been verified prosecution of anything.

Finally who can we add to your Keystone Cop behavior right wingers?  I do not have the sense of the full measure, or that we have reached true calamity, and Hy(I)hena status as a party.  Gutfeld would help but was stopped by Fox due to a programming discourse?  Gag order, watch Cuomo destroy NY?

God what do you say Almighty roaster of souls?

Hillside gets unsafe, Clients go unsupervised, riots, injuries, gross negligence, litigants.  Only what has happened before.

GOP , I dare you to get involved.  It is beyond you to handle basic duties.





This was not the actual shirt I had for Stand In The Gap.  Very close though, that type of lettering, the other was a little better quality for the uppity in the garment industry.  Where I got that one below?  If it wasn’t K mart?  Arched writing like the mouth of a brick oven.

Conservative you need this level of righteousness.

God Bless










If you are  a late comer to these court cases.  What happened?

Employer retaliated for being turned in to NY OCFS for not handling child abuse complaints.  Records falsification has never ended from being a staff, at an equal opportunity employer, (no discrimination here libs-cough), to perjury in both cases to cover up the felony behavior by defense.

It is very matter of fact that when you refuse a staff rights by agency policy and then start to pile up falsified litigation instead.  Clients do not do this in society, but Admin…

You have to smile if you are a Prosecutor, because what court showed is that yes, frivolous individuals, known as Lawyers and HR staff, are  willing to pull out a Halloween costume known as criminal litigation and try to disguise themselves and Admin staff.

Reviewing the situation, criminal prosecutors, are able to see, man- nice costume defense Atty.  You made it look like flat lies in Hillside and court were your right, and escalated your own damages up to eight figures.

Future filings can be right in Hillside Admin jurisdiction to avoid the hazard county court and organized crime that it was.

Not to worry a short five years for prosecutors to nab the crime ring, and stop a lib Governor who is obviously deranged and targeting Patriots, Teens.

Who will replace Cuomo I don’t know.  We should get Dan Rather right on this, make sure that justice is upheld for victims of lib crime.  Don’t you think so Hillary?



MAY 25, 2016

Dressed Appropriate

A clip did go by in the last week of a Newscaster who was asked to stop the broadcast, and put a sweater on to cover up.  My vote, she was dressed appropriate to begin with.  Ballet Dancers wear comparable outfits, to the News Staff, so.

Where the line is for what is respectable.  I don’t know any formulas for this one.  I think Women have a pretty good idea of what is right.





Nancy Pelosi has a target on my back for defeat, and I need your immediate help to fight back.

Because I’m not afraid to speak my mind and stand up for our conservative values, the Democrats are working around the clock to see me defeated.

In fact, early next month, Nancy Pelosi is hosting a high dollar fundraiser in Washington, D.C. to support my Democrat challenger, Doug Owens.

Russ – I need your help.

Right now I’m certain that Nancy Pelosi is running around Washington rounding up every large Democrat donor to attend this reception and try to pummel my campaign into oblivion. And while she is running around Washington, I am on the House floor actually doing the job you elected me to do!

Fighting back against the Democrat money machine isn’t going to be easy, but the things worth fighting for rarely are.

I know we will win this election if I can count on you again today.

We’ve set a campaign goal to raise $100,000 to show Nancy we are a force to be reckoned with. Will you chip in $25, $50, $75 or more right now?

Your support will fuel my campaign to success and prove to the Democrats we are going to win in November!

I know I’ve counting on you before, and I hope I can count on you again today for whatever amount you are able to contribute.

The Democrats and Nancy Pelosi may think that this reception is going to scare us away, but in fact it’s going to do the opposite. It’s fueling our campaign up for greatness and victory!

Russ, let’s fight back and win!

Thanks for your friendship and support.


Mia Love

PS. We’ve set a campaign goal to raise $100,000 to show Nancy we are a force to be reckoned with. Will you chip in $25, $50, $75 or more right now?



Peace at Trump rallies.






Or do we have to excuse the crime victims of libs for getting in the way of leftist sociopathic agendas?  We began with a whole constitution, freedom of speech, religion, right to defense.

Why liberal history student were these freedoms bestowed upon the American landscape?  Because the Redcoats used the English Government as the strong arm of the oppressive English Church.  Therefore, separate church and state, and Uncle Sam can’t persecute Protestants in the name of Roman Catholic aggression.

What the US law specifically does not state, is that you may not express your religious freedom in a public place.  All it says is the Government can’t christen your choice of religion or no religion.

This rules out Islam from America because their doctrine is to annihilate other religions, which is unconstitutional.  Unless we are going to open up hunting season on Muslims as an equal freedom for the underprivileged white trash of the states, so they are less abused.

How is it we began with a whole constitution and now have reached infringement of gun, speech, Christian rights?  Politically correct, didn’t want anyone to be offended.  Except the Christians right?  Or Heteros?  If you are White count yourself as under a racist Pres and USAG.  Other people might be afraid of them because they are Black, I could care less.  You either get with the program of stopping crime or be recognized as part of it.

Now why is it that these crimes over decades have built up and become condescension for liberals in politics?  When they perform an autopsy looking for a liberal brain, and find a squirrel on a treadmill inside the cranium, instead of grey matter, then I have no further questions as to the dilemma.





Some of the lesser known music posted here in recent days.  Christian music that is not the real me, as far the heaviness of it, but is what is used in dramas.  I end up looking at it like Land Of Confusion which was remade, and how it would sound with a metal band.

On faith, understanding that not everything is on the level between the bible, reality, and that is Darwin teaching in a myths, dreams, and fantasy category.  If you ask how can you even relate to Jesus or anything Christian?  Because no standard is what devils are about.  If Christ was executed as the brave one, while the ferry pirates hid out and used his story as a cover for running the earth behind their scapegoat.  It is hard to say much bad about someone who gave their life, for a good standard, and probably like George Washington would be today, not a slaveowner anymore, does not support evil.  So it is not I agree with everything in Christianity.  Given the choice I don’t see Jesus would ever lift a finger against you now.


MAY 24, 2016



The theory of boats returning to harbor, keep the red light starboard  and green to your left.

I question if NYC is host to seminars between now and November.  Conservative speakers to bring the vote up.  It would be Carson and Rubio for Minorities, Healthcare, Hannity on guns, Carly the obvious.  Faith vote Mr. Huckabee is your zone.

I would put it together and nationally televise.  Not debates, we have had enough of those for awhile.  The ocean is trouble in a bible, Patriots need to get to solid ground for Nov.  Red party or the political right, return to your senses.

God Bless




I have gotten some of the usual political commentaries in this week, watching Conservative media.  Not too much yet.  Disappointed that so many on the right didn’t size up Cuomo and say you know what, I am taking this fool out of office by public exposure.  No leave him with his feet propped up on the back of Teens in Child Abuse.  NYAG unconfronted is a disease to Patriot freedom.  If you have 20 million radio listeners, Holy___________!  GOP.

Any child abuse in NY as a whole, or Maryland that Hillside causes, live with it is what you are saying.  Didn’t want to stop him four years ago GOP?  Three?

The things that have been news instead of this…


MAY 23, 2016



This is one of the beautiful churches in America.  I have been to it, and National Cathedral in DC.

If it is symbolic, the building is the antithesis of liberal demise.  That something was built here worth looking at.  Not you destroyed your life on drugs, slander, murdered your kid, went to hell.

I know the bigger churches seem colder, maybe not the fellowship of smaller community churches?





I don’t know the whole roster of Politicians we have in GOP, but thought you would want to see this Email. -RB


Please stop what you are doing and read this.

My end-of-month fundraising deadline is in just 8 days, and I still need to raise $9,326 (or risk falling short).

The consequences of falling short of my end-of-month fundraising deadline on the 31st will be dire.

If I fall short, it will:

Embolden the elite, liberal media to attack me and my fellow conservatives;
Send a message that we’ve given up and that it is no longer worth fighting for conservative values; and
Be a big step for Democrats in regaining control of Congress and reinstalling liberal Democrat Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House.
I’ve already been targeted by both liberal Democrats and moderates in the GOP for being the most conservative member of congress.

And because I won’t back down, cut deals, or waver from my Constitutional conservative principals — I’m a top target for the Washington D.C. cartel of ruling elite.

That’s why I’m urgently writing to you….

I NEED your IMMEDIATE support to stand fast and take on the Washington D.C. establishment who would like nothing more than to defeat me. Click here to make a secure, instant donation of $10, $25, or $50 to back me in this fight.

Since they cannot negotiate or compromise my conservative values, I am literally the biggest threat to their liberal agenda and business-as-usual deal making.

With my deadline rapidly approaching, Russ, can I count on you to make an instant donation of $10, $25, $50, or another amount?

Beating this deadline is critical to my campaign and continuing the fight against the Washington establishment.

And without you, I’ll be left to fight on my own.

Thank you in advance, Russ. You and I can only hope to secure the future of our great country by keeping the sprawling liberal agenda in check.

Thank you,

Congressman Ken Buck

P.S. In this fight, I have no greater ally than you. So, right now I’m personally asking you to make a donation to stand with me before my CRITICAL end-of-month deadline in just 8 short days!


More pics from Promise Keepers Million Man March.

Scan 620

Capitol building walking in early in the day.


Scan 621

The pillar of salt that Lot’s Wife turned into center above.  OK Washington Monument, and as Mighty Fortress is our God ended at the opening, The White House (?) helicopter flew right over from where I was.  That pic I have posted before here  that I took of it.

ALL THOSE FAITH VOTERS GOP SITTING ON THE BENCH.  Stats say elections will not be close if Christians get in this 2016 to defeat the disaster of DNC crime wave.

Promise Keepers has had Darryl Strawberry in it as national spokesman.  NYC remembers Strawberry and Doc Gooden as two young Mets.  I watched them when they made it over to The Yanks back during those 1990’s World Series teams with so many Christians.  Strawberry, from a baseball standpoint, the towering home runs he hits, it is some kind of power.

GOP has forgotten its ability to win in November?  Our people need to be up getting voters ready.  When I hit  cardio workouts, it will come back to me about babies being crushed in abortion.  You think this is hard for you Athletic Trainer, these innocent Patriots are being murdered.

Pastor I am talking to you, get your church up.  These babies don’t have another responder.





Scan 618





Hi Russ

It has been a very bad, no good week for Facebook.

The social media giant that has over a billion daily users has been caught displaying its obvious leftist bias – multiple former employees have confirmed that the site actively stops conservative articles from ‘trending’ on the site.

That’s right, they are doing exactly what conservatives have suspected for years: suppressing speech that doesn’t agree with the views of their ultra-liberal founders.

This confirmation is certainly disheartening, but it’s far from shocking. And frankly, it’s exactly why I launched MichelePac. We work to combat the bias created throughout our culture – from the mainstream media to social media – by spreading the message of conservatism. We can’t do it without your help.

Now that they have been caught, like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar, Facebook and their leftist founders are all to quick to offer apologies. They aren’t fooling anyone with their feigned horror and insincere denials about burying trending conservative news stories.

It’s obvious the site silenced conservatives to give the radical leftist politics they support a huge advantage. Honestly – is this all that surprising? It’s all part of the “ends-justify-the-means,” elitist liberal way!

We can’t let them get away with this. If we allow those who silence anyone with a differing opinion to succeed we will lose our great country completely. Stand with me today in defense of conservative speech with a contribution of $25, $50 or $70 today.

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What’s good for Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is not good for America – and I’m determined to expose how the number one source of news in the world tilts the playing field leftward – but I need your help.

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Michele Bachmann

P.S. Russ, as even the liberal New York Times admits, “Facebook’s Bias Is Built-In,” and that can’t be allowed to go unchallenged! Let’s push back against the leftist lock-out – support my fight today! Thanks, Michele



As mentioned before criminal offenders from Hillside Admin, Albany, not able to remove child abusers and investigation corrupters.  May be under the drug burn out lunacy.  Where basic complaints are shown to them and their replies are   “Hmmmm, cave man not see crime here.  Cave man see Conservative Child Abuse Reporter, Equal Opportunity Employer think Tea Party too slow to do anything like Benghazi and Points Of Light.  Cave man try to hide like nobody watching at Federal Bureau Of Instigations.  ”




Coke-A-Cola in the piece below.  That is correct verse and rhyme.  Coca-Cola being the actual name of the beverage, is not how you pronounce it in sales.  So the Coke-A-Cola is the narrative version of the scenario.  It is like the town crier was making rounds, you are as much a part of the stadium as the PA Announcer and Refs.  Kids love you, college students, even old people want to give you their courtesy.

Watch your phosphoric acid though, Cola, Dr. Pepper, bad for bones.



MAY 22, 2016


Previous writing went by with boyfriend/girlfriends in it as an abbreviated description.  The concept of boyfriend/girlfriend, or if plural then add S to both of those words.  Not any ridiculous adulterous misleadings of a boyfriend with multiple girlfriends as a Christian.

If it would not pass before Christ, I would support it?  Understand Trump does not have enough money to buy me out of my faith.  Keep the pecos, righteousness is under control.



Patriots if you can get one person each to vote for GOP.  It is like NY it can swing red, but GOP does not invest enough of the right people on NYC.  Whole churches go vote upstate?

When I used to work as a Teenager at Cornell sports.  Up the stairs down the stairs, get your Coke-A-Cola here.  They sell fast, a whole tray of them.  You would think that border defense could outsell soda?  Even with the Big Red Bear around.






Former Megadeth Drummer passed away.


Megadeth Frontman Dave Mustaine has a cool guitar I was looking at.


And during recording Unborn Nation, in studio the band that was also there when I was finishing on edits, had a player from Testament and Drummer from Slayer I was told, not Megadeth.  A similar brand of heavy metal between those three groups.





On trinity changes in Christian history.  The modern versions where three gods are worshipped was not always the case and is more new age.  Reading I did shows that Europe was divided east west over trinity and unitarian.  Under a Roman Constantine,  who orders the churches must agree on this.  And it forces the Roman Catholic church history trinity.

Who the heck is this  guy?  A Roman first off if that tells you anything, and his word is supposed to be the holy grail?  Jesus warns that the false prophet is a wolf inwardly.  That same Roman claims to have seen some sign in the sky and was told to go forth and conquer in the name of that sign.  This lead to the crusades or attempted conquest of Jerusalem.  Where if you read gospels, the great commission is to bring the message of the bible to foreign peoples.  Not attack them with military.  Deceived by an angel of light or devil is where that event fits.

I know Christians look at this and say, well Muslims stole the Promised Land from Jews.  According to the history of the bible, and boundaries of Israel marked off specifically in scriptures, in Joshua?  Even that being true, Jews were removed by God and new instructions of Christ preaching was given to man.

So it is not some invented version of Christianity as unitarian, it is the original.  There are no examples in a bible Jesus or a Holy Spirit are worshipped as deity,  no instructions to.

Another curveball in this, may be that you hear Jesus was God in the flesh.  The figurative  that God the father lives in Christ.  Not the literal like you saw Clint Eastwood in the flesh, and he was helping GOP.








If you are a concerned citizen that criminals run NY State, the Rochester scandal.

And you want to condense complaints with authorities.  Who to go to?

  1.  US Congress Rep Tom Reed for NY.  Or others like Zeldin.
  2. FBI Director Comey.
  3. US Attorneys in NYC who are investigating Cuomo.
  4. Media?  If you advertised as fair and balanced and didn’t get the full happy meal when ordered?

OCFS effects all of NY so you have a right to stop Cuomo from any jurisdiction…wait is that, can’t be, metamorphosis, yep conversion to werewolf form, as I was saying Cuomo, nyahahahahah, ahhhooohhhh Werewolf Moreland Commission part II and III as Buffalo Billion and Hillside.  Something is rotten in Albany, the leadership has come under Federal scrutiny, umm no that means we don’t trust them anymore do we bleeding heart libs?

These people could be totally gone now on drug burn outs in Albany, and you are asking why does nobody answer complaints there?  Hello child abuse?  OK SPCA won’t handle that one.  You left criminals in charge authorities?  What is wrong with this picture 4th grade class?

God, the battle is not won.




No predictions on elections.  Nor prophecy or other combined divine edification.

It seemed common sense when primaries began that too many people were running, and GOP does not have libs to blame for a non majority vote getting candidate being elected.

That is because many people know better.  Paid high price campaign managers to tell you what you wanted to hear instead of facing the facts about the physics of a primary.

That is how Governor Cuomo trashed NY Teen Care, OCFS, Albany.  You let him, kept quiet because always the other news agency or politician will field it, when nobody does, times 1600 days and.  Does this mean GOP has a learning disability at stopping crime as a group?  Benghazi complaints, but no responsibility for stopping Cuomo.  Repeat news cycle, lib crime continues.

We would really like to help you Russ but you stand for stopping baby murder, and Hillary.   Oops will just have to let that slide and let your Governor wreak havoc on freedom, it does not fit the establishment agenda to stop Cuomo.  From Trump faithful to Kasich, Ted Cruz.  My NY Reps don’t stop crime.  God is actually watching what you did to these Teens GOP?  You understand baby, if you get stabbed by libs who are robbers of life.  Abortion your vote didn’t count yet?

Avoiding common sense got these messes going, because GOP are so bent on trying to elect poor choice demographics, prolonging Albany lib corruption.  That happens when you are not worth a damn as a Patriot, campaign managers.

Sow the wind and reap what does it say?  Hillary there you go, reap Hillary, your choice by default because your logistics are, do-da, do-da.

On Rubio being a VP.  I had no prophetic word from God before or do I now.  My two cents is that, about it is a best pick given choices in light of no divine intervention.  And Ben Carson with no Rubio in good standing on Trump.  Carly is close the whole way in it.

Didn’t listen on primaries, or Cuomo, we go into swing states and get more of the same from GOP, by picking a VP who is less than popular.  It is an intelligence problem.



(Yesterday Email)


Today Bill Clinton will be in Montana, stumping for his wife Hillary’s campaign to put them both back in the White House.

I bet he won’t have much to say about Hillary’s boastful vow “to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business” or the rest of her Big Government, radical left-wing plans to continue Barack Obama’s war against clean American energy and good-paying jobs for our people.

While the Clintons push their disastrous red-tape agenda, I’m fighting for commonsense solutions that meet the needs of our workers and our environment.

But here is the deal: as I stand up and fight against the Obama/Clinton radical agenda – I also paint a big target on my back. And I’m afraid if I don’t have your continued support, I could lose for being an outspoken, unchangeable conservative voice in Washington.

Can I count on you to continue your support of my fight against Bill, Hillary and Barack Obama’s radical agenda by making a critical contribution of $10, $35 or even $100 to ensure I can continue the fight?

We need to protect American jobs and our energy economy, but that can only be achieved with a united conservative voice in Washington by combatting the Clinton’s plan to liberalize our nation.

Russ, you can count on me to lead the fight on Capitol Hill against the crippling, misguided Obama-Clinton war against American energy and jobs…

Can I count on you and your strong support of my efforts by making a generous contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 or more to fund my critical re-election efforts today?

Tell the Clintons that their Washington ways aren’t right for Montana.

Steve Daines

P.S. The last thing Montana and America needs is even more Obama-Clinton bureaucratic red-tape killing jobs and squandering our energy resources. Please stand with me as I continue leading the fight for commonsense energy policies in Washington with your generous support today.


MAY 20, 2016


Again the philosophy that Christians should be friends and avoid the usual dating schemes.  Until they know eachother better.  Why?  Because guys coming home with lipstick on their collar, or doing things that ought not be, and this is the person who is supposed to end up moving to engaged/married, walking into a church after having dated dozens of people.  Gotten the test drive in while dating of all these Women?  No.  It is more friends and straight to boyfriend/girlfriend.

So when it was shown to me, you are avoiding a middle man situation, where you should have a  better idea after awhile with some opposite gender friend per a bible and my freedom of speech, religion, and ability to level devastating lawsuits against homosexuals with harassment problems on this media issue.  That yes you would even go that far or beyond with the person in life, so why start giving yourself away in some lesser degree of understanding with someone you are dating?  Maybe it was just a joyride.

Chapter two, and not trying to get into anything inappropriate but how far do Christian boyfriend/girlfriends get involved romantically pre marriage?  Paul writes on a man acting that way towards a virgin would be better off to marry her than to continue in the oversight.  Key word virgin.

That leaves a fair amount of grey area, so that is not defined so well in a bible, and is somewhere between first and out of line?



This is 1-2 cups of fresh cherries from the supermarket.  Melatonin is in Cherries, it will rebalance caffeine depletion of this hormone.  Normally what you find on Melatonin is to only take it a few days as the level refills.  It is also antioxidant.

If you end up with the ‘got hit with a brick’ effect after taking melatonin, a common sleep med, with the lower levels of natural melatonin is where you see it.

If it has a mild effect, you are on the refill internally, or didn’t take very much.

This is your UV skin protection.  Younger Women and skin cancer is on the rise, don’t play around with this deadly situation.  UV suntan lotions, enough said.

I like Cherries, it has a good effect for me.




Unless notified otherwise copying pics and scans from this site is strictly permitted for righteous Patriots. -RB.




That was a pic I took in a sanctuary.  Piano which I didn’t try out, sits at the bottom of the photo, not really seen here.  You can view water through the windows just behind it.

More of a quality envroniment.



MAY 17, 2016



Question on the NY criminal obsession from Albany, coercion cases that Governor Cuomo has had the privilege to oversee in his Admin.  If we could get a show of hands in the US Congress, and bipartisan attitude problems aside for a moment, to see that yes we do report child abuse in America or no we don’t?

You want a robust economy from God and can’t even stop this crime against Children.

My guess right now is a sizable case is building, the takedown that will happen…



MAY 16, 2016

Song begins around 5:45.  I do remember the Shofar being sounded from near the Washington Monument. -RB


Today’s subject being Donald Trump mistreating Women or no.  The scripture message in short on this is for equality.  Examples like Deborah or Esther far more competent persons than so many evil Kings in the Old Testament.

Paul writes on there being a submissive role for Women in a bible.  What I can resolve it to, is if you agree with the other person, there is no submissive.  Maybe there is a tendency for a person that covers traditional ‘Mens work’ in society to break their back and the more idle partner to make reckless decisions, because they don’t have skin in the game.  I am not saying that justifies any bible angle that Men are somehow spiritually superior or Adam can blame Eve.  At the most, the furthest I could say there is a difference in a bible on being a leader in a relationship.  Is that like moving furniture, two people can’t both lead a sofa at the same time from opposite ends through a door.  Somebody better be leader.

On the other hand something like Promise Keepers, getting Men to be leaders in their families.  It was not a power grab it really was to offset the deadbeat Dad problem.  If you are a leader by example that also defeats any domineering attitude.  So it was nothing against equal rights.

You have to be careful with Paul writing in a bible, because if there was any scriptures for him to follow when he authored letters to churches is not known.  New Testament, for example calling another Christian Timothy his son, who isn’t. Jesus warns against call no man Father because you are all brothers.

Where Trump has to put his feet down.  God didn’t suggest some basic in a bible, he demanded murder, and adultery, stealing, all stop.  Forget public opinion, seek ye first the kingdom it reads, invest in that.

It has been a disgusting day with terrorism threats in news.  Conservatives better wake up and smell the coffee of righteous counsel?  That I can have bagels to.

Rend your heart is what God’s word says.  Stand In The Gap began with a Mighty Fortress Is Our God.  A far cry from Obama who can’t even keep a straight face trying to preach to Rutgers.

God’s reckoning is on this generation.  It is some serious wrath is what it comes up as.






And a person could think abortion is healthcare?  What was being cured AMA?

Abortion was meant to keep Black populations down, that is true.  Ask Dr. Carson, God help us if Trump does not stop the homicides. Revelation says a murderer goes to hell.




For Kids in America:

You stupid adults in DC trashed about every category there is for a government to handle.  Overdue pat on back libs, outdid yourselves this time.  You had no right to do this to the future of America.

If Hillary ends up as the only candidate left, I will vote Darth Vader to de-escalate the crisis we are in.






MAY 13, 2016

Images if you wanted to copy.

Scan 2

Scan 615







The below Email also forwarded to NY Daily News.










Scan 541Scan 542




There are staff at Hillside who are supposed to stop crime!

Hillside Family of Agencies Board of Governors
Roger B. Friedlander – Chair
Robert J. Stiles – Vice Chair
Jose J. Coronas – Secretary
Diana Nole – Treasurer
Angela B. Pichichero – Past Chair
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Deborah J. Daum
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
William H. Goodrich
Kevin N. Hill
Alan Illig
Barbara G. McManus
Duncan T. Moore, PhD
Richard Notargiacomo, MBA
Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD
Efrain Rivera
Leonard J. Shute
Robert Tait

Hillside Children’s Center Board of Directors
Philip D. Fishbach – Chair
Sarah B. Adams – Vice Chair
T. C. Lewis – Vice Chair
Monica L. Monte – Secretary
Todd M. Liebert – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Nancy L. Castro, PhD
David L. Cleary
Craig F. Curran
Denise T. Dragoone
Carolyn T. Friedlander
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
James C. Haefner
Joanne C. Larson, PhD
Candice A. Lucas
Gary Muaro
Marie W. mcNabb
James C. Moore
Doren P. Norfleet
Virginia Biesiada O’Neill
Jan M. Parisi
Todd A. Trehan

Hillside Children’s Foundation Board of Trustees
James K. Merkley – Chair
Daniel J. Diefendorf – Vice Chair
Daniel Mason – Secretary
Brian C. Callahan – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Rovert W. August
Rober M. Baker
Timothy J. Bancroft
Gregory H. Carver
Douglas R. Hilfiker
Louise H. Klinke
Barbara G. McManus
Shawn P. O’Donnell
Jason P. Torres
Gregory Woodard

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Board of Directors
Gerald Q. Pierce – Chair
Howard R. Jacobson – Vice Chair
Daniel R. Wegman – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – CEO
Sarah Amering
Anne M. Kress, PhD
Milt Sender
John M. Summers

Snell Farm Children’s Center Board of Directors
Deborah J. Daum – Chair
Christine M. Valkenburgh, Esq. – Vice Chair
Harvey E. Tremper – Secretary
Jo A. Slovak – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
David L. DuBois, Jr.
Philip Jones
Gary L. Short
Levi H. Weaver

The Agencies you can express problems to on Hillside crimes:




United Way of Greater Syracuse