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White Toast file photo:

( Russ depicted here in this 2nd 2016 pic explains  “I was 23 years old when I gave up on bon jovi as a Christian.  Their music is perverse, they support liberal baby killers eventually, and the message is not helping me except to become an immoral weakness.”



UNBORN BABY USED TO BE YOU- IF THE DOCTOR THERE WAS ME?                                    





Virginia and Illinois could be Red states too.








JUNE 27, 2016



You execute live sons and daughters.  The safe murder where homicide is not killing.  How fair, cite The Constitution.

Go to hell Hillary, if you want to kill babies that bad roast with the other NJ devils. You threw a party at Benghazi and got four killed.

Caveman court not understand when life begin so use abortion clinic to end it.  What charges against baby for execution Bill Clinton?

If God kills some of you libs, yeah well, look at Herod he is your father.  The sophisticated killing, approved of by lunatics in court robes.

Jesus said let the dead bury their own dead.  If you go to hell,  at least know it wasn’t healthcare or Womens rights to murder innocent babies.

Epitome of arrogance from Women on this issue, because libs are dirty bastards.  You be the victim big mouth lib.  It is fair, see, murder, Doctor runs shears through your brain, no evil here.

The courage God gave to little girls who play with dolls Hillary.  You belong in jail devil.



JUNE 26, 2016


Some of the drinks I have mentioned like Green Tea from Arizona, or Dunkin Donuts.  They can be bitter, compared to Cream Soda of course.  If you have gum already?  That is why I don’t have a problem with these.

It is not like alcohol, you see these beer commercials.  The last time you had a Budweiser, or Michelob.  Oh yeah you want one of those, sure you do.  That is why kids are requesting that non alcoholic beer be made so they can enjoy the delicious taste of wheat water, denatured beer, mmmm, it is so much better tasting than soda?

I know how empty I would be if I was reaching for alcohol as a savior. It gets like sniffing glue.   Jesus turns water to wine, true at a wedding, and some people are having weddings everyday with Jesus.  1-2 drinks a day is over 700 against your liver in a year, and a person that gets drunk on ten drinks, 30 times a year, has less alcohol than this.

To me it is a lie.  So happy on alcohol, I know better, it is like trying to pretend border crime is so great.  When you look at sitting on sit and spin, as a kid and alcohol makes you dizzy,  your speech and hearing degrade from slum juice in a bible, profuse sweating, and then the huff is before you speak with a sedated nervous system.  This is great? No I am still alive, I don’t need this lethargy drink.

I really don’t miss alcohol, about 21 years past it now.  I started to focus on I was so much happier with it?  No I wasn’t, it was a distraction from better things.  My workouts are better than drinking to me, music is, powerful rock concerts, anyways.  I look at Manziel, the lights better come on soon, you got that far and reached your dreams on turning into a mess?  Somewhere is a 15-16 year old him, that probably would hate what he has done to himself.

God Bless




June 30th fundraising goal:

With Whole Women’s Health v. Hellerstedt.  Supreme Court may be decided Monday.


Every dollar you give by June 30 will go towards the critical task of protecting the court – which ultimately will protect LIFE.

Thank you for your support, and for all you do on behalf of the unborn and their mothers.

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List





Dear Russ,

The greatest privilege we enjoy at the American Veterans Center is to come to know American heroes of every age, rank, and era. Everyday Americans who, when called upon, perform extraordinary feats.
Today, there is one less hero among us.

On April 18, 1942, sixteen Army B-25 bombers launched from the USS Hornet, toward mainland Japan, and a rendezvous with destiny. The four months prior had seen disaster after disaster for the United States military. Caught off guard at Pearl Harbor, American forces in the Pacific were overwhelmed in a string of defeats on both land and sea. Morale plummeted. Many at home feared the war could be lost. America needed something – anything – to inspire hope.

That hope came in the form of 80 men, led by a legendary commander – Jimmy Doolittle. For months, Doolittle and his men trained to accomplish a seemingly impossible task – launch Army bombers from an aircraft carrier, attack the Japanese home islands, then race to safety in China. Few expected the mission could succeed, most especially the Japanese high command, which had begun to feel invincible.

Among the 80 men aboard Doolittle’s 16 bombers that day was the 20-year-old Engineer-Gunner on Plane #7, then-Corporal David J. Thatcher. Manning his .50-caliber guns aboard his bomber, nicknamed the Ruptured Duck, he knew full well that the odds were likely this could be a one-way mission. But he went anyway.

The Ruptured Duck made a course for Japan, where it encountered sporadic enemy fire, and dropped its bombs over military targets in Tokyo. Racing toward safety in China, the plane was running low on fuel as it approached the coast during a nighttime rainstorm. Knowing there was no way the plane could reach its intended landing base, its pilot – Ted Lawson – attempted to land along the beach of an island off the coast of China.

During the landing, the plane crashed into the surf and began to sink, upside down. David Thatcher, briefly knocked unconscious in the crash, escaped through an emergency hatch. The pilot, co-pilot, navigator, and bombardier were all severely wounded. Thatcher – the only one able to walk – tended to their wounds. Joining with friendly Chinese peasants and guerrilla fighters, Thatcher helped carry his comrades on a five-day trek to safety on the mainland, all along evading Japanese forces enraged by the surprise raid.

The entire crew of the Ruptured Duck owed their lives to the heroism of David Thatcher. He would be awarded the Silver Star for his valor that day. And the Doolittle Raiders – the 80 men who led the daring first attack on Japan during World War II – would become legends. They rallied a nation in desperate need of a boost in morale and caused the Japanese high command to move resources to defend the home islands, which would have a direct impact two months later at the epic Battle of Midway, the turning point of the war.

Staff Sergeant David J. Thatcher passed away on June 22, 2016, near his home in Missoula, Montana. Today, of the 80 Doolittle Raiders, only one still survives – Doolittle’s co-pilot, Lt. Col. Richard Cole.

The AVC was privileged to know SSgt. Thatcher, and interviewed him for our 2015 documentary, Doolittle’s Raiders: A Final Toast. We invite you to watch a segment of that interview and hear, first hand, from this soft-spoken Air Force legend.

David J. Thatcher embodied the very best of who we are as Americans. Dedicated to his comrades, and to his country, he answered the call when he was needed, then returned home to live a life of decency and honor. His is a legacy worth honoring, and remembering.

I hope his story will inspire you the way it has inspired me. Please take a moment to watch his story, then share with friends, family, and particularly young Americans as an example of what we should aspire to be.

Warmest Regards,

James C. Roberts
President, The American Veterans Center


This is the America Hillary and Bernie would give away to communist oppression, no border security.  The B-25 from Doolittle’s time also flew out of Sampson Air Base NY, which is now a park.  It is across the highway from where I lived at Seneca Army.



JUNE 25, 2016




For rain in the Northeast US.

In Jesus’ Name


The sky continues to fill with cumulus clouds but no rain so far.  That is some Middle School Earth Science for you.  Also took  a Geology course at UB.



Does anybody else have the sense that this power struggle Admin put up was really against authorities and the people of NY?  While you worthless talking welcome mats known as Clients, oops did we say that at Rochester?  I know how embarrassing Christian Singer has to bust you, baby sit Admin, make sure you know how to do your jobs without trying to subvert American freedom.  Like I had any other choice?

Mr. Comey I see the criminals are still resisting in crime.  Shall we summon the meat truck?



White Toast

Contrary to disbelief, the White Toast file photo is actually Russ?

Yeah 100%, and you thought it was who, Judas instead?  Maybe some poser of a Patriot?



JUNE 24, 2016


W. Virginia


In Jesus’ Name






Heaviest weight right now for GOP to lift…

Who will Trump pick for VP?  Based on how Novembers go, and elections.  GOP cannot overlook election demographics.  If it was less important as a pro sport you would read a scouting report, before choosing players for a game.

I am not going to say GOP is so wise on this for White House runs.  Kids on a PS2 might make better decisions than our leadership.

God give Trump the wisdom, if you can’t out gain Rubio with a choice for VP, then what are you doing making someone else a pick instead?  This is a competence question to find the right running mate, getting elected might be the hardest problem to solve in the first 4 years at DC.

The stakes are high.  If you are praying Christians, this is huge.


#2.  Pray for rain, not the band, but we need it in the North East.  Farmers and some divine intervention.




Article from IC View-Spring ’16 edition.


How much of Aerosmith can I say fits in a Christian line up?  Hard to say there is so much material.  This is one of my Alma Maters at I.C.

I see Oprah too in the article.  That is difficult, Oprah I appreciate as a person, she tries to reach people, but too far left.  The destruction a person would reap in Harriet Tubman’s King James bible, following a lib agenda.  It is not safe, this illusion you can be lib and God will still hold salvation for you.




That is fine with FBI on the crime stopping this week.  I still see Hillside as a bigger problem, because Teen safety is in the hands of felons.

NY Governor crime addict is refusing prosecution to Conservatives, and average Americans were supposed to get protection from crime how?  Stalking 101 is a Cuomo, Schneiderman, Dennis Richardson specialty.

If you are a Hillside Parent, among the thousands of staff there with a hostile work environment.  It is safe, if Waco was.  These people trashed abuse reporting.


What is the good word? Still pressing with 160 lbs dumbbells.  NATA hydration guidelines in hot weather, was 20 ounces 2 hours pre routine, then 8 ounces 20 minutes pre routine.  That was after Korey Stringer died.  I still see another quart of fluid on a long enough light cardio day during routines.  Throw your stress hormones in the trash with this.


Christians who have been out there working hard, praying, trying to stop the crime.  Behind the scenes law enforcement closing on Hillside.  If one Politician gets back to me it will be a first on the case from known GOP.  So what you are saying is don’t report abuse or perjury?  I don’t take it personal, I am not the incompetent one.  Any Cop would do what I did.




If you are Political Science based.  A bible might be an insignificant relic to you.  The act of Brexit however is in the era, where it appears, Daniel chapters 7, 12,  Ezekiel 38, and Revelation line up.

These three scriptures forecast a one world government, which is partly symbolized by one of four beasts at Daniel 7, a Lion with Eagle’s wings, and the wings shear from the beast.  The bible in its own description says the beasts are governments which will arise in the end times.  A Lion as Brit mascot, and Eagle no mystery.

I would rather see, US-Brit relations improve.  The days of Churchill, US Mighty 8th ( with which famous celebs in it? Andy Rooney, Clark Gable).  This is where America flew the English Channel to bomb Nazis, under the famous B-17.

The forecast of scriptures is trouble with any one world government.  Ezekiel 38’s attack is unfulfilled in scriptures, and the tribal names you need an old bible map to translate geographic areas, compared to today’s countries.  The attack does not happen until Israel is restored as a nation post WW II, and after the completion of a security wall, living as a nation of unwalled villages by a bible.  That was not current until recent times, where these conditions existed.



What do I think of the big bang theory?

If any other scientific experiment was to be given credit, based on no proof, it would be thrown away like cold fusion.  But big bang gets credit from the secular hellion/addicts.

The idea an actual explosion made planets balanced around the sun, or erosion did this when there isn’t enough force in winds to do it?  If there was an explosion, how come different planets separated clean?  The Moon does not have rock like Mars, and Earth has no burn marks on it.  The forensics don’t add up.

If it was a nuclear explosion, where it the radiation?  If it was not a nuclear explosion, you actually think this was strong enough, or that the absolute zero temp of space didn’t cool the reaction down fast enough to avoid the explosion?

It is a hustle, humans would not exist if one chapter of a human anatomy text was out of tune at creation.  A being would not survive on  a nervous system that is defunct, or with organs that are not light years ahead of plant structures.

Earth was the work of a creator even if you don’t like the bible.  The last time a Hollywood explosion made a balanced set of billiard balls, or a new computer?  But here gyroscope Earth and Moon that keeps facing us most of its orbit?

Carbon dating is not based on any principle that carbon decays in half samples at a time, and we have to keep measuring using this way.  What made the carbon decay once can make it keep decaying even faster, not slower.




Good job Britain!


What you did to Sheriff Joe.


JUNE 23, 2016


Today was a constructive day, from Supreme Court to FBI with a bust of 301 crooks (for the old timers).

I still like GOP chances for November given a full effort.  Don’t campaign, or refuse to confront the lib crime cycle, and it will be reap what you so what are in the GOP.

Hillside, I know I have them beat.  Litigation aside, the personal take on it.  Our homecoming game in high school, I made a special teams play where the opposing return man on punt tipped the return diving, so it was a live ball, and then it continued to bounce for the other team’s end zone.  I slid in at the six yard line and pulled in the football on my side, like Coach taught us, don’t fall on top of it because when the pile falls on you, injuries from the heap.  And as players were trying to get to the ball, I knew I had it.  It took long enough, I look up and The Ref is the last guy over me, so I toss him the ball, before a teammate gets me to standing.  We scored on the next play, crossing pattern with TE (me) and our Wingman ( Slot), in the endzone, he caught it behind me.

Hillside is in federal trouble.  Cuomo is insisting on crime with NYAG.  Their bluff, 100%, it always has been.  I don’t question anything, they are con artists, caught red handed.



Kristan Hawkins (SFLA) (kristan@studentsforlife.org)

Russ Boardman
Thu, 23 Jun 2016

Subject:  Russ, you have to read this.

I just got off the phone with Missy, our National Field Director, and I had to e-mail you right away. I’m typing so fast, so I hope I don’t make any typos. I’m just so excited.

This morning, I’m honored to announce that because of your years of generous support and prayers, Students for Life now serves more than 1,043 active college, high school, law and medical school and young professional pro-life groups across the United States, in all 50 states!!!

This means that Students for Life groups now outnumber pro-abortion groups nearly 27 to 1, with Planned Parenthood’s last report boasting only 275 campus groups.

I’m shaking I’m so overwhelmed right now. Ten years ago, Student for Life launched full-time and our major goal was this: Make 1,000 active Students for Life groups.

Can you join in the celebration right now and send a tax-deductible gift of $35, $50, $100, or even $1,043 to help get us to our next major goals?

If you are able to give at least $35 or more, I will mail you a free Students for Life pizza cutter! I’m having them made and sent to all of our Students for Life group members to celebrate this huge occasion, and I want to make sure to include you in on the celebration as well!

It’s taken ten years, more late nights than I can count, days and weeks away from our spouses and children, and, honestly, a lot of sacrifice from every one on our team. It’s been a lot harder than I ever imagined. And there have been days when I’ve wanted to just give up.

But I’ve gotten to witness lives saved and transformed as well as see the Holy Spirit in action.

This enormous gap between pro-life and pro-choice students indicates that the pro-life message is resonating where it needs to the most, right where the abortion industry targets: our campuses. We are meeting students where they are, having passionate and effective conversations on campus, and changing hearts and minds.

And the passion of this generation is evidenced by the sheer number of young people who are willing to sacrifice their time and energy on behalf of women facing unintended pregnancies and their babies verses the pro-abortion student groups whose only recourse against us has been to yell and scream at us and vandalize our displays.

Since SFLA launched full-time just ten years ago, we’ve grown from a team of one full-time staffer (just me!) to over 29 today, including at least one person in every region of the country that works with our local groups, the number of pro-life clubs has grown every single year, topping out in the 2015-2016 school year at over 1,030.

Every year, we tally the number of current Students for Life groups, which are measured in terms of activity level. Activities include doing diaper drives and baby showers for pregnant moms on campus, bringing thought-provoking campus displays, hosting qualified speakers, attending the annual March for Life and SFLA National Conference, and poll tabling, among other events.

You may remember several years ago when NARAL then-president Nancy Keenan noted the high number of young people at the March for Life and was concerned about what she called the ‘intensity gap’ between young pro-life people and young pro-choice people.

Well I have one thing to say to Ms. Keenan today: Your fears have been realized. The intensity gap is alive and well and this generation of young people is motivated now, more than ever before.


So Russ, can you join us right now and send $35, $50, $100, or even $1,043 to help us expand our network of Students for Life groups even more? Everyone who pitches in $35 or more will be sent a free Students for Life pizza cutter!

Because of you, the pro-life generation is here to stay, and we will continue to grow!

We are #1000Strong,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

P.S. – Our 2015-2016 school year budget ends on June 30th, and I’ve got a big amount of money still left to be raised. Please send $35, $50, $100 or even $1,043 right away to help us meet our goals, and we’ll send you a free Students for Life pizza cutter!

P.P.S – Can you share the above picture on your Facebook or Twitter account and help us spread the word that this pro-life generation is now #1000Strong?
Students for Life of America
9900 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553
Office: 540.834.4600







Tuesday of this week was a very important day for My Faith Votes and for the country.

We brought together hundreds of our nation’s top Christian leaders to meet with Donald Trump for the purpose of getting to know one another’s hearts, priorities and concerns directly, rather than through the filter of the biased media.

To help steer the conversation, I reached out to you and many other supporters to gather your questions or comments.

In all we received over 51,000 responses, proving to all of us here at My Faith Votes that people truly are beginning to get engaged in this election.

I’d like to report back that two of the topics that received the most discussion were religious freedom and the future of the U.S. Supreme Court.

You’ll be happy to know that Mr. Trump was very concerned about restrictions on religious liberty and supported the right of church leaders to speak more forcefully in favor of candidates. He also reiterated his promise to appoint conservative, pro-life Supreme Court justices.

After everything wrapped up, I also recorded a short video to give you my feedback on the meeting, and I hope you’ll take a moment to watch now.

I thank you for your participation, and hope that you will continue to support our work as we help to inform Christians about their choices.

Thank you.


Ben Carson



As Supreme Court shoots down Obama’s illegal immigration scam.




This was a good sign with The Bureau stopping this many individuals in crime, $900 million in false billing.

That makes Albany and Hillside much smaller to Feds as a case.  They can’t get a handle on it?




It begins with corruption in chief; declare war on terror over, give Vets money to illegals, run a terrorist border and human sex traffic agenda, bother Sheriff Joe who stops this out of control crime, etc.

So if Conservatives don’t discipline the crime wave from libs, all the middle men included.  To repeat the cycle of abuse as it is known to the criminal system.  All libs have to do is vote, and they bought another four years of the crime wave.

Whoever Trump picks as USAG better have the energy, and the integrity to run these cases down.  Not some of them, all of them.  Not we have to pick and choose our battles like wimps.  You go to work and you destroy crime.  From Lerner, Holder, dredge up Moreland Commission, prosecute Obama for crimes under US Code 18.  Stop pretending we don’t go after former Presidents for crime, but in other countries we would oust them from power.  Obama is the biggest terrorist in the nation.

House Dems can sing, “someday we will get brains” to the tune of we shall overcome, when taking guns from legal responders is not making USA any safer.  Is it donkey dumb dumbs?  That is your brain on drugs and dem ideas.  So stupid you can’t solve how to stop a perp 101.  We don’t put people like you in charge of logistics on how to defeat crime, because you are part of the problem.

Prosecute crime Conservatives or you are rewarding the evil by making a permissive environment, by giving lib burn outs freebie crime.  Don’t look the other way on this, T-off on this garbage.

Otherwise you are doing this on the backs of the crime victims.  Well we don’t want to be mean, or forgive has no appropriate measure.  Discipline is a bible word for offenses of this level.  Forgive means we don’t commit the crime back against these fools, not you don’t discipline.  Forfeiting victims freedom is not forgiveness it is corruption.

If next USAG needs more staff, let’s give them the manpower to crush crime.  Boo freaking yeah criminals, if you want the crime you can have the prison time too, all of it.


JUNE 22, 2016


Excuses such as keg party at corporate, and paint chips as a kid will not excuse Hillside Admin from making New York into their child abuse and corporate embarrassment complex.


If you took all the liberal Con Artists in the Hillside cases.  This is where they need to be exposed, where it hits though, is when you see mug shots of these staff, and they are expressed as Con Artists.  A name for their boat, I don’t have yet.  But I see prison buses still from the area around the base where I lived and David Sweat was sent by Cuomo.  Hillside Admin, in shackles, riding with sex offenders, and people who are as corrupt as they are, that I can see.

If you do nothing right wing , may God have his day with you.

Any questions, for whatever media or GOP, Email Russ at the boarder Email listed on this site.  I can tell you the case info.

The one question I can’t answer: is how you expect Teens in NY or any Child in NY state to be safe at this point with corrupt OCFS and crime addict Cuomo in charge of abuse reporting or prosecution of crime.  Schneiderman is an operative for organized liberal crime.  The safety level in NY?  I don’t have an answer for you under the sun, short of Angels and invisible tape and glue from God is holding it together as a joke.  If you leave biker gangs operating in corruption long enough people are damaged by it.  This was only Child Abuse, bleeding heart libs.  A Baptist agenda.

If  nobody will have helped by Friday, it must have been parable of the talents again.  However when the sting hits, Hillside Admin is going to be in need of staff.



If you missed previous points on the trinity in a bible not being proven.  The principle of being one with someone, for example the Twelve Stones song   “We Are One.”  Because Jesus tells you he is one with Yahweh, and he tells you in his own words that he speaks figuratively, is not justification  to call Jesus- God.

If I was the scribe, and I pick up my pen to translate scriptures or start following Billy Graham blindly, and God is saying ahem Russ, do you see my commandments?

:  Yes I do.

And Jesus told you to keep them?

: True.

Then why are you adding words to fit the blind leaders of the blind translation when I said don’t add words, to fit in with trinity?  Solomon warned you I would rebuke you and prove you a liar?  Moses’ people were killed for not following this.

Thought you were copying the smart kid’s homework without reading scriptures yourself?  I know peoples motors get too hot when they have to do the work themselves.



No major changes at this point.

GOP is the Benghazi copy cats, doing nothing to help stop Albany crime.  What I suspect is Buffalo FBI fell down on the job, and Comey had to rebuild their dept.

Biggest disappointment was Ted Cruz, you thought at onset he was some right wing leader, never helped on Hillside.  Vote for me as President.

Danger, is that criminals are addicts and repeat offenders, if you don’t know this.  Hey you left child abuse concealing and irresponsible staff at Rochester.  It is safe, what could happen, said Hillary at Libya.  They are only humans under a liberal leadership, so what if Teens are abused or die.  We have animal rights in place it is all well.

Liability is where 20 years hangs in the balance against criminal staff who have now falsified dual items at Hillside.  Do I hope Lynch takes the bait and does not help, so that she goes to jail also?




Marjorie Dannenfelser, SBA List (information@sba-list.org)

Russ Boardman
Tue, 21 Jun 2016
Report from today’s meeting with Trump
Hi Russ,

Firstly, I need to thank the hundreds of you who emailed me back committing to pray for the meeting with Donald Trump today. It was so encouraging to know I had so many committed, passionate pro-lifers praying for me at one time. I shared a few of your messages with the rest of the SBA List team and they were also really encouraged. Thank you so much. Your prayers and support are so valued at this critical time in our fight for LIFE.

I know that many of you were anxious to get a report back from the meeting, and I have a few minutes before I get on the train back to our office in Washington, D.C., so I have put together some thoughts on our time with the presumptive Republican nominee.

Mr. Trump was very generous with his time. Before the main meeting, a handful of Pro-Life, Conservative and Christian leaders met with him in a private setting.

Later in the day we gathered with nearly 1,000 leaders, activists and donors from across the country. He related well, coming across confident and comfortable in such a large crowd of thought leaders whose opinions and actions will be so critical as we approach November.

I was encouraged when Mr. Trump reiterated the most important pro-life commitment he has made to date: that he would appoint pro-life judges to SCOTUS. To quote him verbatim, “We are going to appoint great Supreme Court justices… These will be justices of great intellect… And they will be pro-life.”

Mr. Trump also spoke about the threats to religious liberty and how the federal government continues to threaten the freedom of speech of people of faith and conscience to speak out in the public square. We both know how fundamental religious liberty is to our fight for life when we consider the anti-life mandates of the Obama administration that seek to force Pro-Lifers and Christians to violate their conscience by paying for life-ending drugs and abortions. And we’re not blind. We know that a Clinton presidency would only further such draconian measures.

This is far from the end of the conversation. But it is important the conversation is taking place. Over the next few weeks and months, your SBA List team will continue to encourage Mr Trump to reiterate the important commitments he’s made to date:

1. That he will appoint pro-life justices to the Supreme Court
2. That he will advocate for and sign into law the Pain-Cable Unborn Child Protection Act that would ban abortions after 5 months – a point by which the science is clear: Unborn babies can feel pain
3. That he will defund Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business

And we will continue to educate voters in battleground states about Hillary’s extreme record on abortion and the unprecedented threat the unborn would face under another Clinton presidency. As you know, we’re already on the ground in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio. Just last week our incredible field team knocked on their 400,000th door.

Thank you once again for your notes of support, and for your many prayers. They are making a difference.

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

Sent from my iPhone




JUNE 21, 2016


Is one of seven deadly sins in the bible.  I get upset with Fox because of their low cut pics, and intentional Womanizing ways.  Matthew 5 is a cornerstone scripture for me, that a man not look lustfully at another woman.  If you actually possessed love, the game that is going on with media selling lust as news.  It wouldn’t be there.  There are other things that are important in the world like child abuse, and  baby murder.  Who can blooper their clothes next is getting rewarded?  It is like paying to interrupt people with pop up adds on internet.


Why I say CBN is off course.  If you are a faithful Jew in Israel, look at your lineage.  If you didn’t follow Mosaic Law they stoned your ancestors to death.  Mount Sinai and Moses, 10 Commandments.  God was clear no other Gods before The Father.

Pat I can see knows of the right message, but he keeps money men around who are trinity.  What good that is to Jews?  Preach the gospel as the great commission, and meet a Jew, Jesus the God in Son form they are told by Christians.  And if they know scriptures, Isaiah said there is no other God beyond Yahweh.  So throw away Jesus Israel, wrong person, does not fulfill Jewish scriptures as Messiah.  And look what CBN wasted.  Instead of being a salvation organization, they have crossed the ocean to Virginia Beach and taken up the English persecution of Protestants, with trinity snobbism.  This religion is rooted in where, your commander in chief the Roman Emperor Constantine, who is no expert in religion.  Rome is your Pastor if you are trinity.

It was only in one textbook I saw that half of Europe was Unitarian before this.  God said stay right of the first Commandment, or it was get stoned to Moses’ people.  So both versions are not right unity and trinity.

The Woman to be stoned for adultery in gospels, the crowd walks away when Jesus tells them he without sin cast the first stone.  That is what I am saying on the scriptures proof for trinity, go find all the so called trinity verses for yourself.  Enough cross examination will show you there is no proof at all.  I am not suggesting this, I guarantee you don’t have the evidence for trinity.  The homework was done and trinity is a myth if you had to prove the case for it.

So curse Israel, tell them Jesus was God and  bear false witness against Christ?

No other gods before Yahweh, ok got it, that means zero- to make sure we understand no.






Sounds like abortion?



Fair warning from …




In Hillside cases, with no action from law enforcement or GOP Politicians. It has run the gamut. They all got paid for five years, but what ever happened to stop the crime or protect Teens in NY, MD?

So if you gathered up all the negligent parties, from Pat Robertson’s cult at CBN, to Program Directors at boob show news in NYC, also known as that perverse element at Fox, lost their mojo as Patriots. Anyone with a badge to stop crime who sat on this for entertainment. And put them all in a boat, it would need a name, and so The Gay Petunias would suffice. Float it to the next DNC convention and wave to Hillary, sail past Rubio at Florida, make your way for Texas, anyone right wing enough there to deny docking privileges?

Go back to Valley Forge the corruption at York behind Washington’s back. And it was from our own side. OK that is from a slaveowner meeting resistance.

When I first visited UMES I took a cab to campus. I told the driver where to go, and he asked me about school, he said campus is where all the niggers are and why did I want to go there? No I was trying to feed starving African Kids, and drill wells for their villages, when obnoxious smart ass ( your mascot DNC) liberals at Hillside decided to exploit children , and ride the company budget, to support child abuse. Because being a scum is priority for Hillside Admin. Dennis Richardson is a stalker, and used the agency to try and attack child abuse reporting.  We used to call white rednecks ‘Bamas at Maryland.  Hillside Admin is just as racist they knew in court what I supported.  They spoke up about boarder, and ACLJ was worthless to help, a bed of roses.

Gay Petunias Rush Limbaugh sailing back your way or to visit Hannity. I have lost my respect for GOP. These people are incompetent at Christianity, Politics, getting Comey in the game.

Five years, how many libs will you ever prosecute, like Obama when he is done? Lynch, Holder, Lerner, Moreland Commission?

We need a Supreme Council to oversee Supreme Court and remove Judges right away who are not enforcing the law. No more 50 years since prayer banned in school, they can put it back and like it. A whopping $1 million a year to support a council, and some muddle headed is going to say bigger government? Look what happens if you don’t add this drop in the bucket, $upreme Council?  It takes a Revolution to free that up.

It is like the Garden of Eden.  Some were meant to handle the work, others were adrift to the left but still as GOP.  You know what you are Petunias, you had a duty to act, and you sided with child abusers instead.



JUNE 20, 2016





Now with a switch of Campaign Managers.  My two cents, this is go to the bullpen. I don’t know enough of the ins and outs with the former campaign or who he has in mind.  As far as can this be an upgrade?

Win, ok.  I am not going to vote unless Hillside and Albany get confronted by GOP or media.  Don’t get hung up on this detail of Managers, Trump is not in the criminal class Hillary is.

If you look at polls, what did I say?  White Male, in a Presidential election, GW only pulled this off once in the last 24 years by popular vote for GOP.  Look who is in The White House.  Not because I said so, the scouting report of elections is that.

The key might be, more than just a demographic for GOP candidates to be in, and that means a win.  Where Palin was not enough for McCain.  The race for Florida might decide the whole thing.


I did receive Email on GOP campaigning at NYC.



A question for Trump’s campaign if they work on Detroit, and start a fuel cell revolution, with safer heavier vehicles.  And rubber bumpers that are in the hundreds of pounds.

Should seat belts be mandatory on all public transportation?  You enter a collision at 60 MPH, the passenger is still going 60, until they hit the inside of the crumpled/overturned vehicle.  The Rehab hospital I worked in is not where you want to end up.  The other driver had weak coffee, and…



In this detail below,  Omnibuds will try to say he acted on info presented.  If he did his job, he would have checked with President Richardson to verify permission to contact Pres.  There is no excuse for his racist behavior as Omnibuds.


This is rehash on Hillside.  Falsification from Omnibuds in court papers.

I was going over the settled record for prosecution.  In it there is a letter from Hillside Omnibuds staff.

The short of it, is he tries to make a run of the wrong expectation to sweep under the carpet Hillside crime.  The method I used to confront Hillside crime was first by direct contact to President Richardson at his Email invitation.  When that contact was redirected by dirty HR staff  Julie and my Program Director Mike Staino, they tried to lecture me about having went to Campus Director to turn in Mike Staino in the past, and to the head of HR before this.  Both contacts were 6/6 cited on the fake 6/30 write up.  So it was clear they were falsifying records at this second OCFS arranged meeting in June 2011.

That being said, I can’t tell how much these two brats decided to lie about at the meeting.  Did they also take my contact to President Richardson and get prompted by him to do their jobs, and then turn around and lie to me, and say well Richardson said don’t contact him as a lie?  To retaliate because they got in trouble?

So my next move was the right one by policy, you go to the source of problems as step one in grievance, which is direct to Richardson, because he is not being clear communicating through two criminal staff to me.  What was the actual message from Richardson to them?  And even on Richardson’s invitation Email which had a send list of maybe 10 pages of Email addresses to the campus, that long item in the litigation.  That was invitation to reach Dennis on financial items, with no indicator of who to go once the present fiscal year expired, so a staff would have to go to him direct to get a straight answer with our HR dept which was the worst dept at Hillside.  He is the contact person for this category, so who is in the new fiscal year Dennis?

I did see in Omnibuds letter, that he makes the false statement after problems with Staino, that I should have went to Staino’s boss Campus Director Joanne.  Actually I did after meeting #1 and they wrote me up for it as the date cited 6/5-6/6 on the 6/30 write up, and they lectured me about it at meeting #2, with Staino and Julie from HR.  Then policy says you can skip staff you don’t trust so I never had to go to another route from what I used.  I had been to Dennis on 6/21 only 9 days before Staino wrote me up for it at 6/30.

It was so pronounced, Julie gets up and starts trying to schedule on her wall calendar/marker board a date in August 2011 to check back and see I am now following their false expectations.  That is why I went over their heads to Dennis.  This had already been to head of HR at the next level, and she sent it back through these two criminals.  So to get that reply of a fake write up was a new situation, and to be able to verify HR was running dirty for Dennis, are you the source of this Dennis or is HR?

Omnibuds Joe Brown kept trying to redirect this to the Cope Committee route in his letter, or step  III of grievance.  I had permission by Dennis and policy to do what I did.  What I suspected was HR was watching eachothers backs at Rochester for problems to go this long as a staff, so there is no reason to trust even Cope committee at the last level.

It is like court where Theresa Kane Gringer submits affidavit and lies saying I had no medical duties for Hillside.  As First Aid trained at Hillside, and CPR cards which are mandatory trainings appear  in court record.  Make no mistake duties as member of  a mental health care team of staff are the foundation of being a counselor or Sociotherapist or Youth Care Pro.  I have to sign off on every Client file after reading it, intake, digest on their background, mental health diagnosis, meds, interventions.  I commented in litigation that I was hired as an Athletic Trainer, that I had this licensure pre hire, and was then asked to fulfill duties at campus gym in accordance with both ATC scope of practice and Hillside Sociotherapist ones.  Not that I was hired and then tacked on an unrelated degree and am now trying to claim I worked in healthcare, as an article 20-C healthcare filing.  No they saw a competent trained staff, said here cover our gym with dozens of athletes, be first responder, it is your duty, take the medical belt pack from our office with you, child abuse if you don’t Russ by OCFS rules.  Not a healthcare staff Grand Jury, do you find defense guilty of perjury?

What revamp OCFS goes through if FBI does their jobs?  This is effecting you NYC, these staff in Albany oversee your child abuse reporting.  Cuomo and NYAG are getting their jollies to the crime.  It takes you five years Schneiderman?  Freak guy, what are you insane?  Cuomo you are a dirtbag of a Governor, this is no accident you arrogant punk.

Comey, Teens safety is getting trampled.

 I think you need Krauthammer on this.  Help get us a new Albany, and Hillside Admin.




One I could pass on to you.  A repeat from past years.

Mackerel Salad.

Most people enjoy making Chicken Salad, with chicken breast on spinach leaves.  I am not going to tell you what to put on your salad, because it varies as much as someone walks in at Ponderosa and makes their own salad plate.

The base is spinach leaves as  I said.  Maybe 1/2 of a can of mackerel (drained), high in protein (56 g/can), very low in saturated fat (0g/can), Omega 3 &6 are in this.

Too fishy a taste, and plain no fat yogurt mixed with dry onion soup mix as dressing.  Mixed to the color of light brown sugar or even over dark brown sugar.  Drown the fish in it, if you use 12 ounces of yogurt, so what?  This is for a male athlete, females use less protein in one sitting.   What it looks like when I am done, 3-4 pieces of white bread toast diced as croutons.  Store bought croutons are so hard, toast works better.  Maybe tomatoes, parmesan cheese, purple onion.

It is one of those things that if you are at the gym training, and want to keep your motor running on lean foods, this is a good lunch item for me.  A change from tuna, or eating chicken too often.

You can use Salmon instead of Mackerel which sounds classier, but at 10g saturated fat per can.  I double checked the label on Mackerel, yes 0g saturated.


I am a fan of roadside stands with produce.  I can remember riding across Canada in the summer, stands with peaches, plumbs, fudge,  or other fresh items.  In Maryland we had the same thing.  Pears are a nice break from apples, although red delicious have the most antioxidant for an apple.  Bananas keep your potassium level against muscle cramps.  OJ if you really want to cover this.  It is not a bad combination of fruit, with a box of protein bars if you are looking for quick food, and trying to stay balanced.  For more carbs,  granola bars, softer ones (Millville) won’t hurt your teeth.

Recommendations in recent literature for athletes has been for salt in between pre season routines.  So pretzels, salt on vegetables, avoid the hyponatremia.  Combos are an old friend.




JUNE 19, 2016


At what point are libs going to be declared as mentally ill/incompetent for supporting abortion?  You execute kids that would live in incubators at the same date of the infant stabbing.

I have seen some good wildlife in NY since spring.  Cotton Tail Rabbit and baby, a fawn Deer among the masses of them, it was so little I was not sure it was a deer at first.  Did get  a pic there.  Hawks, a variety of birds including Red Winged Blackbird.

These animals take better care of their young than libs.  We need to air this out.  Abortion to you dem has become some divine holy right to murder.  Get up on your soap box, get behind Women’s lib as a misnomer.  It is a murder, inequality, you should be ghouls or starring in zombie films for supporting abortion.

When I was a kid we would take vegetable scraps and put them in a pan for wild rabbits.  You get a customer now and then.

I know let’s get Doctor switchblade and duck behind Roe v. Baby, we can have AMA execute the alien invader baby before they turn into infant storm troopers.  It takes some real intelligence to figure out these babies should have names like Dave and Joe, Harriet.  They are not just excess shooting targets from the range without identities.

The only wildlife I have not seen or heard from in NY so far, is the Bear, and (wild) Wolf.  Coyotes were a singing chorus behind my apt at the base.  One howls, the others join in.  An Owl used to hoot at me where I lived when I had Jesus Mobile Wagon, in AT school where I parked.

Libs are worse than the wolf?  And bear?  Yeah I know if you read instructions first you would plant the abortions in deeper dirt and water them more often, then they grow right.

God Bless Patriots




The Perfect Father
by James Robison
Adam and Eve lived in their Father’s presence in the garden. They enjoyed intimate fellowship with their Father, experiencing the joy of His manifest presence. They were at peace, secure, living with confidence under His watch care. Then the deceiver, the serpent, enticed them and they bought the lie, took the bait, fell, and forfeited their relationship with the Father. Adam and Eve, who knew no fear, were suddenly afraid of their own Father. They felt ashamed, naked, unclean, unworthy, and unloved, and they foolishly tried to cover their sin and shame with mere fig leaves.

God the Father immediately set in motion the plan to restore fallen man to intimate fellowship with Himself. He set out to establish a family of faith through whom He would bless the nations of the world. These truly blessed and chosen children of God could reveal the heavenly Father to fallen humanity.

From the time of the fall and the sacrificial gift of Jesus Christ the Father gave to reconcile us to Himself, mankind has continually been deceived by the enemy to live as orphans without knowing a personal relationship with the one and only perfect Father.

I personally understand the negative effect of fatherlessness. Born the product of a forced sexual relationship to a single woman and living without a father did unspeakable damage to me as a boy and a human being. All my efforts to fill that vacuum with any source other than a relationship with God were in vain. When I gave my life to Jesus, He redeemed me and I moved from an orphan mentality to become a child of the Father. There is no substitute for this relationship. The best of earthly fathers diligently seeking to be all they should be can never fully fill the void created by man’s fall from grace.

During my late teens, Joe Bailey Robison (my earthly father) spent several years in prison for various crimes. When Betty and I knew we were going to marry, my birth mother would not sign consent papers. At the time of our marriage in 1963 parental consent was required for anyone under twenty-one years of age. My father signed the consent papers while in prison.

After Betty and I had been married a few years and had a little girl, Rhonda, my alcoholic father suddenly entered our lives. He moved to the Houston area, and I tried to get him help with a ministry working with addicts. He did not make positive progress. One day as I drove home from San Jacinto Junior College where I was enrolled, I saw a man lying face down in the gutter. I pulled over to see if I could help, and as I knelt down and rolled the man over, I realized it was my own father. He was in such a drunken stupor that he had fallen facedown by the curb. With the help of another passerby I was able to get him into my car, and then I took him to the mobile home that Betty and I were living in.

A few days later I put him in a room and provided the money for food and asked for someone to look after him while I took care of my family and attended classes. One afternoon when I dropped by to see him, I found that he had coerced some of the people near the complex to buy him some alcohol. He had gotten so drunk he couldn’t get out of bed, and he had thrown up all over his shirt. I remember as though it were yesterday dropping down on my knees by the bed and pulling out of bed my alcoholic father, a man I had never known, who had never told me he loved me, and who never bought me a bite of food, a pair of shoes, or provided anything on my behalf. I pulled his chest up against mine and looked in his eyes and bearded face and said, I don’t know you, but I love you and I really want the best for you.

I told him about Jesus and how much God loved him. Over the coming months and years, I never saw a change in my father. I shared the gospel with him a few days before he put his head on the pillow, fell asleep, and died. He had sclerosis of the liver and diabetes from extreme alcoholism.

I hope that someday when I get to heaven and see the throngs around Jesus, there will be a hand waving through the crowd and a voice shouting, Son, look here! It’s your dad!, and discover that somehow in the last days or hours after I had witnessed to him, he invited Jesus into his heart and came to know God the Father. I believe that’s possible because we have a God so full of amazing grace. That would be one of the joyful surprises in heaven if my father was there.

I wish there had been a dad in my life, but I am so grateful to know the Father anyone can know. He is indescribably awesome, full of love and mercy. He offers forgiveness and life to every person on earth. This grace gift is available to you and everyone you know.

Please hear my heart as I diligently seek to point all people to the only One who can connect you and others to the Father all hearts long for. The only perfect solution to the painful scars of fatherlessness is found in the perfect Son and the perfect Father and the indwelling Spirit of both. The most important contribution we can make as parents and as Christian witnesses is to inspire people to know personally and intimately the Father in heaven by receiving the Son and yielding to His Spirit in every area of their lives.



When Saboteur in chief and USAG refuse to close the border or enforce US Code to stop terrorism.  These are your worst two offices for promoting crime in America. Keep changing the subject libs, to gun control, ignore baby murder, you belong in cages leftist devils.  It is as sorry as a loser like bon jovi promoting Hillary.  Hearts full of garbage.





Now trying to get on Trump’s case.  Post Orlando it was the sedition of attacking 2nd amendment rights.  Assault weapons, that is fine in Patriot hands.  It has nothing to do with shooting a turkey, it is the right of free Americans to assemble a militia by Constitution.  If you take away guns from free citizens, then you only arm criminals Elizabeth.

Take NY for example which I know by the number of people that protested at Albany, Cuomo has to go.  Limits and modifications to assault weapons.  You can’t have a bayonet on an assault rifle, too dangerous for  who the bad guys?  So Cuomo only help the criminals who will use any weapons they can.  Or the banning of castle laws.  New York needs a new Governor,  Andrew Cuomo and NYAG Schneiderman have orchestrated more crime through Hillside than Moreland commission, five goddamned years Cops.  Comey I hope you speak English today.  You need to stop these fools as federal perpetrators.



JUNE 18, 2016


As I see Rice is not ready to run for VP with Trump in news.

I don’t know who is the best pick overall for VP, now that a white male lines up against Hillary.  My hope was a minority would lead for GOP, because minority voters will lean left on average.

Trump has his picks available, if you want Florida and it is not Rubio, I don’t know then.  Female, Carly ok, but don’t forget Palin or Michele Bachmann.  Either one of them could stand any more Hillary?

In Ben Carson, America was robbed this man did not make nomination.  Look who is in the White House.

Trump better play the odds if he wants the house to win.  Drop Florida and it is big trouble.  Who is best against Hillary?

God give Trump the wisdom, he has to make decisions by God like he achieves in finances.



For 50 million aborted babies…



As the bible Female character of wisdom.




#1.  Stop Hillary period.

#2.  This delusional generation, we can vote for leftists and commies, leave the border open.  Tell me about your favorite superhero libs.

#3.  Patriot Spirit of America.  It is like people have a weak heart.  Libs should not even have 10% of the vote.

#4.  Worthless hedge hogs that you call African Kids starve to death at the hands of greedy dems.  I try to help drill wells and feed starving, some of you could give a rip.

In Jesus’ Name




There is more I wish I could do for The USA.  You have to get the troops up to vote in Nov.  Jesus never gave you directions to sit on your talents of voting.  A big body of voters can upset this election, turn NY red, and send Trump chasing down lib crime at the border and every community.  We have both houses in DC, throw strike three here for GOP, and the next Admin will pass legislation like you never seen in your lifetime?

I charge you Pastors- as the bible says, get it done.



If you are a history buff, worked in law, media, are a mandated child abuse reporter, or participated in some other cult.  And knowing of Hillside crime you rattle the saber for your own resume on your American history knowledge, but could not do anything to stop Andrew Cuomo in Albany on his liberal crime spree that FBI has grown as a hobby.  Then you could be the star on- missed the point, a new reality situation where crime takes over NY state, and Obama is too dumb to know how to stop it even after Harvard and seven years of warm up crime.   USAG after the situation is reported to her, ranks up there with learning disabled persons, at being able to bring down her liberal buddies in Albany from attacking freedom.  Are you a racist Lynch, when you would not let Blacks be harassed by your office like this?  Maybe someday you will figure out that people other than African Americans have legal rights Lynch?  And your racist ideals will cost you a career.

I understand if your employer has created a coercive environment refusing to expose Albany and Hillside.  Look how long feds let this go.  We actually pay you Comey?



With the banning of Russia’s Athletes from competition at Rio over banned substances by a few.  This was fair?  It is more the idea of communism that everybody suffers because the weak took control of the group.  It is a difficult line to draw, if a few athletes are banned caught on drugs, ok.  If IOC decides Russia’s program was so dirty that they need to discipline the whole country to stop the attempt?  It could go either way.  It is not fair to clean Russian competitors, but they do get a chance as independents.


JUNE 17, 2016


Let me run one past you here.  Commercial in a magazine, it looks like a Johnnie Walker one.  Russ, dressed in white tuxedo, confetti that whole nine, champagne glass filled to the hilt with Cream Soda.  Fancy cursive writing at the bottom of the page, the caption reads: you know he is in love when he does not have to be numb from the alcohol, Cream Soda- it’s the sweetest taste.

That is for you soda drinkers, who love the anabolic, non alcoholic Christian lifestyle.  You can drink Cream Soda in beer mugs, martini glasses, water bottles, and it loves you back!  Your liver will say thank you.

I think this 4th of July I will refill on Cream Soda for my refreshment, which I first had at a Christian High School as a guest of a Kodak slide show.


Can I get a grilled cheese with that? Sorry I keep training and the hunger…



In the case from 2011, and the proponents of child abuse at Rochester.

There was no reason to think that it was unreasonable to report crime about Hillside.  One it is my state duty by law.  Two I had reported other problems in the past and OCFS’ assigned rep to our campus handled it.  Three I had a letter from the OCFS regional director assigning a rep to us, and then a letter from that rep too.  Which is all case evidence.

So for OCFS to drop the ball, and not discipline the records falsification by Hillside as a threat to Client safety.  This is at the investigation my complaints initiated.  It is about like expecting Cops when you report to them, to sit on their democratic hands and  refuse legal duties.  Sometimes I get that with Cops, I am not going to sugar coat what US law enforcement has become, it is not all good.  People that know how much of scums some Cops are, the sad reality.  OCFS by me had done their jobs to that point though.  One of the usuals is you ask a Cop a question and they say they can’t give legal advice.  Legal advice?  I didn’t ask you for an opinion, I asked what a rule was or some other info.  It is their cute game of dropping the phone and not having to deal with the job.  Some get mad when problems are reported, so much they refuse to stop crime.  They are weak is why.

Even without this situation, Hillside was hiding my file.  From three years earlier, and I caught a Sup in the sex offenders program off a supervision area.  She tried to dirty my file behind my back afterwards, and HR tried to fall on the grenade.  When I told President Richardson I knew about deformation, is when he started sending me cronies to try to discipline policy allowed contacts to him.  He was fine handling new heaters and a newly created HVAC position after I complained about windows open in the winter with broken heaters that don’t stop.  As soon as I mention my file and deformation, he sends HR to try to write me up for going to him, even by his Email invitation.  Our HR rep was so stuck up she tried to lecture me about going to her boss the head of HR, for not helping me here in June 2011.

Helen Head of HR never lifted a finger for me on complaints and let this whole situation go down like it was Watergate.  She is either a vicious liberal snot, or a crack head staff who does not care if she does her job, unless out of her mind is a third choice.    You can’t leave Helen at HR or on a board, she likes crime.

Omnibuds tried to scold me for going to OCFS over the phone in July 2011.

Look at this way libs, you stab babies, duh?




There are no two ways about it: President Obama and Hillary Clinton have put political correctness above American lives.

Last Sunday just like you I woke to the news of the horrifying terrorist attack in Orlando. This is the fourth attack on American soil perpetrated by Islamic extremists under President Obama.

And yet, in his remarks to our grieving nation President Obama was more upset at the American people for wanting to preserve our 2nd Amendment than the Islamic terrorist who perpetrated it or name the corrupted version of Islam that he practiced.





That was my point on these White House broadcasts, about terrorism.  Some act of terror happens, and they change the subject to whether ISIS is Islamic State or not.  Was it an act of terrorism?  Was it by someone who claims allegiance to Islam?  So why does Josh or Jay keep showing up with these conversations about ISIS is not Islamic State like they won the lottery?  Your duty was defend USA, but border security is as slack as miniature golf courses.  Who cares if ISIS is Islamic State, go do your job knucklehead Obama.

Criminals will take on guns illegally DNC, excuse me born yesterday donkeys.  If you take away guns from everyone you only arm criminals.  You know that so what are you trying to pull?



Detail Sloth Conservatives

Authorities I have been to in the past on Hillside.  The highest, were Fed Attys for different districts of NY.  The southern one is already investigating Cuomo.  FBI including Comey, Buffalo being the mode office.  US House Rep Tom Reed is my rep for NY.  Every OCFS Commissioner was Emailed.  NYS Police headquarters was mailed.  Any involved Sheriffs and DA’s.  It also went to Trump through Dr. Ben Carson as a blank Email that requested typed responses, and I gave a short request.

If you want to concentrate your legal firepower I would contact:

Tom Reed, FBI, Trump, US Attys southern.

If you as/are a coward in media refusing to let your staff cover the story, you are endangering the welfare of children for all of NY and MD.  In the system it is called an ALL CALL when there is crisis and responders come running from everywhere  to stop a brawl.

This is your chance to get in the crime stopping Conservatives.  The Teens are in danger.

Rubio was contacted because I thought he was the best chance in Senate to make changes.  I don’t see him appreciating the crime from arrogant Cuomo.

God Bless




Have you contacted any law enforcement to stop criminal Hillside of Rochester?  Or any GOP politicians?

JUNE 16, 2016



My take on The Bills right now.  They made some changes in the off season.  Big picture they are deep at every position.  Offense still has talent everywhere at skill positions.  Defense they have the players, talk about switching to a 3-4 is a risk?  I watched this before, and three pass rushers inside against five O Linemen who all step inside to down block, it doesn’t work, if you want to get to the QB.  Someone like Patriot’s Brady you can’t give all day to pass.  The other question is covering TE Gronk from New England.  It depends how they draw this up.

Penalties aside, Buffalo has a shot based on talent, to beat any team.







The last contacts to the agency, that betrayed NYS Teens, dared OCFS to bust them, and continues to improve the condition of child abuse for evil staff against taxpayers.

Agency Attorney, with the directive there would be no settlement, without President Dennis Richardson resigning from the agency.  Dennis is caught in the leadership aspect of the scandal, knowing the case pre perjury.  There is no staff that could follow policy without exposing Dennis.  Criminal behavior class III misconduct, means he needs to leave.  Or maybe the media put on their big boy pants and try to expose the scandal.

Are you reading this Cops?  DA’s?  Mr. Comey said tell somebody about the crime.  I don’t have any more respect for USAG Lynch and Obama than Black Panthers who tried to take over elections at Philly.

Still no word on any law enforcement stepping up to basic duties  to bring this crime down.  Doesn’t sound like you are doing your job Comey?  Five years, extra slow apprehension of Hillside goons?

Highest leadership at Hillside is still guilty, because they run the books, can see accounts.  When Hillside made fraudulent statements in court, they paid an Attorney to represent the agency.  Therefore it was duty of Hillside Governors and Boards to know the nature of the cases, and act against crime.  Since they did not they are liable to RICO law by negligence.  Any false statement by Judge or defense was made twice or they falsified more than one court appearance, both parties this is for, and it helps define their insulation of child abuse as a federal racketeering act.


I did get an invitation to join a conference call with SFLA after they meet with Trump.  On Music, whatever man, I practice and it goes well, I am not worried about that end of things.



JUNE 15, 2016


I know people have questions, piece below on use of vocal tones in the system.  The main example I remember is we had an edge of crisis event, where a Male Client who was not so balanced emotionally, saw a Female Client looking at him  and visa versa, they went for eachother physically as in battery/assault.  I was actually in the office but could hear it, with other staff covering the situation.  Reaction was to break it up before it started, so yeah my voice went up, but it worked without having to put anyone in restraints also called physical holds.  That does not involve any shackles.  Although Police would bring me Clients in handcuffs at detention.






With the anger problem in society.  One of the things you can do in heated arguments.  Keep arms length between you and the other person.  I notice also, for all the years I worked in the system.  I don’t raise my  voice, once in five years, closer to ten I’d guess.  Clients know expectations, so it is not my style to push the issue if they refuse program, loss of privileges are their problem.

Recognize with road rage, one of the worst areas of crime.  People who would not walk up to me in a weight room and say two words inappropriate turn into superman behind the wheel.  It has to be the biggest ego trip.

Worst is Hillary and the libs.  They are not telling lies in front of millions because they are anything more than brats.  They don’t know better, no.  Incompetent yes, but it is a hate trip with a manipulator, experts in libel.  Harvard and me not know how to seal border, or recognize ISIS as Muslim terrorists.  It is an anger problem that if libs can’t win fair, they cheat.  Discipline a brat or they will take over.  That is UB Child Adolescent Psych.  I am sorry but these politicians functional level is not any higher.  Good solid Patriot High School Students don’t act like DNC.







Are you in this?

The religious right has to get up and vote in November.

This election is critical, not usual tough times, we don’t have another four years of Obama or Hillary left to go in America.

All your Pastors need to summon their Churches to get up and vote by Jesus’ words.

Are you registered to vote?  Is your church?

It is the most anabolic thing you can do besides to live a righteous life, is vote for the right.  Chaos is this era.  What you can control, is you vote.

America is becoming a slave to crime and from the DNC.  Be mad enough to do your part in 2016, we are counting on you Patriots.




Who kills more babies serial abortion Doctors or wild lions at the zoo?

JUNE 12, 2016


Photo on 6-12-16 at 10.56 PM

Consider if stabbing a live baby to death is not murder to libs.  How could we ever let them run the government?

(Excuse the noise on the pic, for no sideburns, that’s some five o’clock shadow.)

Photo on 6-12-16 at 10.23 PM

Does this mean we vote for a third party candidate, split the righteous count, and get Hillary elected like Perot did her husband?

(2016 pics)











Scan 614


(Well you see kid due to this supreme court decision Roe v. Baby.)




JUNE 6, 2016


Here is an old one.  Summer pre UMES, right after two mile swim.  The reason I brought it up, I had said about the fatigue recording in ’04.  That level of being tired, hour of sleep before speaking an unknown course on abortion.  It would have been different if I had prep time, church input.

Notre Dame?  Football of course, they are a known power.  Not you take the Notre, I take the Dame was it?  The Fightun’ Irish, you know not a bed of roses for the opponent.

I had to quick go get to breakfast after this pic before they stopped serving it.  I have been through some hard workouts in my life, if there is anything like the hunger after swimming, not by me there isn’t.  I was lighter here, trained abs hard that summer.  Also the summer Poison-Stand For What You Believe was on TV, same type of training.  Trump and Bret Michaels?  If you don’t know that one.

Prayer request did go up for Bret from boarder when he had CVA.

End of first year at Maryland 202 lbs, with NCAA eligibility still left.  I was young when I was done with Football, 20 years old by only two weeks?  When semi pro asked me to play  being at NFL strength level  later, technically I could still do it, yeah.  I made better decisions for academics instead.  Used to look at it like even if you were Thurman Thomas and able, healthy, you get in there and is it worth it?  God be with you in NFL, the injuries.  Bodybuilding and Rock Star, are the anabolic.

Alright those pants mighta been a Minnesota Vikings carry, who knew?


2 mile swim




That I showed you in recent days.  The correct order of events of how that started, and Unborn Nation recorded.

GW takes office 2001, I finish my degree in Athletic Training in 2002.  Recording, God did not give me the idea for studio until, I will say 2004 even though I used to play this on a synth at I.C. (Ithaca College) with headphones while in school.

9-11 hits, I was in Exercise Phys lab that day.  After graduation I worked for awhile full time in a detention, some of the time I would spend at the school there. This is near Judge Jeanine’s town, at Elmira.

I had watched 700 Club and seen Pat Robertson and Falwell talk about abortion and 9-11 before this, when I was at another location.

Pat Robertson makes a prediction in the same year Unborn Nation records of 2004 on GW winning DC.  As plain as I can tell you, the spirit of God was upon Newfield, NY.  I felt the same message from above, not from Pat blindly, that Bush would win, and that abortion was a part of 9-11.

By then in 2004 I had forgotten the letter from GW, and found it one day.  Oh yeah, this, it all lines up.  I wrote to 43, days before the attack, Falwell and Robertson discuss abortion in God’s wrath after 9-11 independent of me.  I was no one to them or in music right then.

I go back and find the letter.  I was glad 43 wrote, I knew we didn’t get too far at stopping abortion, but I held on to it out of respect, knick knack not being the cheap definition.

It tells you three Christians agreed on this.  God gave me that title in a church service for the song, I did not struggle with it for two seconds.  It was not even on my mind to write on abortion in music.

I was very committed to Church, evening service on Super Bowl Sunday, Church is first if I am late to the game, that was usual even for Super Bowl.  Sports didn’t seem that important anymore.


These lib devils are killing kids, not torture and release.






Is what I had written about to close abortion clinics back in 2001 to 43.  The perception GW could stop the murders with it.  Maybe it works or him and Cheney are impeached as it starts to bleed the GOP leaders from power.  I am not saying it would have worked or held, worth mentioning.

Some libs are so dumb they think an aggressive 400 lbs gorilla being killed who is dragging a human kid around is bad.  Even better, if we don’t let you massacre your children, you are deprived of horror time.  Like the early Indians who had sacrificial burial mounds in America.  Harvard, you are so much more civilized in your murders!  Those heathen with the snake mound in Ohio, enlighten us friends, we must know why you are so sophisticated beyond cave dwellers.  Why is it Ivy League can’t follow basic logic?

A murder is defined as the following on baby who can be delivered to an incubator, or rat trap just for kicks.  It is a learning disability you are so stupid at Harvard.  This is not a murder? ‘Shut up Russ, sweeping that under the carpet with the extra large broom Roe v. Wade, which Hillary tries to get us sex addicts who can’t stop having kids, telling lies, pretending nobody else sees the killing 50 million strong.’  I see  and so if you aborted a toaster you would in effect be killing the machinery?  Or if a housepet was the victim of planned parenthood this would be medicine.

‘What do you do with a drunken sailor? Keel ’em to the hull until he’s sober, er-lie in the morning.  Hoo-ray up she rises, hoo-ray…, (an old sailing song).’

Pathology libs, genocide, you are worse than some dictators, well past buddy Assad by now.  Tree Hugger you gettin’ this?

National Guard, you can’t kill anymore babies, too bad, cry me a river and drown the whole world.  Tell it to the Judge.

God Freaking Dammit Are You Evil Dems!



This letter was right before 9-11, check the date.  I had written to 43, looking for an Executive Order to close abortion clinics.  I knew that Jackson had done this in effect to The Cherokee on The Trail Of Tears against a Supreme Court decision.

The reply letter came back and went in a folder cover of Church Chorus songs. Because I didn’t have a file for knick knacks of, how many Presidential letters do you have.  Although I still have a Pentagon brochure from High School and a trip to DC.

When 9-11 happened, my personal take on it was not surprised arrogant America was attacked.  Read enough bible and you appreciate the attitude problem better.  People are so divided and hate eachother, look at road rage just as a symptom.

Conviction from God that I spoke on CD and abortion and God’s wrath, not contrived.  Like the prophecy 43 would win 2004, I backed Pat Robertson on it by my own walk with God, on line here at boarder.  This was after he released his Unitarian 10 Offenses?

To be that baby, dying at the hands of a homicidal freak you call an abortion Doctor.  Strangulation instead would get the point across better Oprah as a treatment on infants?  Or no- ‘so I married an ax murderer liberal’- abortion really is a murder should be on marriage licenses?

We watched in Church from Ray Vanderlaan a video on the Valley Of Slaughter, who taught at my cousins High School.

Years passed from 2001, and I had no intent to record Unborn Nation independent of a band, record contract, or the whole Good Friday album.  God had me work on it in studio, go see what recoding is about, I had only used a four track before this.

So that first studio experience became the Unborn Nation CD.


The archived letter began to turn color some.  Nothing else really did, maybe it is the genuine parchment effect setting in.  I did buy a dehumidifier from Casey Roskelly’s Dad back in that time to keep guitar eq dry. His Dad told me he went to play Linebacker at St. John Fisher after I went to UB.  I would run pass patterns in practice from TE in High School, and he would try to fence post me.  Newspaper article more recent showed Casey in charge of a US Navy ship at Florida.  Hard nosed character, he would defend America, I would not even question it.




Unless notified otherwise copying pics and scans from this site is strictly permitted for righteous Patriots. -RB.




That was a pic I took in a sanctuary.  Piano which I didn’t try out, sits at the bottom of the photo, not really seen here.  You can view water through the windows just behind it.

More of a quality envroniment.











Scan 541Scan 542




There are staff at Hillside who are supposed to stop crime!

Hillside Family of Agencies Board of Governors
Roger B. Friedlander – Chair
Robert J. Stiles – Vice Chair
Jose J. Coronas – Secretary
Diana Nole – Treasurer
Angela B. Pichichero – Past Chair
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Deborah J. Daum
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
William H. Goodrich
Kevin N. Hill
Alan Illig
Barbara G. McManus
Duncan T. Moore, PhD
Richard Notargiacomo, MBA
Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD
Efrain Rivera
Leonard J. Shute
Robert Tait

Hillside Children’s Center Board of Directors
Philip D. Fishbach – Chair
Sarah B. Adams – Vice Chair
T. C. Lewis – Vice Chair
Monica L. Monte – Secretary
Todd M. Liebert – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Nancy L. Castro, PhD
David L. Cleary
Craig F. Curran
Denise T. Dragoone
Carolyn T. Friedlander
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
James C. Haefner
Joanne C. Larson, PhD
Candice A. Lucas
Gary Muaro
Marie W. mcNabb
James C. Moore
Doren P. Norfleet
Virginia Biesiada O’Neill
Jan M. Parisi
Todd A. Trehan

Hillside Children’s Foundation Board of Trustees
James K. Merkley – Chair
Daniel J. Diefendorf – Vice Chair
Daniel Mason – Secretary
Brian C. Callahan – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Rovert W. August
Rober M. Baker
Timothy J. Bancroft
Gregory H. Carver
Douglas R. Hilfiker
Louise H. Klinke
Barbara G. McManus
Shawn P. O’Donnell
Jason P. Torres
Gregory Woodard

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Board of Directors
Gerald Q. Pierce – Chair
Howard R. Jacobson – Vice Chair
Daniel R. Wegman – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – CEO
Sarah Amering
Anne M. Kress, PhD
Milt Sender
John M. Summers

Snell Farm Children’s Center Board of Directors
Deborah J. Daum – Chair
Christine M. Valkenburgh, Esq. – Vice Chair
Harvey E. Tremper – Secretary
Jo A. Slovak – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
David L. DuBois, Jr.
Philip Jones
Gary L. Short
Levi H. Weaver

The Agencies you can express problems to on Hillside crimes:




United Way of Greater Syracuse