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CHRISTIANS:  Please remember CD BABY, on line for helping get Boardman on YOUTUBE.



Photo on 10-2-14 at 9.00 PM

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BOARDEROFETERNITY.COM, THE SOMETIMES PARODY SITE CONTINUES. Upgrades to the site are not complete but may be soon.



SIGN THIS PETITION TO: PROSECUTE HILLSIDE FAMILY OF AGENCIES FOR CORRUPTION, INTERFERING WITH A  CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATION. AT WHITE HOUSE SITE:  Use these URLs below until the petition posts at White House Petitions site. http://wh.gov/i0ruk, or https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/prosecute-hillside-family-agencies-rochester-ny-retaliation-against-mandated-child-abuse-reporter

Corruption in NY has to stop, 4 years and no removal of staff from Hillside, President Richardson is still there supervising crime at last check including perjury.

My Coworkers need your help at Hillside, Clients are trapped by the organized crime.

-Russ Boardman

(Plaintiff to Civil Suits against Hillside)





Is your Samaritan Church voting against baby murder in 2016?


NOVEMBER 29, 2015


The shooting at Planned Parenthood.  It is not really clear what was going on yet, little evidence is what authorities have.  But what is clear, is that the scene should be condemned as a crime against live American  BABIES Lynch, in all Planned Parenthoods.  Murder, homicide, you can send in investigators who will confirm that this is what goes on in Planned Parenthood to exterminate live American humanoid babies.  You are a desperate liar Lynch to call this service healthcare anymore than Hitler in the holocaust against Jews.

I may want my 40 acres and a mule though when the Hillside cases are over with.   Racist Obama, Holder, Lynch, letting crimes go on-FBI, against White America.  Crimes against Women? What about Female libs trampling innocent babies?  Open the other eye, there you go Lynch, mentally unwell people live in denial like the libs killing babies.  What are you doing?  What the hell on earth are you doing?  Dead American sons and daughters as babies, and all you can see is the right to murder more of them?  No really, you can put them in incubators instead of stab them right then, and they actually live, not a fairy tale, medical fact.

To hell with abortion you dirty murderers.  The female ego problem is not enough to hide the killing.  You would not kill puppies like that or kittens, but humanoid babies even Black ones too, you will.

Face it if God killed abortion Doctors Himself, it would be just.  It is worse than slavery, you stole everything from these babies.  Libs you face that nutso element in your psyche everyday, killing babies.  We can’t vote for you, DNC you have flipped.  ‘Please bless my murder as a lib, we sacrifice this baby to the liberal grave as an act of healthcare, and thanksgiving of Cain over Abel.’ Is that what you are telling me serial baby killers?  Out of your skulls, not a clue about healthcare or medicine, murder is your right?  That is rubber room material, mocking your victims with insults to their executions.

Abortion is healthcare, some people could say that then about the electric chair.  Come on try to deny it you crazies, you could be whacking live babies with shovels,  right in Congress, look at that medicine!!!  Did I kill them babies with that last shovel hit females could ask?  Hillary answers no from a distant corner,   but that she will finish them off with an elbow drop off the balcony, so not to worry.  Bat manure crazy killin’s, you liberals have failed to act in a sane manner.

Patriots we are in the hands of an insane government.  It is criminal to let this continue.




This is for the playoffs today Buffalo against The Chiefs.  To stay alive they need this game.

Buffalo Defensive Lineman Kyle Williams also will be going for knee surgery.  I am sure Bills Fans felt that, a big loss to the Defense.  Big Stuff, Carrington, Jerry Hughes, will have to pull it together like they have been.  Mario Williams another Defensive Lineman and Pro Bowler for Buffalo who was injured.

Questioning if Enemkpali becomes the other DE and this is a fast attack off the edges with him and Hughes?  Then use Lawson as a 5th, that has to be hard to contain as an O Line.

No predictions on this one, I don’t know as much about KC.  I saw their pass rush and passing game is something.

Main focus is Buffalo has to play their style well, whatever they decide on from Buffalo, execute plays.  Linemen have to focus on no penalties.  After that it is about the intensity level, The Bills have to really go after this.

Feel The Rush



NOVEMBER 28, 2015

Are DC libs so careless they would recommend you smoke

bottle rocket brand cigarettes?







Just over two months ago I began planning a trip over the Thanksgiving weekend to visit with Syrian refugees, Jordanian government officials, and NGO’s. I wanted to see with my own eyes this great human tragedy.

Today I listened to the life struggles of many Syrians who were forced to flee their own homes. I met with medical professionals, humanitarian workers and government officials. I saw pain on the faces of mothers and children.

They came to Jordan for safety. Jordan is doing an amazing job opening its doors and extending a hand in relief. The rest of the world could be doing so much more.
These brave people want nothing more than an end to the war in Syria. They want to go back to their lives. We must find a political end to this conflict.

Millions of refugees have now been waiting years for the end of the war to come in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. Some are giving up hope that they will ever be able to return to the country. We must keep their hope alive.

Until it is safe for them to return home, Jordan is a safe place for them to wait. The Kingdom has welcomed them with open arms. But Jordan is a small country. They need the world’s help to feed, educate, and care for these refugees until the war ends.

The United States must do more. We can do our part to help this crisis without bringing 10,000 to 25,000 refugees to the United States. Jordan already houses 1.4 million refugees. Jordan needs and deserves our logistical help and financial support.

In the coming days I will offer what I believe are real solutions to the problems created in part by the Obama-Clinton Administration’s failed policies.


Ben Carson




They can win, and libs know it will be beneficial.






Once again the crimes that happened at Hillside were a deliberate attempt to interfere with Conservatives, Tea Party, Pro Life Americans, Christians, much less child abuse reporters.

NYS Police does not have one investigator who can read the court transcript and figure out somebody lied for Hillside?  Perjury, is not a concern for Police?  Or dirty DA’s who are refusing to act.  Albany may be the gay boyfriends network where Cuomo and Co. are refusing to prosecute Hillside due to discriminatory acts against normal men.  You don’t really know but FBI can crash the party.

I hope Conservatives understand they are targets by Cuomo and his insanity.  And you can dump Hillside in time for 2016; Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, look at this four years of child abuse and retaliation.  And you aren’t a little bit, freaking upset with these devils?  The same Conservatives might win NYC on Black, Latino, healthcare, gun rights (unsafe gun act), pro life, Churches up voting, Godly budget rescue.  NY is close to the tipping point.  We can’t win?  Buffalo I hear votes Conservative.  Yeah I think we could win, if the courage to go after the election was in NY.

It would have been disrespect to The NATA if I handled the Hillside case any way other than to confront crime, and illegal too.  Child Abuse 101, hello OCFS, no problem here?  I am demanding they surrender their crimes at Hillside, or authorities will take control from any involved individuals eventually.  Resist, the wager goes up jail house lawyers.  That is a system term for an inmate who puts everyone else on trial from their cell,  jail house lawyer, everyone else is guilty, can’t be the perp who got caught, no not at all Hillary.




Good to see Ben Carson travel to Jordan with the situation of refugees.  This man has the intelligence to work as a Surgeon and jealous critics don’t want to acknowledge the point.  Like he is not competent at foreign affairs or policy?

This isn’t that difficult.  Like Trump is smarter?  Or Bush who wanted to avoid Gulf War II would have been in the right?  Foreign policy and world history begin with the bible 4000 B.C. even though libs are deficient at it.  But they are the experts now on foreign policy?

The left is afraid because Carson can win, and will reverse the damage Obama did.    Think about it, Carson does not see and understand border problems, or Russia, the nature of ISIS?  It is slander to agree with that.  Ask him any question on policy and he could not solve it?  You have to know better than media con artists.

I watched O’Reilly, with Carson, I could’t tell if Bill was trying to dig deeper into Carson’s perspective, or it was an attempt to belittle Dr. Carson on his views.  I walked into the middle of the conversation, so it was a grey area.   Another President with that much Education? But no the casinos guy or a Benghazistan lawyer, is smarter?  God is telling you Americans, vote for the horned DNC rep who let diplomats get murdered, babies too in abortion.  Or I will send forth The Donald as Moses, leading to Jenners and casinos, as good stewards of money.  What do you think Jesus, you will say the Amen?

At a year out, liberal media has tried to write Carson off as not educated enough on foreign policy?  That is weak, it was their Hail Mary because Carson is on top in some polls and ahead of Hillary.  When you don’t have a better candidate you have to say things like that on the left.





This was from DC, back shortly after I finished UMES.  The million man march in DC was before the election of 43.


Scan 553

Pre Boardman, I was working on music under this name.  It was something of a good thing, is it strong enough a presence?  Lighthouse it could work with fireworks and lasers, is it really street wise?  Sort of like a Fender bodied guitar, you can use those in Loverboy and Air Supply, lighter music.  But is it really heavy enough for heavy metal?  It depends what kind of Fender it is you get.  Goth era music has to be heavy.

As I said before my Grandparents were neighbor to the Edmund Fitzgerald Cook.


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UMASS 31 UB 26

Buffalo lost yesterday, which eliminates them from the Bowl game contention.  In more recent years Tater and International Bowl games were UB’s highest appearances.  This season after three quarters they trailed Penn St. by only a touchdown.

Umass had the #1 receiver in the country, the running back around 200 yards in the first half, and the QB was not covered running.  Nice job UMass, you have to give them that.

Main difference between when I was there as a player and now, is the consistency.  We had some as big and fast, as probably anyone there, but not all of them.  A Lineman from V Tech who pressed 315 lbs over his head 6 times, another one at Noseguard who benched 315 for 17-18 reps, one Linebacker at 250 lbs + benched 225 lbs around 40 reps.  Linebackers was the toughest group, One went to Michigan St. and made the team, another from Penn St., one was top western NY linebacker for NY high schools it was said, another a Captain. Mark Raymond became Captain later as Linebacker. Dale from my high school had over 200 tackles at LB in two years for UB.  Haslett was a big draw I think.

Defensive Backs, Rodriguez was 4.4 speed and probably 6’2″,  Mark Anderson All American transfer from Youngstown St. Undertaker (Joz) was our top Safety on bench 20 x 225 lbs, and one of the two fastest as Safety.  I had the top squat in D Backs, and playing linebacker in practice on goal line is more what I got and wanted, (what do you expect from a SS recruit)?  Defensive End Rich was maybe 4.4 speed.

Offense, All American Tailback, Captain at Fullback, who followed  a 230 lbs Fullback from Colgate.  We could move the ball but then interceptions.   Or one side of O Line was not as good as the other.  Defense gets stranded on the field maybe.

Bench players from lesser teams could say anybody would play for UB.  I don’t see that.


After college, when I finished at UMES 202 lbs, and semi pro asked if I wanted to play.  It was about a natural Christian athlete.  210 lbs, combine strength for NFL, my deadlift I would say it was close to Barry Sanders in the squat, triple bodyweight.  I had some shoulder issues at UB, never a stinger, no surgery, some instability, was it nerve damage or a contracture?  That improved on rotator cuff training for stability.  I also had terrible equipment worse than high school at Buffalo.  Trained,  I can get results on that side that are equal in strength to the other shoulder.  Unless I could slam dunk though I would not time a 40 yards, and come out of retirement like my hero Leon Sandcastle.  Since, bench numbers have gone up, where NFL linebacker testing I could pass easy.



NOVEMBER 27, 2015



As we move forward on GOP debates.  Crime in America needs better handling.  How we are ending up with petitions, like the Hillside one that went to the White House.

We need a petition to have law enforcement do their jobs?  That is like a bribe almost, if you come out and do your job we will get you more free doughnuts…  You either do your job or face consequences libs, you are not being asked you are being told.  If you want to ponder that they don’t serve doughnuts in prison, now you have incentive, about as much reasoning as a dumb dog.  It is all about the food.

Look at that Hillside.  If it took you 5 years, three corrupted court cases, and The FBI to get you to follow company policies…this does not mean you passed your agency 360 eval with flying colors.  That is a Hillside procedure.  It means you are lying on forms as Admin.  The Clinical diagnosis on this is reality.  These people don’t belong anywhere but behind bars.  They could be drug addicts, terrorists, psych ward crazy, and there there Teens, you know Hillside where Mafia morals are in charge.

Let us hope Cops have the c-c-c-c-c-c-c-courage to solve this.  Either that or give me the badge I’ll bring these perps in.



Planned Parenthood, the culture of death that they sell as some act of healthcare.  They couldn’t contain the killing to babies, crisis on hand adults being shot at.  If the gunman was killing baby brats it would have been business as usual.  Can you picture if he had started telling dead baby jokes after that too?  The nerve!!!Liberals are the worst terrorists in America, don’t whine about Muslims, you kill your own babies.  By the millions.

P R A Y E R:

I felt God is challenging the Christians out there for justice in the NY and Hillside cases:

#1.  For the arrest and conviction of- NYAG Schneiderman, Gov.  Andrew Cuomo, Hillside Execs from Rochester and their  HR reps, on down.

#2.  USAG Lynch also for mob justice of a criminal political agenda, not doing her job if necessary.  Dirty White people wanted laws in society!

Stalking, obstruction, racketeering, fraud, defending abortion murders, harassment.

You wanted the crimes, what about the cage living arrangement too libs?

In Jesus’ Name





Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.00.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.00.08 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.00.20 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 2.15.33 PM







Fw: For Sheila J. PooleBack to Messages
From: “Russ Boardman” <russb> Full Header
Sent: Tue, Oct 06, 2015 07:22 AM

Please forward to Judge Jeanine, Bill O’ Reilly, Hannity.


———- Forwarded Message ———-
From: “Russ Boardman” <russb>
To: info@ocfs.ny.gov, buffalo@ic.fbi.gov
Subject: For Sheila J. Poole
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2015 04:20:41 GMT


Please forward to Commissioner Poole.

Commissioner Poole:

An update on the Boardman v. Hillside cases. This began in 2011 with Hillside serving retaliatory and fake paperwork at an OCFS arranged meeting at Hillside , 6-30-11 through director Mike Staino and HR Rep Julie Philips-Oriel.
The first round of court for retaliation Article 20-C of NYS LL, found Hillside lying saying that Plaintiff did not work in healthcare even though hired as Sociotherapist. This Judge was not interested in laws, and claims no fraud happened even though Hillside lied, and it was proven to him.

Fortunately Appeals can remedy this case in civil terms. That does not cover OCFS for negligence, leaving retaliatory staff at Hillside, a criminal liability. Hillside is up to the Federal charge of racketeering, punishable by a possible twenty years in prison. This for the perjury that compounds initial fraud. Any accomplices to that Hillside crime may include NYAG and Cuomo like Moreland Commission.

No Hillside Admin has ever reversed the criminal decisions that have happened in this case from President Richardson to board chair Angela Pichicherro, or the Governors of Hillside.

Settled record was approved for Appeals court which began at 176 pages of evidence. Relating to a $14 million case. Hillside did settle out of court in class action of a third case where coworkers were not paid fairly including myself.

As long as criminal staff remain at Hillside, Clients are not under proper care, and OCFS is allowing it.


-Russ Boardman


Boardman v. HillsideBack to Messages
From: “Russ Boardman” > Full Header
To:NYAG.Pressoffice@ag.ny.gov, buffalo@ic.fbi.gov, foxnewstips@foxnews.com
Sent: Fri, Oct 02, 2015 12:18 PM

NYAG: This letter is once again to inform you that the records falsification that occurred at Hillside from Admin staff, and in  County cases # 47434, #48984 was submitted to your office months ago.

Your reply letter found no criminal prosecution of the perps at Hillside. What a surprise, after Moreland Commission and the criminal tendency of your office under klepto Cuomo, no one has shown prosecution of this matter. Referral to Labor Bureau, as you have been informed of before was sidelined by Labor Bureau, they say they can’t do anything in their reply letter.

I hold you personally responsible, and liable sir, for the crime that continues to attack Conservatives in NY, and have asked Federal Prosecutors to take up the case for the criminal racket Albany runs. Damages for intentional political targeting, conspiracy and discrimination, remain as your wager.

-Russ Boardman



Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 4.32.20 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 4.33.06 PM


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.10.54 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.10.37 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.10.42 AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 7.10.48 AM


Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 9.45.38 PM



Photos like this help libs acquire the guilt.




NOVEMBER 26, 2015


P R A Y E R:

#1.  For Ben Carson

Who can win The White House.

& lead a DC three house sweep.

#2.  Rubio

With Florida’s 29 electoral votes.

#3.  Virginia:  Dropped in last election, coulda, shoulda, woulda.

#4.  NY:  A brood of political vipers.

God these libs are devils incarnate, and no match for hell.





347 Days to go?



The theater of war, planes shot down, missiles in Syria.  Overall, I would say Russia picked a fight on purpose with Turkey to get shot at, as a very least gripe.  Of course Russia was threatened by this aggression, so they have to move missiles into Syria, oh darn right expansionist policy?  Partners of Assad, last time it was accidental attacks on rebels against Assad.

Treason charges however for Obama and Kerry based on nukes to the #1 terrorist country, this is according to Obama.  No accountability for this international crime.  You have to know it is a sleeper cell  when the war on terror is ‘over’.  Harvard and you are that dumb?  These guys are not still radical Muslims, with a militant agenda?  I think you know that one dumb dumb Obama.

Jail for libs, that is what they need to stop the crimes.




Thanks for a season that has shown The NFL a new power is in the AFC East.  I was there during Superbowl years at UB as a Bulls D-Back (SS,FS,C).  Also having worked security for The Bills at UB north campus stadium.  Jim Kelly, Bruce, and Bennett were there, along with Dr. Sack.

Another great game ahead with Kansas City.  Buffalo Defense has really come out hitting as of late.  Bills Offense can beat you anyway you cut it.  It was McCoy last time, I know they have to go with what works, hope that there is some other running to help him like the game where Williams ran for around 100 yards.

I give it a good chance Buffalo makes playoffs with Pitt’s schedule and  Texans, Jets on The Bills schedule.  I can’t point to any part of that team and say I wish they had better players.  This is a special group in Buffalo.




A year from now there should be plenty of prosecutions that went through.  Against Dennis Richardson for sending counsel to court to lie and testify that YCP staff who are the highest number of contact hours staff in mental health observation and logging, are not healthcare workers.  Theresa Gringer, a falsified affidavit for court to back up this cronyism.  Board and Governors apparently not aware of racketeering laws that they are liable.  Campus staff through the whole program chain of command need to go.

FBI agent Boetig at Buffalo took in numerous Emails, evidence is not in short supply.  He has been replaced since, as an accomplice I don’t know.  How long it takes Feds to do NYS Police and Sheriff’s jobs for them is not cute.

The Teens, left to criminal libs in charge of NY.  Cuomo is having a party at Albany letting crime attack NY, Teens, OCFS, and refusing to get his Moreland ace Schneiderman to do his job.  So there you go so called authorities, would you like to prosecute now and stop crime?

USAG Lynch can do her job or I will be happy to sue her.  Collectively this has been the biggest joke of leadership in NY and the system since who knows when?  Hillside at one time it was said in training was #1 in education in the system, that is now a shambles of an Admin in Rochester.  If Clients were arresting dirty staff, it is about due.

So far, zeros on the scoreboard for law enforcement, in sport they call it goose eggs, I like to think of it as doughnuts though.

Parents may sue Hillside Admin along with OCFS, you have to anticipate people will not be happy with these crimes.  You have now identified crime by liberal from agency to law enforcement, at every level.  If you didn’t know this as a citizen, that would be ok, like Fox news never told you?  A fairly unbalanced situation.

Asking a court injunction to not be sent to Hillside due to criminal conditions there is a realistic request for Teens in court.

Law Enforcement better look out, these Admin jokers may be coming for the doughnuts next!!!

Conservatives you can win here.  The evidence is overwhelming and on Cuomo.  They could not have paid me to protect their crime scene.  If this incites Albany and Rochester to vote Conservative.  Buffalo and Syracuse are also Hillside towns last I knew.

An excuse to not be negligent like Daniel was found not negligent in the bible?  Conservatives are not meeting this bible principle.  Yes dems humanoids are tired of your crime, and time outside of prison.  A person that crazy as Hillside Admin belongs in a cage.  Or you would turn NY Teens over to them Conservatives?

The Turkey Bowl was our campus football tournament at Hillside.  We took the title twice.

God Bless Patriots





I just finished the cranberry sauce and I’m starting to make my grandmother-in-law’s homemade noodles. I’ve got candied sugar on my glasses, and I’m pretty sure my shirt looks a mess.

However, I wanted to just stop in the midst of my kitchen chaos and say “thank you” to you.

You are the reason why thousands of young people when asked at the dinner table today, what’s been keeping them busy at school, will eagerly reply “my Students for Life club” and then launch into details about the latest Center for Medical Progress videos.

You are the reason why next week we will launch an historic #WomenBetrayed Bus Tour, traveling from California to Ohio, proclaiming the truth about Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

You are the reason so many preborn babies have been saved this year and why their moms will courageously choose life.

Two weeks ago, I had the honor at speaking at Oakland University in Michigan. During my presentation, a young woman walked by, lured in by the free food, and then sat down when she heard me say the name of one of our SFLA’s key initiatives, “Pregnant on Campus.”

After my presentation to the students about how we can transform our culture, this young girl came up to me and said that she always considered herself “pro-choice” but just found out she was pregnant and was scared. She said that her friends and her family, even her Grandmother who raised her, were all going to tell her to have abortion but she didn’t think she wanted that. She asked me how she really could stay in school and keep her baby.

It was at that point that I stopped and just thanked her for being courageous enough to choose life. I then called over the leaders of the Students for Life group and introduced them to her, telling them that they had a new mission, a new person to advocate for on campus. That afternoon, while I was boarding the plane home, they drove her to the local pregnancy center.

While it’s easy sometimes to keep you updated on all of the outrageous things happening in our nation and the evilness of the Culture of Death, I sometimes feel like these little stories, these victories that happen every day with our team, get left out.

Russ, I just want you to know that each day you allow our 25-person team to engage in this mission, you are helping us save lives and come alongside the young girls like the one I just met at Oakland.

You allow us to inspire and help these incredibly brave women to buck the trend. You allow us to identify and equip the student leaders who are changing their campuses and our nation for Life.

I am so grateful to be a servant-leader in this, the greatest human rights cause, one that I know is Holy Spirit-guided.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’ll be keeping you and your family in my prayers this Thanksgiving day.

With humbled gratitude,
Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America
9900 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553
Office: 540.834.4600



Is asking for donations.  LA Times dems are concerned about his impact and want  Republicans to attack his campaign.





I worked at this in college.  Now in Ithaca and Louisville.




John Philip Sousa IV (The 2016 Committee)

Russ —

A few weeks ago, I was in Colorado and had the honor of having lunch with about 75 of our top volunteers in the state.

Lyle Thomas, our state director, introduced me, and in his introduction said something to the effect of: Little did John Philip Sousa IV know when he was born, and for a great number of years after, that he was placed on this earth for exactly one reason and that was that God wanted John to help nudge Dr. Ben Carson along to decide to become president of these United States.

Lyle had introduced me once before like this, and the more I thought about what he said, the more it made perfect sense to me. I haven’t spent my life embroiled in politics (only a little dabbling from time to time). I certainly inherited zero musical talents from my illustrious great-grandfather, the American composer-conductor John Philip Sousa. And I certainly knew little or nothing about what would be involved in an effort of this magnitude. So why me, why now, why a person I had never met, and why Dr.Carson above all the other possible candidates out there?

It was because, as Lyle said, this is my calling. This is why I was placed on this earth with a very famous great American ancestor as my great-grandfather, who so graciously lent me his name to help do God’s bidding in electing Dr. Carson president.

Thankful doesn’t even begin to describe what I feel for my wonderful wife, Catherine, who supports my many nights on the road, for our team who works day and night moving this effort closer and closer to victory, for the 35,000 volunteers who work relentlessly with our team, and for our donors, who so generously make all of this possible.

And of course, I’m so very thankful for our candidate, who is out there taking a relentless beating from the media and the progressives who desire a country where only their views are heard.

I’m also thankful that I was selected to this effort to help save our country, and by extension, help save the world by making sure America will once again be the power to lead by nudging Dr. Carson to be our next president.

I wish all of you and your families a very blessed Thanksgiving.


John Philip Sousa IV (The 2016 Committee)



Polls in the last day showing Ben Carson on top from Iowa State University, with Rubio in 2nd.  Again Carson on top in Maryland polls, Baltimore Sun reports.

It hit me watching for the returns, that what I would like to see is Ben Carson speak again.  News is the strife channel and our idiot media send the blind leaders of the blind to diagnose problems.  Along with libs who protect people like Cuomo.  I don’t get anything from that.

Conservatives stay wise to 2016, Carson can beat the left, not every Candidate polls as that.  Helping Children as a profession, it says alot more than casinos for influence on society.  I don’t dislike Trump but I don’t see him as the Christian Carson is.

Good to see Rubio high in the polls also.  Cruz is doing well at points.  We have too many good candidates in the end is reality.  We have to win Florida and  Rubio  for the Hispanic population, border states, Cali.



NOVEMBER 25, 2015


If I painted myself Black, how fast would Lynch, Obama, ACLU and liberal media prosecute Hillside?






We’re all horrified by the ISIS attacks in Paris – and the fanatical terrorists’ assurances to America that they will soon repeat their murderous mayhem in our country.

What makes it even more disturbing is that just last week 6 Pakistani and Afghani men who slipped across the porous border with Mexico were apprehended right here in Arizona.

I’m encouraged by rising demands by the American people for tighter restrictions on refugees and other Islamic foreigners in the U.S. – but as you know, my constituents have been dealing with the consequences of Washington’s disastrous open borders agenda for years – and it’s only getting worse.

My critics and opponents are obsessed with identity politics and pandering, regardless of the very real danger caused by these policies. And they’re determined to defeat me and get me out of the way of their globalist plans.

That’s why I need your urgent support right now! I can’t count on open borders billionaires like George Soros or Mark Zuckerberg to fund my defense – I need help from patriotic American citizens like you.

As the face of resistance to the political elite and their effort to strong-arm the American people and ignore their best interests, they’re pouring nationwide resources into defeating me – a County Sheriff.

They’re desperate to stamp out the growing anger and backlash against their anti-American agenda – and I’m their number one target.

Russ, I’m just as determined to stay on as Maricopa County Sheriff and look after the safety of our citizens, but I need your help.

Please make an immediate contribution of $25, $50, $75, or even $100 or more to my re-election fund today to ensure I have the resources needed to beat back the leftist Democrats and continue doing my job.Thank you.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio

PS – Russ, my strong stance against the irresponsible agenda of open borders elites has them desperate to finally get me out of the way – but you can count on me to keep doing what’s right. Can I count on you to continue your support of my re-election campaign today? Thanks again, Joe



We have plenty to be Thankful for this year.  First a good field of Political Candidates, lead by Dr. Carson and a popular Marco Rubio.  The problems they have to counter are catastrophic in nature.  The arming of a militant Iran with nukes, ignoring border security in the face of rape traffic.  I hope John Kerry and the libs are not really that dumb to think they are making the world safer.  Judas Iscariots understandable, but that dumb?

If you are praying Patriots; abortion, border, healthcare, Detroit hydrogen.

Pilgrims were the first group to be established as a force in America.  Leaving the Church of England, believing they could not change the inquisition stricken establishment.  This was about religious freedom.  Even though they encountered Indians and a culture of sacrificial burial mounds, where people were executed much like abortion.  This was a new hope.  It has been by the scars of American history that freedom was held on to.  No liberal has the ownership to take that away.  Conservatives are not your slaves dems.

My hope is that Dr. Carson will restore a full US Constitution, and outlaw the killing ways of abortion.  With a streamlined process to try dirty Judges so that their choke hold on America is never again a problem by unconstitutional law or job security.

2016, get your churches up to vote if you want to win.  Divine providence means Godly Candidates as Dr. Carson referenced The Declaration.

Also remember Freedom Village, taking care of The Teens the world did not want. Pastor Brothers usually writes with them in need of donations.

Work on Let It Ring continues, no apologies, I know the babies appreciate it.  If it goes up for record companies to promote, that may happen pre release.  Let them listen to it, and see if they want in.

On Hillside’s Teens, please don’t laugh at the Admin they were left under and the dismal criminal leadership.  Teens are trying to work on futures, it is not a joke to them.  NY adults could not do any better for Teens? That is not American Freedom in the least.

We still have angry citizens so let’s hope that motivates law enforcement to do their jobs.  This was a Holiday born of Christian roots, remember that as a reason.

God Bless





One of the better points on bringing Governor Cuomo to justice for Moreland and Hillside, is that under racketeering laws from what I read, he does not have to be proven as the operative, but only in charge when crimes are happening.  So he can be removed, yeah.

How many of these crimes would a Black Holder or Lynch tolerate against themselves as USAG, none.  But here White Conservative we will let crime happen from Albany.  And they are not racist like Obama?  Joins the liberal crime scene, but because he is Black he expects to get away with it?  Or thinks his religion is the one that can cheat US Laws?  In any light it is discrimination from Black libs.

The apathy of Conservatives and NY against Hillside, sow the wind, I know it is too scriptural a truth to ignore.  Leave the juvenile system in the hands of adult felons who should be in jail for 20 years.  Then again if you are trinity, that is how you do dirty business with the devil.  Let them rob NY bishop?  A gay old time for those trinity churches.




Simply unbelievable.

A measure under consideration by the University of Minnesota’s student government to honor the memory of the victims of Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001 was voted down over concerns of increasing “Islamophobia” on campus.

Is this what America has come too? Rejecting and denigrating our own peoples suffering over concerns that it will make Muslims uncomfortable? Are tomorrow’s leaders so indoctrinated and cowed by the multi-culturalism foolishness of the Left’s identity politics that they won’t even stand up for our own country and people?

Does America face either destruction by the fanatical forces of Islam or suicide by self-inflicted liberalism? If neither of these fates is acceptable to you, then I’m asking you to help me stop this madness.

Turning things around in America is not going to be fast and not going to be easy, but now is the time to start, before it is too late. We must first set things right in Washington, and then force the reforms which will make our country less endangered from without – and from within.

Will you please continue your support of my efforts to change things from the White House on down by making a generous gift of $25, $50, $75, or more today?

It’s time to decide what kind of future we want for our country, for our children, and for our grand children.


Michele Bachmann

P.S. Russ, our very safety is threatened by Islamic terror, and our character, principles, and identity are under assault by the Left. Continuing to let political correctness subordinate our national security will bring this blessed land to its knees. Please help me fight back before its too late – make a generous gift today. Thanks, Michele




If Chelsea was in 7th-8th grade, and during the Benghazi Email requests for security, Hillary had been unable to answer them.  Maybe something like frontier days, and Chelsea had to take the wheel, and respond to the Emails for a comatose Hillary.

Instead of answering the Emails Chelsea begins to delete them as part of retaliation against the Benghazi diplomats because they would not let her drink alcohol at the last diplomat meeting.  So there is criminal prosecution of Chelsea for this crime, and at 7th-8th grade level, expectations were to follow laws.

And if Chelsea did this at age 16, it would be adult charges against her.

But the DNC expertise in America is that such a person can represent their party?  Should be in jail, but here Donkey why don’t you run the White House,  our media is so corrupt like Catholic priests who rape altar boys, lead the way.  No crime reported is no crime period for Hazard county.

Hillary could not even pass juvenile standards of law on Benghazi?


NOVEMBER 24, 2015

“Russ Boardman” <russb> Full Header
To:govcuomo.office@nygovoffice.gov, buffalo@ic.fbi.gov, foxnewstips@foxnews.com, NYAG.Pressoffice@ag.ny.gov

Sent: Tue, Nov 24, 2015
Governor Cuomo
Fox News:

52 months now since I was served false paperwork at Hillside as a mandated child abuse reporter. Hillside being guilty under NYS Labor Law Article 20-C, lied in court to present to a corrupt Judge that I did not work in healthcare to disqualify the filing.

Hired as Sociotherapist, having mental and physical healthcare duties, those remained job expectations even with the name change to Youth Care Pro at Hillside. As other YCP staff continue to carry out those duties for Hillside.

I find that the refusal of Governor Cuomo, and NYAG, to prosecute this case, or remove criminal staff from Hillside and OCFS, is another rep of Moreland Commission type of crimes. Federal charges of Racketeering consisting of two violations of fraud related crime.

OCFS, and Hillside are not doing their jobs, as Cuomo Albany leadership is refusing to enforce laws.

I would like the perpetrating staff and liberals arrested for corruption, under crimes of a federal nature.

Evidence has been to FBI over several months and to Director Comey.

The Christian Rock site boarderofeternity.com lists the case layout for prosecution of Hillside in NY Supreme Appeals Court by the approved settled record. It is a very open and shut situation with only policy approved actions being taken by
Plaintiff in the case. Perjury was of no concern to defense and their counsel. Sheriff, DAs, NYS Police all have failed to stop the crime. The court transcripts need to be reviewed to address corruption from the Judge also.

I am demanding that my legal rights be respected like any other US humanoid. You have a job to do to make Hillside safe for the Teens I protect there.

Boardman Unborn Nation can also be sampled at the above listed site for the sake of rescuing live American BABIES from abortive murder. Under a blazing guitar riff, and hearty pro life lyrics, this has been a target for liberals to shame
themselves on, by attacking my work at Hillside.

Thank You and Happy Holidays.

-Russ (Lead Singer of Boardman)


If you are on the cigarettes too much and ignite a lung fire.  How do you put that out.  Drink a glass of water and nothing.  Fireman hoses you down and still no results.  You can hold  your breath or drowning is the last option?

The disgusting tar build up in the lungs being obvious.  Is there also a  layer where peoples lungs are becoming like ash collections?  The material about like a wasp nest for lungs?  Crunch all you want, you have to be careful how you breath then, or it starts to become like snow flurries?




In the final sentence of the Declaration of Independence, our Founders wrote:

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor.

As we gather with our friends and family during this week of Thanksgiving, and as the world around us seems to grow more and more dangerous, it is worth looking back at those words.

Our Founding Fathers believed that men were born free with certain God-given rights, and that the only just purpose of government was to secure those rights. Relying only upon “divine Providence,” they were willing to sacrifice whatever necessary to establish such a government.

Because of the wisdom and courage of men like John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, America became more than just an idea. And because of the selflessness and sacrifice of many other generations of Americans, we know what it is like to live in freedom.

This Thanksgiving, let us pray that we too have the will, the fortitude, and the protection of divine Providence so we may overcome the challenges of our time.

We are not just any nation, and we are not just any people.

We are Americans, and during our time on this Earth we have a special responsibility to do everything in our power to protect and defend a very rare and delicate concept — liberty.

If I am blessed enough to become your President, that will be my mission.

Thank you for joining me in this great endeavor. I am incredibly thankful for your faith in me, and for your generous and ongoing support.


Ben Carson




Scan 549



$4800 to drill a well for a village in Africa.

Scan 547Scan 548



Up front a righteous battle of a Football game. A cold night in New England, weather not helping the effort.

First off, hope Tyrod Taylor is ok, along with Buffalo Guard Miller, and New England injuries. I would pray for Tyrod to heal up Buffalo Fans along with the others.

The Bills made improvements in this game since the first time these two teams met this season. Penalties dropped off to a sober level this time, and I think the Bills can see even the ones they did commit, were at key points, and the damage was evident. It was better but you have to be training partners to eachother, cut it back even further Bills for next time.

Buffalo Defense put Brady in a situation this game. Only completing around 50% of his attempts, and with an INT. Brady grounding the ball on a number of plays, and TE Gronkowski also very limited by a Buffalo Defense that showed up to play. Feel The Rush. The Bills Gilmore with another interception, showing himself as a shutdown Corner. Defense also holding The Patriots to 85 yards rushing. I don’t see any reason for Defense to be disappointed as a whole on this night.

Offense; McCoy impressive as a Superbowl caliber Back with 123 yards of total offense. He looks like trouble if you a defensive player, quick, past the injury, hands, leg drive where he is making things happen to the defense. Tyrod not a bad game, and I would say a heroic effort playing hurt in the last quarter, no interceptions on a night where it was difficult to pass. The Bills came up short with Williams only 11 yards on the ground, Tyrod not running too much, with even less yards. A little one dimensional with McCoy on so many carries. At times I question if they can give McCoy some better cover, run with Felton, Dixon a few carries if he can break tackles…Watkins with a ridiculous one handed catch also tonight.

Interested to see the injury on Tyrod, I saw the play where he presented as hurt. Questioning if it was a clavicle injury or AC joint that was being complicated by the shoulder pads compressing the site? It could be alot of things at the shoulder but those were first guesses. A fractured clavicle can be life threatening by my AT classes, putting pressure on the subclavian artery. AC joint injuries are where the clavicle meets the shoulder blade, near the most lateral bony point of the shoulder above the humerus. If that AC ( acromioclavicular) ligament is disrupted, that is a shoulder separation in a worst case, indicated by Piano Key sign on the athlete. You would not guess it was that bad, but he may have tweaked it? There also was a clavicle injury last season with Spiller hitting the ground, not an opponent.

This puts Buffalo still in the playoff chase. Only one game behind Pitt, Steelers who have four tough games coming up. Buffalo also faces The Jets, and Texans who they are tied with in overall record. So their playoff future may be in their own hands depending on Pittsburgh.

I see Buffalo improved this game and have now taken the Superbowl champs to 8, and 7 point games this season. My sense about that offense, is to never lose heart, they can score on two minute runs, from balanced running attacks, long ball.

It is certain for Buffalo, you have to be hungry to win with that talent and effort they put in.

God Bless Bills and Patriots, thanks for great Football.




NOVEMBER 23, 2015



Last Thursday evening, on the ABC hit show Scandal, the main character, Olivia Pope, had an abortion.

In fact, the entire Christmas episode was all about abortion. In the show, Olivia encourages the president’s ex-wife and now Senator to finish the filibuster she started on Christmas Eve to stand up for Planned Parenthood funding and then walks into an abortion facility to have an abortion, aborting the child of her and her boyfriend, the President.

As the abortion procedure begins, viewers listened to Aretha Franklin sing “Heavenly hosts sing ‘Alleluia’” and the rest of the “Silent Night.”

That’s right, the birth of Jesus became background music for an abortion.

This is an outrage.

And quite frankly, it shows just what we are up against today.

They know they’re losing. They know America has turned against abortion and now Planned Parenthood.

And they are scared and using every powerful weapon, including Hollywood, they have to reverse course.

Last week, I reported to you that we can get our PSA-like commercials that expose Planned Parenthood and show women they have real options on MTV.

You know where else we can get our commercials on? ABC – the same network that airs Scandal.

Can you prayerfully consider donating to get our commercials on ABC?

We can reach those very Americans who saw this disgusting episode of “Scandal” and show them where the real scandal is…inside Planned Parenthood.

We’ve only got $46,572 left to raise before we can get our TV commercials on the air!

Can you help us reach 1,000 women by pitching in $40, 3,000 women by donating $120, or 10,000 women by giving $400?


Thank you for standing with us!

For Life,

Kristan Hawkins

President, Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America
9900 Courthouse Road
Spotsylvania, Virginia 22553
Office: 540.834.4600




On Hillside’s settlement being an admission of guilt.  In a court that much was not established.  Outside of court, it is common sense that Admin don’t dish out over $400,000 at a time to staff who do not deserve it.  Zealots may put their requests in to Mustard St. for this generous spending plan and charity as staff, but I doubt they see a penny of it, on average.  So what do you think you are doing giving out this money if you did nothing wrong in the first place?  It is obviously an Admin that put the Organization in a compromising position, and did not fulfill job duties to have to pay that settlement.  That is my objective view.

So a board and Governors  should keep letting Richardson crime scene go for years,  over Boardman v. Hillside?  Or they should fire the perp?  Otherwise to join him as enrolled at NYS Correctional facilities until the possible year 2036 under the Fed punishment and education plan?

Sodomites in the bible do what they did at Rochester.  How it became fashionable?






The imminent threat to Clients and Hillside Staff, because of the criminal corruption at Rochester, NY.  Authorities have left the agency in the hands of staff who interfere with OCFS investigations, court, even escalate the crime at will no different than an impending hostage crisis, born of and fully carried out by Rochester Admin.  When you are in the hands of criminals what else can you call it?  You are supposed to handle child abuse complaints now as a staff, how libs?

No one has verified these staff as legal to be at jobs, or safe to continue on.  Even by the lowly policy that staff who are involved in crime at Hillside are terminated from work.  The class action settlement in itself is an admission of wrong doing by Hillside Admin, but they remain.

So Clients are safe there yes or no authorities?  OCFS your duty was to make sure this happened.  It is about Mandated Reporters who are getting trashed by Admin, a Cop or Teacher, Nurse, all can be Mandated Child Abuse Reporters.  Behold when you possess the throne of Rochester, and the mighty lummox work ethic, chastening the earthlings before you from Buffalo to Albany, and all points south as far as Maryland.  Then a reporter is only dirt, in the trail of life.  Clients a mere source of income like slaves.  You liberal are a dirty fiend.

Safe or unsafe?  I get Cuomo and his organized crime, 100% that is what is happening.  This is his best attempt to strangle Conservative Freedom for NY, it goes with learning disabled gun act, Moreland Mafia Club, Abortion of human trash babies, he knows his job.  That inner werewolf, don’t you see how he treats Teens and Child Abuse communications?

If they really did trip on acid and fry their brains from Rochester to Albany, then it makes sense.  These are law abiding staff?  The guilt libs, I see it welling up in you, look what you did to America.  Free citizens, and ahhhhhoooooohhhhhhhh, the call of the wild was upon the northern states, libs in action, savages, no longer discerning human laws but taking on a beastly reasoning.  Back to your cages wolves, where you belong, The Teen group needs to be under adult supervision.

Safe or unsafe, Cops?  You were expected to go along with this like perjured courts and OCFS.



Hey FBI:

Russ here, still reporting and prosecuting against Hillside Family of Agencies in Rochester. Concerned that kleptomaniac Cuomo and NYAG Schneiderman are not doing their jobs. NY has suffered for years under their henchmanship. Now I know you saw Moreland Commission go by, and they should have been stopped then.

Now, not at 4-5 months, nor 14-15 months gone by, not even 29 or 30 months, but 52 freaking months after Mike Staino falsified paperwork at Hillside. There is Cuomo and Schneiderman hand picking what crimes they will serve to Patriots. Is it me or does that smell like the south end of a north bound mule?

These are probably the worst two corporate crooks on the east coast and in America. You have a job to do, bring these devils to justice. Afterall what are we going to do, leave them to harass NY Child Abuse Reporters any further? Look at the damages they have created against my career. I didn’t go to college to let these fools attack my freedom, or have rights in New York so delusional psychopathic libs could scribble at Mustard street on company forms like this was a keg party.

God knows these two evils in Albany need to be thrown out of office, along with Dennis Richardson at Hillside. And OCFS is a joke, they don’t stop crimes reported to them.

Happy Thanksgiving!




With human trafficking that Obama keeps trying to ignore to take over American elections with.  Rape, is what that is.  So some law abiding law enforcement officer should probably assassinate Obama to protect the people from this minor abuse people have to endure for his agenda.  But Obama has a family, yeah, so they actually support this fool?  The rape family does not want to see bad happen to their sodomite in charge?  How about we turn him over to the victims of border rape and prostitution, and let them teach Barack about justice, it could be a policy even?  We need legislation first, it must be proper law to prosecute, and we wait while another 2 dozen girls get sold into slavery? Talk about a DC pretty boy, human devil with a DNC representation.  He has to be stopped.  Scum of the earth is where Barack fits in the bible.




Russ —

With just 71 days until the Iowa Caucus, Dr. Ben Carson continues to lead in the polls!

It is because of your support and hard work that we are where we are today and I can’t thank you enough.

I hope you will continue to show your support for Ben Carson because it is working.

Whether you are volunteering at an event to spread the word about Dr. Carson and why he is the best choice for president, or just running around town doing your errands, we hope you will wear a Ben Carson T-shirt or Cap to show your support.

And now that the cold weather is upon many of us in the nation, we are offering long sleeve T-shirts, sweatshirts and Win Ben Win socks to keep you warm while you are out-and-about spreading the word about Dr. Carson.

In addition, there are several new bumper stickers, magnets and other printed material available to help you as you work to expand the base for Dr. Carson.

Rx for America is perfect for passing out to folks who want to learn more about Ben Carson and we offer a box of 150 books at a very low rate.

Whether you are looking for a “Win, Ben, Win” retractable banner to take with you to an upcoming Carson campaign rally, or a couple extra books to pass out to friends, we have you covered.

We add new items often and soon we will have ladies T-shirts available so keep checking back to see all the latest additions on the Campaign Store.

Thank you for all of your support and work to help secure the nomination for Dr. Ben Carson!

John Philip Sousa IV (The 2016 Committee)


Look at this article below from Fox, Teachers with guns.

No reason that OCFS should get off their criminal routine and discipline Hillside Rochester.  Gang members who have attacked the Cops, or raped people at Hillside.  Incite a floor like Baptist angels were trying to do, and it ends up like that Van Halen video, Don’t Tell Me What Love Can Do.

Last crisis I was in was at Hillside, and then the riot was after.

Should trinity media report on Hillside or are they accomplice to Cuomo also?

NYAG Schneiderman not see any reason to prosecute crime, IQ level not high enough after serving Cuomo.  That is a gay agenda of his.  You like to steal don’t you sticky fingers?







Hillary is about to have criminal prosecution against her?

The NY libs; Cuomo, Schneiderman, Moreland Commission goons too?

Why they expect to escape prosecution.  Tort legal responsibility is that you do your job USAG Lynch.  And in the absence of that what can happen is damages for liability, even as a Judge.

So I wouldn’t sue Cuomo or Schneiderman or Lynch?  The more the merrier, this is like a battle royal, or Samson against the Phillistines if you will.  If you really have to obstruct my pro life ministry with your so called lib functions at a job, then you are costing me baby lives.  In which case you can pay, heavily.  If libs pay $100 Million combined because of Cuomo and Obama’s crime campaign against freedom.  So what, it was only money not like you were trying to stop murder.

I have to warn you, to save babies what is recommended is to play the big shows.  A competent tour bus, the kind Bret Michaels decks out in an overhaul, I may need this.  So you dirty libs think crime is a game, so do I, and you are going to lose at it in the end.  Your gamble on infant murder, Russ won’t sue? Wrong guess lib mafiosos.  Lynch is a racist, by me she is.  Some of the Black community think they can get away with crime as libs, a nice way to hide racism.  Who cares it is crime like any other.

I would also go back on Lerner and have her prosecuted for obstruction.



A fair question on pathology.  As Trump has accrued enormous wealth, African Children went to the grave by starvation and malnutrition, lack of clean drinking water, over that time period.  Earning wealth like that is not a crime.  Not helping African kids, and they die, this is not pathological wealth?

Not like Hillary or DNC couldn’t help African Kids.

Carson solves healthcare, and by the poll I read is the one who can defeat Dems.  We don’t need another Romney in there who can win the right and loses the war of elections.  Rubio also polling strong against Hillary.



NOVEMBER 21, 2015


Asking you to stay in prayer for America.  How you give nukes to Iran and claim them as #1 global terrorist is only completed by a sleeper cell, bad donkey.

We keep bringing the resistance to Obama’s crime, and he is getting stopped on border attempts.  Conspiracy that fits with Albany, NY leadership.

In Football games you will see players hold their hands up on the sidelines with 4 fingers when the 4th quarter begins.  This is it on elections, we are one year out on voting in a new President and unified DC.  Don’t lose heart here, this can be the best Government since America began.  You see what they tried to pull on America; budget collapse, terrorism, racketeers, exceptionalism is bad unless you are a DC looter.

I think I would compare Obama to John Wilkes Booth.  Aborted another rug rat did you libs?  Cold blooded murder, but that is medicine to you.  Santa can you bring libs glasses so they can see their murders in abortion, come on Magoos you know the game!

I would keep praying for Carson and Rubio.

Happy early Thanksgiving.

God Bless








My name is Dan Backer and I serve as General Counsel for the Stop Hillary PAC.

Normally I don’t get involved in direct communications with our members – my job is representing SHP in any and all legal matters – that’s why I’m contacting you today.

I’m going to make this quick and to the point – we’re at the stage of the fight against Hillary Clinton where an attorney is exactly the person to take the next step. But not alone – and hopefully not without you.

The evidence implicating Hillary Clinton for her shameful role in the 9/11/2012 Benghazi terror attack that claimed four Americans’ lives – and her equally disturbing cover-up – is already massive and clear:
By failing to personally ensure that Ambassador Chris Stevens’ urgent requests for additional security in Benghazi were approved, Hillary Clinton appears to have plainly violated U.S. Code Title 22 Chapter 58 Subchapter IV § 4865.

By failing to properly secure classified documents – and failing to return all records to the U.S. Government upon cessation of her duties as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton violated both her oath of office and several federal laws.

By using a personal email address – an @clintonemail.​com address, no less – Hillary Clinton appears to have willfully concealed government documents, a felony punishable by three years in prison and permanent disqualification from holding public office.

By using an email address that creates the false impression that the emailer is using a government server when she is not, Hillary Clinton committed yet another felony.

The former Secretary of State and would-be President’s culpability couldn’t be more clearly established– how much more evidence is necessary?

While Barack Obama’s politicized Department of Justice won’t bring charges, – no matter how damning the FBI report is – it’s time WE THE PEOPLE – before it’s too late.

It’s time for the People of the United States to INDICT Hillary Clinton.

Russ, THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN… We’re running out of time to stop Hillary’s headlong march to the White House – and her subsequent suppression of any charges against her – imagine, the first president to PARDON HERSELF FOR ALL THE CRIMES SHE HAS – OR WILL – COMMIT!

That’s why I’m asking you to click here immediately to sign on to our “Citizens Indictment of Hillary Clinton” – and we must complete this all-important initiative by November 30th – which gives us just 48 hours to comply.

You and I must bring the full force of the American people to the fight for justice for Ambassador Chris Stevens and the brave American men who gave their lives trying to save him.

This initiative must have the strongest possible support – we need to collect no less than 250,000 signatures for this emergency Citizens Indictment so there is no question about the massive grassroots determination behind it.

When we amass this staggering amount of signatures to the indictment, we will immediately carry out the following:
We will deliver all quarter of a million signatures to our “Citizens Indictment of Hillary Clinton” to the United States Justice Department to demand swift legal action against the former Secretary of State;

We will deliver copies of our “Citizens Indictment of Hillary Clinton” to the White House, Congress, and the media to ensure that this seismic grassroots demonstration of public power is duly acknowledged; and,

We will deliver the “Citizens Indictment of Hillary Clinton” to the former Secretary in person to publicly confirm our determination to see that she meets with the justice she deserves.
Hillary Clinton cannot be elected to the Presidency while under indictment for offenses which permanently disqualify the offender from holding public office – especially the White House.

But according to our sources, with no charges yet filed against her, Hillary and her allies in the media – not to mention the fat cat leftist billionaires who bankroll her campaign – are increasingly confident she’ll skate away scot free and go on to win the White House.

You and I must show Hillary and her enablers that they are wrong – and we must strike now.

Will you sign the Citizen’s Indictment of Hillary by clicking here?

Congressman Trey Gowdy has taken things as far as he can but now we must take matters into our own hands.

If we gather a quarter of a million signatures to this Indictment on the next 48 hours, we can show Congress, the media, and the establishment elites that Hillary will not escape the court of public opinion AND SHE WILL NOT ESCAPE HER RESPONSIBILITY FOR BENGHAZI.

Please, stop what you are doing and immediately sign your “Citizens Indictment of Hillary Clinton” right away – we have just 48 hours to meet this game-changing objective, so don’t delay.

And if you can, chip in $10 to help us fight to help us distribute our Indictment as widely as possible, meet our crucial goal, and ensure Hillary is held accountable.

Join me in demanding justice!


Dan Backer
General Counsel, Stop Hillary PAC

P.S. Russ, your participation is critical to our chances of success! The clock is ticking – please sign the Citizens’ Indictment by clicking the button below – and after signing, chip in $10 to help us reach the 250,000 signatures we need. Hurry, time’s running out to stop Hillary Clinton – please act today! This is our best chance to stop Hillary, but we’ve got just 48 hours to reach our goal of 250,000 signatures. I’m ready to file as soon as let’s get it done!




Do smokers find that Roofing Tar brand lung converter cigarettes cause more cancer, or do Emergency Lung Fire- Starter Kit brand?

Exhaling a cloud of carcinogens one customer explains that   “It’s pathological”  I smoke them for the death drive.



Back in Maryland days when I was working on my Rehab internships.  Salisbury had a Maryland State facility which was one of the places I volunteered at.  I would work with Clients in the pool sometimes.  Anyways, Maryland State Police had a fair at that location also, they bring in a helicopter that looked like airwolf.  I also worked security on the side for two different agencies eventually.

Fair day comes and I am assigned as security there where my Rehab assignment was.  The uniform was basic rent a cop material, not bad, official looking.  So I went to visit the guys I knew where Rehab hours were spent.  I walked in and said hi to one of them, and he looks back up, I think knowing he knew me, and the uniform and was at a loss for words for a few moments there.  Like hey what is going on here,  why is there a Cop or whoever in uniform to see me?  I didn’t read him his rights or anything.  Am I in trouble he was asking himself?

Hillside, though, if I had went to work, to face these dirty supervisors, baptists, and then showed them my badge as a Sheriff Deputy, I think what you get is a different approach from the slackers therein.  The antics get put away, no more lies, Cops on the job.  You sure Jesus told you to steal there Baptist?  How about you public records falsifiers?  No I am not a Sheriff Deputy, I had one friend at the gym who was a Deputy in Maryland.

I wasn’t trying to be funny with my coworkers in Salisbury, just visiting.  I used to bring them guitar picks.


NOVEMBER 20, 2015


PATRIOTS, CONSERVATIVES, a message below for 2016, excerpt of lyrics:



We are One in The Spirit,

We are One in The Lord.

And we pray that all unity may one day be restored.

And they’ll know we are Christians by our love,

By our Love,

Yes they’ll know we are Christians by our love.

We will work with each other,

We will work side by side.

…we’ll guard each man’s dignity

And save each man’s pride.

We will walk with each other,

We will walk hand in hand.

…together we’ll spread the News

that God is in our land.

We are One in The Spirit,

We are One in The Lord.

And we pray that all unity may one day be restored.

And they’ll know we are Christians by our love,

By our Love,

Yes they’ll know we are Christians by our love.


Pastors you better get ’em up and voting.  There is an Election to win.




There is a dangerous trend underway on our college campuses, from the University of Missouri to my alma mater of Yale University. Free speech and open dialogue are being trampled.

We are getting to the point where people can say, “I don’t like what you’re doing. It’s offensive,” and therefore believe they have the right to be violent or shout people down.

Not only is this infantile, but it’s an affront to the First Amendment.

But let’s not kid ourselves — this is part of a larger problem in our society.

People are using political correctness as a tool to silence those with whom they disagree, and rather than having an open dialogue to solve our many problems, people get into their respective corners and demonize each other.

One of the main reasons I’m running for President is to push back against this type of behavior.

As I said in my closing statement at this week’s debate, we can move beyond our current division and despair not by “We the Democrats” or “We the Republicans,” but as “We the People” of America working together, and realizing that we are not each other’s enemies.

I’m happy to tell you that we’ve now launched “Students for Carson” chapters on thousands of college campuses across the country. I’m hopeful that in their own small way, they will do their part to “heal, inspire and revive” our great nation.

I appreciate you joining me in this worthy endeavor, and I’m forever grateful for your generous and ongoing support.

Thank you.


Ben Carson



Patriots Lineman Nate Solder’s infant Son, has cancer.

Best/newest treatments I have seen are ketogenic diet and microwave needle.

Christian Singer Carman the best example on ketogenic diet.






So far in court with Hillside, a realistic view is that they have lost four times.  The first two being class action, and approval of the condemning evidence in the record.  The two times they lied and an accomplice Judge let them perjure court. Statute for fraud, is still wide open, even if DAs and accomplices Schneiderman/Cuomo think they got away, no not at all.  Appeals has it covered.

Hillside programs would not tolerate this from 15 year olds.  But bad donkey Admin, I understand the delusions of grandeur.  This can be Carson as President, new USAG, Federal Prosecutors that Rubio and Cruz would actually approve of, and then prosecution of these liberal criminals.

The moral of the story was; child abuse is ok, corporate corruption too especially from moody libs, freedom is liberals to steal from Patriots, courts are a scribbling contest of lies.  They can stick a 1776 in that scenario, if they go to jail past the year 2020, yeah, and?

The professional side of this as a joke, is that if they tried these acts, in front of a crowd of Athletic Trainers, at a symposium or something like that.  I think it would  have been like at a Cop station in effect.  They sure fooled NY at Hillside?  It does or does not take extreme mental illness to lie in court like that?  The Therapist staff does not work in healthcare?  And you tell this to courts Hillside?  Does the MHP read this case on these libs?

The more they have resisted, damages have escalated, crimes became federal, it is all on the record, if you really want to get caught, lie in court.  They won or they got away?  Not even close, that was just a vicious rumor, about like you threw your lifesaver overboard and it drifts away, meanwhile to save a sinking ship.

Adults dumped this garbage on Teens FBI.  I was trying to help Youth build futures when you caught this group of criminal staff.  They made the job impossible, and no charges yet for workplace crime, hostile work environment, explain that Cuomo, Lynch and Obama having a criminal time of it.  Maybe it is racist, Black Panthers tried to take over Cornell with machine gun(s), once upon a time, why can’t Black members of Obama’s staff do their jobs under him for White Conservatives?  Nothing special, just cover stopping crime as USAG?  Seal the border from terrorists.  I guess you can get away with that if you are Black and liberal.  Anybody else try to steal like that and it is a crime, business as usual ACLU?


NOVEMBER 19, 2015


A.  That they let so called childcare run like that.

B.  Attacking NY’s mandated reporting.

C.  After that level of crime, they insisted on trying to stay there and keep the crime scene going.  As opposed to turning themselves in.

D.  Interference with a ministry that saves liberal rats from being aborted.

E.  Or after three short years NYAG was unable to do his job either to stop them.  Along with Governor Ohno.

F.  Starving African Children.

Not sure, but I know they feel guilty for all these things as criminals.


How wicked can liberals get?  Border policy, Harvard is on it.  I see, is that the assigned job to sabotage security Jihadist?  Discrimination is that a Black President and/or a Muslim one can  refuse the job of commander in chief and still work in DC.

Now if Benjamin Franklin jumped out of a plane with a Seal team, and they descended like screaming eagles on the Hillside compound.  To restore liberty and justice.  I doubt they leave Obama in his crimes also.  Call me a Patriot but that is where I would score it.



Patriots are Monday Night coming up.  This should be a good one.  Buffalo’s Offense is loaded, and they cut penalties to under 50 yards last time.  A quicker way to put the cross on your teammates back other than turnovers?

Defense, if Buffalo gets a pass rush on Brady they may be able to open this game up.  To do it, I question if New England switches to two Tight Ends to block Buffalo’s D line.  In which case Buffalo can still put pressure on Brady, they would have to use a 5 man front; Noseguard, two Tackles in head up alignment on Patriot Tackles, and DE’s have to be on Gronk and the other Tight End.  At the snap Buffalo can stunt and up block with DT’s on Gronk, and blitz inside from DE.  A loop stunt that one is called.  Or blitz the DE across Gronk’s face and force him to block or let Brady get sacked.

The defense would be a 5-1 at that point, as long as the pass rush is there from the outside, everybody is covered.  It takes a tough Noseguard in Kyle Williams if he is back, and Middle Linebacker probably Preston, to do this, in there against the middle three of NE’s line.  But how much will the  Patriots run with Brady anyways up the middle?  With Mario Williams and Hughes on the outside, for Buffalo, they are ready.  If The Bills could work Enemkpali  into it, I don’t think he settles for getting blocked, and he is quicker than some D Line.  Rookie Linebacker Tony Steward had 4.5 speed at the beginning of season.  They need to t-off on Brady. It starts to become chaotic to try and block combinations of power and speed, bigger guys like the two Williams , faster ones from linebacker.

With penalties left behind, and no major mistakes, I would say Buffalo has the momentum even on the road.  They can win, yeah, that Buffalo Offense is like a muscle car.  Take it to them Bills.




Some info on the Teen system.  When you work there, finding a general population or programs that run with a standard ratio of staff to clients.  There also is some form of a critical care program as a general term when I began in NY.  Usually what that is, is clients who are high attention seeking, more immature emotionally, and it is such a download on staff that the ratio drops to maybe two staff with four clients.  They are not older clients often, and are smaller physically.

Hillside criminals at Admin who have Administered their justice to discipline OCFS child abuse reporting.   They are like this critical care population of clients even though in charge.  You can expect that if they can’t perform to achieve goals, they will act out to gain attention in a negative manner.  Planned ignoring is a big intervention here.  You still log what they do and plan for consequences, but don’t feed into the brat behaviors.

These staff, as I have said, when so called supervisors and authorities outside of Hillside, stop answering Emails, and handling complaints, look out.  It is only the quick reference on a much deeper problem.  You go to work and get paid, what you need a babysitter to make you do your job?  If I caught you on one complaint how many other dozen Fox News viewers would they do this to?

One job I worked at, they left me with the clients iso.  Practice of the agency was to   have clients go downstairs, to get water for meds.  I would have the lock up of psychoactive meds with me, pharmacist tray, pseudo med/tray knife, the whole nine.  So as the client is at the kitchen sink for water ( this was not my program design, you had to do what they programmed), I am having to keep the individual in conversation to verify whereabouts, with maybe 8 others on the floor they are on, the floor above.  Questions stop being answered, so I have to go look what happened, AWOL.  And here is buddy client dropping down off the roof too to join the festivities.  9-1-1, Police brought them back on fast notification.

Hillside Admin, child abuse complaint, no answers, OCFS is in, then falsified docs.  You see they are like critical care clients in Rochester Admin.  Another facet of that program is you have to give a structured program to clients like that, they can’t handle freedom without getting into trouble.  Prison is that place for Hillside Admin.

New York State Police, I dare you to do your jobs, and stop these felons.  What are you a bunch of chickens?  It can’t be all Troopers, because I know some who are good.  So where is the crime stoppage.  Complain about terrorists, you signed up to stop crime and then refuse to handle it.  That is weak Troopers.  Keystone Cops, oh I get it, this was a theater production, just having some fun on the job, trying to keep us entertained, my bad, now it makes sense, alright, that was pretty good then Troopers, carry on.

Child abuse, Cuomo and NYAG could give a rip, maybe it is nothing to worry about, beat on some Teens, criminally harass them, you get the idea, fall in step with Obama border crime.  Do you get benefits with that paid vacation you call a job?  If starting salary was $71K why people expect Police to do their jobs? The doughnuts were so good, we had the glory, coffee too, Hillside what crime?  Understandable for critical care clients.


If Hillside Admin all went to a party, fried their brains together on acid, and now are at Mustard St. falsifying court and forms.  This is the group you want in charge of Teens OCFS, right?  You were at the party too Albany?  If that was the case, paperwork would come out any different than it already did?  So your competence level in the profession is between terrorist and rabies stricken?  Maybe with a touch of Hillaryism?

NOVEMBER 18, 2015


The unpopular event with kids and newborn babies. Last year I had angel food cake, strawberries, blueberries. The red, white, and blue arrangement. This year it was a cupcake on the birthday, chocolate, cream filled, not just the average sized dessert, the best one I ever had. It also goes with that biohazard of blowing out candles, when you are a kid somebody spits when they talk, or with the candles, and their friends say we wanted the news not the weather report. It was worth it though, while doctors execute live babies in abortion.


I have never seen America in this bad of shape, true. We don’t have a President, we have an accomplice to border crime. It is not even close to Watergate. Christians have their leading, if Obama is offed by God, don’t say you didn’t hear it first…Isn’t that just like liberals, execute their own babies, and steal the glory from terrorists? Abortion, the sign your mind is going to hell.


How NY has been subjected to this Moreland crime ring and with it enablers in media who don’t expose Hillside crime yet. My bible said act while it is in your power to do so, or the ability may be taken from you.  Whirlwind.   Watchman on the wall, maybe he found that doughnut shop authorities like so much, and cast his lots for their nutrition.


Carson, Rubio

With Conservative Houses behind them.






Doug Flutie’s Parents passed away.

IJ’N Amen




2000 miles of open border, just a little unreasonable?  No you don’t slick.  Terrorist at work Barack Obama, ‘did I fool ’em guys’?  Nobody will figure it out will they, stealing free elections like a terrorist leader of other countries?  USAG is accomplice, charges for conspiracy to commit terrorism.

This is not a lib or dem right, not even legal for terrorists, but here DC devils.  Maybe it hides as that usual droaning background noise like the hum of factory machines.  Crime in America, you think it is politics, it is 9-11 II the making of instead.  Not a chance in Paris this could be Muslim Obama at work.

Jail, 100%, Lynch there is room for you too, Cuomo, Schneiderman want it for themselves look how bad they break laws.  Not so fast, NY Gov Spitzer removed from office on sex scandal, but help yourself libs, jeopardize free elections, and steal national security.

This is not legal in any profession.  Public corruption, yeah sure everybody else is supposed to put up with your terrorism Obamanutso.  Lynch you see it with Hillary and celebrate the crime?  Conspiracy, can that be a Conservative test question at debates next time, what charges you find Obama, Lynch, Hillary, and Holder to be guilty of as a common theme?

And we actually prosecute them?  Or God beats us to it with Biblical wrath instead?  Arrogant Barack, not rude or irresponsible, sabotage, deliberate security threat against America.  Fully jeopardizing lives aren’t you Barack Jihadi?  Don’t you find this racist Lynch?  Yeah well me too, White people don’t appreciate your crime klepto.  I know you get the point hypocrite.  How about White Cops try that in Harlem?  ACLU rescue us, not fair, cat got your tongue Hillary?

Patriots this is not a joke, Obama needs jail, otherwise you are giving libs the election power to institute crime for years, refuse to discipline, and so to repeat cycle elect more evils.  And that is protecting freedom for the youth?  It is ok for them to rot in jail, accomplice to terrorism, right up there for libs with politically incorrect  comments and of all the arrogant things, freedom of speech.


NOVEMBER 17, 2015


Guitar intro, have a listen.




Various statements came up on the refugee situation on line.  With Obama calling it shameful that Muslim immigrants should be turned away, with Christian ones allowed.  Cruz standing up for Patriots.  Bush in question on the subject.

You have to be realistic, the world population fitting in America is not what santa claus Obama can provide.  What he may get out of it is to try and unbalance the vote like a thief in the night.

The aim of Islam is chaos, their books issue violence as some holier than thou directive.  It is dangerous to peaceful populations and we already have laws called civil and criminal justice.  We don’t need sharia or infidels to America to tell us how to run our country.  They didn’t establish America, the blood of Patriots did.  9-11 and the Vets who fought in Iraq, Afghanistan helped defend freedom.

Religious freedom is not that you can come here and kill other religions you disagree with.  It is an attack on religious freedom to let it happen.  It is hard to hate a Muslim because they were raised that way, but anyone who thinks that God is good and assigns murder to innocent victims is confused.  Look at the libs, kill their own babies, and bark, bark, bark try to hide it as they cover up their shameful killing like a dog piling up dirt on  a dead savage.

Obama is the worst criminal in DC and America as I see it.  His role as slavemaster against Patriots, is what makes him the criminal element.  Equal rights is not Obama’s intent at all.  When it is a full moon over DC, aaaaaahhhhhhhoooooohhhhhhh, did you hear that?  It was a DNC fundraiser that was all, nothing to 9-11 about.







Here’s a headline the liberal media won’t be reporting on…

You see: the liberal media wants to tell you that the tea party is dead.

But nothing could be further from the truth!

A let me back up a second. I’m writing you today to introduce myself. I’m Congressman Paul Broun, and I’m taking the reigns of your Tea Party Leadership Fund. You may know me from my time fighting in the U.S. House of Representatives.Â

– I opposed Obama’s $800 billion spending plan

– I fought tooth-and-nail against the passage of Obamacare (only to see Nancy Pelosi pass it in the dead of night) AND

– I voted to install tea party hero Rep. Allen West instead of establishment Republican John Boehner for Speaker

These are just a few of the many fights I’ve been in with the D.C. big government machine.

And now I’m on your team to take them on at the ballot box.

Will you to kick off the new direction of the Tea Party Leadership Fund with me? Use the secure buttons below to make an instant donation:

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Russ, since the beginning — these truths have been at the core of the tea party mission:

1. We are dedicated to recruiting Americans who share the Founding Fathers vision of America as a beacon of liberty and hope throughout the world.

2. We are a grassroots movements bringing ordinary citizens together to advance fundamentally American values.

3. We are not a political party and are not beholden to any party or politician.

4. AND most importantly, we seek to reform the entire political environment from the bottom up and return political power to whom it was always intended: the American people.

These principals still hold true.

…here to donate $25, $50, or $100 and join me, Congressman Paul Broun, in sending D.C. the message: “The tea party is not dead!”


You pushed for the tea party movement to make meaningful strides in retaking the Congress from big government politicians in 2010, 2012 and again in 2014.

Will you partner with me to make an even larger impact in 2016?

Restoring liberty,

Paul Broun
Director, Tea Party Leadership Fund

P.S. As one of the few conservative fighters in Congress, I’m no stranger to a fight. You know that the only way to win is to band together. That’s why I’m emailing you today and asking for your critical support — please, donate $5 or more by clicking here.



President Obama’s plan to bring 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States is a bad idea, and Hillary Clinton’s plan to increase that number to 65,000 is even worse.

I’ve just launched a national petition to stop it, and I ask you to sign it right now.

In addition, I’ve sent a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan calling on the U.S. House of Representatives to terminate all public funding for any ongoing federal programs that seek to resettle refugees and/or migrants from Syria into the United States, effective immediately.

It would require a suspension of our intellect to think that ISIS will not work to infiltrate terrorists into the United States disguised as refugees or migrants.

I fully understand that many of these refugees are themselves fleeing terror, which is why America and its allies can and should help them to re-settle somewhere else in the region.

But in light of the horrific attacks in Paris and the unambiguous threats from ISIS to bring the same bloodshed to our shores, President Obama’s plan simply must not move forward. The safety of the American people should be the number one priority.

Together, we’ve built a movement of millions of Americans. It’s time to band together to stop this dangerous policy from moving forward. Please sign and share this petition now.


Ben Carson

Blank and refill contact info with yours & signature here:






I wanted to send you a quick update this morning to let you know that Comcast has agreed to run our anti-Planned Parenthood commercials!

While we are still disappointed in Hulu and hoping they will change their minds, we’ve moved forward and have decided to place our six-digit commercial buy with the world’s largest cable company.

But I need your support to make this happen.

With your help, we will make sure our PSA-like commercials get seen by the very same women Planned Parenthood is targeting for business as they will run on channels like MTV, BET, VH1, TLC, and ABC Family.

Can you imagine? A pro-life commercial running on MTV?!!!!!

Our team has done the research. We’ve created our commercials to look sterile and, like government PSAs, to make sure they aren’t discounted by young women. Plus, we’ve used messages that our team has tested on campuses for years and know open hearts and minds.

And with Planned Parenthood weak and still embroiled in the controversy surrounding the latest undercover investigation, now is the time to strike.

Russ, for less than four cents we can reach one woman with the truth about Planned Parenthood’s real motives and direct to her to a place where we can get real help. For less than four cents, we can turn her away from Planned Parenthood, taking away one future cilent.

Can you invest $40 today to help us reach 1,000 women, $120 to reach 3,000 women, or $400 to reach 10,000 women?

I’ve set a lofty goal to raise $125,000 in the next couple of weeks to ensure we can get these commercials on the air before the end of 2015. We only have $58,630.87 left to go!

Please pitch in what you can today! Thank you so much for all of your support!


For Life,

Kristan Hawkins
President, Students for Life

Sent from my iPhone




Patriots if you can join in here.  Holidays, and the message of Teens are in a destructive downward spiral in the system.  People don’t need more crime to remind them how broken the world is.

#1.  Teens in America and Freedom Village: that needs a money maker to pay an annual budget for them.  One they could tithe off of.  Christian schools could make this happen.

#2.  Border, what in hades are we doing?

#3.  Liberals:  Who have known the emptiness of hate, manipulation, evil, drugs, perversion, stealing, a media that can only represent the favorable news to benefit evil cowards they support.  Morally bankrupt souls who have no place in heaven.

#4.  Patriots:  God’s righteous who are standing in the gap for America.





NOVEMBER 16, 2015



52 months, child abusers turned in to Albany authorities, and nothing gets done to remove criminal liberal staff. It was only child abuse, not like the public should be concerned. It seems like most days in a week law enforcement is on campus to handle problems, but not when their jail buddy staff who works with them is reported or child abuse is the problem.

So OCFS what is it you actually do in Albany, take in reports of abuse and let perps falsify investigations. Sounds like an accomplice to liberal Admin. The record for a Governor and AG hiding on a case such as this has now been set by Boardman v. Hillside?

Teens were supposed to do what FBI? Sit there and keep putting up with abuse? Go to authorities, like who, there aren’t any short of citizens arrests or Federal investigations.

Comical I know, when it goes to court next time and the wager is $20 million, oh well. Ownership of the agency I will accept, and then consequential damages to the agency by perp staff will still have to be attained.

Poor little aborted babies, gasping for breath, stabbed like liberals on a battlefield. African children that you treat like footballs on kickoff plays, starving and dying of thirst, may God have his day with you devils on the left. What did you think you were doing healthcare staff/ mandated dog abuse reporter, you turned us in Russ. Yeah that’s in your face libs.

Accountability people like Roger and Robert on the Governors board, negligence does not seem to ring a bell. Legal action by Hillside with their Atty informed to go above Dennis to turn in crime, and nothing. Must be some hot bingo games going on at Mustard St. in Rochester. Maybe it was Hillary fundraising instead.

Remember Waco, how much abuse should I let libs put up with if they were Clients? None, report when you actually suspect it is real and not frivolous, as I did. What kind of American that is who sits at Hillside Admin. But what if it is still going? And now you don’t know because Andrew Cuomo tried to steal legal rights of Conservatives, protected lib henchmen, child abusers.

I am afraid that NY may be the lowest state in the union at this category of executive crime, racketeering. Never thought a Christian would sue you for every penny did you libs?

Comical, perjuring that a staff hired as Therapist is not working in healthcare? I am sure a jury sees that to be criminal insanity. But the Teens are still in it, today, yesterday, this month, next month as is. Ain’t that right Schneiderman?

The silent right supports this child abuse. It is under Revelation in a bible.

What would have been bad was to go along with their idiot agenda in Rochester, abusing other peoples Teens. Imagine that in criminal court, ‘ are you telling us Admin member with all your accolades, and banquet calories stuffed in you, that it took a Counselor in Russ to bust you and make you do your job over near half a decade? And you still wanted to be in charge? If you ask me there are mad parents who are not going to tolerate this anymore than I did. If Dennis Richardson is a corporate criminal then what is he doing there in charge? Accomplices of the board your thoughts___________________ ( assign inmate of this statement to jail cell # 9-1-1).

Teens you made nice stepping stones for these staff to carry their careers over. We end up in court again, it will be the full damages, wages I was due includes helping starving kids, and aborted moron babies. Liberals you suck!!! ( in the most professional and dignified sense of the word).  They went for starving kids throats, babies who are being executed.  Hell with their careers in Admin.

Jesus we need some back up here, Teens are being abused.  How it ends is a peaceful arrest?  Or they run as fugitives, to work at your jobs Fox News?  Catholic Church leadership needed some new violators, go apply Admin, they will take you.  It  looks like they did all they could to defend the crime scene, with OCFS, and pathetic criminally addicted Cuomo.  Duty to carry out a job legally is a tort liability.

You have caught them Patriots, they are exposed for NY, MD  and America.  What these people ever wanted to do with helping Teens is beyond me.




Kind of an afterthought, but with popular bands like The Beatles, Elvis got it started.  Maybe for a group name if I joined something like a band called The Lobsters, that could be a happening thing.  If I had the Facebook, likes poll, people could vote on it.  Pull up to a venue in a Lamborghini, Lobsters man, live in concert.  OK city dwellers might not get that too well, will have to keep working on it.


Pass The Butter a first album?


Songwriting For Let It Ring

Has been going well. The time since when Hillside maneuvers began and now, this is better music now. I am also more rested. The first two to three months of that was the first time off I had in 7 years, working around 9.5 years of hours in that time with my detention job external to Hillside. It was 6 months of unused work weeks in vacation that scrolled back to Hillside, that they didn’t have to pay me because of my work ethic. Nice way to treat your Mandated Child Abuse Reporter who busts the criminal honchos, with slander.

Even though I had gained 30 pounds back before the child abuse scandal surfaced on my coworkers, my energy was still low. I saw Rickey Steamboat speaking about being in the shape of his life and it having that effect on his energy. For being ready for work I was there, flexing the pipes after one shift, arms had to be around 19”. Playing a concert didn’t seem like much fun at that point I was so whipped energy wise. Now I am back to better energy levels. That was from work related mostly I would say. Since then Bench Press numbers have been at all time when training. I could out bench some NFL defensive ends then.

If I had recorded earlier it would have been a shorter CD, now it should take decisions of what to use and not use for a final songlist. I did see Def Leppard recording this last time solo, and still went big with it. Let’s see what happens, I know this has to be powerful. Babies are counting on it Pastors. Babies, actual live human stabbing victims. That has to make you feel stupid libs.

As far as I can tell you the Hillside staff devils have destroyed their careers. I wouldn’t put them with your Teens America, I will leave it at that.



NOVEMBER 15, 2015


Fortunately for America, Hillary has verified that we are not at war with Radical Islam.  Terrorist attacks, dozens of dead in Paris.  She’s right it was only a quibble.  On a night as such if Hillary was Sec of State for France and a Paris, refusing security requests, what even after Benghazi?  There to make sure like Barack that the war on terror is over despite operations in the middle east.  Muslims are not in a holy war?

Kids are asking, that does not seem to make sense, this sounds like Obama and Hillary are liars?  Is Hillary a liar?  People are dying from Geraldo’s point of view.

Do you think Hillary would make a good defendant in Congress?  Or a lib Commando in chief?  No, she’s incompetent for the job.

Maybe DNC should just hang it up?  Let adults run things instead.

What difference does it make?  Border security?  She supports Satan Obama.  The prison sentence for helping terrorists with border access is what Lynch?  But it was Hillary camp that wants it to keep going.  How about a prison cell office instead, she could run unopposed.

Quibble Ostrich is what Donkey is  trying to say to you.

A fiend at work, can’t get enough of the baby stabbing as a lib in abortion, had to run for The White House too.  You know the Kremlin might have some openings instead Hillary?

God Bless Patriots




For all the symbolic dreams and visions in the bible.

The writer reports, before him was a bank, and entering were the Hillside staff criminals at large. Explaining they could not all fit in a gas station to rob that, the first one hands a note to the teller, it says “give me the money I am a crook”. The second Hillside staff tries the same, until all of them went through line in similar fashion, and there was no money left. Hazard County Sheriff attempting to make the same withdrawl right after approaches the counter and finds out that he can’t cash in on the liberal escapade.

Acting quickly he ushers the Hillside crowd down a hall which leads into the back of an 18 wheeler. As the doors close behind the group, the two involved DAs can be seen catching the perps, because they too were cheated out of the bank crime with the Sheriff. As the 18 wheeler pulls away, Governor Cuomo and NYAG are seen in the cab, commenting that well the local law might have thought they caught these guys, but little did they know Albany was driving here, “Moreland II all the more crime for MSNBC, King Obama, and the Brothers of Homosexual Criminals at large in the Albany Liberation Front ”  comments Cuomo.  The money Hillside had hoped to use in a child abuse, sex trafficking scandal will have to be taken for Albany crimes instead.

FBI surveillance watching the crime on screen reports to base, “that’s OK libs, we have you tracked on GPS and evidence so thick, when you get out of jail after being raped for decades, another generation will be in charge of Dannemora and Albany.” Now back to the original crime, you don’t steal Christians, Jesus taught you that, unless you are Baptist faction I understand the confusion. It does not matter how much dirty rice you eat you still can’t steal. Elected officials and Admin, we had you tracked for years, racketeering because you cowards were fearing. Radio call “ nice job FBI you ended years of liberal baptists and Hillside staff stealing form society, the old child abuser gang. Obama will be pleased to stop the crime.” FBI Reply : “ Scratch that base, if King Obama and USAG Grynch walked into Valley Forge after their terrorist crimes on the border, Patriots would not start shooting at them? Our undying allegiance to help France after ISIS, yeah then close the border, Oklepto US Code 18 violation aiding ISIS by committing US territory to terrorists, and threatening free elections of the opposing party, read the law Conservatives you can lock these fools up.”

FBI fades into the jail building, as Hillside gang youth were contacting gang members to retaliate on lib leadership.

The Angel of the dream was packing heat as he logged these things.  “What staff remain” he asked”after the board and governors were busted at Hillside?  Fortunately they got Helen, Angela, and Theresas.”





Libs are loose and unprosecuted criminals by our gov’t.  We need to get them in jail where they belong.





NOVEMBER 14, 2015


After the compounding scandals in Obama’s evil time of politics.  There should be some reference to identify people like him by Drivers licenses.  To say you only have a permit to operate a motor vehicle with a licensed driver present, because you are so untrustworthy as a citizen.  Hillary, Holder, Lerner, them too.  Look what it takes to stop the crime wave on the left.  If Conservatives walked away from elections and let libs run DC, Albany, media, everything they would steal? Looters, and vandals.  Not to mention criminally insane, but they wanted to be in charge on the left.  Isn’t that right donkey?

Patriots if you can get in this-


#1 Road Ragers:  In America other Patriots are not the drivers, it must be Nazi Germany we are in to them, the way road ragers drive.

#2.  Abortion Idiots:  These innocent babies keep getting in the way of society, so we let libs execute them as usual.  A nice 1-2 political murder machine.  Can’t they just  die from natural causes instead first, so we have less libs to deal with?

#3.  The Fire Of Hell: To intensify by 3000 degrees (approximately), bad people need to feel it.

#4.  2016 Elections:  No more lib gremlins in office.  Iran the  worst terrorist country by him but here have nukes, from sleeper cell Obama.  And him from libs, great job you snakes.

#5.  Justice:  The world is so corrupt, God needs to start kicking some ashes out of the way.

In Jesus’ Name







Sports Illustrated calls it the biggest little game in the country I saw on line. This is where I went to school for Athletic Training at Ithaca.  And I worked with Bombers Football then.  The rival Cortland helmet I wore at their camp in high school.  That is where The Jets had NFL camp before Rex Ryan was at Rochester with The Bills.  It was a nice one too, with a  Lawrence Taylor facemask.  Normally I might have something more Sam Mills.

You will see the national champion banners on the wall in the 3rd pic.  The field sits some 400 (?) feet above downtown, at Butterfield Stadium. Attendance can go 10,000.


Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 1.17.13 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 12.29.07 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 1.39.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 1.27.28 PM




Not that courts so far have been able to own up to laws, and doing their jobs other than to approve a settled record which will convict Hillside crooks in Appeals court.  The hate crime, you know seething liberals, who victimize abused Teens, and try to hide behind perjury, with evil media who can’t even spell red, white, and blue.

Hate crimes freedom loving liberal.  Bleeding heart philanthropist.  You probably give more rights to dogs than Conservatives.

Hate crimes that resume perk, how you committed federal offenses on behalf of Hillside.  I mean your own resume, don’t blame the company, they didn’t make you do anything did they?  All by yourself made up lies for The Judge so he could say Amen.

I would expect newly admitted evidence in court, witnesses.

Stabbing innocent babies to death in abortion.  Voting Hillary which itself is a hate crime to let a criminal run for office.  It is like you kicked the bald eagle in the head.

The social rabies is yes showing libs.  You ain’t the peaceful perps you would like to portray yourselves as.  How oh so bad criminal teens are lorded over by federal criminals in Hillside Admin?  Their offenses run 6- 18 months as Teens while yours go 20 years.  Sounds like you should be in charge libs.  Cages that said cages.

Who can replace Cuomo and Schneiderklepto in Albany, make OCFS run according to a job description?  Just protecting the Teens Admin, sure you were.

Damages to once again including starving African Kids, targeting Christian ministry, aborted morons.  Wah-ha-ha, do libs have to follow laws too like free citizens?  Yes I am afraid so donkeys, cage behaviors will mean a loss of privileges ( system lingo)  no home visits, confiscated salaries, damages to Plaintiff in excess of 7 figures.

Imagine that FBI computers with their seal on screen, and mug shots, viewing Hillside Admin, freeze terrorist accounts, surveillance, meat truck, they could even get The Dog on this.  They know the evidence, saw badly falsified papers, bad boys, bad boys.  I should play that in concert?

I think Teens know, ones that I worked with it was all about building their futures.  Education and treatment goals, I only needed to initiate a physical hold I counted once in 13 years myself. I was in more holds than that, but Teens know I am trying to help them build.  That is me in the center of the action, on point, working with bad populations often.  That is a symptom of progress.

Have authorities let Teens be subject to criminal Admin?  Uhhhhh, say it isn’t so lib media.  Once again you force the right to be the adult in the situation and babysit your crimes.

So the coercion Feds is that I do not report child abuse.  Or libs trash their own careers in an act of self destruction on litigation backs.  Mentally gone, not trustworthy to work with Teens.  And don’t you report either Conservative Patriot, the libs don’t like it!

OCFS sees a problem here, or was it Moreland time in Albany again?  If this is not the straight jacket  group of libs who need to be physically removed from Hillside, then what are they?  Freaking nuts, these people have lost it.

Any other Sociotherapist/YCP or ATC turns in crime and you expect Hazard county staff to arrest criminals.  Other Governors would tolerate this?  I used to drive transport to a mental health facility for Clients, I never thought staff would need that level of care.



NOVEMBER 13, 2015



  1.  Paris
  2. Border Patrol
  3. Hillside family of criminal staffs.



What these three hold in common is criminal ideals, of people who think they can take from others.  In foreign countries they are terrorists, in America they are known as liberals.

At what point in the years of crime that keep dragging on, authorities would like to stop Obama, Cuomo, Hillside?  Crime is okay if you are a Dem is the message.  Loud and clear the litigants heard it coming from Dem crimes.  These are not mentally competent people, interfering with other peoples freedom is their intention.  If USAG Grynch decides to prosecute her henchmen I doubt it.

It’s so terrible, cough, border 2000 miles of negligence.  We need to stop the crime in the world, says the homicidal lib who executes their own son or daughter by abortion, promotes Cuomogate, Hillsidescam, have at MSNBC, I dare you to step up and stop crime you evil cowards.  Like CBN would do any better?

Other YCP and Sociotherapists are considered healthcare staff at Hillside, why not a Christian, Patriot, Conservative, Pro Life, Gun Rights one?  I can’t help Admin lost their minds and a criminal Judge refused the law.

Boardman defended NY Youth to no apologies.  Where is the rest of The Patriots, on an inquisition against Teens?  Maybe it will make sense when Hillside Admin end up in jail with Al Qaeda?  Justice is a bible principle.

What a terrible day in France.  Obama has neglected worse, he needs to go.  Keep playing with and investing in crime libs, what God does to that?  Good luck if you ring it up with Heaven.




More on the Bills Defense, approaching Patriots.  Buffalo may use a basic 3-4 defense instead and put one linebacker up to pass rush.  Same idea is Jam Gronk, and the Defensive Ends need outside rushing lanes.  Maybe with Mario to keep hitting Gronk, and Hughes rushing the far side.

That frees up a defender for pass coverage, so you put a safety over the three receiver side.  Or you cover Gronk in man and and leave a middle linebacker for Brady, or have safeties over the 3 and 2 receiver side, with DE’s on Brady for contain.



I saw the Trump comments about Carson.  The comment Trump is melting down.  Or Carson is pathological or still is?  That is a far stretch from reality, a Pediatric Surgeon.  How somebody handles things as a kid or at 15  can be far different than now.

How people deal with anger changes.  I talked with a roid rager once who told me he stopped with the rages, because he was destroying furniture he had to pay for.  Even myself in Football, one game in high school, the whistle sounded, and the play was over, it was a running play to the other side of the field, the offensive lineman kept hitting me with his shoulder pads after the play, 3,4, 5 times after the play on the backside of the play.  So finally I hit him with a right and knocked him off his feet.  The flag hit my helmet and the Ref says ” sorry son you can’t line ’em up and lay ’em out.”  OK hometown Ref you saw all that , where is self defense in it?  No penalty on the other guy.  I didn’t have any penalties after that in games ever.

For Carson to be pathological would take a diagnosis now.



First thing I have to say is thank God for football. The privilege we have to watch NFL. It only shows me the foolish and dangerous behavior of DC that threatens America by border and budget, etc. You know the rest. The run and hide border defense of DC is not enough.




The Bills finally getting penalties down and out of their way. Under 50 yards overall here. This raised their game by not beating themselves.

What a night for McCoy, 112 yards rushing, another 47 receiving, and his runs are attack back type of gains. He is going after the defense, is this starting to look like Thurman? Or the old McCoy is another way to say it.

Tyrod a good night, 17/27, TD, 0 Int.

Karlos Williams, TD for 6th game in a row, on a 26 yard reception.

Buffalo Secondary:

Rambo: Recovered fumble, Int.

D.  Williams: Recovered fumble for TD.

Graham: Int.

For all the struggles Buffalo goes through this Secondary has been nothing short of top rated, and with Darby not mentioned here tonight who may make Rookie of The Year.

Buffalo needed this win to keep pace with The Raiders in wildcard hopes.

Patriots are next for Buffalo. Going on about 10 days rest, this one matters like Jets did. New England has lost their top Running Back to injury. Again anticipating Brady and Gronk, this is where Buffalo has to get a pass rush on Brady. I would bring 5 men on the D Line, bump Gronk with the 5th  man and outside pass rush after, with the fast outside rush on the opposite side of the D Line. I watched before and the Buffalo front four on D, were being contained by Patriot O Line. Then I would use a Linebacker to cover Gronk down the field.

In the past Secondaries have had dominant hitters, and against Gronk with Safeties who only go about 200 lbs, it is a mismatch. Maybe Buffalo has a fast Linebacker or a tall one who can run with him well. This approach would count on Buffalo D Line to contain Brady. For that reason I would use Enemkpali, Lawson, Johnson, possibly on the bump with Gronk off the line of scrimmage, and then fast pass rush, with Hughes on the opposite side of the line for Buffalo also. The bump though has to be work for Gronk, keep pounding away on the release, rotate defenders here where needed.

Patriots will counter if this works by bringing in another TE or RB to block, and it will slow the game down some. Buffalo can then put in a safety to cover the 2nd tight receiver or back who is blocking. That is if they use the same approach in NE.




NOVEMBER 12, 2015




There is no way to sugarcoat this: this election is going to be the toughest I have ever faced.

A recent poll of Maricopa County voters showed that I am in a statistical DEADHEAT with my opponents.

Russ, your support has never been as crucial as it is right now, and I have never needed your financial support more than I do today. This election is going to come down to the wire. It will be decided by a razor-thin margin, and I need your immediate help to ensure I have the financial resources needed to win next November.

Your donation of $25, $50, or $75 will help me double my re-election campaign efforts to combat what is undoubtedly going to be a long, hard battle.

I need your support, and I need it today.

More importantly, Maricopa County and our nation needs your support. Together, we have made our county known countrywide for being the toughest in the nation on crime and those who perpetrate it. I have dedicated my time as Sheriff to keeping our county safe, and I will never back down from that job.

Your donation of $25, $50, $75, will allow me to once again fend off baseless attacks by those who deem being tough on crime as “politically incorrect.”

You and I both know these attacks are about personality politics, not what is truly best for our county or state.

In the over two decades that I have been Sheriff, I have taken unpopular stances to ensure our county is among the safest in America. This is gained me a lot of enemies, but I’ve always known I could depend on my true supporters — like you. And, Russ, I need your support right now.

I am in the toughest campaign of my life, and I will only be able to move forward if I can count on you right now.

I can’t thank you enough for your contribution of $25, $50, $75 or any amount you can afford.

It’s support from people like YOU that reminds me to keep fighting to keep our county safe.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona

P.S. This election is going to come down to the wire. I need to know I have your support TODAY to ensure I will be victorious next year. Please follow this link right now to make an urgently needed contribution.

P.P.S. Our adversaries have been attacking me for years because I dared to take “politically incorrect” stances by following the rule of law. I will never stop fighting for what is right, and I will never cave to our enemies. But, Russ, those battles were expensive. That’s why I am relying on your financial contribution of any amount today. Thanks, Joe



One of the high and mighty liberal achievements in the Hillside case, is that staff who have to be cleared by a criminal background check to work at the agency by OCFS, were able to falsify records, lie in court, obstruct child abuse reporting, but Albany OCFS still lets them work at Hillside.  If you are a DA or NYAG, look under the carpet, there it is, the case was hiding on you, child abuse, NY State, Hillside.  No not related to Hillary although it seems connected, benghaziscamartistwannabes.

This is an accomplishment only to be celebrated by libs, abused teens, media supporters, and authorities.  No one under those crimes could get hired at Hillside, OK run the show though, you deserve it Rochester perp staff, how about a raise too?  The Judge who denied Hillside had acted fraudulently, refusing to recognize mental health work as that, may have been in a hurry to get back to a Nintendo game, and decided to falsify the case.  Overslept and didn’t do his homework the #2 most popular guess, with the dog ate his homework as the spare tire choice.

They would like to work with your Teens NY.  Not capable of getting cleared anymore by OCFS, once prosecuted by The Federal Bureau Of Investigation in the nation’s capital, Washington DC.

Explain that OCFS, you don’t need to respond on complaints about fellow libs?  Teens are in safe staffs supervision, or you are guilty of gross negligence?  Cuomo, I see you hiding, 52months, look at all those other generic crimes you go after but a lib crime wave in Rochester/ Albany, shhhhhhh Russ don’t tell the media, people will notice Cuomogate.  Remember Nixon, I bet you do.  This is how you let OCFS run and treat Teens?  Isn’t that accomplice to child abuse prosecutors?

You will have to excuse me for recognizing the Constitution, Declaration, NY Penal Law, Labor Law, Civil Law.  You can categorize Teen abuse as cruelty to animals if that is what you were hoping for but no court will recognize it as legitimate.  I know going for the record on crime in the most categories of law, the total yards of offense kind of thing on the left, this may seem tempting to kleptos.

Party on libs, those pieces of trash you abuse are actually Teens, see the misunderstanding,  yeah actually humans are Clients at Hillside.  How you confused these two categories? It is a lib agenda.  That is what Hillside did with America.  Red, white , and blue has your number libs.

If authorities are too chicken to arrest the Hillside perps they can deputize me, I will need a meat wagon, and enough handcuffs, then no problem, I will round up the bad guys and restore order to Hillside.  You think I am kidding.

Clients may want to talk to their Parents about Attorneys, to make sure Cuomo/ OCFS is making Hillside follow laws.  They have no legal right to work there, as perps OCFS.





If you worked in law enforcement and Hillside staff were falsifying records,  including court, to watch Admin at Hillside only reward the perps.  Wouldn’t you feel like a fat lummox?  Have eaten all the doughnuts but were not able to stop the crime, so here you go Teens, keep putting up with abuse.  How did all those doughnuts get on my plate anyways?  What do we pay them for, to be criminals like Albany?

It happens because Teens are good slaves for Hillside.  Hopefully the released Fed prisoners under Obama makes room for Hillside Admin and liberal offenders in his Admin.



Asks your signature:



Old Favorite


NOVEMBER 11, 2015

This was a song I saw in a Rock Concert I went to at Buffalo.  Back when Wind Of Change was on the new Scorpions tour album.  You can get the subway from UB to  downtown.  -RB




As prosecution closes on the perps in this case, will we get to a hot potato phase of the game?  Where offending agencies start to turn and try to blame Hillside because they did not do their jobs.  For example no OCFS Commissioner has ever satisfied the info being reported, and turned around and said, ok this is not safe we see what they did, we will remove violating staff from Rochester Admin, and Hillside.  But now, even files against Hillside for criminal behavior, to protect the safety of Clients, just doing the job , signed Love Albany.  Why NYS Police would not try this, or two different county DAs.

If it becomes class action again for intimidation, coercion because they will not stop with the crime in my case, coworkers may prosecute as mandated child abuse reporters being forced to work a hostile liberal work environment.  That is where the board and governors can pay the tab.  Even criminal Counsel from Nixon Peabody who perjured the case,  signing documentation that ‘ under possible penalty of perjury they admit the following statements as true.’  And it was total garbage.

I think I get the game by defense and Judge, lie in county court because Appeals is still there, people can settle that type of fun time.  Courts are corrupt, where the hell are you FBI?

Cuomo is having jollies to this lib crime wave, authorities can log that for court.  We see you NYAG, 52 months, your henchmen in Hillside make crime happen.

My leading from God when this began was ‘ stay on top of it’ nobody is going to help in leadership, so far it’s true.  The bible talks about those who eat meat, that was a butcher’s portion if you will.

Protecting The Youth of NY, truth, justice and the American way!  Doing a great job NY, nothing to worry about, libs have it covered, Clients are well abused.


Side detail, when problems began it was logged in end of shift reports, but it was not clear if loud staff were having an effect on Clients.  By the third time I commented I think, that I thought it was abuse.  There was a lapse in time between staff being a problem and any client symptoms, so who was to say what was cause and effect?  The action reaction started to become at 2 minutes or instant, not at 10 minutes.  If you go to OCFS with abuse complaints and you are wrong, so they over liberalize and snap on the staff who didn’t do anything, there goes a career.  It happens all the time at Hillside, line staff have a right to defend themselves and TCI needs to be used to keep it safe.  They aim for no holds campuses where no TCI holds happen, and unsafe things go on as a result.  Clients kick in metal doors, one was banging a fist off a plate glass window.  Clinical staff are only 20 feet away but treat clients like toddlers, ‘don’t get in a hold staff, if you are being bitten just sit there and get bit don’t try to resist I was told at training, biohazard that is good.’.  The most incompetent people, where Safety committee refused more than sandwich maker gloves for TCI, like at Subway.

Staff came to me with human bite marks and scratches as an ATC, injuries from work.

So you want to be sure or at least suspect when you go to OCFS, because they obviously don’t do their jobs well in this case.  I reported when I suspected it was abuse that Clients were harassed.

Two baptist floors were having regular disruptive shifts with Clients out of control.  They tried to sign me up to cover their problems from other floors, and I refused, they are not my boss.  That was with their Clinician even on Armstrong unit.  It makes Baptists look bad, so they tried to share the misery by disrupting where I was to retaliate.

Negligence of Albany is a legal charge is where on Radar?

I did my job and proud of it you loser staff.




OK I got back to where I picked up in the debates. So I have watched the complete upper tier now. At a distance I am surprised if it was a year ago, you would have thought Huckabee would still be in it now. But, the upper six candidates, there is no soft spots there. He is in there with good solid competition.

Overall I don’t have anything really negative to say. Thank God we have our GOP and in such a nice venue.

Start with Carson, as post debate numbers seem to indicate, he is popular with the voters. I am expecting to see him gain momentum as this progresses. When you look at demographics that he impacts. It is The Black vote, minorities, health care, gun rights, Christians, improved budget and taxes like the left could out bless God? I can see it becoming a dominant Carson lead over libs in the end. People in L.A. and NYC, Philly, Pittsburgh start to realize, this guy can solve crisis, he represents the Patriot, then we better vote for him. His message was good tonight, Ben is on our side, Thank God.

Rubio, maybe the most honed candidate out there. You can’t hide the handle he has on politics when he speaks. For all the exponential failures in DC he is the one I look at as a possible Vice President, and say who could keep things going like him? Rubio is sharp on the issues, I don’t second guess him. Again his Hispanic vote and in cities, with Carson make a team that is bound to take Florida, and who knows, NY is getting close to the tipping point in votes. That is if Politicians don’t overlook the depravity that runs our state.  Penn can’t be too far off either.

Cruz, as polls show close to Rubio, doing fine, it reveals the crowded field in the end.

Carly I think scares liberals because they know Hillary’s joy ride is done here. Rand I like personally but he is so far back. Trump, it cracks me up to see him out there. This desperate hour in America, Patriots at Valley Forge, look up and here is Trump with the Republicans and Conservatives. He is on our side! We have to choose so a biblical character of Carson I go with, but I don’t not like Trump. We have a team overall, libs should just donate their money to starving kids in Africa and let righteous run DC, they will get themselves in trouble with God anyways on the left.

Bush has chimed in as Catholic. Despite the unity of the debates, there is a terrible history to world Christianity by Catholics. After the 4th Century and Nicea, the inquisition, and even Pilgrims leaving Britain under persecution from Roman Catholic heretics. I studied the bible for years in detail. The academic conclusion is Catholic is not justified by written scriptures. I don’t think that multiplied by a White House is wise. Five warnings in a bible by; David, Solomon, Peter, Paul, John tell you to not add words to what is written. Catholic translation turns one God into three by adding words, where Moses would have been stoned for it by Jewish Bible Law. Nice guy, intelligent enough to run DC, that is not what God leads me to though as a first choice.

Carson can be great like Reagan.

Issues, they nailed it as a group in not so many words. The swing states, Senate races, we need all of this. I would campaign California or they are not represented.  On abortion, don’t be afraid to call libs out on this, what do you think you are doing, homicide 101.  Like they don’t know they murder innocent sons and daughters, and then get offended for being exposed.

Thanks Candidates, can you fix NY?




NOVEMBER 10, 2015


I got alot of the debate in, but I have to go back and watch film of the first quarter of it before I can give you commentary.  That is where I picked up in the greatness.




On the comment that Carson has some pathology.  He helps kids that need surgery, a real horror movie quality about him isn’t it?  The abortioneers should worry about pathology, you stab live babies to death, before any other liberals can get there first and crush the babies skulls.  The principle of being a Christian and what Carson did as a kid.  People are not raised perfect.  Missing the point of what Carson said is the only relevant comment on Carson’s upbringing for critics.  He has shown himself responsible with sharps for some time now.  Like other American kids have not done similar things.  Carson has a righteous agenda, which is more in line with God, than a Jenneration.  That is the big joke for secular politics, God will save us by being devils?

We have the highest percent of people incarcerated in the world.  Liberals are the ones who want rehab for criminals.  People change as Christians, I read about drunks going to hell in Corinthians, and never went back to alcohol, we are past 20 years now since I drank.  I really disrespect what it does, by damages, to an athlete.  You couldn’t pay me to drink alcohol again.

I give it a good chance that Carson can bring the inner city vote, which is heavily Black by percentage.  I recognize him for what he is getting done now.  Go to all that trouble to help people, Med School, and then Surgeon.  If you were going to hurt people, that is a very inefficient way to go about it.





This is for you Patriots, who sat and complained while Cuomo tried his unsafe gun act in NY.  That limits the number of bullets you can put in a gun.  Of course bad guys are going to use any amount of bullets they choose, so this was the liberal version of disarming the responder against a criminal.  Cuomo is that dumb or is a scheming socialist trying to overthrow freedom?

Cuomo should have been impeached just on that.  If you want a nice easy one though, the racketeering in Moreland Commission and Hillside that the Governor, sorry kids we could not get rid of the criminal in Albany faster,  he has now qualified for Federal charges.   The basic idea of racketeering is you rig the game of life so a person in a different political party can’t win.  Constitution, Declaration, but here play by  criminal rules Patriot.  Benedict Arnold that you there in Albany?  Oh it was you Andrew.

If you want Cuomo out, enough crime has passed in his Admin for 20 years of prison.  But for you libs, hiding the fangs on us are you, this is your guy, Cuomo fiend.  He was contacted on Hillside so this makes him accomplice to it.

Why are these crimes not being prosecuted MSNBC?  Hillary answer that one.


NOVEMBER 9, 2015


As Cops and Sheriff, DA, NYAG, Governor Cuomo all dropped the ball on this criminal fiasco.

If you are the trapped staff there, the thousands who can’t report child abuse without fear of retaliation.  An equal liberal opportunity employer.  Wolf down your doughnuts to that.  Last time I checked The American Flag still flies over NY.  Better get the handcuffs out, siren, capture the enemy you dirty Cops.  Ok anyways…

Nice way to treat my coworkers you freaking heroes.  Next time why don’t you advertise that with benefits; if you work at Hillside you can be victim of rabies stricken libs in the workplace, falsifying paperwork and giving themselves the company as political dominion, and renegade stomping grounds.

What is your excuse Schneiderman, 52 months, not enough time with all the crime you were plotting?

I had to question the racist side of it.  If my helping to feed starving African Children was not so well received by racist Hillside Admin?  Klansmen in other words, don’t feed the niggers Boardman, is that what they are trying to say to me?  Pure racist if they are.

Nobody has verified their mental health condition, maybe they were listening to Bon Jovi tunes about walking on ledges, took a hit of acid, and fried their brains so bad, be thankful only child abuse was the primary crime so far?  Leave them there Cuomo, the pathology is evident.

To me it is plenty of frustrated Conservative voters at Hillside, when Dennis looms over you as criminal in charge.  Over 4 years, and you sorry liberals, look at you.  The News Media could get Hillside off my coworkers backs.  The Teens who cares, nobody does, not even libs.  But you think Russ is going to Rehab gang youth with criminal baptists and child abuse in it, goddammit are you stupid, society.




I am doing the best I can to get you a President who will protect your borders, rights, and this country.  Terrorism is the worst I have ever seen, in the last 15 years.  Dr. Carson can help us get America working again.  Maybe with the help of Mr. Rubio and all our Patriots.  Don’t trust the liberals they think stabbing babies to death is medicine in abortion.

God Bless You




I used to work at one Detention job where we had Court TV.  That used to play alot and when you watch enough of it, like COPS (the show), the criminal element gets very personal.  This no longer is liberal Hillside refusing rights to moron of all things child abuse reporters.  But it becomes mug shots and criminal records, the investigation and story of organized crime in western NY.  It is obvious that Dennis Richardson made his personal attacks against my career, along with Helen and Theresa from HR.  Mug shots baby, that was the goal.  But you general public are to take it as Hillside versus sanity, their policy to emulate Obama and Hillary.  Not to notice the individual gang members at Hillside Admin in their corporate racketeering scheme.

I do have to tell some of you law enforcement and prosecutors who sat on your hands through this, and refused duties, man to man here, how much of punks you are. What do you play with dolls to pretend you are doing your jobs instead of go to work and stop criminals?  You know what I am saying, better tighten that up, or people will notice you and see how weak the authorities are.

The deformation whether by Judge, or Nixon Peabody, Admin.  African Kids die because I can’t help drill wells for their villages due to Hillside.  I don’t try to make a show of giving like scriptures say, but I did provide at least one well to Africa during litigation, and there was way more before that.  Blood thirsty liberals, keep voting left and that is what you get, dirty media, ISIS border patrol, dead African Kids.  God’s Woe to you devils.



NOVEMBER 8, 2015


So far in court Hillside has not attempted the excuse that their staff tried to do the right thing according to policy and law, but every time this happens, it just comes out as crime by some weird, you know, their brains are haywire, and no explanation can be found for the Admin behavior inversion.  Leaving them in charge of NY Youth authorities is your failure.  Now it may be part of a vicious Colonel Klink routine that libs keep trying to snap out of for a return to reality, but the demons are telling them serve Hitler, and Cuomo.  If one of these perps stepped forward as a staff and said that the forcefield  Satan had on them was simply too strong and they could not return to NY Laws or Hillside policy because of it, that will make you want to put bullets in your gun as officer of the law.  Must be some good drugs  Admin has?  Have NARCs ruled this out yet?

Would a crack head make any different decisions for Hillside than these staff, or they both would violate NY Laws and even court?

Nice and safe OCFS, are you reporting the forcefield in Albany also?  Can’t do job, too much demons?



What Cuomo needs to say about Hillside and the crime from Albany, is that these liberal staff tried their hardest but could not do the job without lies and felonies.  So they can get away with the corruption.  Besides that, if authorities solve the crime then those Teens will get away without being punished by liberal devils the good old fashioned way, like what Cain was to Abel.  For just going to Hillside as a Teen, whether under protective custody or by incarceration.  Like a concentration camp you might say, run by criminal libs.  And even if they did this on purpose as libs, that was Cuomo’s Moreland insanity anyways.  Who can complain when crime was the official Governor’s plan, see that it makes it all better libs in media.

Who should be next NY Governor?  Huckabee.  The interim between an arrested Cuomo and Huck, who knows.




These Vet Heroes we can’t seem to find reliable Healthcare for.  It is an injustice I hope Dr. Carson is going to fix as President.


Buffalo starting to look like a playoff team here.  Both Running Backs in McCoy and Williams with over 100 yards each, Tyrod running well also from QB with near another 50 more on the ground.  No interceptions from Buffalo.  Watkins the standout Receiver for The Bills.  All three backs looked maybe their best this year running.  With McCoy I don’t question it.

Defensively Jerry Hughes with sacks and a fumble recovery.  Also good to see Enemkpali in late in the game.  The secondary for Buffalo continues to impress everyone.

Games ahead are Thursday where Buffalo wears red against The Jets, and then Patriots the following week.  Both are division games and The Bills need to stop with the penalties if they want to win.  Almost 100 yards worth today.  Why be so evil to your teammates with that approach?

Overall this was a live offense, that is playoff worthy.   As Buffalo looks for a wildcard.  Penalties did stop for a long spell of the game with Miami, but it has cost Buffalo big this season.

Hope McCoy is alright and Dixon is ready to fill in.

Thanks Bills that was worth it!




I watched on Fox how Mars supposedly had water on it.  Let’s say that is true.  Then due to solar flares the oceans were removed.  Possible, ok maybe.  But Mars lost its magnetic field somewhere in time?  That was not explained, planets just lose magnetic fields, or this was a hustle?  The field is a function of what the planet is made of, if 99% of the mass of Mars is hidden from ionizing sun rays and radiation, the mechanism for this loss of magnetism was___________?

The other observation for big bangers.  All the planets in our solar system are different.  They are not the same, as molecular materials.  So the big bang went off, and oh look planets broke off in these even pieces, of perfect material types, and didn’t mix with each other.  So who put them in these distinct packages called planets pre big bang?  About like you threw a lunch box, and the cold pizza didn’t mix with the sliced peaches when the  lunch box hit the ground.  There is no mountain in the Atlantic Ocean made of moon rock.  Or gaseous Saturn ring in Idaho.  Distinct creations are what you find in planets.  Like each has a unique armor.

Once you defeat carbon dating into an evolving event that accelerates by carbon decay rate.  It takes away Darwin’s theory that there ever was a billions of years.   When the nucleus of an atom decays it becomes more positive and if it changes proximity to undecayed carbon then as more positive once decayed, then yes decay would accelerate over time.  By an exponential rate in later stages of decay as the sample keeps changing.

Traditional decay theory,  is highly illogical Captain.




They talk about moral intelligence levels in the system and ages of development.  The criminals who harassed Clients, and lied in court.  Recognize that Clients are more concerned for their own futures when they are being bothered than these staff.  It is forcing Clients to become the adult in the situation?  If OCFS and Admin don’t act, then it is going that direction.  Normally adults have to be Lifeguards at pools, and you don’t leave kids in charge of schools for reasons.  If I left my keys with Clients and walked out what would happen at Hillside?  But here liberal Donkey, goofy laughter fills your insane mind, you can steal from NY and harass Clients, dumb dumb have fun time at Hillside!!!  No I don’t know where you dropped that loose screw that was failing your mind.  If authorities find it maybe they will return it to you in jail.

So the moral intelligence level of these staff is?  You would expect behavior like that from kids younger than Hillside Clients but not older?  Other agencies laugh, they see it, how Hillside Admin are done in the profession by them.  Hillside does not get it though.  Lord Cuomo will rescue them for all their crimes.  They think like children if you ask me, lied in court as if nobody was watching.

Psych Ward is where this is going.  Diagnosis for oppositional defiant, or related disorders.  A personal attack on Clients at the same time, by Cuomo and OCFS.  Have I seen your marbles?  Nope, no sign of them anywhere, Conservatives are asking the same thing.  And you expect to be in charge of other peoples Teens?  Yes the stalking does end somewhere libs.  Incarceration is what it takes to stop your so called political agenda.  Once again showing the inferior nature of the left.  Before you go, three oinks and a praise be to Cuomo!




6 year old boy shot to death by Cops.  It does not make sense.  One of the most sobering and disturbing things I have seen in the news.

In Jesus Christ’s Name





NOVEMBER 7, 2015


NY, Conservatives, you have to be upset if you count yourself as an adult.  Questions like are you robbing NY Hillside?  And Cuomo do you think you are fooling anybody(?), are some good starters.

Worst problem is that criminals are still in the agency.  To hell with Teens, we have greedy scum libs on the job instead.  It shows who is in the profession for the money and organized crime, versus who wanted to help NY Teens.

How about we let a vagrant wander into Hillside and try the same crimes, no, not liberal enough authorities, it has to be a Cuomo supporter, I see.  And then they can get away with it?  OK how about Obama dressed like a bum, he tries the crime, you let him get away Lynch, not racist at all.  Is it me or do I only work with library books, and pets, nothing worthy of reporting to authorities? Excuse me human beings showed up at Hillside like most days in this case.  Report crime to protect humanoids, I see OCFS.  And when reported your legal duty was to remove crime.  So this was an election tactic, bless the criminal libs, hell with the Teens you were liable for?


This Etc situation, criminals can’t be in charge, as Sheriffs or Police, OCFS, Cuomo.  You know what they do to child abusers in jail?






I thought people might be interested in some NY High School Football. Off of The Bills website this week’s Coach Of The Week for Section V:

For week nine of the 2015 high school football season is Jeff Welch, Head Coach of the Canandaigua Academy Varsity Football Team. Canandaigua defeated Greece Athena by a score of 28-21 to reach the Section V – Class A Championship Game.

I think Coach Jeff Welch is Mike Welch’s son. Mike who is Head Coach of The I.C. Bombers Football. One of my Athletic Training assignments was with the high school, when Jeff was Running Back for I.H.S. (high school). I remember one game he was trapped by two defenders on the sideline, put a move on both of them and they missed, he turned it into a big gain, exceptional skills. Jeff then went to I.C. after graduation as a Running Back, where I was also the previous season with Bombers Football as an AT student. My project was to redesign the IHS Athletic Training Room in college.

Congratulations Jeff!


Glory Days

Canandaigua is a school I played against in High School, they were ranked # 10 in NY is what I remember, after three quarters, it was 6-0 them. It seemed like maybe we had a couple thousand fans there, they came to see Hodari Martin (Hodo)  our TB, his third year starting and a Senior, the home opener. I got in on some tackles through the middle from DE against Canandaigua, but nothing too super. I also had a hurry on QB, that our FS picked off and ran back.

Coach had come to me that week and asked me to learn Guard for Canandaigua even though I was a Tight End on Offense. Undersized no question, it could have worked though, I was friends with the Tackles we had and our Center was 240 lbs a Catcher on the same baseball team, when I switched to third base. I am sure we could have put blocks on defenses. A play like Redskin at 4 or 5 where the backside guard and tackle pull and lead up the farside hole, I didn’t weigh that much, I could stay in the way, but I question how dominant it would be.

Some of the better hits I had on offense from TE, were at Cortland camp, drag patterns over the middle, our Flanker caught the ball, and I hit the first one of three defenders,  all three went down in a heap. Coach was happy said I could play for him. Then at Binghamton I knocked the nearside linebacker into the far one, and our Fullback Dougherty went off tackle behind me, big gain. Another at Binghamton, their safety I think tried to blitz our bootleg play to my side, I hit him high and his feet went over his head.

At its best Football is The Intensity.

Greece Athena the other school mentioned above I played against in Midlakes scrimmage. I got one tackle there if they were green and yellow, there was also Greece Arcadia among four teams in it.

God Bless



This message is interrupted to bring you The Bills make me wanna shout, kick your heels up and shout.

Thank You Very Much






There are staff at Hillside who are supposed to stop crime!

Hillside Family of Agencies Board of Governors
Roger B. Friedlander – Chair
Robert J. Stiles – Vice Chair
Jose J. Coronas – Secretary
Diana Nole – Treasurer
Angela B. Pichichero – Past Chair
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Deborah J. Daum
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
William H. Goodrich
Kevin N. Hill
Alan Illig
Barbara G. McManus
Duncan T. Moore, PhD
Richard Notargiacomo, MBA
Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD
Efrain Rivera
Leonard J. Shute
Robert Tait

Hillside Children’s Center Board of Directors
Philip D. Fishbach – Chair
Sarah B. Adams – Vice Chair
T. C. Lewis – Vice Chair
Monica L. Monte – Secretary
Todd M. Liebert – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Nancy L. Castro, PhD
David L. Cleary
Craig F. Curran
Denise T. Dragoone
Carolyn T. Friedlander
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
James C. Haefner
Joanne C. Larson, PhD
Candice A. Lucas
Gary Muaro
Marie W. mcNabb
James C. Moore
Doren P. Norfleet
Virginia Biesiada O’Neill
Jan M. Parisi
Todd A. Trehan

Hillside Children’s Foundation Board of Trustees
James K. Merkley – Chair
Daniel J. Diefendorf – Vice Chair
Daniel Mason – Secretary
Brian C. Callahan – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Rovert W. August
Rober M. Baker
Timothy J. Bancroft
Gregory H. Carver
Douglas R. Hilfiker
Louise H. Klinke
Barbara G. McManus
Shawn P. O’Donnell
Jason P. Torres
Gregory Woodard

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Board of Directors
Gerald Q. Pierce – Chair
Howard R. Jacobson – Vice Chair
Daniel R. Wegman – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – CEO
Sarah Amering
Anne M. Kress, PhD
Milt Sender
John M. Summers

Snell Farm Children’s Center Board of Directors
Deborah J. Daum – Chair
Christine M. Valkenburgh, Esq. – Vice Chair
Harvey E. Tremper – Secretary
Jo A. Slovak – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
David L. DuBois, Jr.
Philip Jones
Gary L. Short
Levi H. Weaver

The Agencies you can express problems to on Hillside crimes:




United Way of Greater Syracuse