The Honorary Staff Of The Month for Boardman is recognized in community as FBI Director Comey.

For accepting case information on Hillisde Family Of Corporate Criminals in Rochester NY.

Director Comey did not throw the info back or refuse duty like NYS Police and Sheriff Staff have insisted on, or a deranged Judge who thinks he can declassify healthcare staff as less than that with accomplice defense attorneys.  Maybe they just don’t understand their jobs very well in doughnut shops?

Director Comey should be well aware of Hillside Govs and Board members who are running a racket for Dennis Richardson-Organized Crime Director in Rochester.  What ever happened to The Rochester Mayor who replied on Hillside?

Doing the job they were paid for in law enforcement, escaping feasance liability and protecting the public.




This just in:  Ben Carson should be the DH for November if you want to win GOP.  A matter of intelligence to figure that out.  Bring Rubio too, sweep DC.  Libs I don’t know about you evils, do you spend your time watching gangster videos and then trying to copy that for policy, or covering up the guilt with bonjovi songs?  That is weak and we can’t leave you in charge.  Look what you did to DC and the border, Iran, sacrificial abortion babies.

Thank You.









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#1 Candidate in Swing States.

#1 Fund raiser and by grass roots.

#1 Tax plan by Wall Street Journal.

#1 Plan to declare war on Islamic state.

#1 Healthcare plan.

#1 Black vote getter with 40 million African Americans.

#1 With unpolled voters.

#1 Fear of Dems because they know he can actually beat Hillary.

McCain and Romney didn’t have it, Obama did, so why are Trump, Cruz and Bush even on the primary election ballot?

Trump the guy who sat on billion$ while African Kids died like Niggers starved.  Not that anyone at Boardman is racist but Trump’s finances are.  In fact the opposite is true, if I saw you try to commit a racist crime I would arrest you anyone.

Trump would have you not trust Dr.  Carson.

Christians your Pastor did not tell you to vote Trump, and if Cruz can’t win a vote for him is only helping Trump.

God Bless Christians

-Russ Boardman





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CHRISTIANS:  Please remember CD BABY, on line for helping get Boardman on YOUTUBE.



Photo on 10-2-14 at 9.00 PM

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BOARDEROFETERNITY.COM, THE SOMETIMES PARODY SITE CONTINUES. Upgrades to the site are not complete but may be soon.



SIGN THIS PETITION TO: PROSECUTE HILLSIDE FAMILY OF AGENCIES FOR CORRUPTION, INTERFERING WITH A  CHILD ABUSE INVESTIGATION. AT WHITE HOUSE SITE:  Use these URLs below until the petition posts at White House Petitions site. http://wh.gov/i0ruk, or https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/prosecute-hillside-family-agencies-rochester-ny-retaliation-against-mandated-child-abuse-reporter

Corruption in NY has to stop, 4 years and no removal of staff from Hillside, President Richardson is still there supervising crime at last check including perjury.

My Coworkers need your help at Hillside, Clients are trapped by the organized crime.

-Russ Boardman

(Plaintiff to Civil Suits against Hillside)


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Is your Samaritan Church voting against baby murder in 2016?


FEBRUARY 7, 2016


Opening with Lady Gaga was excellent.

Halftime was awesome, the best show since Sochi.

Game, about what I guessed with Peyton and Cam as QB’s.  One is the mobile Steve Young/ Vick/Tyrod, Russell Wilson type.  The other the educated passer like Marino or Montana, and is a difficult style to stop.  Either one can bring the team down the field in a hurry so it is hard to say one would be out of it in the 4th quarter.

Superbowl Babies


Steven Tyler-Skittles

Some good commercials.

I am reminded of the less fortunate while this day rivals Thanksgiving for food consumption.  African Kids could be eating if Hillside was not attacking their food shipments by my cases.  But it is not like liberals actually care about people.  Take that you starving brats!?  Love Hillside.



Wisdom having two components by a bible.  Knowledge and discretion for a wise person.  The team of Carson and Rubio brings a functional knowledge of politics, along with a man who will not cross principle, which is God’s.

I didn’t see in Trump and Jeb so far wisdom, not wanting to have went into Iraq, they have discretion? To leave Saddam trampling his people, France could have resigned the American Revolution.  Saddam earned to get trampled after this, 17-18 UN resolutions for a decade were abridged.  It was time to fight.

How long it takes GOP crumb races to get out of it so righteous can win The White House?

We don’t win anymore, exactly we need a BLACK RIGHTEOUS MAN LIKE DR. CARSON TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT.  Everybody knows Rubio is popular, and in Florida.

The Arnold commercial was another victory.

Stubborn lower candidates are going to say look what we are doing now  even on a 5% increase in NH, or God help us after that.  And that equates to look what you are doing for Trump, against America and November.

Say Trump pulls a Romney II?  The cracks in his moral character are starting to show.  Women voters are not offended by this guy?  Churches have a guilty conscience about voting for him.

Wisdom is too high for a fool in scriptures.  Which gets you a border like we have, Iran with nukes, hyperactive sodomite policy makers in office, rapes as a business.  Is Obama charging taxes on sex trafficking?  He makes a place for this so it is moral to charge taxes or no just keep allowing the crime?

World history has been when things get this out of control, people die.  God pulls a 9-11 or major disaster, I would say it makes sense in the end.  Israel worshipped idols and was in as bad trouble  as America in Old Testament.  We had American Idol, genius, and look what followed.  10 commandments, no idols, and that is why I never went to try out on invitation.

Keep praying Christians I am with you.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Reagan would back Carson for a November win, if that is what it took.

We have to win, there is no other outcome.







Carson a clear choice for Christians in this one.

Heal, Inspire, Revive America.



The sinful nature of liberal America has brought America to the edge of ruin by budget and terrorism. In summary Hillary should quit politics to save her soul. God does not promise eternal life to a murderer in Revelation CH 21, or Roe v. Wade, as you know this scripture.


A man who has given his life’s work to helping others, a true leader for America in any ethnic group.


The conscience of America is not dead? We have executed 50 million innocent lives and still going. Carson is a man of character and not the dirty politician. He is the one Pastors should be backing in every state.


This debate, debacle, disgrace of a exchange at times.


The #1 Issue is November and electability is the key. God would never have you compromise principle and that is where Carson stood for this one as usual. From healthcare failing, to the media trying to bury him in let’s face it, White Man’s confusion on how November is won. You could see Carson get to the heart of the night, discussing Hillary at Benghazi and how he would have handled it instead.


Rubio a very strong performance against an unreasoning group of critics. Where Christie had to try to attack Rubio this is nothing new. Last time it was old buddy Marco or something to that effect. Bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was…still there. The more Christie said about Rubio negative, the more it revealed the man and his character. Rubio raising the point that Obama is not an accident and his systematic tearing down of America, will be made whole in Hillary and Bernie. That was the pitch going over the centerfield wall if NJ didn’t notice.

Christie attacked the worth and experience of a Senator to be President, which was frivolous. When you don’t have a case you do things like that and lawyers know it all too well.

Rubio defended dropping support for a plan on path to citizenship because it was not going anywhere, and a waste of time. On Rubio’s memorization skills…

I see Christie turn to the camera in debates and that is Televangelist or Infomercial speaking he does? The one upmanship you get in downstate NY, tri state area, I get that from Christie and the geographic where drawer is pronounced draw.

Trump being the only other candidate worth discussing here, because others are far back from the lead and November reality.

He missed terribly on the Police statement. The chill wind in law enforcement. Since 2011 the crime I have had to put up with in NY, from 6-7 law enforcement agencies depending if you subdivide NYAG as Labor Bureau. These meatheads have left OCFS functioning to preserve child abuse. They have attempted to destroy my career, and reputation for turning in abuse as a Hillside agency, with no back up from DAs, Cops don’t respond to EMail, Benghazi negligence, this is multiples of it.

Since then in another county I find Sheriff and IPD refusing to patrol a swimming hole, where one Mr. Richardson drown after I made complaints. One Sheriff Deputy called me back to scold me for reporting crime because they did not want to go do their jobs.  Drowning followed their refusal.

I know there are communities with dirty Cops. One dropped an F bomb in the dealer when I bought my last car on Good Friday. That was in a Hillside county.

In the past it was Joe The Plumber. What about Russ The Rocker?

Below an article on Trump, F bomb. You want him in control of nukes? He is not God’ s man. God does not even have to let us make it through the election. Fear; libs or media, evil, pride of secular ways? None of the above if you will.  Follow God.  This country is running more evil than pre 9-11-01?




So Bill O’Reilly, as Fox News continues to crush ice like a Titanic voyage crossing a swimming pool ignoring Hillside.. “Who’s Looking Out For You?” is it? All this crime upstate, OCFS it effects Catholic School Kids too, report abuse to OCFS and they left the same people in charge after Hillside. That was my Protestant duty to report crime, now about you Bill diligent watchman?


Judge Jeanine and Palin I think know, Trump is an abusive guy and not God’s choice.  Ask Carly, Mommy Bush, Hillary comment I won’t repeat.


A small state in NH, Kasich may do better than usual, then fade. So lower tier is helping Trump, if it does not narrow to; Trump, Carson, Rubio, I don’t give it much chance to stop Trump and take November. Six dreamers better realize it soon.


It is not personal I could shake hands with everyone on stage tonight. God help us we are off course for a Conservative win in DC. We need teammates it isn’t the time to ha-cha-cha because you are in the finals.


I am holding the roof up on the Hillside case, authorities you need to get in the game and sack crime. If I didn’t push it this far, anyone would Judge Jeanine? Crime is a huge election issue, IRS, border, Benghazi, Holder, Lynch, etc.


I would stay hopeful for after NH, this is a token state.


One final thought if you want to win, Reagan would divide The Right against Trump or unify it?







FEBRUARY 6, 2016


And then there were 6.

Going to NH, if you are not in that upper 6 Candidates, it isn’ time to line up against Trump yet?

We haven’t gotten a Candidate who should win November in 1st on GOP primaries.

Dr. Carson is right to be upset with Iowa, and another vote should be taken given voter fraud.  Cruz won?  I would vote again because the guilty party still holds the stolen possession.

A reality check, Bush, Christie, Kasich combined could not beat trump.  But they can hold back our top Candidates from doing so.  I don’t know if I would even debate them and say that they are hurting the party, the Conservative chances for November, and just stay on task with individual agendas.  The idea is get a lead on Trump and keep it.

You may laugh but The Buffalo Bills games I watched this year, the fine establishment that they are and future Superbowl Team.  How many times they fell behind after scores in the 1st quarter, and had to make these miracle comebacks in the last few minutes of the game.

If you can name a better team for November than Carson-Rubio, I can’t.

Other candidates want to help Trump by competing at crumb percentages?  They need to endorse  our righteous November recruits.

If this thing drops to Trump, Rubio, Carson we can get our guys in The White House.

Carly I like and she probably is the #1 Female in GOP, Cruz outside of Iowa problems I am not going to say anything about.  Except if election night turned into Romney II, again?  Lose DC because the scouting report was overlooked.

Freedom is counting on GOP to make mature decisions here.  Don’t gamble on Hillary in The White House.

God Bless





What stands out to me about the Obama Administration, NY corruption that has escalated since Mareland Commission in NY, the Hillside child abuse scandal…

Is the stalking by libs, media.

You don’t have equal protection under the law, Police back up by Dem Sheriff or the incessant crime problem initiated by mental meltdown idiots like Cuomo.

Governor Cuomo are you a stalker like the rest of these Obama devils?

:What did you need me to come right right out and say it NY, yes I am!  In fact I not only do I hate US Patriots,  Christians, Conservatives, gun owners, I go out of my way to make sure my NYAG will never lift a finger to help you because I have joined sodomites in Washington DC and their attempt to help Obama our favorite sex trafficker.  A raw attack on Conservative politics and their party.  That is why I tried to take away gun rights in NY by the unsafe gun act, act like a mobster with my organized crime Admin.  You thought I would actually do my job?  No crime for me is the answer, just like Hillary, yeah I know she takes on the appearance of the crime addict 7th grader who is so sick in the mind, that she belongs on a psych ward and under heavy meds for Clinical diagnosis.  Look at her something ain’t right.

You lame brain Conservatives have me caught in more  crimes than convicted felons in NY prisons.  But still can’t seem to prosecute.  Fox let’s me get away with this so that their candidates will exceed my crime victims candidates.  I am the worst Governor on the east coast and arrogant lib of the month.  When I go to jail don’t expect me to resurface for a few decades.

You see stabbing babies to death on the left is an addiction.  Our women are really our men.  They wear the pants in the family, and if we don’t kill the babies, then Daddy sleeps on the couch.  We are so tough, don’t believe it there are tougher lesbians than lib men, running scared all the way to the sex change, when Women run our lives.  I signed up to enforce NY laws?  Oh yeah that is right, being the prison wife sounded better, I still hate Conservatives so much if I go to jail and am raped daily, it is better than helping those icky Patriots.  Did I mention I was feeling gay this last term, everyday.  Tough, not at all if I tried to confront that Boardman he would press me over his head 10 times in a cage match, thrash my tag team, put most of us in the hospital for attacking him.  But endangering the welfare of a child, I suffer from Boehner syndrome, where peeing the diaper is a better outcome than stopping crime.  You see I just don’t have it to top being a criminal.

(suspected Albany statement)



Latest propaganda against the Conservatives from Barack.  I was waiting for the day he was going to morph into a bat and fly straight for the pit of hell.




When I worked Police Dispatch some in Maryland, I would sit at a radio in the Cop station and Officers would call in on rounds.  If I knew there was trouble like baptist child abuse or OCFS negligence, Governor Cuomo and henchpeople attacking NY by trying to lock up prosecution of crimes, so that it continues against Patriots?  I don’t see them in the center of the ring trying to do these things?  Brave liberal ferries refusing duties in NY.  So I should have done this too lib media and refused dispatch to libs?

Mentally ill is reality for many libs with this condition of crime in NY.

Are they endangering welfare of children by these crimes NY Times?  Washington Post?  Baltimore Sun your thoughts…



FEBRUARY 5, 2016



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Got some Hannity in today.  If Fox is reporting on Hillside I don’t hear him everyday or Judge Jeanine.  That trap door under Cuomo and NYAG is a mile wide with Moreland II, the Hillside racketeering case.  Look at this  a Christian staff, Mandated by NY to report against Hillside, University Maryland graduate, Ithaca College Bomber graduate, licensed healthcare staff.  No prior history of child abuse.  What more do you want to bust Andrew Cuomo that arrogant buzzard, and precious his NYAG.



Disappointed at this point in candidates who are insisting on running against Carson and Rubio.

One word:  November.

You were going to win with our Romney II’s?

Chatter about Governors in the race, helping Trump get a lead, and even if they did win one state in the next 10 and still only one in 20, better drop out then and  that they Peroted Trump into a Hillary upset.

Huckabee was wise, Rand, others who stepped out.  Bush’s 5% will help Trump plenty when you are Rubio and Carson, but not America.

I would get out of it like you know you should GOP.  Endorse Dr. Carson because we need him.

Will Iowa be a do over for primaries with voter fraud?  It should, which means maybe Trump wins because 2-3%’s have to be in this for the purpose of Perot.  The mirage of victory and the impossible outcome of Hillary in The White House.  That can never happen.  She is a psychopath that supports execution of American sons and daughters in abortion.

Dr. Carson needs your support.  He takes the Black vote and Rubio Florida, a three house sweep of DC.  Then I will have to have a feast of delicious and high calorie meals spanning days, and celebrating my exceptional work ethic, also at the gym, & Amen.



Question on the Hillside racketeering center.

Benghazi went for weeks of requests for backup and nothing, see what happened.

Bad Hillary that manslaughter negligence problem, what kind of crack head runs for President?

Authorities that have been contacted verified on Hillside.

  1.  Various OCFS Directors
  2. FBI Buffalo especially.
  3. NYS Police
  4. Two Sheriff Depts
  5. DAs at two counties
  6. Hillside Counsel
  7. Criminal Judge
  8. Governor Cuomo by receipt.
  9. NYAG by receipt.
  10. NY Labor Bureau by receipt.
  11. Fed Attys for Western NY by receipt.
  12. USAG Lynch
  13. White House
  14. The gamut of agencies that authorize Hillside to function at the end of this site page right here on boarder, including Points Of Light, Neil Bush.

And crime continues under Governor klepto.  What’s that Fox News, you are like Hillary at Benghazi?  Woe is bible, Pastors know this one.

( What do I know I thought I was supposed to turn in crime to protect Kids and Teens, young Adults.  My Scoutmaster, and Football Coaches growing up would want me to, Pastors.  These fools listed above though today in this case?  It may be like the stick people are hiding out at fag parlor, and going to do their jobs is too much.  )



Let’s replace one of the finalists with the Ass mascot.  So say Burnknee is out, and it is Hillary v. Ass mascot.

The debate for last place in America.  If the Ass wins, then DNC has found ultimate glory.  If Hillary wins she is promoted to Jackass?

You understand libs, to be vicious enough to let rapists in our country, stab your sons and daughters to death in abortion, lie about Conservatives.  You are psychopath Nazis, lib media the experts in this exercise of desk wimps on the left who can’t refrain from attacking somebody.  You are so peaceful and equal rights, yeah like Satan.

Being the deviant element of society is your political intent.

I don’t see USAG or Obama stopping Hillside, trying to hold whitey down.  If God kills either one of them, when they get to hell give my regards to the flames.

A disgraceful people libs are, worship the Ass, corrupt freedom.  It isn’t your party fought for the freedom of America, Christians did.  You are trying to oppress everyone.

So how do bon jovi and Catholic connect  if, the Pope does not approve of their prostitute fixation?  Catholics kill Christians in history, so you know not exactly and Judgment day somehow get fudged together by this cult.

How many people woke up today and said I want to be the ass to the rest of society?

Dems did.


FEBRUARY 4, 2016







None with a reasonable shot to win, so let’s get our hopes up, muster a whopping 3% each, and set back the Candidates who can beat Trump and win November.  How did Hillary win DC?

If we have a final four candidates we have too many.

Because Trump won’t drop out, Cruz should to elect a November runner who can make it.

Lose November is miss the point.  So any success now by the bottom four is helping Trump get elected.  Not helping America, but Casino rich man.





Politics is a nasty business. It’s why so many Americans, including me, have been disillusioned.

Personal ambition and conflict are often valued more than honesty, substance and solutions.

I’m running for President because it’s time for accountability and integrity, and the only way we can make a difference is for all of us as citizens to take a stand.

That includes holding the media to account when it spreads false or misleading information — which is what CNN did at the start of the Iowa Caucuses on Monday night. They led people to believe I was leaving the race.

It was yet another example of creating rather than reporting the news, and it’s wrong.

Please stand for accountability by making a secure donation of just $2 right now. It’s time to show the strength of “We the People” and make it clear that we refuse to back down.
The media and the political class want to make you and I play by their rules. We can’t let it happen. There’s such a thing as right and wrong and we must keep pushing forward.

Iowa has spoken. New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada are next. In fact, New Hampshire will vote in just 6 days. We’ve got a job to do and we will not be silenced.

Please recommit to our fight for accountability, integrity, and the future of our nation by making a secure donation of just $2 or more right now.

Thank you, I truly appreciate it.


Ben Carson






An Angel overhearing Hillside Admin in their communications of crime might find the following:

President Richardson: Making sure those campuses are running fine Campus Directors, means keeping trainings up to date, following state and federal laws, OCFS expectations for Client safety. We wouldn’t want to be found out for neglect or abuse, or any other crimes that our official Hillside Annual Update training lists as illegal.


Directors: Yes Dennis but what about the class action lawsuit? Our liability goes over the annual budget in this and beyond. If you don’t settle with Staff we cheated then Hillside is done and you will pay in civil suit also.


Dennis: Has been taken care of, we even paid the Boardman Patriot in class action.


Directors: And what about his solo case of his where you served fake paperwork because he followed policy, turned in child abuse, and your cronies at HR from Julie and Mike, Helen, Joe all stayed on payroll?


Dennis:  Well Boardman said he would not settle unless I resigned so…which is only policy, and OCFS enforcement , only legal authorities would do that.

Um, shut up you didn’t see that. A Sociotherapist even though hired as part of a mental healthcare team, becoming the same job exactly as YCP, is our well ahem press liason, litigator and accounts manager. We didn’t lie by saying YCP does not work in healthcare, Nixon Peabody musta thought that one up. Those dirty crooks, liability has been their oversight for a long time, blame Nixon Peabody, yeah that’s it. And the affidavit our very own Theresa Kane Gringer falsified to show off for Judge Jeanine at Fox News, that was not our fault, these things happen. YCP’s don’t have any medical duties even though CPR, First Aid certified before they are allowed to work with Clients alone. Anyways the subject was healthcare which means mental health or physical for the law, just so you know morons,  medical duties was changing the issue on the Judge from written law. And obviously he is not smart enough to figure that out. Maybe he supports Hillary like us, and Director Comey.


Directors: Do you think we will ever get caught Dennis?


Dennis: Who is Dennis, I am the bon jovi manager from upstate NY, making waves in the media for DNC to champion the bad name principle, until we have all shamed our reputations and committed crimes lasting to 2020 no 2040 imprisonment, after Conservatives win 2016 and we go to jail with Hillary and Obama.


Directors: Ok nutso so what you are saying is, you are trying to get all of us thrown in prison for your crimes, which you keep extending and escalating, because.


Dennis: I like prison sex, the more rapes that Hillside staff have to suffer at my hands, top of the world baby. And then damages, Boardman was only up to $42 million mark I was going for the $115 million, and then I will laugh my head off in the psych ward because I will have brought all of these hard workers to ruin, and I was only the desk chump who lies and lies, nobody could stop me, not even you fruit cake Comey. If I need a good boyfriend maybe I will meet Obama in jail or bonjovi?


Directors: OCFS we are having a slight malfunction here at corporate, Governor Cuomo left us with an extreme psych patient, wants to take over NY with crime.


OCFS: You mean NYAG?

Directors:  No we mean Dennis.

OCFS:  Yeah, so look at NYAG, it is the new crime wave from Albany, excuse me while I light up this reefer. Now what you were saying is that Dennis is insulating child abuse, falsifying records, hiring criminal Attorneys to keep it going, and you actually think he is unsafe around Teens and should not be in charge? We would let him house rapists and violent offenders anytime, they rarely escape or riot, perfectly safe, I wouldn’t worry. If they get loose in community, just bend over and if you can’t hide, well too bad.


Directors: Sheriff Coltrane your thoughts…NYS Police, this safe to you, Parents were calling after Boardman case surfaced, thought you should check it out.


NYS Police: I am not allowed to give out legal advice you will have to contact an Attorney on this (the staple answer of NY’s law enforcement).


Coltrane: Get them Duke Boys, yuuug, yuug, yuug.


Directors: OK does anyone here want to go citizens on Dennis, bring him to justice? Mandated Child Abuse Reporter and look what we did, committed felonies worse than Clients. We better bring him in before the law figures us as accomplice.


Fox News: Go Trump win, establishment pride hey, Cuomo don’t get caught!!! Could go all the…Obama won swing states we are dumb as a bag of wholesale toothbrushes!


Newscast: Tragedy struck in upstate NY today when gang members retaliated for crime at Hillside and 14 staff members were executed along with their careers for not stopping child abuse, 6 law enforcement officers were also decapitated. Local Sheriff explains his years of not stopping crime there was just a ploy for the ol’ doughnut habit. That DA’s and Judge are as evil as the mob and have been bowling buddies for eons with him. He reports that no moonshine runners have been brought in this month.


Directors: Hillary what do you think of this crime scene in NY? Lib Senators are not doing anything are they? What about you USAG Lynch mob justice the goal? This place is freaking nuts, maybe they were dropping acid and fried their brains in Albany? Dennis is stalking Admin with codependence charges that sneaking little perp, we ought to beat him down and sue him for conspiracy, so what if we knew we were robbing NY too with him, as well as Hillside, Boardman, Teen safety standards.  Starving African Niggers, aborted puppies, and kittens, cry me a river George Washington.  The gas station manager was this dirty so we had to try it also.


FBI: Now hear this, the known scandal at Hillside NY, has been brought to the attention of Police Dogs and vacationing agents as to the nature of these crimes. Presently nothing is being done because FBI Buffalo has an agenda so deep, with Trump that high in polls, Boardman with Carson/Rubio. We give it very little chance for legal resolution. If you want Dennis gone you will have to arrest him yourself perp Admin.


Black Panthers: Does that mean if we take over Hillside we can run it then FBI? Obama would.


Angel: Churches get off your lazy butts, go vote and devour crime.  You can make it safe by mid 2017 at Hillside.



Look back at this, and  CNN spreads a rumor they pieced together and could not verify based on statements from Dr. Carson.

They are way out of line for doing that on election night.  Yeah it is fraud is the summary.

For Cruz camp to follow in that on election night, when they know it is lib news.  At best it is negligence and goes against better judgment.  Throw caution to the wind and because it is the competition who will suffer don’t check up on the story?  I don’t know Steve King to make problems.  But libs in media, if it was Bob on The Five, they had to babysit his lies like the school troublemaker was in the Principal’s office with pathological liar child.  On serious issues, it makes me feel bad for Eric and company, you have to reflect back more grown up summaries to contain Bob’s klepto habit, Rogerian style.  It does not leave him a hiding place.

The more far reaching outcome from Iowa is Cruz may have stole an election from this.  Barely beat Trump, where if they knew Cruz was doing this enough people vote Rubio and he beats everyone, or I don’t know if Carson gains over 10% from it, which maybe is easy because he is a popular candidate very able to run DC?  Then Carson is on edge of winning Iowa.  If it was a robbery and somebody stole money, and they still have the money?  Like Hillside, Governor Cuomo, NYAG, FBI.

But here Cruz camp apologized and still may be holding the stolen article, a win.

One powerlifting meet I was in another lifter made a successful attempt, and I had counted the weight on the bar.  The Judge told me the wrong number so I told him no go count that bar he just put down.  And he tells me well it is too late now.  I finished 2nd in that one instead of maybe a third 1st place.  It was a hometown Judge that did that.  The next year was payback, in Football I recovered a fumble on that enemy Judge’s 6 yard line on a fumbled punt, and on another play ran over their running back, it was a blitz from the back side, he tried to cut back in the play, and I had to run around the front  of the pack and then in, I put him on the ground like a postage stamp on a letter, the south side of things.  Alrighty then.

God Bless


FEBRUARY 3, 2016


Toyota is paying near $22 million in a discrimination case.  I told you Hillside was in trouble?  Every type of discrimination against the Mandated Child Abuse Reporter.  Try that in community and they would be blown out of the water by a lawsuit in NY.  In Hazard county, with perjury dare devils who risked federal time, racism included in my case where a Black staff refused to grant an appeal at Hillside which was due in a fair manner with wages, as a staff right.  So yes I was employed and filed within two years of that appeal contact.  Time barred was a fantasy up in moonshine country.  That staff obviously didn’t make Hillside Admin show him their cards, and do his job right, or he would have given me the appeal, so guilty, Russ is White Nigger!

FBI gains a new Deputy Director, looks like an experienced guy The Bureau needs and likes.

Crime has become a way of life for libs  in America, we need FBI to collapse the pocket of crime scenes.





Politics is a nasty business. It’s why so many Americans, including me, have been disillusioned.

Personal ambition and conflict are often valued more than honesty, substance and solutions.

I’m running for President because it’s time for accountability and integrity, and the only way we can make a difference is for all of us as citizens to take a stand.

That includes holding the media to account when it spreads false or misleading information — which is what CNN did at the start of the Iowa Caucuses on Monday night. They led people to believe I was leaving the race.

It was yet another example of creating rather than reporting the news, and it’s wrong.

Please stand for accountability by making a secure donation of just $2 right now. It’s time to show the strength of “We the People” and make it clear that we refuse to back down.
The media and the political class want to make you and I play by their rules. We can’t let it happen. There’s such a thing as right and wrong and we must keep pushing forward.

Iowa has spoken. New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada are next. In fact, New Hampshire will vote in just 6 days. We’ve got a job to do and we will not be silenced.

Please recommit to our fight for accountability, integrity, and the future of our nation by making a secure donation of just $2 or more right now.

Thank you, I truly appreciate it.


Ben Carson

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Have now stepped out of the race for President.

Both ran respectable campaigns, also a wise move for them to leave so we can get down to a November leader who can best Trump and Dems.

Now there are nine on the GOP side.  Soon here we need to drop to a final four who were ahead at Iowa if you want to beat Trump.  Not great odds with him losing Iowa by such a small margin.  For all the Candidates who do suspend,  to endorse Carson collectively, gives us the best shot in November.  All those Black votes and just squander it to…Cruz is doing well, or Christie can do this?

Barack won by swing state and Black votes.

Suspect Black voters to take offense with Trump as a rich man closer to elections.  Who did he help with all that money?

If you look at November and try to say that Cruz is our best shot, or a White Male is, someone not from Florida as one of two in the White House bid? Hillary has a bridge to sell you in that case.  If Bernie won DNC, he will get a good percent of Black vote by being lib.

Iowa could have been worse, but we need to win consistently with November candidates not in house scrimmage players.







Watching some of these campaign trail statements.

I see Hillary and I know the average Conservative is so frustrated with her crime problem. The reaction starts to become like vapor lock and people would like to destroy pieces of furniture based on her inciting The Right.

For me it has moved beyond that. I hear talk about she wants to make Obama a Supreme Court Justice. From border terrorism and Banghazi, sex trafficking, and uranium for Russia.

I look at it like Bernie should have no competition based on Hillary. Maybe there are Apes with better reasoning than Hillary, if this was a game of Sorry.

It has become such a joke to see her values, the Orangutan might pack up and leave her camp after seeing strategies.

Criminal manifestations like Obama as a Sex Offender, Hillary as a pathological liar. And we were going to actually vote for you? DSM should have diagnosis info on these conditions I mentioned.

Bernie like the idea of stabbing babies. It can end up in the Biden category of unfortunate murder but must keep it up for the sake of healthcare, OK lib Nazis.

We kill babies now? Maybe that bong resin and 12 pack a day have caught up with you?

A Police Dog would really stop you from an abortion? So who is smarter libs?

It is so bad I do see it as a joke for leadership. You will have to forgive me if I laugh and that is all I can say anymore about Hillary politics.

She would ever stop terrorism?  America would be a UN slave under her.

Plead insanity is the campaign slogan for Hillary.  I would rather give fist bumps to more rational beings like Apes.

Vote Patriot, crime is taking over America.





Tornadoes in deep south.







For weeks, both the media and the political class have tried to ignore me. This is not a surprise.

Since the beginning of this campaign, I was written off. To many, I wasn’t even supposed to run.

And last night, shameless tactics and dirty political plays defined the Iowa caucuses. There is no place for this kind of unethical behavior in our American political culture, and it only intensifies my desire to work extremely hard to break down the ugliness in this system.

So Russ, make no mistake — I am committed to this fight for “We the People,” I am committed to you, and I am committed to this campaign until the very end. Next we move on to New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada and I need you in my corner.

Will you please stand with me by making a secure donation of just $2 right now?

Just take a moment to step back and think about what we accomplished over the last year, and last night in Iowa in particular:

We’ve built a movement of millions. In 2015, we raised more money from more people than any other candidate in the race. Not from billionaires, but from people like you giving $10, $25 and $50. After all the mudslinging and lies, we’ve remained in the very top tier of candidates. And last night in Iowa, we finished comfortably ahead, in most cases by 3 to 4 times, of well-established Governors and Senators. These are incredible accomplishments that we must remember as we look forward to the next early-voting states.

All across this country I’ve been blessed to meet great people who have found hope for the future in this campaign. I will continue to fight for them, and for every citizen of this great nation.

Please stand with me, shoulder to shoulder, as I move forward. Please donate $2 now.

Thank you for your dedication to this campaign, and to a safer, more hopeful America.


Ben Carson

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I watched Dr. Carson on O’Reilly over the Cruz campaign false info.

Square job by O’Reilly, that was alright.

Best point was accountability in the Cruz camp, that Obama and his cronies do that sort of thing.

If CNN is to blame a fair question.

I know this seeps into other things, but the disaster in Albany with OCFS, Hillside.

I’m not a prisoner in another country.  My basic freedoms are too much for Governor Cuomo and his deranged NYAG.  I couldn’t see 15 year olds at Hillside doing what Admin has without criminal records.

NY if I have your back, you are in deep trouble with these people in charge.  Teens are not safe,  and that is ok with libs?

My coworkers are stranded in the system, how can they report child abuse and not be Schneidermanned?  Or Cuomo hustled?  Racist Obama you don’t care guy, feeble is the best I can do for you.

NY needs to crush this.  Hannity I hope can for the Hillside cities, The Five?  I don’t get it they have Judge Jeanine and I would have to ask twice?

These Teens are counting on you Fox, they had a riot after I left under the same Admin.

FBI, these Hillside Admin are mentally ill, you need to get them out of here.




FEBRUARY 2, 2016


For all the smoking commercials over the years, why someone didn’t interrupt with a, hey that looks like your bronchitis med inhaler.  Close, this one has dirt in it, all those cigarettes you thought were making you beautiful, do not compare in lung damage to the dirt inhaler, 3-4 puffs a day having the same dose of toxins and mud forming materials as emptying out your old hiking boot with holes in it after a day in the Mud Lick Kentucky area walking creation.

I see Teens with scratches in their forearms from self inflicted cuts and names they carved.  Why cigs are not the same pathology in self destructive behavior?  Like you don’t know that lung surgery is coming?

No it is ok lung tar washes off.

If mold starts to grown in lung debris is another story.



Governor Cuomo

NYAG Schneiderman

OCFS Commissioners











These people have adjudicated crime on behalf of their own metal incompetence, predicated by arrogant liberals, who are let’s face it, accomplished snots of society.  Incarcerated by a functional FBI is where cases need to go years ago.  Insulated by Fox News for the libs of NY, transgressor, predecessor, and accomplice to child abuse related crimes.


Just when you thought you got away, wahh,ha,ha, $42 million in damages.

Stalking charges are due to Governor Cuomo and NYAG for obstruction of justice.


Do you understand Conservatives if you wanted a big fat fish net full of the catch: chicken of the sea, you are in luck!!!  If there was any more crime in NY right now for Teen offices to deal with, you could say it was a conspiracy.

Liability is a key word, where professional careers are over with.  I hope that Director Comey understands if I had worked Police Dispatch at UMES and set out on foot to the FBI headquarters.  I could have arrived, cut down trees to mill paper from, had forms printed at Staples, mined metal from the hills for handcuffs, and put together an arrest record for NY Federal criminals by now, along with the bad boys chase scene to heavy metal on video, and the prosecution I could have put away defense also based on the evidence.

You are some lazy ferries in law enforcement.

If someone would like to get off their liberal ass mascot at FBI and go arrest Dennis Richardson along with his organized crime ring, we can even work by incentive, extra doughnuts for the crime victims for waiting so long.

The diaper is full authorities you need to get up and go do your jobs instead of laying there too lazy to use a bathroom or arrest criminals.

Black USAG Lynch you embarrass your race by allowing crime to go on against America in the name of Islam, Obama, libs, racism.  Hey you signed up for the job.

Obama, you suck, the most incompetent person I have ever seen since slavery in office.  A pro terrorist and not worthy of US jails, you should go to Gitmo as  Client.

You thought Black Panthers were bad last election.  Look at Obama in his criminal Admin.

God, you need to open that can of whoop ash.




R. Ryeko, M. Stayno, Robert Stales, Dennis Delinquent are four shoplifters holed up in a Wal Mart.  Knowing they have been spotted in the crime they run to hide in Womens wear then look for disguises in costumes, and finally convene on the price of jack stands in auto parts.

Jesus can be heard radioing in to the kleptos, ” give yourselves up you are surrounded, the C.O. Mey van is waiting to go outside to take you to prison.  ”  No ” they reply “we are going back to our factory jobs to warehouse crime, steal from them too,  rob taxpayers, Governor Cuomo and Rats News will let us get away with anything.”

”  OK make a break for it kleptos, but my Angels are watching, and so are Conservative voters.  I know you commander in chief is a rapist and you think you can do whatever you want because of his addictions, jail awaits you.”

” Yeah well we found Nixon masks in costumes, you’ll never catch us, Jesus you righteous Jew, thought we were actually going to follow laws.  Don’t think Prosecutor Boardhead can catch us either, we’ll skip to Mexico or Canada. ”

”  As you will Caesar, I was rescuing starving African Kids through your employer, not Judas and company.”



A gay and happy individual is skipping through a Teen placement celebrating they don’t follow laws and are in trouble for lies in court.  When staff get a description of the passer by, they cannot tell if it was a Client or a Board Member.  ”  No problems here corporate, business as usual.  Yo you see anything Sheriff and DA’s?”

”  Not us, all clear, back to Dunkin’.”



Bret “Hit Man” Hart


Ketogenic Diet?






Russ —

We wanted to share two of our newest online videos with you. Please watch them and share with your friends on social media! Just taking 5 minutes to do that makes a big difference.

The first video features Clint Eastwood in his own words, explaining why he likes Dr. Carson. Click here to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mxzo7QKsrQ&feature=youtu.be

The second video is called “Unity.” Dr. Carson is the only candidate we can trust to bring an end to the race wars, gender wars and class wars that has so deeply divided our nation under Obama. Ben Carson knows that uniting Americans is the only way we’ll reduce spending, get our economy working, replace Obamacare, and fight a winning war against terror. Click here to watch.

Be sure to bookmark www.WinBenWin.tv where you can be the first to see all of our videos when they are released.

Thank you again for your continued support of Dr. Carson.


Win Ben Win Team

P.S. The Iowa Caucus is in 3 days. The next 72 hours are absolutely crucial! We must act fast to continue mobilizing our volunteers, knocking on doors, and making phone calls. Will you chip in ASAP to help us secure a top 3 finish for Dr. Carson?
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Old High School Powerlifting Pics.

National record deadlift won all weight classes in Seniors for Russ, yes drug free.

2nd pic awards, CBA ( Christian Brothers Academy T in there.)  Middle Hodari Martin, the best athlete I ever played with in any sport, went to UMass as RB, then Delaware I heard, and on to I.C. Bombers as Fullback.  Between us Tony Augustine who was shot  in the line of duty as a Police Officer and is recovering.



Scan 303

I look back at this and then corruption in Albany NY, Churches, DC.  FBI you need to do your jobs or resign like cowards because that is what you play as at your jobs.




Will add the first Woman Coach in Smith, as an assistant.  She was at Syracuse and Christian Brothers.

This is now in addition to Rex Ryan’s brother joining as a Defensive Coach with previous standout Defenses on Patriots and Raiders.

Christian Brothers Academy I competed against in powerlifting in high school, they had some big guys.



JANUARY 23, 2016


Stranded storm victims East Coast.

Snowmobiles to the rescue?








I’m forwarding you an urgent message from the Black Conservatives Fund — along with their official endorsement for president — that I thought would be of interest to you.

John Philip Sousa IV


Dear Fellow Conservative,
After surveying our supporters, analyzing the GOP race for President, and considering all of the candidates, the BCF Board of Advisors has come to a decision:

The Black Conservatives Fund is endorsing Ben Carson to be the Republican nominee in 2016.

Dr. Carson is the type of honest, prayerful, and committed conservative leader America needs.

He will help build our party, encourage more black conservatives to step forward, and drive the Obama liberals crazy!

Please make a special generous contribution of $15, $25, $35, $50, $100, $250, or more right away to help us nominate Dr. Ben Carson.

Time is short. The Iowa caucuses are coming up in just 13 days!

While there are certainly other good candidates in the race, we truly believe Ben Carson is the very best choice for President.

That’s why the Black Conservatives Fund is committing to run ads, organize precincts, and hold media events for Dr. Carson in the early primary and caucus states.

This good man doesn’t have a billionaire-backed Super PAC like many of the other candidates have.

And that is hurting Ben Carson right now.

So, it’s BCF to the rescue!

Please give whatever you can to help us elect this supremely good man.

The liberal media is attacking Dr. Carson almost every day.

The GOP establishment loves to mock him and call this world famous neurosurgeon “stupid.”

Ben Carson doesn’t scream or yell. He’s not a professional politician who refuses to take a concrete stand on the issues.

He’s simply an honest man who will bring honor and integrity back to the White House.

Remember when Dr. Carson stood up before Barack Obama and calmly savaged ObamaCare?

He made international headlines and embarrassed the liberals.

This good man did what no other Republican was willing to do. And now, grassroots conservatives need to stand up for Ben Carson.

Here’s what we need right now:

We need funds to help take Carson’s message directly to the voters in Iowa. Time is short. The Caucuses are coming up fast!

We must begin preparing to help Dr. Carson’s grassroots campaign in New Hampshire and South Carolina. Ben Carson can do especially well in South Carolina. There are a lot of fellow black conservatives there who will turn out for him. But we must mobilize them!
Please, please donate whatever you can today to help BCF push Dr. Ben Carson all the way to the GOP nomination.

As we mentioned, Dr. Carson doesn’t have a giant Super PAC funded by billionaires paying for slick ads.

He’s relying on help from grassroots conservatives like us. So please donate anything you can right away.

The Iowa Caucuses are just 13 days away. Dr. Carson needs our help.

He’s running a different kind of campaign. A people-powered campaign designed to recruit new conservatives and build the Republican Party up – not tear it down.

But Ben Carson can’t do it without you.

Please just click here to get involved and help BCF make a difference in this race.

Thank you in advance for all your help and support. And please pray for Dr. Carson.


BCF Board of Advisors


JANUARY 18, 2016

My Uncle Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.” Ben Carson is a strong and thoughtful leader. Pray for Ben Carson.

— Dr. Alveda King

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an incredibly meaningful day for me and the African-American community, but also for our nation as a whole.

Today, I am observing and celebrating this important day at several events throughout South Carolina with a number of African-American faith, business and community leaders.

In 1964, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, he said, “I am mindful that debilitating and grinding poverty afflicts my people and chains them to the lowest rung of the economic ladder.”

After fifty years of liberals making promises and the last seven years of false hope from President Obama, not much has changed. African-Americans are still fighting for space on the bottom rung of the economic ladder.
The high poverty rate in the black community continues because the very tools that should be used to promote economic opportunity instead keep low-income and minority communities in chains.

We have an education system that continues to penalize low-income and minority students by keeping them trapped in failing schools rather than giving them the choice to attend schools that best suit their academic needs. The status quo rewards national teacher’s unions at the expense of what is best for our students.

My education plan provides school choice to families, empowers local communities, encourages the innovative spirit of educators, rewards good teachers and creates a streamlined student loan process. Politicians have not had the resolve to make these essential changes, but I am not a politician.

We are kidding ourselves if we believe that an education system that takes power away from parents and gives it to bureaucrats in Washington will improve lives and bridge the education gap. It will not.

I am proof positive of what happens when parents have the power to make the right decisions for their children. Through God’s grace and my mother’s wisdom, my brother and I were able to escape poverty.

I know that education is the great liberator. And if we do not make significant changes to our education system, in the years ahead when we celebrate Dr. King’s legacy, minority communities will still lag behind.

Thank you for joining me and our movement to create a better, more hopeful America with limitless opportunity for every one of our citizens.


Ben Carson


Scan 577

Scan 579

Scan 580


I was waiting until he was actually free to say anything.  The war on terror being over according to our dear White House.

We shouldn’t be dealing with terrorists, true.

All the more reason to leave the border open, take away guns from Patriots, and vote Hillary.  911 times you could follow that scheme, and libs would still not figure it out.  It is safe, see Pentagon!

I am glad he is free, but we need an actual FBI, IRS, state dept.

Life is like abortion to libs, just keep going and God will never retaliate?





Old pic somewhere around Keena Turner/Clay Matthews Sr. size.  Some of these distend where features are not true.  Strength testing would give Barry Sanders a run on legs and meet NFL combine upper body back then, which is weaker on average than recent years.

That is how hard I train as a natural Christian athlete, and you bums in OCFS, law enforcement and Fox News can’t back me up when I report child abuse?  Don’t stop the crime, but keep giving Cuomo joy rides on his criminal agenda by not helping?

To hell with Teens FBI?

Comey you there?



Again since debates, around 110 Emails for today so usual election year updates.



DECEMBER 29, 2015


I received a History book around my birthday this past year.  It came with this Declaration.  Around the time of Fred Thompson’s death I thought he would want you to see this on his behalf.  Technical difficulties and delay.

Liberals should read it and weep, the way they removed laws to ‘protect’ society.  Obama has knifed America in the back so bad, it is easy to see the communist agenda he has.  Mutiny, treason, Lynch mob justice from his border crime.

I want our whole Constitution back in effect, what is due to Patriots, after the 2016 election.  Governor Cuomo has made NY a haven for liberal crime along with the media.

Scan 541Scan 542



Especially for younger Americans to see, who are in school trying to decide on majors for College.

Below is a copy of two of my Continuing Ed course certificates from this year.  These were ACL for knee, I took three other courses, everything was handed in along with CPR recert, which changed to health professional from pro rescuer.

How I got into this field was by prayer and Bible.  I was visiting at Houghton College and praying with a Christian one night, the next morning I could not stop thinking about being an AT.  This was after 193 college credits taken by age 23.  To keep applying to Physical Therapy schools at that time would take one more college class for each it seemed, because pre-requisite lists differ, where one college wants Kines another wants Histology for a class.  I was burned out from it, and is where playing guitar in Church began after UMES graduation, and looking for more education.

It was a good thing Athletic Training hit, it leaves time to play Rock music.  50 weeks at a job in Physical Therapy would not allow for heavy metal shows.


Scan 563

Scan 564

This was a folder cover below which you can see is in authentic Trainers Tape texture.  Store bought, they knew what to provide for an ATC.

Scan 562

This was about 115 pages of notes double sided mostly, with CPR, for a two year section, and keeps my license active with NATA.  That was over five courses + CPR.

Scan 565

Sample note:

Scan 566

I tried to keep things neater but sometimes it was so much volume of writing per day, just get it written down is where it went.

The scripture from Solomon, that for all man’s toil under the sun a man should enjoy what he does for a job, Ecclesiastes.  That was a key scripture in deciding on this field.

One of the main points for me in this field if you had someone who has an affinity for drawing and painting and put a paintbrush in their hand.  Taping up athletes, after years studying musculature in a classroom and training at the gym, free time looking at Arnold’s Encyclopedia or Muscle and Fitness in the past.  It is a natural fit for me to tape up athletes, look at injury evals.

At a place like Hillside, it fits well, because they hire you with the intent of having you supervise Teen sports; which are anything inside a gym from B-Ball to flag football, outdoor sports, riding bikes, games at picnics, amusement parks, their sports teams travel in community to compete.

Next section I will probably take Ortho Evals for joints that I didn’t get this time.  So if it was knee 2015, maybe it is wrist or low back for 2017?  Things have changed since I graduated, these evidence based courses were new info on ACL surgeries.

And finally I am having to put up with Hillside slander at work and perjury in court?  Health Professionals should be upset, because office devil got caught hiding child abuse?  If Baptists think that is serving God like the Catholic inquisition they both should marry Satan as churches, because crime is what you worship.  Jesus never approved of this Church doctrine, three gods, or persecute protestants.  Steal and call it serving Jesus?  He said Good Samaritan not Scoundrel.

Thankful I made it to ATC, 100%.  Counseling can be ok too but not when I have to carry both ends of the operation as a Counselor and discipline perjury Admin.




The arrogant staff at Hillside that falsified records and court for FBI to view as a pastime of ongoing crime. Thanks so much for your help Agent Boetig, closing on five years, Teens didn’t need authorities to make arrests? Sounds like endangering welfare of Clients and potentially inciting a riot.

There is no loss of professional respect between Dennis Richardson and normal Staff. If the company sat and watched him identify agency crime, then call a Lawyer for help to perjure court, to think he is something in his overinflated ego of corporate America, meanwhile trashing child abuse reporting with Cuomo and NYAG, OCFS codependence. Staff would know Dennis is the punk in the room at that point. Don’t do your job right, turn it into crime he does not even have the difficult end of the operation. Why he does not see himself as the highest paid Client in effect, who knows? Maybe Mr. Comey can break the news to him.

Look at jail, what happens to child abusers in there, it isn’t pretty. When fellow inmates find out you could have made corporate decisions and chose to attack child abuse reporting. I tried to warn them.

So anyways the previous case that was being used as a shield by corporate crooks is now moved. And the case becomes all liable crooks, pardon, I mean Hillside Staff who are keeping the utmost standard of safety for Clients at Hillside as child abuse accomplices. Now the case can account for everything on fraud, $14 million not enough, no problem, it increases and for all staff involved.

Some news agencies may not recognize fraud as a crime, but that is usually in Nazi Germany. Only liberals do bad things like that and assist corporate crime, right Fox?

What shoulda happened is Hillside replaces klepto Dennis with an actual President who is not implicated in the case. Board and Governors I see right now as feasance liable.

What do you think about that FBI, this crime is still going for Rochester and Hillside? Who is your Daddy Director Comey? These crooks are running your jurisdiction. I know Lynch and Obama think they got away on it, liable DC the chapter in Killing Freedom a new book by Patriots?

America, 1776, 4th of July, Freedom, you see this and wonder why people hate libs?




It’s been a tremendous year.

For a campaign that all the “experts” routinely dismissed, we’ve built a real movement.

We’ve received over one million grassroots donations and consistently placed within the top tier of Republican presidential candidates.

Time and again, polls show us with the best chance of defeating Hillary Clinton.

Now it’s time to close out 2015 in the strongest way possible. And I need your help. Today.

Actual voting begins in just over a month, and everything we’ve been fighting for will come to a head.

To ensure that we hit all of our goals and have all the resources we need, we’ve begun a massive nationwide fundraising drive.

For the first 10,000 people to give $25 or more, we will send you an exclusive, limited-edition Ben Carson for President camo hat. Please go here to make a donation now.

We’re running TV ads, recruiting and mobilizing our most likely supporters in early-voting states, and campaigning night and day. That is what your donation today will help to fund.

Thank you for joining me and helping to make this an incredible year.

I hope I can count on your support today as we work to close out 2015 in the strongest way possible.


Ben Carson





I’m forwarding you an urgent message from The Media Research Center that I thought would be of interest to you.

John Philip Sousa IV

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Are you familiar with the Media Research Center?

If you listen to Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity, you’ve no doubt heard them quote our findings about media bias.
If you learned about the Planned Parenthood undercover videos from an alternative news source, then chances are it was one of our outlets.
If you’ve come to understand that the mainstream media cannot be trusted to fairly and accurately report the news, that is likely the result of the MRC’s relentless pursuit to expose the biased media.
In 1987, the Media Research Center was founded as the nation’s premiere media watchdog. That was at the height of the Reagan revolution, when the American public got their news from three basic news channels and a few successful daily papers.

Since that time, much as changed in the world of media. We now have 24-7 news coverage from dozens of cable news outlets, Internet access that puts the latest headlines at our fingertips, and a smattering of television talk shows that opine on the news of the day.

But one thing hasn’t changed: the mainstream media consist of leftwing journalists. They are indoctrinated by a progressive worldview that is antipathetic toward traditional values, American exceptionalism and our nation’s founding principles.

Stop the Liberal Media Madness!
Over the past 20 years, MRC has grown from a small shop tracking a few news outlets, to a round the clock operation with a large team of news analysts documenting and exposing the leftwing propaganda disseminated by well-funded newsrooms.

People sometimes ask me, When will you declare victory against the mainstream media?The truth is we won’t. The media are relentless in their advancement of leftwing ideology and they never stop.

Likewise, the MRC must be equally relentless to expose their agenda. But we cannot do this on our own. We depend on patriotic Americans to support our pursuit.

You can help MRC expand our mission to document, expose and neutralize the liberal media by making a year-end donation before midnight on December 31.

Your contribution will give us the resources needed to keep up with the leftwing media especially in the coming election year when they’ll be going for broke to deliver a liberal candidate to the White House.

The MRC relies on your support now more than ever. The countdown is on to meet our year-end goal, so don’t wait to give today.

L. Brent Bozell III
Founder and President
Media Research Center




On the point of racketeering, and this being with Clients involved.  If it was Dunkin Donuts, or some other business and Luigi is the Manger say, where $5 is being stolen a day or some other menial crime, add fraud.

Police had a duty to act, Attorney Generals, and this is with crime that is not directly attacking an individual.  Like if library books were abused, or law books for that matter.

And the liberal genius was to invest on more crime as perjury off of taxpayer money?  Luigi would go to jail.

You don’t want another Governor NY?

I would be in legal trouble if I didn’t report to OCFS.  But NY OCFS can sit on the crime?

Conservative media kept quiet because what they were really saying is if you can’t beat them join them?  The new liberal media organizations, from NYC or Virginia Beach?  At Dunkin Donuts, crime gets confronted.

Hillside and Albany grow it instead.



Long Evidence Email:  (outfoxing crime) excerpt.


To:’Russ Boardman’
Sent: Tue, Dec 08, 2015
Dear Mr. Boardman,

I have received your email about this serious matter.

I have forwarded this information to the appropriate departments for further investigation.

Thank you for alerting us.


Lovely A. Warren

Mayor of Rochester

From: Russ Boardman
Sent: Monday, December 07, 2015
To: RPD Chief; City of Rochester (Web Page) Information; Redon, Leonard; Cooney, Jeremy

Rochester NY Police:

Rochester NY Mayor:

City Admin:

The case Boardman v. Hillside began 2011. Against the Hillside Family of Agencies, 1 Mustard St., Rochester, NY.

I had reported suspected child abuse to NYS OCFS as a Mandated Child Abuse Reporter. Then working at Hillside.

I was served falsified documents after this at Hillside as retaliation or Article 20-C violation of NY’s Labor Law by the employer. And then termination for complaining on it.

In court, defense falsified info at Case # 47434/2013, to say I did not work in healthcare even though hired as Sociotherapist, and the position changed in name to YCP or youth care pro but the job was the same, counselor or mental health work on a team of mental health professionals. I am also a Certified Athletic Trainer, having worked at the campus Gym, which is required as YCP.

Defense lied to say I did not have benefits as wage in court, within the two year filing statute. My Blue Cross letter for appeals court in the approved settled record shows otherwise. Law says I am due my job back with wages.

Evidence will show that Hillside falsified public records in  County and through Nixon Peabody Firm of Rochester, by Atty Todd Shinaman, with his accomplice Atty Kim Harding.

Rochester Hillside staff from President Richardson, Omnibuds-Joe Brown, HR Head Helen Halewski, HR Rep Julie Philips-Oriel, HR Rep Theresa Kane Gringer- all were contacted in case evidence and had some role trying to conceal this crime. Theresa falsified an affidavit for court saying I had no medical responsibilities at Hillside, while my Hillside agency- trained on site- first aid card appears in evidence, signed by Kim Draheim who is a Hillside staff. Staff at Hillside are also corrupt from Campus Director Joanne to Mike Staino-Program Director who falsified a write up when OCFS’ Chris Bruno contacted him for me. Below Staino, Karen Dellonte, and Sue Buchel also should have been fired in  program for letting the harassment of Clients keep going when notified daily.

County Sheriff knew all the way through cases about this but never replied or acted that I know of.

All of my actions at Hillside are justified by policy manual which is in evidence along with supporting Emails of who I contacted there and why.

I understand Hillside Rochester staff to be criminals who are in charge of youth, because OCFS will not act to remove them.

Other Rochester staff who were contacted by my records are: Angela Pichicherro who was board chair. Agency in house Atty Michael Snyder also for Hillside.

The Board of Governors for Hillside listed a Roger Friedlander and Robert Stiles as in charge of Governors board.

The Appeals case is set to perfect for Rochester this year. I have Hillside up to racketeering by my count of fraud related crimes. Judge Bender  I suspect will go to jail for corruption, and refusing to rule on the case when confronted about it, and in a second case # 48984 for fraud, libel based on the new court room crimes.

I have 18 years of experience in this field by hours and much OT, two B.S. degrees: Rehab-UMES, Athletic Training-Ithaca College. I also worked Security/Police Dispatch at UMES. I began college as a Football recruit ( Strong Safety) for The NFL’s Jim Haslett at UB.

Hillside is not safe for Teens. I reported 18 different end of shift Emails to all Supervisors in my chain of command at Program ; Staino, Dellonte, Buchel, Capozzi, that Clients were disrupted by loud staff from other floors, 18 different days. They also had a riot where responders were attacked after I left the agency. Usually provoked Clients will act out like this. That was in an on line Syracuse newspaper I think with the riot.

I did everything I could for the Clients, but nobody helps. DA’s in Monroe  know of the cases. Monroe Sheriff knew. Who cares I guess is the law enforcement approach. NYAG replied, Cuomo knows, still nothing, they knew years ago.

Hillside settled in class action for wages not paid with my coworkers, I received a small pay out on that under $500, Ferr and Mullin represented Plaintiffs. The same Attys who knew of my solo case and did an initial intake before I self represented.

We need the Hillside Admin arrested. Clients are not safe. Approved settled record from the case for appeals can show you what you need, # 47434/2013.

-Russ Boardman




I watched The NFL Man Of The Year for Buffalo.  But not to pick them again only, other teams have the same award maybe J.J. Watt, or Eli.

This whole Hillside thing, based of child abuse.  If one of these guys spoke up about Hillside crime in NFL, prosecutors probably go do their jobs ASAP.  The same wavelength if you will, Boardman, Christian ministry based on a knowledge of the bible that is unparalleled in this era because I did the homework and got to the bottom of it.  Pro Life of God’s direction and call to record.  Helping feed starving African Kids.  But the child abusers out of Rochester, they are the true Patriots, what did I know?  You can stab a baby to death like a sewer rat, call it abortion, rob your employer and attack the rights of a free citizen, but you are golden liberal.  Roll out the red carpet, if we had more citizen statesmen like you, ISIS could just walk across the Mexican border.

I don’t mean it like trying to pat myself on the back.  All I’m saying is that so called authorities  are relying on a Christian Rocker to keep up the chase and prosecute crime.  If I was not driving  this whole situation along, by relentless updates and reporting, litigation,  NY would ever see justice?  That is below sad,  Cuomo still dares to show his face as Governor after this.

The authorities of NY, it has become a sinkhole for liberal swine to do whatever they want under Albany insanity.  Yeah great I can do my part, but that does not make NY legal.  This has been so far beyond, FBI needs 50 notifications on different days?  Cops lie to me when I call on handling problems, not our job to do that concerned citizen.

You would think the way they act, I was not a mandated staff, but was calling from another country.

Conservatives you better get ahold of the reigns here, NY is out of control.  If it means Cuomo like Spitzer goes.  It is like that old football defense the swiss cheese cover 3 (all full of holes).  And that is what you are letting libs get away with, bad they do it, worse we let them.

I know some of you have to be furious with the crime, crush it, NY can’t have this anymore.  I need back up too, News media, Investigators,  Federal crimes is business as usual for Hillside.  Freaking go, whatever you can do to help here.  Next filing I see provides for Hillside staff as individuals to be sued along with Hillside.  NY can be sued also, they didn’t stop crime.






Re: Christmas and CommunityBack to Messages
From: “Russ Boardman”  Full Header
To:connect@ny.gov, info@ocfs.ny.gov, buffalo@ic.fbi.gov, foxnewstips@foxnews.com
Sent: Fri, Dec 25, 2015

Fox News:


Governor Cuomo:

Still waiting for NYAG and Labor Bureau to make arrests on Hillside staff who falsified paperwork in my court cases.

It has become Moreland Commission II in this Albany apathy, Teens are not safe. NY does not protect Mandated Child Abuse Reporters.




Christmas in Buffalo Bills country:

Scan 559

So far McCoy was the only Pro Bowl pick for The Bills.  Several players were cheated for this happen.  Other teams don’t have a Tyrod or Watkins, one more touchdown Karlos Williams would have had an NFL record.  That is not looking at interior Linemen, LB’s, Darby, Safeties.

Buffalo was around a million people, so voting is less than other cities?



Scan 558




In Texas is feeding starving African Children that the world has let slip away.  Also drilling wells to provide clean water for villages.  The parable of The Good Samaritan, is a triage situation or priority giving to rescues such as this.  Despite the corruption in America against Conservatives, someone is going to help African kids?

If you can help.




DECEMBER 24, 2015


A common question as perfectly trustworthy and upstanding Americans execute their babies everyday. Romans called it one thing, we know it as healthcare. The story of Jesus’ birth is that he was in the figurative shadow of The Herodian when born. This was the castle of King Herod who was the local authorities on the hillside, as opposed to Romans who were more the occupying force like an Army.

Sacrifice this innocent Savior why? They would have killed Jesus if they found him as The King’s edict was to do so to all male children under age 2. Why because Jesus threatens Herod’s kingship. It is a G thing, who is going to run this show, from God’s scriptures and not a criminal like Herod.

It is not hard to understand salvation when you read 10 commandments. The need for a Savior because evil is the way of the world. If the values of a Christ do not set you free, then I don’t think you do understand.

Liberals I see talk like they have it figured out.  Their quality of life is very low though with the arrogance and crimes, guilt, addiction.  Toothpaste isn’t solving it.  There is no road to salvation without a Christ that satisfies Unitarian Jewish Faith, and the big hint of Isaiah The Dead Sea Scrolls, one God literally and nothing confirmed beyond this from God.

Merry Christmas Patriots, US Forces home and abroad, nice job from West Point on TV.  Eleven months, and America can be restored under a full Constitution.

Thanks Jesus for your Ministry.




A pic that Conservatives, Muscle Heads, Athletes, Pro Baby Lifers, Christians, and Patriots may appreciate from this year’s Cortaca Jug game.  The outline of Cayuga lake looking something like a United States map.  Patriot artwork is what that is about.

God Bless

-Russell Lee Boardman

(Singer Boardman)

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 1.17.13 PM

The Cortland half time lead was the only good pic I had, Football is a battle you have to take the adversity in stride.



I saw recent attacks on Rubio in the media.  Still a performer in US Senate, responsible, Latino vote goes 35% on some states plus Florida.  Carly I would guess as a #3 still for election day in Nov 2016 unless Palin was on a final White House ticket.


Yeah I saw comments this week on Hillary that were, I will stay with Carson and Rubio on their agendas and let other comments be the responsibility of other candidates.  Not that I approve of evil.



“…an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, ‘Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.'” –Matthew 1:20-21

We have had a very blessed year, and in no small part do we owe that to you.

From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas.

May God’s blessing surround you, your family and your loved ones on this special day.


Ben & Candy Carson






There are staff at Hillside who are supposed to stop crime!

Hillside Family of Agencies Board of Governors
Roger B. Friedlander – Chair
Robert J. Stiles – Vice Chair
Jose J. Coronas – Secretary
Diana Nole – Treasurer
Angela B. Pichichero – Past Chair
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Deborah J. Daum
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
William H. Goodrich
Kevin N. Hill
Alan Illig
Barbara G. McManus
Duncan T. Moore, PhD
Richard Notargiacomo, MBA
Webster H. Pilcher, MD, PhD
Efrain Rivera
Leonard J. Shute
Robert Tait

Hillside Children’s Center Board of Directors
Philip D. Fishbach – Chair
Sarah B. Adams – Vice Chair
T. C. Lewis – Vice Chair
Monica L. Monte – Secretary
Todd M. Liebert – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Nancy L. Castro, PhD
David L. Cleary
Craig F. Curran
Denise T. Dragoone
Carolyn T. Friedlander
Richard J. Gangemi, MD
James C. Haefner
Joanne C. Larson, PhD
Candice A. Lucas
Gary Muaro
Marie W. mcNabb
James C. Moore
Doren P. Norfleet
Virginia Biesiada O’Neill
Jan M. Parisi
Todd A. Trehan

Hillside Children’s Foundation Board of Trustees
James K. Merkley – Chair
Daniel J. Diefendorf – Vice Chair
Daniel Mason – Secretary
Brian C. Callahan – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
Rovert W. August
Rober M. Baker
Timothy J. Bancroft
Gregory H. Carver
Douglas R. Hilfiker
Louise H. Klinke
Barbara G. McManus
Shawn P. O’Donnell
Jason P. Torres
Gregory Woodard

Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection Board of Directors
Gerald Q. Pierce – Chair
Howard R. Jacobson – Vice Chair
Daniel R. Wegman – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – CEO
Sarah Amering
Anne M. Kress, PhD
Milt Sender
John M. Summers

Snell Farm Children’s Center Board of Directors
Deborah J. Daum – Chair
Christine M. Valkenburgh, Esq. – Vice Chair
Harvey E. Tremper – Secretary
Jo A. Slovak – Treasurer
Dennis M. Richardson – President and CEO
David L. DuBois, Jr.
Philip Jones
Gary L. Short
Levi H. Weaver

The Agencies you can express problems to on Hillside crimes:




United Way of Greater Syracuse