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JAN 16, 2017



On The Five.  Not to get personal, when Uma is there as the 5th instead of him or Juan, there is harmony.  John Kerry crawled from his casket to swing the Iran nuclear deal, where Bob came back from?  Didn’t get raped by some of Obama’s sex traffickers or sold like Hillary’s uranium?

In related news bon jovi is scheduled to play at Cortland, NY.  In rock history Ronnie James Dio/Black Sabbath is connected to this area.  What has happened with bon jovi is the music has turned into William Shatner  does rock and roll, give him a mic, “Spock are you there?” anyways…  Red Dragons are the SUNY Cortland mascot, arch rival to IC Bombers.  Red Dragon is in the bible.  Sports Illustrated calls Cortaca Jug game in football between these two schools, the biggest little game in the country.   IC my Alma Mater.  It is a Dick’s concert that is scheduled for this lib crime wave.

The guy who tried to help Hillary destroy America plays music.  Disgrace.




“No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

A statue for him and this quote are at Ithaca.  I first saw it on The Commons which is a shopping area, or blocked off section of State St. which also was renamed for him.  That is paved over with sidewalk and is a community area, bands play there at Ithaca Festival.




 I was saying wrong persons sign for restricted mail. -RB



People were sold as border sex slaves and raped because Obama sat in DC with his head stuck up his asinine politics.

While some of you arrogant media are so deranged you think he is the best thing since Sandusky.

Sprouting chicken feathers when it is time to prosecute Obama.

These people are slaves, and whinny dems don’t like the border wall.

Good, you will get over it until you find a different way to victimize America dem saboteurs.

You see unless we prosecute lib crime and arrogant rapists as Obama, then how can you separate predatory psych patients from society?

Allegory of Roger B. Uthole who is an arrogant punk in politics, letting crime take over society as a lib.  Until he is victim he does not get the point?



JAN 15, 2017



 CIA recommendation to Trump is to not overlook Russia.  I don’t know that he is looking past them as a threat.  Trying to build relations OK a good idea.  Do I trust them in Moscow?

The bible listing an antichrist and false prophet as being two members of a 7 country union.  That one is a greater leader and one is lesser.  You mean is that Putin and Medvedev?

I am not going to tell you God said, and I know anything.  Medvedev shares the  same birthday as the Star Spangled Banner.  They both come from one of the right countries in a bible to be considered for the positions as beast government leadership by Ezekiel 38.  That is if Revelation plays out like written.

I know that is a shock, Hillary should be chief witch and baby killer for the beast government.  And no it does not look like she is the verified antichrist by lineage.  Maybe if she killed babies with her teeth people would get it.

  Trump addressed Russia before in debates, NATO.

 I would be tough on terror like CIA said.  If you want to prosecute Obama as an enabler, that is what separates men from boys, the people we have in DC, skeeerd.




The election was biased no question due to Obama.  When you ran the last 8 years like a saboteur sleeper cell, bloodthristy for baby lives, Syrians by the 200,000’s, ignore rape traffic you pervert, allow ISIS a place on the border and play patty cake with definitions, that they are piffle or non piffle.

That was all the campaigning DNC needed to lose.  People see nuclear brat Clinton trying to escalate the sabotage.  Who the hell in the choir loft wants that?

I could screw up and do better than these two snakes in all their academia.

The only people who compare to Obama are world terrorists.  A few pieces of bait to cover up his agenda, fool the Enquirer crowd, but if you can’t figure out he stalked your freedom like Hillside Exec’s?  You have to be smarter than Harvard, and born yesterday.

They could have campaigned harder on the left? Cat’s out of the bag man, Obama sucks.



JAN 14, 2017











That is where I used to live, coyotes, owl, hawks, mystery shrill sound, fox, raccoon, crane, turkeys.




Highlighted portion to assure right staff signed for these, even as restricted mail wrong staff sign at Hillside.  The US Mail Clerk could not believe it when it came back on wrong signature.




I Emailed about corruption in NY courts and they replied as you see.

About like asking for chocolate chip ice cream and the Ice Cream Scooper Man tells you, I am sorry we don’t serve grilled cheese and tuna fish here.  I never asked for them to handle my civil cases.

Then if you are a Christian trying to help starving Negroes in Africa or ones without clean water.  Bible says don’t do your giving in public, which I didn’t, the game was Pharisees slinging money into bins for show.  But after the criminal attack Hillside made on my career, I had to question with this giving info in court, that how racist is Hillside?  They are sitting around singing 1 little 2 little 3 dead Negroes, 4 little 5 little 6 dead Negroes?  That is one for Elijah Cummings to chew on, Hillside operates in his state.  While I was working at Hillside and trying to help people in need, Black Omnibuds staff from Hillside acted in a discriminatory manner refusing a deserved appeal.  From Rochester, where Fredrick Douglass is buried.  Funny I used to study at Fredrick Douglass Library at UMES, Sociology and crime stats.

I was helping the Africans, you dumb knuckleheads in Rochester.

And of course if you want to Rock, and save the babies from stabbing.  They interfered with this Boardman Ministry, cited in court record # 48984.

That is evidence enough to show Cuomo liable to RICO, records falsification.  He is responsible for how NYAG does his job with NYAG’s Labor Bureau.

Innocent Kids die from head wounds and diseased water at the hands of libs, and I give a goddamn what you think about running Hillside as a crime scene DNC?  You want to fight in court, we will fight.




If it helps authorities clean up Hillside  crime.  The trouble I had with baptist coworkers.  Begins with a baptist on shift trying to scold me for having a different faith, he was a drummer.  The bass player wanders to my floor being a disruption and argues with redirection.  The guitar player stares me down, insists on trying to take over even though I am shift leader, among other adverse behaviors, like getting down in three point stance and grunting at the TV during quiet hours.

Their buddies on On Grounds make it worse, all should have been fired.

One thing I did not mention before, was the baptist manager.  This is the one who hits on me, and was already pregnant.  As shift leader, she tries to go against campus rules that primary staff is the shift leader (me) and make the baptist reliever the shift leader by seniority or experience on that shift.  Hands down I had more experience on that shift in a career, not even close.  But still she tried to pull the switch.

I transferred because I knew they were addicts and the problems would not stop with the fraud.  To me that is a judgment from God, steal and get caught, then wear your rep as is.

Just one more example of backwoods cliques on NY childcare.  To say your education does not matter or experience, no, those are resume items, because a favoritism driven baptist sup, who is retaliating over losing  her boyfriend who is your friend.

One thing is consistent over four years at the end of Hillside.  Problems began with baptists on shift and that became such an overwhelming chronic attitude from them, that OCFS was activated close to 20 times on them.  All for different shifts.

If you did that at the Police Station?



JAN 13, 2017



On Hillside cases, statute may run from 10 year RICO crime beginning Moreland on Cuomo.  With other staff specific to Rochester, some fraud cases are under 6 year statute.  So from July 2011  to now, the fraud has to be called out in court soon.

Arrogance the resounding theme of lib staff.

If I was a Cop, with duty to act, be mad at me because you sat on your hands GOP and didn’t get involved.  I had any other choice to protect Kids?

Again I Emailed Tom Reed today.

New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms so concerned to expose Cuomo in his evil have not aired this.

I dare you God, stop the crime.




As we close on a new leadership taking over DC.

Cuomo and his delusionals think they own NY state.  When lawsuits are done with Cuomo, he should not think that anymore.

No OCFS Commissioner ever replied to stop Hillside, FBI should check on this.

The one area I have not seen Trump dare to address yet besides NY, is Sheriff Joe.

He was going to defend America for all of us as Sheriff, and nobody helped him.

If I was Trump, off the ropes, flying elbow drop, mash the crime scenes.

The libs don’t learn well without punishment.




Crack head libs?









My name is Laura Wilkerson. I’m a wife and a mother from the suburbs of Houston, Texas.

In 2010, my youngest son Joshua was brutally murdered by an illegal immigrant. Our faith has carried my family a long way, but we’ll never be the same people that we once were.

To see justice for Joshua, and to help protect other American families, I have in recent years become an outspoken advocate for fixing our immigration system.

I believe we must secure the border, cut off federal funding to sanctuary cities, and immediately deport criminal illegal immigrants. Simply put, we must enforce the law.

Because of my story, I was honored to be a surrogate for President-elect Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, and was even featured in one of his TV ads. He’s a good man, and he cares deeply about fixing this problem. But he will need our help in a big way.

Thank you, and God bless you.


Laura Wilkerson
Chairman, Enforce the Law
American Legacy Center


JAN 12, 2017



With January 20 almost here.

What do I forsee with Trump?  He has alot of good in him.  Granted the approach was from a rough angle in primaries.  He reminds me of George Washington.

The lib malingering routine, of uh I am so scared this man is taking over.  Nah, the nukes Hillary gave to terrorists and innocent babies you murdered DNC in abortion.  That is something to be scared of.  The reason you act like that, is because you are crack heads.  No excuse except to blame the innocent Patriots.  Cain and Abel.

A border wall is the biggest structure America has ever seen.  I don’t see Mexico jumping up to say they will pay for this.  Think about it, 2000 miles, that’s alot of zeros when you are done in the money column.  If we pull jobs from Mexico as a result, that is fair at some point.  Palin had a good question about actual capitalism, biasing finances to help US companies stay state side.  If you look at it, as Mexico is in a border invasion on us, help US workers not the invading pathogen.

The thank you list libs are overdue on; for GOP fixing healthcare, border defense, just say no, religious freedom, tolerating all those nasty cheap shots in media.  It takes a pathetic individual to be a lib these days.  Caveman figure out abortion is murder, lib is still dummy though.  If you married a lib, you could say well at least it was holy matrimony, yeah to the devil.  Much better, why drug dealers and rapists with marriage licenses are more righteous than Christians.

What will Trump do in four years?  You need to grow up libs.  A frat would not run a country well, but you think careless bliss in a world of terrorism is cute.  Trump can make America great again?  Let’s see what he’s got, two houses support him.

That was the election of a lifetime.




  1.  Defense never proved one portion of their case.
  2. Plaintiff qualified filing as healthcare worker and on time, proven by policy for paid Hillside appeal which is definition employee in NY, with benefits shown by Blue Cross letter also.  Date to pick up continuous insurance coverage is after court filing deadline.
  3. Court corruption, Judge seems to think no crime happened in court even though Hillside perjured everything.
  4. Reference cases were drawn from  Cornell & Bargstedt cases, on statues not drawn from a staff who met employed definition in NY.  The second case was on a staff who met employed status by NY law and the court goofed  the ruling.

End summary is all Hillside has done so far is delay justice and increase damages. Crime escalated in court.  You can’t leave that Judge there,  he got pushy insisting no crime had happened in case # 47434 at case # 48984.  He tried to make it act like I didn’t know what was going on, let’s see Hillside lied about my job in healthcare and filing on time, and you don’t get this genius court?  Arrogant criminal  presiding.

If child abuse is ok, then who cares.  New Christian grads, how they will ever get fair treatment from Cuomograd in NY?

The case is so simple from Plaintiff docs, if all defense did was pile up a good half foot of leaves to camo the case, so Judge could not see the clear cut crime.

Bring a rake prosecutors, these nutsos have lost it.



JAN 11, 2017



Sean McDermott will take over as Head Coach for Buffalo.  I don’t know too much about him.  Looking over his career, I would say he is driven, and is stingy as a Defensive Coordinator, he does not give up much yards.

This is what Buffalo needed?  Yeah, I thought Anthony Lynn was good for offense,  but they need to solve defense to win.

Also Buffalo has a number of receivers up for free agency.  Keep all of them, Tate and Hunter are above average, Goodwin and Woods round out the Watkins deep threat.  Tate is probably the best return man they have had in two seasons.

So far good news for Buffalo.  It is exciting to watch them play, that group is better than all the AFC playoff teams, maybe pending Patriots.  That is about right, The Bills could beat anyone out there.  What they lacked was intensity, doing this right without mistakes, or missing tackles.

The only major mistake I could see is if they go back to 3-4 to blow run contain, and fail at pass pressure.  That would be reinvent the wheel.




Interested to see what happens first 100 days.

Some of these lib scrutiny measures, are you against Roe v. Wade Mr. Sessions?  Let’s put it this way, if you were in a dark alley trying to stab an innocent baby, and Princess Leia dropped out of heaven and hit you in the mouth for it, it’s justified.

Hillary not being prosecuted, partiality.

New York crime scene, has never been worse?  I don’t know even what to compare it to things are so corrupt.

I don’t see Trump leaving that on his record undone.  Worst state for crime.

Maybe Cuomo goes to Dannemora?



JAN 10, 2017



Set aside my Hillside cases.  Moreland and Buffalo Billion.  Activating a special law enforcement part of gov’t to help you commit crimes against GOP.  That is one determined dem criminal.  And did it on taxpayers money.

So Hillside, what is another crime, maybe the next one he starts giving fake ID’s to terrorists.

We had a Client once in the system, it didn’t happen on my shift.  Time for video games was up but he was not leaving, response team had to lift a Client up out of a chair, because he was trying to cling to the furniture (NFSD, not following staff directives).

Cuomo knows better than anyone his criminal schemes and the legal consequences of it.  General public is going to play born yesterday and say, where we don’t see it because Cuomo won’t admit to it.

If you went in a store and a 15 year old was sitting on the floor with pockets full of candy bars refusing to pay for them, with Store Owner, Police Officers around him.  I think he knows he did something wrong.  Cuomo responded on Hillside and still tries to run a racket with NYAG.  Geography says they are inside the lower 48 states.  But their allegiance, is with criminals.

Oppositional Defiant is a possible diagnosis on both of them.  They know the rules and insist on stealing.  You don’t know how mentally ill they are, maybe worse than thought, but  have only trashed the #3 electoral college state’s childcare.  Harmless crimes like Kids getting teeth kicked out, or burned with lighters.  It goes to that group of untrustworthy staff at OCFS, and Albany.

If they erased their brains on acid in Albany, why is it any different than the refusal to enforce laws we see with Hillside?




The good part of Hillside crime and Albany.  Is that freedom is still alive.  They are well caught under statute for conspiracy, damages accrue at the arrogant Admin’s discretion to resist laws.

What could have went easier in court was to have a Judge with an ounce of responsibility.  Bad enough that counsel dropped the case in the last week pre court.  When I went to self represent, you don’t know where to put your feet down really.  How much can I argue before rodeo clown Judge tries to help horse thief defense escape again?

For example as I tried to say they had nothing legitimate to say on the defense.  When they lied about my benefits and I corrected in the second court case, to a Judge with fingers in ear disorder (he was not hearing it).  There was a much shorter route through the pile of papers.  To say filed on time and healthcare staff status were met, and no apples to oranges reference cases from delusional defense would change that.

Still if he won’t stop and investigate further, and say Plaintiff we have a discrepancy between stories, and just rules in favor of defense.  That is circus court, not based on law.  It felt like a fast food order, cases going by in seconds, under two minutes.  Wow do you actually do a job here in court or this is passing the time between emergency bathroom trips?

If parents still sue Hillside don’t ask me, criminal Admin is no concern to the boards, liability a fantasy, accountability, taxpayers will cover the tab, it’s all good.

I would expect that Trump Admin taking control soon.  Contacts will go out again to all available offices, from FBI and Attys to USAG.  It should go open and shut based on very few documents because there is nothing criminal Hillside can say about the falsified docs next to policy or law.

There also is liability to Atty’s to do their jobs from gov’t offices.  Damages, whatever, I intend to hold Hillside accountable for a criminal attack on my career.




Known that a duty to report child abuse, but if the corruption that followed didn’t go to OCFS, they could say I was accomplice to Admin evil.  Authorities also could question why I didn’t expose the crime?  Coercion, to no end, don’t tell on the evil libs or they lie about you.  The Caininites of the bible.

If you wanted an undercover to expose all the criminals in NY system, that was my role in this drama called Hillside capers.  Powerlifter, Athletic Trainer, Counselor, busts the evil empire of libs in NY under Obama the #1 sex trafficking lib.

It is about the cycle of abuse.  If you don’t discipline them, their voters will make sure they get another cheap shot from office.  If they get punished, then the cycle failed, and it is not worth the risk for perps.  Worst thing you could do is reward evil by leaving them as paid staff, and offending society at will from Admin.

Or you can root for child abuse?  I did my duty, and that is all.




On Hillary nuclear sales.

If your perspective was peace through strength, that America needs nukes to stop aggression.

Or you think nuclear disarmament was the way because you didn’t figure out Cops need guns yet.

Either way, that never becomes arm the enemy with nukes as a road to peace.

You know how bad Russia is.  NATO does, if anything under the sun says it.

She should go to prison.




As libs try to obstruct Trump picks like everything else they do.  You might ask Chuck Schumer why he did not act against Hillside and Cuomo when contacted.  I Emailed him and Gillibrand on the subject.

Where Congress is able to question Roger Clemens,  the authority is obvious to address crime where necessary in DC.  If he is trying to make it appear that only  law enforcement agencies can do this, and he has no duty to act against his lib buddy Cuomo, who is crackers.

Chuck what are you doing there?  Trying to grill Trump picks, you don’t even do your job right.  And we are counting on you to uphold the standard.

No smiley face sticker today, no gold star either.  You are part of the RICO crime Chuck?

Comey these are the facts, Chuck was contacted.

NY you can Email Schumer too and get no reply, and then show authorities what he did with Hillside and Cuomo.

Duty to act, negligence, what difference does it make?

You will write on the board 100 times,  “I will not steal from the people of New York as a US Senator!”  You see what I am getting at?

How can you bother Trump picks when you do that?



JAN 9, 2017



Realizing that the named criminals of child abuse related cases upstate still  being loose on the street.  Odds are they receive mental health diagnosis for the trouble they caused.  Which ones possess handguns or are unsafe to have loose?

Trump can win big here on helping NY and MD.  How many Kids, families, communities are effected by the crime radius?  This is millions of people betrayed for years.  That’s alot of voters.

I get the idea some people are so mad at this situation, when a person starts to shake from the rage.

I am goddamned mad at the libs for their criminal arrogance?  Endangering the welfare and safety of a child as a profession.  #1 child abuse capital in the country, Albany.

Aborted babies don’t count, you can squeeze their guts out through their eyeballs, and libs don’t get it.  Medicine says donkey, see no Hitler, hear no Hitler, speak no Hitler.

  I am tired of talking, God needs to get in the fight, and rescue NY.  I did everything I could but FBI you better have at.





That was a cover to a training.  And addresses the criminal staff that Governor Cuomo and OCFS, USAG Lynch intentionally ignored, to keep the crime scene rolling in NY.

As I said the Client who presents disturbed 18 times after neighboring staff entered our floor.  Falsified docs from Staino and HR, Admin, lies in court.  If they didn’t do anything wrong why did they lie in court Bill Clinton?

If you ask were there evil characters you suspected ahead of time were going to be a problem.  We had a supervisor named Jeff, explained that people were trying to trash each others jobs where his wife worked at a bank.

After this when my new assistant on shift joined, the staff ends up trying to take over, giving me orders.  Complaints went out to Jeff on it, he never acted, raised his voice in a meeting with the center sup who would not discipline him.  Later on a friend of my assist is presenting as an aggression problem.  One shift he follows me across the parking lot, when his shadow disappeared behind mine, I turned around to face him, and he said he didn’t know where the sidewalk was.  Later it looks like he is littering on my floor, making provoking statements, telling me I should be fired for not tolerating the harassment from his buddy.  This all happens because Hillside would not get rid of the arrogant original coworkers and used all the evil friends involved who were in trouble also as my support.  Jeff is to blame for that. He also worked at the jail.  So some creepy character that should be on the composite drawing?  Local law enforcement never helped either, protect Jeff.

It was never intimidation to me.  Like this, an AC/DC fan who is 270 lbs, making a hostile work environment.  I have never knocked down someone who is 270 lbs before?  Yeah I have.  It’s no big deal, that is how much I think of crime intimidating Patriots.

Still authorities in NY are a rotten crime cell.  Cuomo belongs in prison  supporting the adult perps like the program says there above.

They do the artwork up with Kids, but Clients go 18 yrs and adult sized sometimes 300 lbs.



JAN 8, 2017



I will tell you a funny one.

This was another dream from God.  Based on a true story.  Years ago, close to ten or more.

I was at work in reality with a female who was hitting on me.  It was getting extracurricular when I was supposed to be watching Clients like a lifeguard.  I didn’t have a good conscience about it.  So she Emails me at work, and I redirected it outside of my job to say if you want to be friends, contact info, etc…

Anyways being the lib sneak attack she was, probably picking up my Chris Carter story from anger replacement group, from her friend one open door away where I was teaching.  Carter saying that NFL rookies get baited in bars, dancing, and then the trouble enters the dance floor, fight, and they sue the NFL guy.  Our gang youth have some quick boiling points.  Another way to look at it, I am told I walked out of a room with a pistol maybe at age three visiting another family.

She complains to supervisors that I Emailed back to get her flirting out of my job, and I told them she Emailed me first.  To no avail, and what else can a Christian do?

The dream I had soon after, I am about to get in a car from the driver’s door, but as I try two cats come running along- jump in the front seat, the driver cat hits the power lock button and closes the door behind himself.  I am locked out.  God tells me in the dream, that is your supervisors, they didn’t want to solve the problem, this was get in the cruiser, and flip on the lights make it go woo-woo, kind of like a race car waiting to go.

I had to go to HR to get justice, and did in reality.

That didn’t come from God?  Yes it did.






I won’t call it prophecy yet, but premonition.  After what Hillary and Obama did to inflict The United States.  If God kills them both sooner, it would add up on nuclear delinquency, and the biggest racket in America.  Rape victims at the border, the right thing to do let sex traffic take over the border?

I dare you God, discipline these wolves.




On the Hillside arrogance trip.  It is in court record that I Emailed HR to complain about Omnibuds.  It is my understanding they were to replace the deviant racist who was refusing to give me an appeal, despite only following policy and being the crime victim.  Since she did not do that, she is accomplice to Omnibuds records falsification, and racket, responsible for everything that followed.  Which includes the false narrative, that I can’t to my Human Resources rep for resources such as info on Cope committee.  That is like going to an information booth and they tell you that they don’t give out info there.

Somewhere in this heap of bumbling idiots called Hillside Admin, is a crowd of witnesses who are Cops, health care professionals, mandated abuse reporters, taxpayers, Grand Jury members, who just don’t understand the crime the way Obama supporters do.





Don’t be surprised libs, after this, no sympathy for the devil, stab babies, lie in the news, there was no America in New York under Obama/Cuomo/Schneidergoon.  You declared war on freedom, demanding that law enforcement stop you or you would not stop.  If Obama was killed as death by Police, it would be the same thing.


If Hillside had no Cope staff, and one had to be assigned.  Sometimes we have a rotation of on call admin, which is a changing schedule of normal floor supervisors for a campus.  If Hillside has no Cope issues, is there Cope staff or does one have to be assigned at any level?

Normal pion counselor level staff like myself don’t usually deal with this level of the gang, and their Hillary ideals.  Bad, you asked your HR rep for help with an unknown scenario.  The purpose of having HR staff is to what then?  Complain to HR’s buddy Omnibuds crook that staff utilized the assigned contact?

If you ever see a manipulative female who keeps grabbing at anything to make arguments, target males they don’t like, or to avoid doing the right thing.  That was HR, one good HR staff there who was female and not a criminal I could name?  Don’t hold your breath.


In this piece below why there is no Cope committee rep at Hillside until approved by Admin.  This is for a staff who needs a rep against criminal coworkers.  No one has the title until assigned.


Another angle on the cases against NY corporate crime and HFA(Hillside gang).  Where Omnibuds staff tries to author a letter redirecting my inquiry as to who the Cope committee rep was, from HR to Integration.  Our campus gave me the piece of paper with HR contact for Rochester after Staino had office crime time.  There was never anything to say you can’t ask the staff you are in contact with at HR who your rep is for Cope?  Actually there is no reason to think Integration has the number because if you didn’t need representation, then maybe they don’t even have a person yet.  It is a flexible committee where you may request who reviews your case.

Despite that, Hillside having failed as a whole in RICO law, they are liable for what Omnibuds staff did.  And the fact he didn’t do his job shows he didn’t try very hard to research the offending staff’s work.

Book ’em Danno.



On the corporate crime scene that Trump’s Admin is going to have to level.  Where this ends is society recognizes the perps as individual criminals, with incarceration, records, mug shots, new housing arrangements.  No more of this hiding behind the company shield.  I could say yes to coworkers from other facilities I worked in, that Hillside staff were the worst.  First the lib females, then the baptists, Admin is a terror cell.

They took advantage of NY and Maryland for over five years, because right thing to do Obama and his arrogant brood wanted it that way.  Governor Cuomo should be considered a dangerous criminal, that desperate to obstruct GOP jobs, a profession, child care.  He refused law enforcement against child abuse, and racketeering.  Dangerous crimes, things that the mob does are this way, no prosecutors act and that is not conspiracy?

Don’t ever be fooled in Hillside falsifications.  Staff had permission to go to President Richardson on financial concerns, which the records falsification was in my file as a staff.  He tried to quick sweep it under the carpet and did not see through that clean up.  Ignored the policy step I of grievance that staff can go to a troublemaker first to resolve problems, for instance we have permission to go to Pres, but no lower staff could be trusted at that point.  So by policy you are OK to go right to Pres by his invitation and no further instructions on a financial person for complaints.  For them to give me a write up is why I refused the first one and wrote on it, the next time I went back to President because we had a new episode of crime from HR and Staino.  They have 0 excuses, caught 1000% percent, no FBI should ever think the evidence does not support Plaintiff.

Do you think my workers need backup now?




One of the end times scriptures in the bible is about Iraq.  Where 1/3 of the ships are destroyed first and then the fall of Babylon comes.  The 1/3 of the ships it is not really clear where that is.  Suspecting that few countries are as evil as Russia, they may be God’s victim here.  The retaliation then against Iraq.  Who was it that gave nuclear material to Muslims?  Russia did.



Pro choice is too non violent for bloodthirsty libs.








Scan 541Scan 542



There are staff at Hillside who are supposed to stop crime!

Hillside Family of Agencies Board of Governors
Roger B. Friedlander – Chair
Robert J. Stiles – Vice Chair
Jose J. Coronas – Secretary
Diana Nole – Treasurer
Angela B. Pichichero – Past Chair
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Deborah J. Daum
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
William H. Goodrich
Kevin N. Hill
Alan Illig
Barbara G. McManus
Duncan T. Moore, PhD
Richard Notargiacomo, MBA
Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD
Efrain Rivera
Leonard J. Shute
Robert Tait

Hillside Children’s Center Board of Directors
Philip D. Fishbach – Chair
Sarah B. Adams – Vice Chair
T. C. Lewis – Vice Chair
Monica L. Monte – Secretary
Todd M. Liebert – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Nancy L. Castro, PhD
David L. Cleary
Craig F. Curran
Denise T. Dragoone
Carolyn T. Friedlander
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
James C. Haefner
Joanne C. Larson, PhD
Candice A. Lucas
Gary Muaro
Marie W. mcNabb
James C. Moore
Doren P. Norfleet
Virginia Biesiada O’Neill
Jan M. Parisi
Todd A. Trehan

Hillside Children’s Foundation Board of Trustees
James K. Merkley – Chair
Daniel J. Diefendorf – Vice Chair
Daniel Mason – Secretary
Brian C. Callahan – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Rovert W. August
Rober M. Baker
Timothy J. Bancroft
Gregory H. Carver
Douglas R. Hilfiker
Louise H. Klinke
Barbara G. McManus
Shawn P. O’Donnell
Jason P. Torres
Gregory Woodard

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Board of Directors
Gerald Q. Pierce – Chair
Howard R. Jacobson – Vice Chair
Daniel R. Wegman – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – CEO
Sarah Amering
Anne M. Kress, PhD
Milt Sender
John M. Summers

Snell Farm Children’s Center Board of Directors
Deborah J. Daum – Chair
Christine M. Valkenburgh, Esq. – Vice Chair
Harvey E. Tremper – Secretary
Jo A. Slovak – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
David L. DuBois, Jr.
Philip Jones
Gary L. Short
Levi H. Weaver

The Agencies you can express problems to on Hillside crimes:




United Way of Greater Syracuse